Fullmoon Island

Fullmoon Island 満月島
Full Moon Island
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Fullmoon Island BDSP.png
Map description: A small, crescent-shaped pond that lies inside a closed-off forest.
Location: Off the west coast of Sinnoh
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV, VIII
Sinnoh Fullmoon Island DP Map.png
Location of Fullmoon Island in Sinnoh.
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Fullmoon Island (Japanese: 満月島 Full Moon Island) is an island located north of Sinnoh, where the Legendary Pokémon Cresselia is initially encountered. The player can obtain the Lunar Feather here.


Fullmoon Island is a small island largely covered in forest. A short path cuts through the forest, and leads to a shaded clearing with a pond shaped like a crescent moon. Unlike most other locations in the Pokémon world, there is no tall grass here, and wild Pokémon cannot be found, with the exception of Cresselia. She awaits the player in the middle of the clearing.

This island can be visited only after the player has entered the Hall of Fame. It parallels Newmoon Island, an adjacent island that is the only known location of Darkrai.

Event description

Once the player has entered the Hall of Fame, the son of Sailor Eldritch, who runs the ferry to Iron Island from Canalave City, falls into a sleep from which he cannot be awoken and is plagued by nightmares. To cure his son, the sailor begs the player to take the ferry to Fullmoon Island to get a Lunar Feather.

Upon arrival, the player will find that there is not much to the island besides an entrance to a deeper area of the island, where Cresselia waits. After encountering her, she will fly off and begin to roam the routes of Sinnoh. As soon as Cresselia has left, the Lunar Feather can be found where she was.

Later in the game, this island can be revisited at any time, though the only reason to do so is because the northwest section of the Underground can only be reached from here or Newmoon Island.


Item Location Games
  Lunar Feather In the clearing after Cresselia has fled  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 


Version Exterior Interior

In the anime

Fullmoon Island in the anime
Fullmoon Island's pond in the anime

Fullmoon Island debuted in Sleepless in Pre-Battle!. Ash and his friends visited the island to find Cresselia and obtain her help in stopping Darkrai's nightmare-inducing attack on Canalave City. During the visit, Team Rocket tried to steal Cresselia, and Dawn's Swinub evolved into Piloswine.

Fullmoon Island reappeared in Nightfall? Nightmares!, where, under Giovanni's orders, Matori and the Matori Matrix attacked a Cresselia, causing her to flee. A Darkrai was seen on the neighboring Newmoon Island, reacting to the attack.

In Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, the island is depicted with steep cliffs that make it mostly inaccessible. A single landing point located within a canyon allows vessels to dock, while a fleet of stone-cut stairs leads to Cresselia's shrine. In Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Fullmoon Island's appearance is changed to more resemble its appearance in the games.

In the manga

Fullmoon Island in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Platinum arc

In The Final Dimensional Duel V, Palmer told Platinum how he had visited Fullmoon Island in search for a Lunar Wing to cure Eldritch's son Vijay several weeks prior. When he had arrived at the island, he had found numerous wild Pokémon asleep and having terrible nightmares. All of his attempts to help the suffering Pokémon had proven futile, until suddenly Cresselia had appeared above the island and used Lunar Dance, waking up the tormented Pokémon. In addition, Cresselia had dropped down a Lunar Wing, allowing Eldritch's son to be cured, while Cresselia herself had chosen to join Palmer's team.


  • Fullmoon Island's image on the Town Map is a horizontal mirror image of Newmoon Island's.
  • Despite it being an outdoor area, the player cannot use the Bicycle in the exterior portion of Fullmoon Island. The same is true for the exterior portion of Newmoon Island.
  • The player cannot use Fly, Teleport, or an Escape Rope whilst on Fullmoon Island.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 滿月島 Múhnyuht Dóu
Mandarin 滿月島 / 满月岛 Mǎnyuè Dǎo
  Czech Úplňkový ostrov (JN onwards)
Ostrov Fullmoon (DP104)
  Finnish Fullmoon-saari
  French Île Pleine LuneBDSP
Ile Pleine LuneDPPt
  German VollmondinselBDSP
  Italian Isola Lunapiena
  Korean 만월섬 Manwol Seom
  Polish Wyspa Pełni*
Wyspa Księżycowej Pełni*
Portuguese   Brazil Ilha Fullmoon
  Portugal Ilha Lua Cheia
  Spanish Isla Plenilunio
  Vietnamese Đảo Trăng Tròn

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