Pokéathlon Dome

Pokéathlon Dome ポケスロンドーム
Pokéthlon Dome
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Pokéathlon Dome HGSS.png
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Location: West of Route 35
Region: Johto
Generations: IV
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Location of Pokéathlon Dome in Johto.
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The Pokéathlon Dome (Japanese: ポケスロンドーム Pokéthlon Dome) is a location in Johto, west of Route 35. It is where Pokéathlon competitions are held.

Several things related to the Pokéathlon are available here, both inside and outside the building.

This area is locked until Whitney is defeated.

The Pokéathlon Dome
The Place for True Pokéathletes!


Outside the building, many Trainers can be seen with their Pokémon, practicing for the Pokéathlon's various competitions. An NPC on the west side of the area will give away an Apriblender to those who have an Apricorn Box, and afterwards, will sell Aprijuice.

Aprijuice Stand

The Aprijuice Stand (Japanese: ボンドリンクショップ Bon Drink Shop) sells a variety of different pre-made Aprijuice which change on a daily basis. By default there are five different drinks that are sold from the three machines lined up at the Aprijuice Shop each reflecting one Pokéathlon performance stat. When the player plays the Pokéathlon over wireless play, then the default drinks will be replaced with the drinks of the opposing player. The price of the drinks are determined on how famous the Trainers selling them are.


Item Location Games
  PP Up On the east side of the dome, in front of the fence (hidden)  HG  SS 
  Protein In the patch of grass south of the Aprijuice Stand (hidden)  HG  SS 
  Apriblender From the NPC running the Aprijuice Stand  HG  SS 
  Jersey From Whitney after approaching the reception desk for the first time  HG  SS 
  Rare Candy ×3
  • From the woman running with a Pidgey as a reward for dashing 1,000 times in the Pokéathlon
  • From a man inside the dome who tells his dream as a reward for jumping 1,000 times in the Pokéathlon
  • From a man inside the dome as a reward for tackling 2,000 times in the Pokéathlon
 HG  SS 


Vending machine

A vending machine is located in the northwest corner of the main Pokéathlon floor. This vending machine is unique as it allows the player to also purchase items with Athlete Points.

Buy with money
Buy with points

Athlete Shop

The Athlete Shop, located at the far right counter, allows for the points earned from competing in Pokéathlons to be traded in for various items, with each item only available to be bought once per day. The item listing changes on a day-to-day basis. Some items are only unlocked after the National Pokédex is received.









Data Card Shop

Data Cards can be purchased from the central reception desk located directly in front of the Pokéathlon entrance.


In the basement, there are four rooms where information about the player's Pokémon can be seen, most of which can only be accessed by doing certain achievements in the Pokéathlon.

Solidarity Room

In this room, the player can see his or her point records in every course, and which Pokémon team was used to obtain each record. There are also old wall paintings and scrolls that tell the history of the Pokéathlon.

Having a score of at least 420 in any course will display a Collective trophy (in the form of a crown) next to that course's medal. A score of 450 or higher will display two Collective trophies.

Trust Room

Unlocked by earning all five course medals (it doesn't have to be with the same team).

In this room, the player can see all the medals obtained for each individual Pokémon species. A species who has all five medals is considered to be a Medalist Pokémon.

A Trust trophy is obtained by getting a certain number of Pokémon species to Medalist status. The player gets such a trophy upon reaching 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200 different Medalist Pokémon, for a total of ten trophies.

Other displayables in this room will be shown by completing the following tasks:

  • Dash 5,000 times (golden Running Shoes)
  • Join the Pokéathlon 50 times (golden track suit)
  • Switch 200 times (red flag)

Potential Room

Unlocked by having at least one Medalist Pokémon.

In this room, the player can see a top five list of scores in each event (including "default" ones not set by the player), and the Pokémon used to obtain the event. Any default ones are seen as achieved by the three Johto first partner Pokémon. Scores obtained while playing in Link mode can also be viewed here, though they are kept separately from the single-player scores and cannot be used to unlock the Friendship room, the Trainer Star, or Potential trophies. The player can also see how many times they have played each event in single-player or link mode.

