Battle Castle

Battle Castle
バトルキャッスル Battle Castle
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"Manage Battles with Castle Points"
Battles per round
Participating Pokémon
Battle Points obtained
Castle Valet Darach
Castle Valet Darach
Commemorative print
Silver print
Commemorative print
Gold print
Wins to obtain a commemorative print

The Battle Castle (Japanese: バトルキャッスル Battle Castle) is a facility located in the southwestern corner of the Battle Frontier in Generation IV.

In the core series games

The Battle Castle, as its name suggests, is a huge castle, with elegant furniture on the floor and sparkling jewels on the wall. There is a golden carpet from the entrance to the battle ground. In the stadium itself, Lady Caitlin, the princess of the castle, sits on her throne atop a platform, watching down on battles. Her butler, Darach, directs people to their battle, handing out prizes to people after victory.


In the Battle Castle, players must fight seven opponents in a row. Like in the Battle Arcade, all held items are removed prior to battling. Before entering, Trainers will choose three Pokémon to battle, having their level reduced to 50. After entering, the player will meet Darach in the hallway, and he will give 10 Castle Points, or CP, to the player, and will lead them to the battles.

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Castle Points are the currency within the Battle Castle — special things must be done to gain them, but they can be exchanged for certain benefits. Winning allows players to receive Castle Points, which are used in multiple ways. The Castle Points can allow players to heal their Pokémon's HP, PP, both, or buy items for use inside the Battle Castle, such as Berries. Castle Points can also allow players to see their opponents' Pokémon and even increase or decrease their levels by five. Unlike other facilities in the Battle Frontier, in the Battle Castle, Pokémon will not be healed automatically after a battle. However, any status condition will be healed, and any fainted Pokémon will be revived to 1 HP.

At first, the player will be limited in what they can do with their CP, but if they save up enough, they can rank up and unlock more abilities, such as increasing the selection of items they can buy for their Pokémon, or increasing the amount of information the player can get on the opponent. After winning a battle, the player will have the option to continue, rest, retire, or get their most recent battle recorded on their Vs. Recorder. If the player chooses to continue, they will be able to get the chance to exchange CP for advantages. In Multi Battle mode, both players keep their own individual CP and ranks, but can also spend their CP for their teammate's Pokémon's benefit, such as buying an item that their teammate cannot currently afford or purchase.

Castle Points

Castle Points or CP is used as currency in the Battle Castle. The player automatically receives 10CP on the first entry of a streak. Winning battles allows players to receive Castle Points, which are used in multiple ways. There are certain conditions the player can try to meet for more CP.

Condition CP
Number of Pokémon that have not fainted No. ×3CP
Number of Pokémon with full HP No. ×3CP
Number of Pokémon with at least half but not full HP remaining No. ×2CP
Number of Pokémon with less than half HP remaining No. ×1CP
Number of Pokémon with no status ailments No. ×1CP
At most 5 PP used in battle 8CP
Between 6 and 10 PP used in battle 6CP
Between 11 and 15 PP used in battle 4CP
Number of opponent's Pokémon that gained 5 levels No. ×7CP

The highest amount of CP one can win from a battle is 50, which is done by defeating all of the opponent's Pokémon with each of their levels increased by 5, by using at most 5 PP in total, while losing no health, and having no status conditions. However, in order to do this, 3 CP must be spent to elevate the opponent's levels, leading to a net gain of 47 CP. In a Multi Battle, the highest amount is again 50 CP for both players, but a total of 4 CP must be spent on the opponent's levels.

Spending CP

The Castle Points can allow players to heal their Pokémon's HP, PP, both, or buy items for use inside the Battle Castle, such as Berries. Castle Points can also allow players to see their opponents' Pokémon and even increase or decrease their levels by five. This can only be done by exchanging CP earned in battles, before every battle. CP can also be used to rank up certain actions, so instead of renting the normal eight Berries, the player can increase the rank to level 2 so it is possible to rent 8 kinds of Berries and 12 kinds of items. Some advantages can be ranked up twice to level 3 for more advantages. The player will keep all the CP and upgrades accumulated if all the Trainers are beaten successfully; however, if a match is lost or abandoned, their upgrades and CP will be lost as well, and the player must restart with the base 10 CP.

