Professor Kukui

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Professor Kukui
ククイ博士 Dr. Kukui
Sun Moon Professor Kukui.png
Artwork from Generation VII
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Hometown Hau'oli Outskirts
Region Alola
Relatives Professor Burnet (wife)
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer (formerly),
Pokémon Professor,
Pro Wrestler
Generation VII
Games Sun, Moon,
Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon,
Masters EX
Game animation debut Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
English voice actor Alejandro Saab[1] (Masters EX)
Japanese voice actor Junichi Suwabe[2] (Masters EX)
Anime counterpart Professor Kukui
Counterpart debut Alola to New Adventure!

Professor Kukui (Japanese: ククイ博士 Dr. Kukui) is a Pokémon Professor from the Alola region, as well as the founder of Alola's Pokémon League. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Pro Wrestler (Japanese: プロレスラー Pro Wrestler) under the alias the Masked Royal (Japanese: ロイヤルマスク Royal Mask). He specializes in Pokémon attacks.

In the games

Professor Kukui is a passionate man who lives in the player's new hometown. His area of expertise is Pokémon moves, and is known to take direct hits from them if he thinks he can learn something about them. In his youth, Kukui participated in the island challenge with his childhood friend, Molayne. Afterwards, he traveled to Kanto, where he challenged the Indigo League, defeating the Gym Leaders and making his way to Champion Lance. It is unclear what the end result of his battle against Lance was. He is married to Professor Burnet.

Professor Kukui also frequents the Battle Royal Dome under the masked alias "The Masked Royal". As the Royal, Kukui invites the player, Hau, and Gladion to participate in a Battle Royal with him.

On top of Mount Hokulani, the professor directs the player's attention to the other mountain on Ula'ula Island, Mount Lanakila. It is here that Kukui plans to build Alola's own Pokémon League. Kukui believes that the time has come for Alola to make a name for itself in the world, and that establishing a Pokémon League will help achieve that. He then introduces the player to Molayne.

Later, after the trial of Hokulani Observatory, the player is asked by Molayne to return the Professor's Mask to Kukui, who is at Malie Garden. There, Kukui is confronted by the boss of Team Skull, Guzma. He calls both the professor and himself "fellow rejects who never could become captains." The boss then criticizes Kukui's idea of building a Pokémon League. Kukui then reveals he chose not to become a captain because he had other goals to pursue. Those goals are what lead him to build the League. The professor then asks the player to battle Guzma. The player wins, and Guzma leaves. Kukui thanks the player by giving them the Z-Crystal for the final evolution of the starter Pokémon they chose; Decidium Z, Incinium Z, Primarium Z for Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina, respectively. He also takes back the mask, while continuing to deny he is The Masked Royal.

Much later, the Professor greets the player at the gates to the now completed Pokémon League. Kukui welcomes the player, and if SolgaleoS/LunalaM is in their party, Kukui will share a few words with the Legendary Pokémon, as well. Once the player enters the League gates, Kukui explains how the Elite Four challenge works, and wishes the player luck.

Upon defeating all four members of the Elite Four, the player makes their way to the Champion's chamber and sits on the throne. However, Kukui approaches the player, saying they have one more challenge to complete before they can rightfully take their place as Champion. Professor Kukui challenges them to a battle for the Champion's throne, acting as the final battle of the player's Pokémon League challenge. He uses the final evolution of the starter the player's choice is weak to. After being defeated, Kukui congratulates the player, and names them the first ever Champion of the Alola Pokémon League, entering them in the Hall of Fame.

Kukui can be battled again as a challenger in a Title Defense battle, despite not wishing to be the Champion of a League that he created.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Professor Kukui will be the one who will give the player their starter Pokémon on Route 1. Additionally, when the player sits on the Champion's throne after defeating all four members of the Elite Four, Kukui will joke about being the one who will be the last opponent the player must face to rightfully take their place as Champion before he presents Hau as the final opponent. After Hau's defeat, Kukui congratulates the player, and names them the first ever Champion of the Alola Pokémon League, entering them in the Hall of Fame.

Like in the original games, Kukui can be battled during a Title Defense battle and he uses the final evolution of the starter the player's choice is weak to. He can also appear as an opponent at the Battle Tree.


Pokémon Sun and Moon

Capture tutorial

Caught in tutorial
Normal Flying
Keen Eye or Skill Link
Held item:
Pikipek/ Lv.3
Flying Physical
Normal Status
Z-Move tutorial

Kukui has two Pokémon on hand during this tutorial, but only uses Rockruff.

Battle Royal tutorial

Champion battle

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Litten:

  If the player chose Popplio:

Title Defense battle

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Litten:

  If the player chose Popplio:

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Capture tutorial

Caught in tutorial
Bug Unknown
Held item:
Grubbin/ Lv.3
Vice Grip
Normal Physical
Z-Move tutorial

Kukui has two Pokémon on hand during this tutorial, but only uses Rockruff.

Battle Royal tutorial

Title Defense battle

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Litten:

  If the player chose Popplio:

Battle Tree

Battle Royal Dome

The Masked Royal may reappear occasionally during a Master Rank challenge of the Battle Royal, using three of the following Pokémon. The Abilities are chosen from any of the possible ones, including Hidden Abilities.

Gives to new Trainers

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon only, upon meeting the player on Route 1 after the Alola Starters drive off a wild Yungoos before it could attack the player, Professor Kukui allows the player to pick one as their starter Pokémon.

