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A Trainer walking in the Wild Area.

The Wild Area (Japanese: ワイルドエリア Wild Area) is an extensive area in the Galar region. It adjoins several towns in the region.

The Pokémon found in the Wild Area vary depending on the weather, which can vary wildly between the different subareas. Pokémon with higher levels also wander outside of the normal tall grass in many places. The areas north of the Motostoke River are home to Pokémon with higher levels overall.

Unlike the rest of the game (which uses a fixed perspective), in the Wild Area the player can control the camera using the left control stick.



An overview of the entire Wild Area

The Wild Area is composed of many subareas. The player first enters the Wild Area from the south, but the locations below are listed from north to south in accordance with the map. The Town Map's representation of the Wild Area is only a rough layout and may diverge from in-game borders.

South Wild Area
  • Watchtower Ruins lies in the northwestern corner.
  • East Lake Axewell is the large area in the north in front of the gate to Motostoke and includes most of the eastern half of Lake Axewell.
  • Axew's Eye is the island that lies in the middle of Lake Axewell.
  • North Lake Miloch lies in the northeastern corner and includes a part of the northern end of Lake Miloch.
  • West Lake Axewell is the western half of Lake Axewell (in the west). Despite the depiction on the Town Map, it also extends north of the footbridge to Motostoke's wall.
  • Dappled Grove lies in the southwestern corner.
  • Rolling Fields is the large central area in the south.
  • Meetup Spot is the southernmost point.
  • South Lake Miloch encompasses the majority of Lake Miloch (in the east).
  • Giant's Seat lies along the south and east borders of the Wild Area.
North Wild Area


The Wild Area has a number of features that appear in many different areas:

  • The Wild Area is populated with 99 Pokémon Dens, where the player can participate in Max Raid Battles.
  • There are a large number of hidden items throughout the Wild Area. These items respawn daily, and each specific spot may yield different items on different days.
  • Watt Traders allow the player to trade Watts for items, participate in the Rotom Rally, change the color of their outfit, and upgrade their Rotom Bike.
  • Fishers and Hikers appear in various places throughout the Wild Area to sell the player an unspecified item for Watts.


Pokémon Breeder Chloe can appear in many different Wild Area zones. She eventually reappears after being defeated.

She can appear in the following Wild Area zones:

Trainer Pokémon
Before earning the Fire Badge
Pokémon Breeder Chloe
Pokémon Breeder Chloe
テツコ Tetsuko
Reward: PokémonDollar.png2,600
810 Grookey Lv.13
No item
813 Scorbunny Lv.13
No item
816 Sobble Lv.13
No item
After earning the Fire Badge
Pokémon Breeder Chloe
Pokémon Breeder Chloe
テツコ Tetsuko
Reward: PokémonDollar.png9,000
814 Raboot Lv.30
No item
817 Drizzile Lv.30
No item
811 Thwackey Lv.30
No item
After becoming Champion
Pokémon Breeder Chloe
Pokémon Breeder Chloe
テツコ Tetsuko
Reward: PokémonDollar.png18,000
818 Inteleon Lv.60
No item
812 Rillaboom Lv.60
No item
815 Cinderace Lv.60
No item

In the anime

The Wild Area in the anime

The Wild Area appeared in SS005, where Ash and Go explored it. They witnessed a Snorlax Gigantamaxing, but it blocked a railroad line in the process, threatening to cause an accident. However, Ash and Go were able to make Snorlax move off the tracks, saving the train. Afterwards, in the same area, Go caught the Scorbunny that had followed him from Wyndon.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 曠野地帶 Kwongyéh Deihdaai
Mandarin 曠野地帶 / 旷野地带 Kuàngyě Dìdài
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Wilde Land
France Flag.png French Terres Sauvages
Germany Flag.png German Naturzone
Italy Flag.png Italian Terre Selvagge
South Korea Flag.png Korean 와일드에리어 Wild Area
Portugal Flag.png European Portuguese Área Selvagem
Russia Flag.png Russian Нетронутые Земли Netronutyye Zemli
Spain Flag.png Spanish Área Silvestre

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