Tower of Waters

Tower of Waters みずの塔
Tower of Water
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Location: Challenge Beach
Region: Galar
Generations: VIII
Galar Challenge Beach Map.png
Location of Tower of Waters in Galar.
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The Tower of Waters (Japanese: みずの塔 Tower of Water) is a landmark on the Isle of Armor in the Galar region. It is one of the Towers of Two Fists, and it is where the player goes during The Isle of Armor Expansion Pass if they wish to evolve their Kubfu into a Rapid Strike Style Urshifu. This can be achieved by defeating all the Trainers in the tower and having Kubfu examine the Scroll of Waters on the top floor. The player is only allowed to enter the tower if Kubfu is the only Pokémon in their party. However, if the player doesn't have Kubfu in their party or Box, they can climb the tower with any Pokémon.

If the player chooses to train Kubfu here, the Tower of Darkness becomes inaccessible to them.


Item Location Games
  Mustard's League Card 5F; from Mustard after evolving Kubfu  Sw  Sh 



Trainer Pokémon
Master Dojo Student
Reward: $1,840/5,200
  Psyduck Lv.23/65
No item


Trainer Pokémon
Master Dojo Student
Reward: $1,920/5,280
  Krabby Lv.24/66
No item


Trainer Pokémon
Master Dojo Student
Reward: $2,000/5,360
  Marill Lv.25/67
No item


Trainer Pokémon
Master Dojo Student
Reward: $2,080/5,440
  Poliwhirl Lv.26/68
No item


In the manga

Tower of Waters in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield arc

The Tower of Waters first appeared in PASS35. When Henry's training with Kubfu was coming to a close, he allowed it to choose which tower it wanted to go to. As it had previously been defeated by an Urshifu guarding the Tower of Darkness, Kubfu chose the Tower of Waters. Battling his way through the four Master Dojo Students inside the tower, Henry was able to reach Mustard on the top floor. Much to Kubfu's fright, Mustard's Pokémon was the same Single Strike Style Urshifu that had previously defeated it.

In PASS36, Henry battled against Mustard and his Urshifu. This time around, Kubfu was able to defeat Urshifu, completing its training. It was then allowed to inspect the Scroll of Waters, causing it to evolve into Rapid Strike Style Urshifu. As Henry subsequently left the tower, Mustard allowed him to take the newly evolved Urshifu with him, officially making it one of Henry's Pokémon.

In the TCG

Tower of Waters in the TCG
Main article: Tower of Waters (Battle Styles 138)

Tower of Waters was introduced as a Stadium card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Sword & Shield Series (the Japanese Sword & Shield Era). It was first released in the Japanese Single Strike Master expansion and the English Battle Styles expansion, with artwork by 5ban Graphics. In Japan, it was reprinted as a Holofoil card in the Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck and as a Non Holofoil card in the VMAX Climax subset. It reduces the Retreat Cost of each Rapid Strike Pokémon in play (both the player's and their opponent's) by two Energy (  ).

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 水之塔 Séui-jī Taap
Mandarin 水之塔 Shuǐ-zhī Tǎ
  French Tour de l'Eau
  German Turm des Wassers
  Indonesian Menara Air
  Italian Torre Acqua
  Korean 물의 탑 Mur-ui Tap
  Brazilian Portuguese Torre das Águas
  Spanish Torre de las Aguas
  Thai หอคอยแห่งน้ำ

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