ウォー Warr
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Black's Braviary
Debuts in Choices
Caught at Nuvema Town
Evolves in Prior to Fussing and Fighting
Gender Male
Ability Sheer Force
Nature Brave
Current location With Black
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This Pokémon spent an unknown number of chapters as Rufflet.

Brav (Japanese: ウォー Warr) is a Braviary that Black owns in Pokémon Adventures and is his first Pokémon. As of The Power of Dreams, he is at level 59 and his Characteristic is that he "likes to fight".


Black & White arc

As a Rufflet

Black first met Brav when he was only five years old and Brav was still a Rufflet. Wanting to enter the Pokémon League one day, Black, Cheren, and Bianca went out into the tall grass to find a wild Pokémon. Bianca accidentally stepped on Rufflet's food, angering the Eaglet Pokémon into attacking her. Black discovers the problem and gives Rufflet a Berry, allowing them to escape. Black later decides he is going to catch him based on how powerful he was.

The next day, Black attempted to capture the Rufflet and make it his own Pokémon. Although it seemed like Black was at a disadvantage because he did not have another Pokémon to battle with, Black revealed that he asked Munna to help him with the reward of letting him eat his dreams. Together, Black and Munna battled the Rufflet and eventually caught him and named him Brav. Sometime after his capture, Brav evolved into a Braviary.

Brav was first seen in Choices with Black and Musha. When Black went to rescue a runaway Tepig, he used Brav to scout him out and attack a wild Sewaddle.

Brav and Black

In Black's First Trainer Battle, Brav, along with Musha and Tep, were used against Hiker Andy, where they managed to defeat his three Pokémon in a Triple Battle. Brav was used to help Black find out a way to stop the fire that Andy's Cottonee had accidentally started. Brav is later used against N in Accumula Town where he battles his Gurdurr.

In Battle at the Museum, Brav was used in Black's Gym battle against the Nacrene City Gym Leader, Lenora. Black initially intended to have Musha take on Stoutland, but Brav was switched in by Stoutland's Roar. Lenora took advantage of Black's confusion and dealt major damage to Brav. Black recovered by having Brav use Whirlwind to switch her Patrat into battle, which he took out with a single Air Slash. Lenora then sent Stoutland back out, who easily overpowered Brav and defeated him.

Brav was later used in Black's Gym battle against Burgh in Big City Battles. Brav was sent out first against Burgh's Whirlipede and easily defeated it. He then went up against Burgh's Dwebble, who quickly defeated Brav due to the type advantage and the poison that Whirlipede inflicted upon him.

Brav protecting Victini

In At Liberty on Liberty Garden, Black encounters some Team Plasma Grunts hurting a Victini. Seeing this, he orders Brav to attack Gothitelle, but Gothitelle simply slithers away. Victini soon reaches its limit, and starts to fall from the sky. The leading Grunt commands Gothitelle to faint it with the slightest touch, but Brav shields itself in front of Victini just as Gothitelle's attack is about to hit. The leading Grunt snickers at Black's hypocritical strategy, but in the next moment, Brav suddenly gains strength and manages to strike Gothitelle with an Aerial Ace. Black finds out through his Pokédex that Victini must have channeled its unlimited energy to Brav. Then, upon Black's command, Brav knocks Gothitelle out with Brave Bird.

In Growing Pains, Brav was loaned to White when she decided she wanted to test the Battle Subway, with Black claiming that Brav wanted to be there to help.

Brav was later returned to Black and in Hallway Hijinks he was used in Black's Gym battle against Drayden and his Druddigon. Brav was easily outmatched by Druddigon's power and Black's hesitancy to give commands. Right when Brav was about to be defeated Black got inspired by the other Gym Leaders and ordered Brav to attack with Air Slash, winning him the battle.

Brav in the Pokémon League

In One Way or Another, Black used Brav in his battle against Iris and her Fraxure in the semifinals of the Pokémon League. Fraxure slams Brav's face with an Iron Tail, which forced Black to have Brav go into the air to avoid direct contact. Having no choice, Black has Brav dive headfirst at Fraxure and attack with Brave Bird. However, Fraxure manages to catch Brav as it crashes into it. Iris then reveals that Fraxure has gained a lot of experience from the various battles it had and Brave Bird finally gave it the last bit it needed to evolve into its final form, Haxorus. Due to the recoil effect of Brave Bird as well as Brav being trapped in Haxorus's arms, Black recalls Brav back into his Poké Ball.

Brav was used in the next battle against Cheren and his Unfezant in True Friends. Both Pokémon attacked with Sky Attack, with Brav coming out as the winner. In the battle against Ghetsis in The Power of Dreams, Brav also helped Musha against his Cofagrigus, defeating it.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

In Dream World, Black was freed from the Light Stone after Reshiram was reawakened. Upon returning to Unova, Brav was used alongside Reshiram and White's Barbara to battle Kyurem. He was later used to try to keep Kyurem from destroying the Plasma Frigate.

In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, Brav encountered the same Victini that he previously saved, who had sensed Reshiram's reawakening and wanted to repay him by participating in the fight against Team Plasma. He sent it to assist Blake in his battle against Colress. Brav later helped Black and Looker escape the Plasma Frigate.

Personality and characteristics

Being Black's first Pokémon, Brav is extremely loyal to his Trainer and has never disobeyed him, unlike Musha and Costa. They both share the same dream of beating the Pokémon League, strengthening their friendship even more. Brav is a very determined battler and never gives up, no matter how bad the situation may look. He has been shown to be quite powerful, with Black being very impressed by his strength when they first met. Brav is also willing to help others he has grown close to, an example being when he went with White to the Battle Subway to help her grow stronger.

Moves used

Using Whirlwind
Using Tailwind
Move First Used In
Aerial Ace Black's First Trainer Battle
Whirlwind  Battle at the Museum
Air Slash Battle at the Museum
Brave Bird  At Liberty on Liberty Garden
Tailwind Hallway Hijinks
Sky Attack  True Friends
Sky Drop  The Power of Dreams*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ウォー Warr From ウォーグル Warrgle
English, Italian,
Latin American Spanish
Brav From Braviary
French Gueri From Gueriaigle
German Washa From Washakwil
Korean Warr From 워글 Warrgle
Chinese (Mandarin) 勇士 Yǒngshì From 勇士鷹 Yǒngshìyīng
Chinese (Cantonese) 勇士 Yúhngsih From 勇士鷹 Yúhngsihyīng
Brazilian Portuguese Bravy Similar to its English name
Vietnamese Warr Transliteration of his Japanese name

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