Battle facility

A battle facility (Japanese: バトル施設 battle facility) is a kind of location in the core series Pokémon games where the player can battle other Trainers without earning experience or prize money. The player cannot access their regular Bag during most of these challenges, but in the Battle Pyramid, the player does have access to a special facility-exclusive Bag known as the Battle Bag.

Artwork of Hoenn's Battle Frontier, featuring seven battle facilities

In several games, multiple battle facilities appear in a dedicated area known as a Battle Frontier. In some battle facilities, the Pokémon that successfully complete certain challenges in a battle facility are awarded with Ribbons.

Battle facilities often require saving before beginning a challenge in order to accurately track the player's streak length; if the player turns the game off during a challenge without using the "Rest" option, they are disqualified and their streak is automatically broken. Since Pokémon Emerald, the player can earn Battle Points at battle facilities, which they can exchange at stores.

List of battle facilities

Sevii Islands


Generation II

Generation IV


Generation III

Generation VI



While somewhat similar in nature, White Treehollow and Black Tower are not considered battle facilities as the battles are conducted there under normal rules.




In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 對戰設施 Deuijin Chitsī
Mandarin 對戰設施 / 对战设施 Duìzhàn Shèshī
  Finnish Ottelurakennus
  French Bâtiment de combat
  German Kampfeinrichtung
  Italian Struttura per le lotte
  Korean 배틀시설 Battle Siseol
  Brazilian Portuguese Instalação de batalha
  Spanish Recinto de Combate

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