The Cram-o-matic (Japanese: ウッウロボ Uurobo) is a robot resembling a Cramorant located in Mustard's room in the Master Dojo on the Isle of Armor. Made by Mustard's son Hyde, it can be fed four items to create a new item. It can be used at any time after the player has given Hyde 500 Watts to make it operational. The game must be saved before each use.

The Cram-o-matic

In the games


The items that the Cram-o-matic produces are based on the permutation of four items fed into it (meaning that changing the order in which the items are fed can affect the outcome).[1] The Cram-o-matic only accepts items from the Treasures, Berries, and Other Items Pockets. Some recipes have guaranteed outputs, and other recipes will randomly output from a pool of items. Hyde will also give certain recipes to the player in exchange for 100 Watts.

Poké Ball recipes

Poké Balls can be made by feeding in four Apricorns. The Poké Ball that comes out of the Cram-o-matic is random, with weighted probabilities based on the color combination of the Apricorns. The Cram-o-matic also has about a 1% chance of producing five Poké Balls instead of one. For Poké Ball recipes only, the order of the inputted items does not affect the output.

The following table shows the approximate Poké Ball distributions for feeding in four Apricorns of the same color. If multiple colors are used, then the probabilities are split proportionally; for instance, a combination of two Black Apricorns and two White Apricorns will have a 0.5% chance of producing a Heavy Ball and a 0.5% chance of producing a Fast Ball.


Special recipes

The following recipes have guaranteed outcomes that override standard recipe patterns. Generally, they require the same, specific item in the first, third, and fourth slots and any item in the second slot.

Output Inputs
#1 #2 #3 #4

Standard recipes

Standard recipes are calculated using a type- and value-based system. Each input item is assigned a type and value; the output is based on the type of the first item and the sum of all four items' values. The order of the last three items do not affect the output. Recipes for Sweets produce one of the listed Sweets at random, with Strawberry Sweet as the most common outcome for both recipes.

