Focus Band

Focus Band
Fighting Spirit Headband
Focus Band
Focus Band
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Introduced in Generation II
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Power 10

The Focus Band (Japanese: きあいのハチマキ Fighting Spirit Headband) is a type of held item introduced in Generation II that sometimes prevents fainting.

In the core series


Games Cost Sell price
N/A  100
SMUSUM N/A  2,000
SwSh  3,000  2,000


Generation II

If the Pokémon holding a Focus Band is hit by a damaging move that would cause it to faint, there is a ~12% (30/256) chance the Focus Band will activate and cause its holder to survive with 1 HP. Focus Band can allow the holder to survive Future Sight. It cannot activate as a result of self-inflicted confusion damage.

If Focus Band activates as a result of a multi-strike move, the holder does not faint from any of the strikes.

Generations III to IV

The Focus Band now has a 10% chance to activate. Focus Band now allows its holder to endure self-inflicted confusion damage.

Focus Band can allow the holder to survive Doom Desire.

Generation V onward

From Generation V on, Focus Band must trigger separately for each strike of a multi-strike move.


Games Description
GSC May prevent fainting. (HOLD)
RSEColo.XD A hold item that occasionally prevents fainting.
FRLG An item to be held by a Pokémon. The holding Pokémon may endure an attack, leaving just 1 HP.
An item to be held by a Pokémon. The holder may endure a potential KO attack, leaving it with just 1 HP.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
GSC Fighting Dojo Route 26 (held by Cooltrainer Beth's Rapidash from the second rematch onward)C
RSE Shoal Cave Battle Tower (streak of 35 or more)RS, Battle Frontier (64 BP)E
FRLG Held by wild Machoke (5% chance)
Colo. Mt. Battle (10,000 Poké Coupons)
XD Pyrite Town (Pyrite Super Grand Hotel) Mt. Battle (8,000 Poké Coupons)
DPPt Held by Hayley's Octillery (event) Battle ParkDP/FrontierPt (48 BP)
HGSS Battle Frontier (48 BP)
PW Beyond the Sea (held by wild Octillery)
BW Battle Subway (48 BP)
B2W2 Battle Subway/PWT (12 BP)
XY Battle Maison (48 BP)
ORAS Shoal Cave Battle Maison (48 BP)
Held by wild Machop (5% chance)
SMUSUM Route 9 Held by wild Machop and wild Machoke (5% chance each)
SwSh Stow-on-Side (bargain shop)
Held by wild Machop, wild Machoke, and wild Machamp (5% chance each)

In the anime

A Focus Band in the anime

In The Journalist from Another Region!, a Pokémon Sumo Tournament was held during the Grand Harvest Festival on Harvest Island, with the prize for winning being a Focus Band. Eventually, it was won by Ash, who gave it to his Pignite to wear as a trophy.

In the manga

A Focus Band in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

In The Last Battle VI, Gold gave each of his team members a Focus Band to hold during the final battle against the Masked Man.

In the TCG

Focus Band
Main article: Focus Band (Neo Genesis 86)

The Focus Band was introduced as a Pokémon Tool Trainer card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Neo Series (the Japanese Neo Era) in the Neo Genesis expansion. It has never been reprinted.

If a Pokémon with a Focus Band would be Knocked Out, its owner may flip a coin. If heads, the Pokémon survives with 10 HP and Focus Band is discarded.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 氣勢頭帶 Heisai Tàuhdaai *
振奮精神頭布 Janfáhn Jīngsàhn Tàuhbou *
Mandarin 氣勢頭帶 / 气势头带 Qìshì Tóudài *
振奮精神的頭布 Zhènfèn Jīngshén de Tóubù *
有气势的东西 Yǒu Qìshì de Dōngxi *
毅力頭帶 Yìlì Tóudài *
小东西 Xiǎo Dōngxi *
  Finnish Focus-nauha
  French Bandeau*
Bandeau +*
  German Fokusband*
  Italian Bandana
  Korean 기합의머리띠 Gihabui Meoritti
  Polish Opaska Skupienia
  Brazilian Portuguese Faixa Focalizadora (manga)
Bandana (anime)
  Russian Защитная Бандана Zashchitnaya Bandana
  Spanish Cinta Focus
  Swedish Fokusband
  Vietnamese Băng đô cổ vũ

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