Ability Capsule

The Ability Capsule (Japanese: とくせいカプセル Ability Capsule) is a medicine introduced in Generation VI. It changes a Pokémon's Ability.

Ability Capsule
Ability Capsule
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Ability Capsule
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Introduced in Generation VI
Generation VI Bag Medicine pocket icon.png Medicine
Generation VII Bag Medicine pocket icon.png Medicine
Generation VIII Bag Other Items pocket icon.png Other Items
Generation IX Bag Other Items pocket icon.png Other Items

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
N/A $5,000
SV $100,000 $25,000


Bag item

If used from the Bag, it changes a Pokémon's Ability from one of its standard Abilities to its other standard Ability. It can only be used outside of battle. It is consumed after use.

The Ability Capsule can only be used on a Pokémon that belongs to a species that has two standard Abilities. For example, it can be used to change a Pidgey's Ability from Keen Eye to Tangled Feet (or vice versa), but it cannot be used on a Pikachu (whose standard Ability is always Static). It also cannot be used to change a Pokémon to or from its species' Hidden Ability. The Ability Capsule also cannot change the Ability of Zygarde (between Aura Break and Power Construct) or Greninja (between Torrent and Battle Bond). It also cannot change the Ability of Rockruff to or from Own Tempo (but can change Rockruff's Ability between Keen Eye and Vital Spirit).

The Ability change is retained even if the Pokémon evolves, and the Ability slot provided by the Ability Capsule is maintained if the evolved form has a different standard Ability. For example, a Lillipup with the Ability Pickup evolves into a Herdier (which evolves into a Stoutland) with the Ability Sand Rush, but if Lillipup's Ability is changed to Vital Spirit with an Ability Capsule, it will have the Ability Intimidate after evolution.

Held item

Fling fails if the user is holding an Ability Capsule.


Type Points
Normal 40


Games Description
A capsule that allows a Pokémon with two Abilities to switch between these Abilities when it is used.
SV A capsule that allows a Pokémon to switch its current Ability to the other Ability its species can have.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
XY Battle Maison (200 BP)
ORAS Battle Maison (200 BP)
Battle Maison (1% chance after a rematch with Wally)
PMC* Prize for Japan Cup 2014 participants PokéMileage Shop (5,000 Poké Miles - during Summer Campaign and Thanks Campaign only)
SMUSUM Battle Royal Dome (100 BP), Battle Tree (win streak of 50)SM
SwSh Battle Tower (50 BP)
SwShIA Cram-o-matic (Rare Candy in slots #1, #3 and #4)
SwShCT Max Lair (Dynite Ore trader)
BDSP Battle Park (50 BP)
SV Event Tera Raid Battles (5★, 6★, 7★)
Chansey Supply (after completing the main storyline)
SVID Reward for registering 90 Pokémon in the Blueberry Pokédex Item Printer


Games Event Language/Region Distribution period
XY Pokémon Global Link Ability Capsule Japanese May 13 to July 1, 2014
SV After School Pokémon Research Club Ability Capsule All January 19 to February 28, 2023



Artwork from
Scarlet and Violet

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 特性膠囊 Dahksing Gāaunòhng
Mandarin 特性膠囊 / 特性胶囊 Tèxìng Jiāonáng
  French Pilule Talent
  German Fähigkeiten-Kapsel*
  Italian Capsula Abilità
  Korean 특성캡슐 Teukseong Capsule
  Spanish Cáps. Habilidad

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