Type Total Value
2-20 22-30 32-40 42-50 52-60 62-70 72-80 82-90 92-100 102-110 112-120 122-130 132-140 142-150 152-160
Item Type Value
  Ability Capsule Normal 40
  Ability Patch Normal 38
  Absorb Bulb Grass 8
  Adamant Mint Grass 16
  Adrenaline Orb Ghost 12
  Aguav Berry Dragon 4
  Air Balloon Flying 20
  Amulet Coin Normal 32
  Apicot Berry Ground 12
  Armorite Ore Fighting 28
  Aspear Berry Ice 2
  Assault Vest Steel 20
  Babiri Berry Steel 4
  Balm Mushroom Grass 24
  Berry Sweet Fairy 30
  Big Mushroom Grass 14
  Big Nugget Ground 38
  Big Pearl Water 12
  Big Root Grass 8
  Binding Band Dark 8
  Black Apricorn Dark 0
  Black Belt Fighting 14
  Black Glasses Dark 14
  Black Sludge Poison 10
  Blue Apricorn Water 0
  Blunder Policy Dark 24
  Bold Mint Grass 16
  Bottle Cap Steel 40
  Brave Mint Grass 16
  Bright Powder Fairy 14
  Bug Memory Bug 40
  Calcium Fighting 4
  Calm Mint Grass 16
  Carbos Fighting 4
  Careful Mint Grass 16
  Cell Battery Electric 14
  Charcoal Fire 32
  Charti Berry Rock 4
  Cheri Berry Fire 2
  Chesto Berry Water 2
  Chilan Berry Normal 4
  Chipped Pot Ground 36
  Choice Band Fighting 20
  Choice Scarf Normal 20
  Choice Specs Psychic 20
  Chople Berry Fighting 4
  Cleanse Tag Ghost 24
  Clever Feather Flying 6
  Clover Sweet Fairy 30
  Coba Berry Flying 4
  Colbur Berry Dark 4
  Comet Shard Ice 34
  Cracked Pot Ground 30
  Custap Berry Ghost 10
  Damp Rock Water 12
  Dark Memory Dark 40
  Dawn Stone Psychic 6
  Destiny Knot Psychic 28
  Dragon Fang Dragon 18
  Dragon Memory Dragon 40
  Dragon Scale Dragon 18
  Dubious Disc Dark 32
  Dusk Stone Ghost 6
  Dynamax Candy Dragon 6
  Dynite Ore Dragon 28
  Eject Button Steel 16
  Eject Pack Steel 16
  Electirizer Electric 26
  Electric Memory Electric 40
  Electric Seed Electric 8
  Enigma Berry Bug 10
  Everstone Rock 20
  Eviolite Dragon 32
  Exp. Candy L Psychic 8
  Exp. Candy M Psychic 6
  Exp. Candy S Psychic 4
  Exp. Candy XL Psychic 10
  Exp. Candy XS Psychic 2
  Expert Belt Fighting 32
  Fairy Memory Fairy 40
  Fighting Memory Fighting 40
  Figy Berry Fire 4
  Fire Memory Fire 40
  Fire Stone Fire 6
  Flame Orb Fire 14
  Float Stone Rock 8
  Flower Sweet Fairy 30
  Flying Memory Flying 40
  Focus Band Fighting 12
  Focus Sash Fighting 12
  Fossilized Bird Electric 10
  Fossilized Dino Ice 10
  Fossilized Drake Dragon 10
  Fossilized Fish Water 10
  Full Incense Normal 2
  Galarica Cuff Poison 18
  Galarica Twig Grass 4
  Galarica Wreath Psychic 18
  Ganlon Berry Ice 12
  Genius Feather Flying 6
  Gentle Mint Grass 16
  Ghost Memory Ghost 40
  Gold Bottle Cap Steel 40
  Grass Memory Grass 40
  Grassy Seed Grass 8
  Green Apricorn Grass 0
  Grepa Berry Flying 6
  Grip Claw Bug 26
  Ground Memory Ground 40
  Haban Berry Dragon 4
  Hard Stone Rock 14
  Hasty Mint Grass 16
  Health Feather Flying 6
  Heat Rock Fire 12
  Heavy-Duty Boots Ground 16
  Hondew Berry Ground 6
  Honey Bug 2
  HP Up Fighting 4
  Iapapa Berry Dark 4
  Ice Memory Ice 40
  Ice Stone Ice 6
  Icy Rock Ice 12
  Impish Mint Grass 16
  Iron Fighting 4
  Iron Ball Steel 16
  Jaboca Berry Dragon 6
  Jolly Mint Grass 16
  Kasib Berry Ghost 4
  Kebia Berry Poison 4
  Kee Berry Fairy 6
  Kelpsy Berry Fighting 6
  King's Rock Steel 32
  Lagging Tail Rock 10
  Lansat Berry Flying 10
  Lax Incense Psychic 2
  Lax Mint Grass 16
  Leaf Stone Grass 6
  Leek Grass 18
  Leftovers Grass 20
  Leppa Berry Fighting 2
  Liechi Berry Grass 12
  Life Orb Dragon 20
  Light Ball Electric 20
  Light Clay Psychic 20
  Lonely Mint Grass 16
  Love Sweet Fairy 30
  Luck Incense Normal 2
  Lucky Egg Normal 20
  Lum Berry Flying 2
  Luminous Moss Grass 8
  Macho Brace Fighting 26
  Magnet Electric 20
  Magmarizer Fire 26
  Mago Berry Ghost 4
  Maranga Berry Dark 6
  Max Repel Poison 2
  Mental Herb Grass 14
  Metal Coat Steel 24
  Metal Powder Steel 14
  Metronome Steel 22
  Micle Berry Rock 10
  Mild Mint Grass 16
  Miracle Seed Grass 14
  Misty Seed Fairy 8
  Modest Mint Grass 16
  Moon Stone Fairy 6
  Muscle Band Fighting 14
  Muscle Feather Flying 6
  Mystic Water Water 10
  Naive Mint Grass 16
  Naughty Mint Grass 16
  Never-Melt Ice Ice 14
  Normal Gem Normal 8
  Nugget Ground 16
  Occa Berry Fire 4
  Odd Incense Ghost 2
  Oran Berry Poison 2
  Oval Stone Rock 12
  Passho Berry Water 4
  Payapa Berry Psychic 4
  Pearl Water 6
  Pearl String Water 30
  Pecha Berry Electric 2
  Persim Berry Ground 2
  Petaya Berry Poison 12
  Pink Apricorn Fairy 0
  Pixie Plate Fairy 2
  Poison Barb Poison 32
  Poison Memory Poison 40
  Pomeg Berry Ice 6
  Power Anklet Fighting 20
  Power Band Fighting 20
  Power Belt Fighting 20
  Power Bracer Fighting 20
  Power Herb Grass 10
  Power Lens Psychic 20
  Power Weight Fighting 20
  PP Max Normal 40
  PP Up Normal 38
  Pretty Feather Flying 6
  Prism Scale Water 26
  Protective Pads Fighting 12
  Protector Rock 24
  Protein Fighting 4
  Psychic Memory Psychic 40
  Psychic Seed Psychic 8
  Pure Incense Psychic 2
  Qualot Berry Poison 6
  Quick Claw Normal 26
  Quick Powder Normal 28
  Quiet Mint Grass 16
  Rare Bone Ground 12
  Rare Candy Psychic 40
  Rash Mint Grass 16
  Rawst Berry Grass 2
  Razor Claw Dark 26
  Reaper Cloth Ghost 32
  Red Apricorn Fire 0
  Red Card Fire 16
  Relaxed Mint Grass 16
  Repel Poison 2
  Resist Feather Flying 6
  Ribbon Sweet Fairy 30
  Rindo Berry Grass 4
  Ring Target Dark 14
  Rock Incense Rock 2
  Rock Memory Rock 40
  Rocky Helmet Rock 26
  Room Service Psychic 24
  Rose Incense Grass 2
  Roseli Berry Fairy 4
  Rowap Berry Dark 6
  Rusted Shield Steel 2
  Rusted Sword Steel 2
  Sachet Fairy 20
  Safety Goggles Normal 10
  Salac Berry Fighting 12
  Sassy Mint Grass 16
  Scope Lens Dark 12
  Sea Incense Water 2
  Serious Mint Grass 16
  Sharp Beak Flying 10
  Shed Shell Bug 8
  Shell Bell Water 14
  Shiny Stone Fairy 6
  Shuca Berry Ground 4
  Silk Scarf Normal 22
  Silver Powder Bug 10
  Sitrus Berry Psychic 2
  Smoke Ball Poison 22
  Smooth Rock Rock 12
  Snowball Ice 8
  Soft Sand Ground 20
  Soothe Bell Steel 14
  Spell Tag Ghost 26
  Star Piece Rock 20
  Star Sweet Fairy 30
  Stardust Ground 8
  Starf Berry Psychic 10
  Steel Memory Steel 40
  Sticky Barb Grass 10
  Strawberry Sweet Fairy 30
  Sun Stone Fire 6
  Super Repel Poison 2
  Sweet Apple Grass 30
  Swift Feather Flying 6
  Tamato Berry Psychic 6
  Tanga Berry Bug 4
  Tart Apple Grass 30
  Terrain Extender Ground 12
  Thick Club Ground 18
  Throat Spray Water 12
  Thunder Stone Electric 6
  Timid Mint Grass 16
  Tiny Mushroom Grass 2
  Toxic Orb Poison 14
  Twisted Spoon Psychic 18
  Upgrade Normal 30
  Utility Umbrella Flying 20
  Wacan Berry Electric 4
  Water Memory Water 40
  Water Stone Water 6
  Wave Incense Water 2
  Weakness Policy Dark 30
  Whipped Dream Fairy 26
  White Apricorn Normal 0
  White Herb Grass 14
  Wide Lens Dark 22
  Wiki Berry Rock 4
  Wise Glasses Psychic 10
  Wishing Piece Poison 28
  Yache Berry Ice 4
  Yellow Apricorn Electric 0
  Zinc Fighting 4
  Zoom Lens Dark 22

