If you were looking for the various Pokémon body shapes, called forms in Generation IV and V, see List of Pokémon by shape.

Some Pokémon have multiple forms or variations that differ in appearance between individuals of the same species.

Two different forms of Mega Charizard

Types of forms and variations

Form differences

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Form differences are major variations that are officially recognized by the Pokédex. The process of form change allows some Pokémon to change between their different forms, such as Castform, while other Pokémon have forms that are not interchangeable, such as Unown. Additionally, there are unique individuals that have distinct appearances that are not achieved through form change or Evolution, such as Bloodmoon Ursaluna.

Gender differences

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Though the majority of Pokémon have no visual distinction between their genders, there are some that do. Gender differences were introduced in Generation IV, with multiple Pokémon from earlier generations having been updated to have these differences in addition to new Pokémon having them. Most gender differences affect nothing beyond the Pokémon's appearance; however, there are a number of exceptions, with Meowstic, Indeedee, and Oinkologne also differing in the moves they can learn and their Abilities, and Indeedee, Basculegion, and Oinkologne differing in base stats.

Regional forms

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In Pokémon Sun and Moon, regional forms (formerly called regional variants) were introduced. These are Pokémon that have adapted specifically for the environment of the region they reside in and thus differ in appearance, as well as possibly other attributes such as type, moves, Ability, or base stats, from the same species of Pokémon as found in other regions. Four regions are known to have their own regional forms: Alolan forms are found in Alola, Galarian forms are found in Galar, Hisuian forms are found in Hisui, and Paldean forms are found in Paldea.

Mega Evolutions

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In Pokémon X and Y, Mega Evolution was introduced. It allows certain Pokémon to achieve a more powerful form in battle. Mega Evolution may only be achieved if the Pokémon's Trainer possesses a Key Stone and the Pokémon holds the Mega Stone corresponding to its species (with the sole exception of Rayquaza), and a Trainer can only Mega Evolve their Pokémon once per battle. In addition to altering the Pokémon's appearance, Mega Evolution changes its base stats, and may also change its type and Ability. Mega Evolution has been removed from the core series as of Generation VIII.

Gigantamax forms

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In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Gigantamax was introduced. It is a special type of Dynamax that causes the Pokémon's appearance to change beyond simply an increase in size. Only certain species of Pokémon can Gigantamax, and even among Pokémon with Gigantamax forms, only those possessing a trait known as the Gigantamax Factor may Gigantamax. Gigantamaxing has many of the same effects as regular Dynamaxing; however, when a Pokémon Gigantamaxes, its attacking moves of a certain type are replaced with that Pokémon's exclusive G-Max Move, rather than regular Max Moves.

Other variations

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Some Pokémon have other variations that may not be recognized by the Pokédex as distinct forms, such as Shiny Pokémon, Shadow Pokémon, Pokémon fusions, giant Pokémon, cloned Pokémon, mirage Pokémon, toy Pokémon and rusty Pokémon, as well as several other unique variations affecting individuals or groups of Pokémon.

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