Action Rank CP used
Examine/identify Level 1 1CP
+5 LV Level 1 1CP
-5 LV Level 1 15CP
Strength/Stats Level 1 2CP
Move Level 2 5CP
HP Recovery Level 1 10CP
PP Recovery Level 2 8CP
Full Recovery Level 3 12CP
Pass Level 1 50CP
Cheri Berry Level 1 2CP
Chesto Berry Level 1 2CP
Pecha Berry Level 1 2CP
Rawst Berry Level 1 2CP
Aspear Berry Level 1 2CP
Persim Berry Level 1 2CP
Lum Berry Level 1 5CP
Sitrus Berry Level 1 5CP
King's Rock Level 2 10CP
Quick Claw Level 2 15CP
Power Herb Level 2 5CP
Shell Bell Level 2 15CP
Metronome Level 2 10CP
Light Clay Level 2 10CP
Grip Claw Level 2 10CP
Big Root Level 2 10CP
Toxic Orb Level 2 10CP
Flame Orb Level 2 10CP
Light Ball Level 2 15CP
Thick Club Level 2 15CP
White Herb Level 3 5CP
Focus Band Level 3 15CP
Focus Sash Level 3 10CP
Leftovers Level 3 20CP
BrightPowder Level 3 20CP
Scope Lens Level 3 20CP
Wide Lens Level 3 20CP
Zoom Lens Level 3 20CP
Choice Band Level 3 20CP
Choice Specs Level 3 20CP
Choice Scarf Level 3 20CP
Muscle Band Level 3 20CP
Wise Glasses Level 3 20CP
Expert Belt Level 3 20CP
Life Orb Level 3 20CP
Liechi Berry Level 3 5CP
Ganlon Berry Level 3 5CP
Salac Berry Level 3 5CP
Petaya Berry Level 3 5CP
Apicot Berry Level 3 5CP
Lansat Berry Level 3 5CP
Starf Berry Level 3 5CP
Occa Berry Level 3 5CP
Passho Berry Level 3 5CP
Wacan Berry Level 3 5CP
Rindo Berry Level 3 5CP
Yache Berry Level 3 5CP
Chople Berry Level 3 5CP
Kebia Berry Level 3 5CP
Shuca Berry Level 3 5CP
Coba Berry Level 3 5CP
Payapa Berry Level 3 5CP
Tanga Berry Level 3 5CP
Charti Berry Level 3 5CP
Kasib Berry Level 3 5CP
Haban Berry Level 3 5CP
Colbur Berry Level 3 5CP
Babiri Berry Level 3 5CP
Chilan Berry Level 3 5CP

Ranking up

Kind Rank CP used Effect
Recovery Level 1 - Restore one Pokémon's HP
Level 2 100CP Restore one Pokémon's PP
Level 3 100CP Restore one Pokémon's HP and PP
Item Level 1 - Can rent 8 kinds of Berries
Level 2 100CP Can rent 8 kinds of Berries and 12 kinds of items
Level 3 150CP Can rent 32 kinds of Berries and 27 kinds of items
Info Level 1 - Can see opponent's Pokémon
Level 2 50CP Can see the opponent's moves

While not considered a rank-up, the Pass option is only unlocked (at no cost) after winning 21 consecutive battles. The Pass option cannot be used to skip Darach's second battle, even if the player has already obtained the gold commemorative print.

Battle Points

Round Battle No. Singles Doubles Multi
1 1 to 7 3 3 8
2 8 to 14 3 3 9
3 15 to 21 20
(Castle Valet)
4 11
4 22 to 28 4 4 12
5 29 to 35 5 5 14
6 36 to 42 5 5 15
7 43 to 49 20
(Castle Valet)
7 18
8+ 50+ 7 7 18

Castle Valet

Lady Caitlin and her valet, Darach are the Frontier Brains for the Battle Castle. Darach is challenged on the 21st consecutive Single Battle. Once defeated, he will give away the silver commemorative print. He is battled again on the 49th consecutive Single Battle, and will give away the gold commemorative print when defeated.

Each Pokémon Darach uses in his print challenge teams has two variations that have different moves but are otherwise the same.

Silver Print challenge

Gold Print challenge


Outside the Battle Castle Inside the Battle Castle Before battle in the Battle Castle

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Artwork depicting the Battle Castle is seen in Darach's mindscape.

Darach & Staraptor

In the manga

The Battle Castle in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Platinum arc

The Battle Castle first appeared in Deprogramming Porygon-Z as a part of the Battle Frontier. It was the first Battle Frontier facility challenged by Platinum. At first, she assumed that the items in the facility were rented with money, but upon learning that she had to manage her CP in order to move on in the facility, she was left uncertain of what to do, as she, coming from an extremely wealthy family, had never had to deal with managing limited resources before. However, thanks to a motivational speech by Looker, she eventually got used to managing her CP, like renting a Focus Sash for her Empoleon.

In Getting the Drop on Gallade I, Platinum succeded in winning her 20th battle in a row, the amount required to face the Frontier Brain. However, much to the surprise of her and Looker, the Frontier Brain wasn't the facility's owner, Lady Caitlin, but her valet, Darach. The battle went mostly in Darach's favor, but his belief in Platinum's incapabilty to manage her CP caused him to get overconfident and leave himself open for Platinum's counterattack in the end, resulting in him losing and Platinum earning her first commemorative print.

In Dealing with Dragonite, it was revealed that the castle had been built in ancient times and had a big library, from which Darach sought and found information regarding Giratina and the Distortion World. He later relayed this information on to Platinum.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring the Battle Castle in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pokémon in Battle Castle
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Staraptor     Supreme Victors   11/147 Beat of the Frontier   080/100
Empoleon     Supreme Victors   27/147 Beat of the Frontier   035/100

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 對戰城堡 Deuijin Sìhngbóu
Mandarin 對戰城堡 / 对战城堡 Duìzhàn Chéngbǎo
French   Canada Castel de Combat
  Europe Castel de Combat
  German Kampfpalais
  Italian Maniero Lotta
  Korean 배틀캐슬 Battle Castle
  Spanish Castillo Batalla
  Vietnamese Lâu đài giao đấu

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