Battle Subway

Battle Subway バトルサブウェイ
Battle Subway
"Battle and Ride!"
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Location: Nimbasa City
Region: Unova
Generations: V
Unova Nimbasa City Map.png
Location of Battle Subway in Unova.
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The Battle Subway (Japanese: バトルサブウェイ Battle Subway) is a battle facility found in Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. It is the Unova equivalent of the Battle Tower. It is led by the Subway Bosses.

Subway map of the Unova region, featuring all eight train lines

Gear Station (Japanese: ギアステーション Gear Station) is a location in Nimbasa City that connects all of Unova's train lines together. Its circular hall has entrances to eight different platforms for each train: one for Single Trains, one for Super Single Trains, one for Double Trains, one for Super Double Trains, one for trains to Anville Town, one for Super Multi Trains, one for Multi Trains, and one for Wi-Fi Trains. The Battle Subway is accessed by boarding one of the seven Battle Subway trains (i.e. those that do not lead to Anville Town).


By boarding one of the seven Battle Subway trains (i.e. those that do not lead to Anville Town), the Battle Subway location is accessed. Once a Battle Subway train has been boarded, the player must defeat seven (seven sets of two if riding a Multi Train or Super Multi Train) randomly picked サブウェイトレーナー Subway Trainers in order to make it to the next stop, which will earn them Battle Points and increase their current win streak, which (along with their all time Record win streak) will be displayed on their Vs. Recorder.

Initially, the player is not allowed to board the Super Single, Super Double, and Super Multi Trains. These are permanently unlocked after obtaining the National Pokédex, and a win streak of 21 has been achieved on the Single, Double, and Multi Trains, respectively. Unlike Super Trains, these non-Super Trains do not go on forever, instead returning to Gear Station after the 21st battle. The opponent Subway Trainers and their Pokémon are also completely different from those faced on Super Trains, heavily featuring Pokémon that are not fully evolved and limited to Generation V Pokémon only, as opposed to the Super Trains, which feature Pokémon from the first five generations, all of which are fully evolved, with the exception of Porygon2. The number of Pokémon used varies with the battle mode of the train as follows:

Gear Station
Train Number of eligible Pokémon
Single 3
Super Single 3
Double 4
Super Double 4
Multi 2 per player
Super Multi 2 per player
Wi-Fi 3
Anville None; takes the player to Anville Town.


Battles fought on Battle Subway trains differ from regular battles in a number of ways. When riding a Battle Subway train:

  • All Pokémon are set to level 50 (unlike previous generations this also includes Pokémon below level 50).
  • Bag items cannot be used.
  • The player is forced to save the game between challenges, effectively preventing the player from achieving artificial win streaks without manipulating gameplay via cheating.
  • Pokémon will not gain experience points by defeating opponents.
  • Pokémon are fully restored after each battle, including any held items lost during battle.
  • Regardless of which Battle Subway train is boarded, the following Pokémon, along with their respective alternate forms are not allowed:
  • Any Pokémon holding a Soul Dew is banned.

Battle Points

The number of Battle Points awarded after seven consecutive victories varies with the length of the current win streak, as shown in the table below. 10 Battle Points are awarded for every seven consecutive victories on the Wi-Fi Trains regardless of rank, except that if the option to re-battle the Trainers from the previous train was chosen, only 5 BP will be given at the end of the train.

Battle Points
Win streak Normal Super
7 3 5
14 3 6
(Normal Trains Subway Bosses)
10 7
28 8
35 9
42 10
(Super Trains Subway Bosses)
(and subsequent multiples of 7)

Subway Boss

Subway Bosses are sometimes fought instead of regular Subway Trainers. Unlike regular Subway Trainers who use a set of Pokémon randomly drawn from their roster, Subway Bosses have a predetermined team for every battle, although the team order does vary.

21st Single Train battle

49th Super Single Train battle

21st Double Train battle

49th Super Double Train battle

21st Multi Train battle

Ingo uses the first and second Pokémon on the list, while Emmet uses third and the fourth.