In the manga

Cram-o-matic in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield arc

The Cram-o-matic first appeared in PASS31, where Hyde used the 2.0 version of the machine to make medicine for Henry. Unlike the Cram-o-matic 1.0, which can only recycle items, model 2.0 is capable of also making food and medicine from the correct ingredients.

Both of Hyde's Cram-o-matic models appeared in a cameo during a flashback in PASS42.

In the TCG

Cram-o-matic in the TCG
Main article: Cram-o-matic (Fusion Strike 229)

Cram-o-matic was introduced as an Item card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Sword & Shield Series (the Japanese Sword & Shield Era). It was first released in the Japanese S-P Promotional cards before debuting in English in the Fusion Strike expansion, with an illustration by Ryo Ueda. Once the player discards an Item card from their hand, it allows them to flip a coin and if heads, search their deck for a card and put it into their hand, then shuffle their deck.


  • The Cram-o-matic and the Item Printer are the only legitimate method to obtain Safari Balls outside of Safari Zones or Sport Balls outside of the Bug-Catching Contest.
    • They are also the only legitimate method to keep them permanently as inventory items.
    • They are also the only legitimate method to obtain more than one Amulet Coin per game without trading.
  • Given the 295 known unique items that can be used in Cram-o-matic recipes, there are:
    • 210 unique Poké Ball recipes (order does not matter).
    • 3,245 unique special recipes (order matters).
    • 1,275,089,701 unique standard recipes (order does not matter for last three items).

Correlations for standard recipes



Types and values

  • Every Berry uses the same type as the type the move Natural Gift gets converted to with that Berry, while its value correlates to Natural Gift's power in Generation VII, according to this table
Power of Natural Gift
in Generation VII
Value in the
80 2 Except damage-reducing Berries and Berries that may cause confusion
80 4 Damage-reducing Berries and Berries that may cause confusion
90 6
100 10

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 機器鶘 Gēiheiwùh
Mandarin 機器鶘 / 机器鹕 Jīqìhú
  French NigoMix 3000
  German Urglmator
  Italian CramoBot
  Korean 윽우지로봇 Euguji Robot
  Brazilian Portuguese Cramorizador
  Russian Крам-о-матик Kram-o-matik
  Spanish Cramobot

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