Eldritch (Japanese: ナミキ Namiki) is a non-player character in the Sinnoh-based games.

Sailor Eldritch and his family in Pokémon Adventures

In the core series games

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Eldritch works at the docks of Canalave City and operates the boat that can take the player to a variety of destinations, among them Iron Island and Fullmoon Island. He lives in a small house near the pier with his wife and young son.

After entering the Hall of Fame, the player finds that Eldritch's son has been stricken by nightmares and cannot awaken, thrashing in his sleep and trying to say the name of a Pokémon that is watching him. To cure the boy, the player must go to Fullmoon Island with Eldritch's help and retrieve a Lunar Feather.

Sprites and models

Overworld sprite from
Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

In Off Course with Corsola, Eldritch tours Crystal around the S.S. Aqua, how it travels between Johto and Kanto, and that Lt. Surge is always using it for personal purposes. When asked if Lt. Surge is the captain of the ship, Eldritch is not sure and gossips with Crystal about his boss's past, being Vermilion City's Gym Leader, previously working on the S.S. Anne, and a rumor that he was a major criminal. Soon Lt. Surge announces that they are landing soon, Eldritch is ordered to continue working after his boss thanked Crystal for her help earlier.

In Sandslash Surprise, Eldritch informs Lt. Surge that they have reached the Whirl Islands, commending that he was right to leave the passengers at Olivine and states how lucky they were able to survive the whirlpools they encountered on their way there.

In Curious Kingdra, Eldritch is relieved that he made it out of the attack of the Lugia and is glad that Lt. Surge is alright as well when he returns.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Diamond & Pearl arc

In Grumpy Gliscor, Eldritch was revealed to have become the captain of the S.S. Sinnoh. He was seen manning a ship for the first time and is not worried about anything until his crew members note that there is food missing, due to Diamond and his Pokémon. After stopping Diamond and his companions from eating the ship's food, that night he is attacked by a Gliscor but is saved with Don, Lax, and Tru's help. It is after this battle that Diamond hands the note from Byron that he was supposed to hand over from the start, which states that Diamond's free to make this ship like his home. Eldritch regretfully accepts because he owes Byron for helping him find his wife. Eldritch then realizes that they are about to crash onto Iron Island until they are saved by Riley and his Lucario's Flash Cannon.

In Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim II, Eldritch witnesses the hatching of the Pokémon Egg found on Iron Island, reminding him of when his wife gave birth to his son. He later gives Diamond a lift back to Canalave City.

Platinum arc

Eldritch appeared in a flashback. Eldritch's son Vijay (Japanese: ナミタロウ Namitarō) was suffering from a terrible nightmare and couldn't wake up. Eldritch found someone willing to help, and took that someone to Fullmoon Island where the Pokémon with the cure to recover from the nightmare could be found.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ナミキ Namiki From 波 nami (wave)
English Eldritch From the archaic word eldritch (unearthly)
German Eldrich Similar to his English name
Spanish Ruperto Possibly from repelús (inexplicable fear)
French Edern Possibly from dernier (last)
Italian Elfio From elfo (elf)
Korean 도란 Doran From 파도 (波濤) pado (wave)
Chinese (Mandarin) 波木 Bōmù From the Japanese name 波木 Namiki and 波 (wave)
Chinese (Cantonese) 波木 Bōmuhk
Vietnamese Namiki Transcription of his Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese ナミタロウ Namitarō From 波 nami (wave) and ~太郎 -tarō (eldest son)
English Vijay

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