49th Super Multi Train battle

Ingo uses the first and second Pokémon on the list, while Emmet uses third and the fourth.

When the Subway Bosses are defeated on both the Super Single and Super Double Trains, the player's Trainer Card level will go up in Pokémon Black and White. In all versions, the player is given a trophy for their room upon defeating the Super Single, Super Double, and Super Multi Subway Bosses for the first time, resulting in a total of three obtainable trophies. Obtained trophies from Pokémon Black and White can be displayed in the Nuvema Town player's room of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 via Memory Link.

Battle Subway Trainers

NPC Trainers in the Battle Subway use teams of randomly-selected Pokémon. For normal-ranked trains, opponents will only use Pokémon from the Unova Pokédex, many of which not fully evolved. In Super trains, Trainers exclusively use fully evolved Pokémon, with the exception of Porygon2, from all regions.

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Multi Battle Partners

In the Multi Trains and Super Multi Trains, the player can team up with another player via wireless or infrared. Otherwise, the player can team up with the NPC Hilbert, Hilda, Nate, or Rosa depending on the player's gender and game version. The NPC will ask what kind of team the player would prefer to team up with, based on attack, defense, or balance. If the option of a balanced team is chosen, the Pokémon may be from either list.

Offensive-based Pokémon

Defensive-based Pokémon


Exchange Service Corner

All seven Battle Subway train platforms include an Exchange Service Corner, where the player can buy various items with Battle Points.

The following items are offered as prizes:

Pokémon Black and White

Left attendant
Right attendant

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Left attendant
Right attendant


After defeating a set of Subway Trainers, the player is dropped off at a stop from where they can continue their challenge by boarding the train again, or return to Gear Station (from where the challenge can also be resumed). Like the trains, these stops are part of the actual Battle Subway location, although they do not feature its background music, バトルサブウェイ The Battle Subway. Like on the Royal Unova, most Key Items cannot be used here. A stop features benches, trash cans, a subway map, and a vending machine. Two Depot Agents managing the player's fare are found at each stop, joined by a number of other Battle Subway challengers which decreases as the player's win streak grows until none are left. Some of these fellow Battle Subway challengers will hand the player a gift when engaged:

Item Location Games
  PP Up From a Janitor on any non-Super Train platform after 21 consecutive victories  B  W  B2  W2 
  PP Up From an Artist on any Super Train platform after 21 consecutive victories  B  W  B2  W2 
  Rare Candy From an Ace Trainer on any Super Train platform after 28 consecutive victories  B  W  B2  W2 
  Lansat Berry From a Clerk on any Super Train platform after 105 consecutive victories  B  W  B2  W2 
  Starf Berry From an Ace Trainer on any Super Train platform after 203 consecutive victories  B  W  B2  W2 



Concept art from Black and White

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Artwork depicting the Battle Subway is seen in Ingo and Emmet's mindscapes.

Ingo & Excadrill
Emmet & Archeops

In the anime

Gear Station in the anime

In the anime, the Battle Subway served as the typical public transportation for the citizens of Nimbasa City, and also features Battle Trains that Trainers may battle on. The Gear Station made a short cameo in Meowth's Scrafty Tactics! as Jessie and James began the next phase of their mission. They continued their mission in Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?, Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief!, and Beartic Mountain Feud!. In Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief!, their actions were noticed by Emmet and his brother Ingo through their security office. In Beartic Mountain Feud!, the twins set out to find the cause of the disturbances and they caught a glimpse of Team Rocket, but lost them among the shadows of the subway tunnels.

In Crisis from the Underground Up! and Battle for the Underground, Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Meowth used the Battle Subway trains as a means of transport to reach the Pokémon Center. After the train was stopped, due to Team Rocket tampering with the rail switches, the group met Emmet and Ingo. While they were resting at the Pokémon Center, Team Rocket executed their scheme to steal all the Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, and used the Battle Subway as a medium for transporting them. They used their own specialized train, and were able to create balloon-like duplicates to throw off Emmet and Ingo's security center computer which monitors all trains currently on the rails. Ash, Iris, and Cilan were then assigned to use the maintenance trains to find Team Rocket and retrieve the stolen Pokémon. When things got rough, Ingo and Emmet joined them, using Emmet's Eelektross as a super-charged power supply for the maintenance train.

