Oreburgh Mining Museum

Oreburgh Mining Museum クロガネ炭鉱博物館
Kurogane Mining Museum
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Oreburgh City
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV
Sinnoh Oreburgh City Map.png
Location of Oreburgh Mining Museum in Sinnoh.
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The Oreburgh Mining Museum (Japanese: クロガネ炭鉱博物館 Kurogane Mining Museum) is a museum located in Oreburgh City, Sinnoh. It is a large museum that contains rare displays and attractions about coal mining and the Oreburgh Mine. Its primary importance is the resurrection of Fossils, which is done with the help of the man near the counter.

Oreburgh Mining Museum
Coal Mining and You!

In the games

The interior of the Oreburgh Mining Museum

The Oreburgh Mining Museum is a large, one floor museum that contains many visual displays as well as facts about coal and the Oreburgh Mine. There is also a man at the front desk that will revive Fossils in the party for free. Unlike some other museums, entry to the Oreburgh Mining Museum is free of charge.


The Oreburgh Mining Museum hosts a wide array of different displays and attractions. There is a large slab of coal located near the entry, in front of the information desk. It was carried to the museum from the Oreburgh Mine by a strong Pokémon. Next to the front desk, is a sign that states some fact, about the Oreburgh Mine extending under the seafloor. On the right of that is a glass cabinet displaying how coal is made:

"In a time long before history, vegetative matter was swept along by rain and rivers. It came to be buried under the ground. The buried plant matter was forced ever deeper under the ground due to tremors and fissures caused by the shifting landmasses. Deep under the ground, the plant matter was subjected to heavy pressure and the heat of magma. It gradually turned into coal."

Below that is a section containing displays of past underground headlamps, scarred wooden tools from the olden days, and everyday items and tools. There are also samples of coal from different regions and boxes containing categorized samples of coal.

Fossil extraction

The Oreburgh Mining Museum's primary importance is the resurrection of Fossils, which is done with the help of the man near the counter. He will be able to revive these Fossils for free but only one at a time. He is very bossy, annoyed when the player comes by too early or late, and gets disappointed when the player doesn't give him a Fossil. He will not revive any Fossils until the player obtains the Explorer Kit.

The player can find most of the Fossils in the Underground by digging, along with several other rare items, potentially. Before getting the National Pokédex, the player can only find the Skull and Armor Fossils. After getting the National Pokédex, the five Fossils from the previous three generations can also be found.

If the player comes up to him with a Fossil, he will turn it into a Pokémon, but he will need some time to extract it first. When the player comes back, he will have the new Pokémon ready for the player.


  Pokémon     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
D P Pt
Helix Fossil
20 Fossil
D P Pt
Dome Fossil
20 Fossil
D P Pt
Old Amber
20 Fossil
D P Pt
Root Fossil
20 Fossil
D P Pt
Claw Fossil
20 Fossil
D P Pt
Skull Fossil
20 Fossil
D P Pt
Armor Fossil
20 Fossil
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

In the anime

The museum in the anime

The Oreburgh Mining Museum is a top tourism destination, renowned for its extensive Fossil and coal exhibits. It is also a research facility which works alongside the local Oreburgh Mine, which includes a Fossil research laboratory with revitalizing technology and an ecodome to house the Fossil Pokémon.

In A Gruff Act to Follow!, Team Rocket, disguised as scientists visited the Oreburgh Mining Museum in an attempt to learn about its rumored Fossil revitalization program. They encountered the museum's Director, Dr. Kenzo, who offered to take the trio on a guided tour after mistaking them for world-renowned experts. Team Rocket were thrilled to learn of the museum fossil revitalizing machines, and put a plan into action to steal one for themselves.

Dr. Kenzo and his staff discovered the heist in Wild in the Streets!. Unfortunately, a Fossil was also being revitalized by the stolen machine, which turned out to be an Aerodactyl. The Aerodactyl went on a rampage across Oreburgh City, damaging the museum and consequently freeing a Kabutops and Armaldo. The Fossil Pokémon rampage was brought to an end thanks to Dawn and Roark's newly evolved Rampardos helped Dr. Kenzo recover the stolen machine from Team Rocket.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 黑金炭坑博物館 Hāakgām Taanhāang Bokmahtgún
Mandarin 黑金炭坑博物館 / 黑金炭坑博物馆 Hēijīn Tànkēng Bówùguǎn *
鋼鐵炭坑博物館 Gāngtiě Tànkēng Bówùguǎn *
  Finnish Oreburghin kaivosmuseo
  French Musée Minier de Charbourg
  German Erzelingen Bergbaumuseum
  Italian Museo Minerario di Mineropoli
  Korean 무쇠시티 탄갱박물관 Musoe City Tangaeng Bangmulgwan
  Polish Muzeum Górnictwa w Oreburghu
  Spanish Museo Minero de Ciudad Pirita


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