The table below gives viewers the default first place records one needs to beat, as well as the mastery record that unlocks a Potential trophy for that event. In addition, getting the first place record on every event here will increase the level of the Trainer Card. Note that the first place records must be beaten, not merely tied, in contrast to the mastery records.

Event 1st Record Mastery Record
Hurdle Dash 100.0 net seconds 80.0 net seconds
Pennant Capture 35 flags 50 flags
Circle Push 40 points 60 points
Block Smash 80 pieces 130 pieces
Disc Catch 40 points 70 points
Lamp Jump 350 points 500 points
Relay Run 12 laps 16 laps
Ring Drop 70 points 100 points
Snow Throw 30 hits 55 hits
Goal Roll 3 points 9 points

Other displayables in this room will be shown by completing the following tasks:

  • Win first on the Pokéathlon 100 times (golden Pokégear)
  • Win first place on every Pokéathlon event 50 times (model Poké Ball with the engraving, "Stay on Top")

Friendship Room

Unlocked by beating all the preset first records seen in the Potential Room.

This room simply has a golden statue of the player, as well as statues of the last Pokémon team the player won the Pokéathlon with.

If the player checks their statue, they'll see their global Pokéathlon Score, as well as their global Pokéathlon Trophy count.

The global Pokéathlon score is calculated as the sum of the player's best final score in each of the five courses, the player's highest score for each of the ten individual events (after conversion to Athlete Points), and the total number of medals displayed in the box in the Trust room (so each Medalist species will add five to this total).

As the global Pokéathlon score increases past certain milestones, the player is awarded Friendship trophies. The tenth Friendship trophy is obtained at 4,500 points.


1F and 2F

Version 1F 2F Entrance 2F


Version B1F Solidarity Room B1F Trust Room B1F Potential Room B1F Friendship Room

In the manga

The Pokéathlon Dome in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

In Out-Odding Oddish, Gold went to the Pokéathlon to meet up with Lance and get information about Arceus for Professor Oak. He started with the Skill Course, which he entered with Aibo, Polibo, and Exbo and succeeded in beating it. After that, he beat the Jump Course with Sunbo, Sudobo, and Togebo. Next, he tried the Stamina Course, which he beat with Aibo, Polibo, and Exbo again.

Gold's fourth challenge took him to the Speed Course, where he was pit up against the top athlete Jet. Initially, Jet had the upper hand in the first two challenges, but was eventually defeated in Relay Run, which gave Gold enough points to make a comeback and win. For his final challenge, Gold entered the Power Course with Aibo, Polibo, and Exbo. His opponents this time were three of the Elite Four; Bruno, Koga, and Will. They managed to easily win the first two rounds, but Gold ended up the victor in Block Smash by utilizing High Tension mode, winning him the entire Power Course.

After Gold told everyone the real reason why he had come to compete, a Dragonite attacked the Pokéathlon Dome. Gold managed to defeat it and realized that the Dragonite actually belonged to Lance, which meant that they were attacked before they could get to the Dome. Annoyed that Lance wasn't coming after all, Gold took Dragonite for safe-keeping and headed off to Ecruteak City.

In All About Arceus II, Lance revealed that he had chosen the Pokéathlon Dome as the meeting place in order to show Arceus how hard humans and Pokémon can work together.


  • The in-game map gives the impression that the Pokéathlon Dome is completely inland, despite the fact that both the overworld and the official map of Johto released for HeartGold and SoulSilver show that it is surrounded by water on three sides.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 小精靈全能競技賽巨蛋 Síujīnglìhng Chyùhnnàhng Gihnggeihchoi Geuihdáan
Mandarin 宝可梦全能竞技赛巨蛋 Bǎokěmèng Quánnéng Jìngjìsài Jùdàn *
神奇寶貝全能競技賽巨蛋 Shénqí Bǎobèi Quánnéng Jìngjìsài Jùdàn *
  Dutch Pokéathlon
  French Dôme Pokéathlon
  German Pokéathlonhallen
  Italian Arena Pokéathlon
  Korean 포켓슬론돔 Pokéthlon Dome
  Spanish Carpa Pokéathlon
  Vietnamese Nhà vòm Hội thao Pokémon

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