In Lost at the Stamp Rally!, a Stamp Rally was held, offering the prize of an opportunity to battle the Subway Bosses. Cilan entered the challenge, and after he completed the collection and helped Ingo and Emmet reunite a lost Axew with her Trainer, he partnered with Ash to battle the twins. They faced Ingo and Emmet's Chandelure and Eelektross, but lost.

In the manga

Battle Subway in Be the Best! Pokémon B+W
Battle Subway in Pokémon Adventures
Gear Station in Pokémon Adventures

Be the Best! Pokémon B+W

The Battle Subway first appeared in Challenge the Battle Subway!, where Monta challenged it, but was defeated by a Rich Boy named Dol. In a rematch, Monta was able to defeat Dol.

In Victini - A New Friend!, Monta encountered a Trainer named Muteki aboard the Battle Subway. Having lost to him before entering the subway, Monta now knew how handle his Victini better this time and managed to defeat Muteki.

Pokémon Adventures

Black & White arc

The Battle Subway first appeared in Unraveling Mysteries and A New Perspective, where Black and White were taken to see the Gear Station by Baker Chris. At the station, Black saw Alder and Marshal battle inside one of the carriages. Marshal informed Black that they were looking for someone to trial a full Battle Subway journey before its official opening. Black initially volunteered, but took back his offer after remebering the traumatic event White had experienced regarding battles the night before. White, however, resolved to learn about battles besides just her main interest in life, entertainment, and offered to try out the Battle Subway. White's trial run begun in Growing Pains, with Black lending her his Braviary just as the train departed.

In A Stormy Time in the Battle Subway, White met Shauntal during her Battle Subway challenge and witnessed a battle between the Forces of Nature. Just as the Legendary Pokémon were about to leave, they were captured by Giallo of Team Plasma's Seven Sages.

In With a Little Help from My Friends, the Battle Subway arrived in Anville Town, but White was forced to battle Ingo before she could exit the train, managing the tie with the Subway Boss. After meeting up with Bianca, the two boarded the subway train together and headed for Castelia City.


  • For every time a Trainer is defeated and the player advances to the next cabin, an instrument is added to the background music, バトルサブウェイ The Battle Subway. In the first cabin of every train, only the sound of train tracks is played. The second cabin adds hi hats, the third adds congas, the fourth adds an electronic drum kit, the fifth adds an upright bass & a synth, the sixth cabin adds a piano, and the final cabin adds a brass ensemble.
  • One of the Gothitelle that can be fought in the Battle Subway knows both Mirror Coat and Miracle Eye, a move combination which was impossible at the time.
  • Unlike previous battling facilities, the player does not automatically lose if both Trainers' last Pokémon faint simultaneously; instead, the Trainer whose Pokémon fell first loses.
  • The Battle Subway is featured in one of the paintings on display in Lumiose Museum in Pokémon X and Y.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 對戰地下鐵 Deuijin Deihhahtit
Mandarin 對戰地下鐵 Duìzhàn Dìxiàtiě *
对战地铁 Duìzhàn Dìtiě *
  Danish Kampbanen*
  French Métro de Combat
  German Kampfmetro
  Italian Metrò Lotta
  Korean 배틀서브웨이 Battle Subway
  Brazilian Portuguese Metrô de Batalha
  Spanish Metro Batalla
  Swedish Stridstunnelbanan*
  Thai แบทเทิลซับเวย์ Battle Subway
  Vietnamese Tàu điện ngầm giao đấu

Gear Station

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 齒輪站 Chílèuhn Jaahm
Mandarin 齒輪站 / 齿轮站 Chǐlún Zhàn
  French Engrenage du Métro
  German Weichenstation
  Italian Stazione Ruotadentata
  Korean 기어 스테이션 Gear Station
  Spanish Estación Radial

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