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If you were looking for the item in Pokémon GO, see Incense (GO).

Incenses (Japanese: おこう Incense) are a group of held items that were introduced in Generation III. They allow bred Pokémon to produce baby Pokémon they otherwise would not be able to. They also have unrelated in-battle effects.



When held by a Pokémon in Pokémon Day Care or the Pokémon Nursery, they allow Pokémon to produce Eggs containing baby Pokémon that they otherwise could not. Specifically, baby Pokémon introduced in Generation III or later normally cannot be produced by breeding; however, if a breeding pair that would normally produce Eggs containing the evolved form of one of these baby Pokémon, and one of the parents holds the corresponding Incense, Eggs containing the baby Pokémon will be produced instead.

For example, if a male Jigglypuff and a female Marill are in Pokémon Day Care together, normally they would produce Marill Eggs; however, if either of them holds a Sea Incense, they will produce Azurill Eggs instead.

Notably, most baby Pokémon which result from Incense breeding have different Egg Move lists than their evolved forms. For example, Azurill can learn Fake Tears through breeding while Marill cannot, and Marill can learn Aqua Jet through breeding while Azurill cannot.


While individual Incenses can often be found in a variety of locations, starting in Generation V, the whole set of Incenses are often obtainable available for purchase in a single location.

List of incenses

Name Debut
In-battle effect Corresponding
Baby Pokémon
Full Incense Full Incense IV Forces the holder to move last in its priority bracket. Munchlax Munchlax
Lax Incense Lax Incense III Reduces the opponent's accuracy when targeting the holder. Wynaut Wynaut
Luck Incense Luck Incense IV Doubles prize money received from battles when held. Happiny Happiny
Odd Incense Odd Incense IV Boosts the power of the holder's Psychic-type moves. Mime Jr. Mime Jr.
Pure Incense Pure Incense IV Lowers wild Pokémon encounter rate when held. Chingling Chingling
Rock Incense Rock Incense IV Boosts the power of the holder's Rock-type moves. Bonsly Bonsly
Rose Incense Rose Incense IV Boosts the power of the holder's Grass-type moves. Budew Budew
Sea Incense Sea Incense III Boosts the power of the holder's Water-type moves. Azurill Azurill
Wave Incense Wave Incense IV Boosts the power of the holder's Water-type moves. Mantyke Mantyke


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 薰香 Incense
Mandarin 薰香 Incense
France Flag.png French Encens
Germany Flag.png German Zuchtitem
Italy Flag.png Italian Incensi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 향로 Hyangno
Spain Flag.png Spanish Incienso

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