Max Lair

Max Lair マックスダイ巣穴
Max Dai Nest
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Slippery Slope
Region: Galar
Generations: VIII
Location of Max Lair in Galar.
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The Max Lair (Japanese: マックスダイ巣穴 Max Dai Nest) is a location on Slippery Slope in the Galar region.


The Max Lair's entrance is a small, simple cave with people and scientific equipment. The interiors are filled with labyrinthine caves filled with Dynamax Pokémon. At the end of each of these caves is a special Pokémon. Due to the large amount of Galar particles inside the Max Lair, those who enter aren't allowed to use their own Pokémon, but must choose a rental Pokémon that's resistant to the particles' effects.

Peonia can usually be found here. After the player has completed the main story of The Crown Tundra, Peony also appears here, commenting on the special Pokémon the player catches here and being able to be battled once per day. Peonia will sometimes tell the player of a special Pokémon she's discovered at the Max Lair, and tell the player how to find it in exchange for pieces of Dynite Ore. If the offer is accepted, a guaranteed Dynamax Adventure leading to said Pokémon is unlocked. She may also occasionally give the player various Trainer customization items.

Dynamax Adventures

Main article: Dynamax Adventure

Dynamax Adventures are gauntlets of Max Raid Battles the player can take on at the Max Lair with NPC Trainers or other players, allowing the player to catch special Pokémon lurking in the depths of the Max Lair. Initially, these include just Legendary Pokémon, but after obtaining the Legendary Clue? and showing it to Peony, Ultra Beasts will also start appearing. Completing a Dynamax Adventure awards the player with pieces of Dynite Ore, as well as one of the Pokémon they've caught during the Adventure.

Completing three Dynamax Adventures and showing Peony the Legendary Clue? unlocks a mode called "Endless Dynamax Adventure". In this mode, the Adventure does not end until the player is defeated, and the player does not get to keep any of the Pokémon they catch, but the Dynite Ore rewards at the end are bigger than usual.


Item Location Games
  Peony's League Card From Peony after the first Dynamax Adventure  Sw  Sh 
  Ability Patch From the lead scientist after catching Necrozma in a Dynamax Adventure and showing it to Peony  Sw  Sh 
  Beast Ball From the lead scientist after catching Necrozma in a Dynamax Adventure and showing it to Peony  Sw  Sh 

Dynite Ore trader

  Exp. Candy L
  Exp. Candy XL
  Dynamax Candy
  Wishing Piece
  Armorite Ore
  HP Up
  Premier Ball
  Beast Ball
  Bottle Cap
  Ability Capsule
  Ability Patch

Peonia's gifts

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Sometimes after a Dynamax Adventure, Peonia will be shaking her hands and give the player one of the following clothing items and patterns at random.

Male clothing

Type Item Brand Patterns Price
Eyewear Futuristic Shades   Red, Blue, White  0
Eyewear Futuristic Monocle   Red, Blue, Black  0

Female clothing

Type Item Brand Patterns Price
Eyewear Futuristic Shades   Red, Blue, White  0
Eyewear Futuristic Monocle   Red, Blue, Black  0


Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Gift Pokémon
After catching five Ultra Beasts
Sw Sh 20 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Dynamax Adventures

Main article: Dynamax Adventure → Available Pokémon



In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 極巨巢穴 Gihkgeuih Chàauhyuht
Mandarin 極巨巢穴 / 极巨巢穴 Jíjù Cháoxuè
  French Grand Antre Dynamax
  German Dyna-Riesennest
  Italian Dynatana max
  Korean 맥스다이맥스굴 Max Daimax Gul
  Spanish Supernido Dinamax


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