Grass Flying
Held item:
Rowlet/ Lv.5
Normal Physical
Grass Physical
Normal Status
Fire Unknown
Held item:
Litten/ Lv.5
Normal Physical
Fire Special
Normal Status
Water Unknown
Held item:
Popplio/ Lv.5
Normal Physical
Water Gun
Water Special
Normal Status

Residing in laboratory

Luvdisc (×3)

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version

Loaned to the player
Electric Unknown
Held item:
Pikachu Lv.40
Electric Special
Normal Physical
Normal Status
Iron Tail
Steel Physical


Main article: Professor Kukui/Quotes

In spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Kukui (Masters)

Kukui forms a sync pair with Midday Form Lycanroc. He also appears as The Masked Royal, forming a sync pair with Incineroar.



Conceptual artwork from
Sun and Moon
Art from
Sun and Moon

Sprites and models


First high-poly model from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Champion battle VS model from
Sun and Moon
Title Defense VS model from
Sun and Moon
Title Defense VS model from
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Battle Tree VS sprite from
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Overworld model from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon

The Masked Royal

High-poly model as The Masked Royal from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
VS sprite as The Masked Royal from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Overworld model as The Masked Royal from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon

In the anime

Main series

Professor Kukui in the anime
Main article: Professor Kukui (anime)

Professor Kukui is a regular character in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, who debuted in Alola to New Adventure!. He works as a teacher at the Pokémon School of Melemele Island. Ash lived with him while attending the school. Much like the games, Kukui uses the alias "the Masked Royal" whenever he competes at the Battle Royal, and is married to Professor Burnet.


Professor Kukui briefly appeared in GOTCHA!.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Professor Kukui in Pokémon Adventures
Professor Kukui as the Masked Royal in Pokémon Adventures

Professor Kukui debuted in The Delivery of Rotom and the Girl. He was first seen at his laboratory, where he tested the moves of his Rowlet and Popplio. The attacks caused Kukui to be sent flying through the roof and land in front of his house.

There, Kukui encountered Sun and Moon, the latter of which was tasked with delivering a Rotom to Kukui. Kukui explained that he needed Rotom, which aren't found in Alola, because they are capable of combining with Sun's Pokédex. When Rotom attempted to go inside the Pokédex, it ran away because the Pokédex was dirty and smelled bad due to Sun constantly mishandling it. Angered by this, Kukui forced Sun to retrieve Rotom while he cleaned the Pokédex. Later that night, Sun returned to Kukui's house with Rotom.

The next day, a sleep-deprived Kukui angrily asked Sun why he wasn't informed about Sun's encounter with Tapu Koko the previous day. To Sun's annoyance, Kukui also revealed that he decided to enter Sun in a tournament being held at an Iki Town festival later that day.

In The Decision and the Tournament of Six, Kukui participated in the Iki Town festival tournament while disguised as the Masked Royal. In the first round, Kukui was paired up against Sun. Due to the lack of a monetary reward, Sun refused to take the battle seriously until Hala revealed the prize for winning the tournament, an island challenge amulet. Assuming the amulet was valuable and he could sell it money, Sun became motivated enough to battle seriously, allowing him to win the battle and advance to the next round. Afterward, Kukui watched the remaining battles alongside Hala.

In The Final Match and a Surprising Finale!, Kukui, as himself, transported Sun and Moon to Akala Island on his yacht. While they traveled, Kukui allowed Moon to take his Rowlet, as he noticed the bond the two developed. Moon also revealed that the Rotom she delivered actually fused with a spare Pokédex she received from Kukui to become the Rotom Pokédex. After arriving at Akala Island, Kukui told Sun and Moon to wait on the docks while he went to the Dimensional Research Lab to talk to his wife, Professor Burnet.

In Going Ashore and Neighboring Akala Island, Kukui sent several Pokémon documents to Burnet, who was still at Kukui's house. As they talked, Burnet revealed that Nebby is actually the Legendary Pokémon Cosmog. Burnet suggests that Lillie may have been trying to keep Nebby away from someone, but she refused to clarify who she was trying to escape from. To Kukui's surprise, Burnet suggested that he make Lillie his assistant, as it may help her begin to open up more.

In Flash and Cosmog's Secret, Kukui arrived at Konikoni City, where he, Sun, Moon, Kiawe, Mallow, and Lana went to Mallow's restaurant, where they talked to Burnet over a video phone. Burnet revealed that earlier that day, she witnessed Nebby clawing at the sky, creating a crack in the sky in the process. With this information, everyone came to the conclusion that the various cracks seen around Alola were caused by Nebby and that Lillie must have been running away from some villains in order to keep Nebby away from them. Worried that Burnet may not be able to keep Lillie safe alone, Kukui suggested Burnet take Lillie with her to meet up with him, Sun, and Moon at Ula'ula Island. To his shock, Lana stated that she and the other Captains will head to Team Skull's hideout in Po Town to have a discussion with them.

In Shipwreck and "Oh, What Sharp Teeth You Have, Bruxish!", Burnet and Lillie used Mantine Surf to travel over the water to Kukui's yacht as it heads off to Ula'ula. Shortly after they arrive, the group is attacked by a wild Bruxish, which uses its psychic powers to give everyone headaches and pass out. Although Sun successfully rescues Lillie, who was knocked into the water, he and Lillie end up passing out as well and are separated from the others. Later, Burnet, Kukui, and Moon are rescued by the Aether Foundation and taken to Aether Paradise. There, they meet Faba and Wicke, who explain what happened to everyone and offer to give a tour of Aether Paradise.

In Truth and the Mastermind Behind Team Skull, after leaving Aether Paradise, Kukui, Burnet, and Moon take Kukui's yacht to Ula'ula Island. Kukui, sensing a strange change in the atmosphere, fears that a battle may have started in the hour since the Captains' group arrived at Po Town. With nowhere to dock the yacht, Moon told Kukui to get as close to Ula'ula as he can while she has Rowlet carry her to Po Town by flying through the air. After finding a place to dock, Kukui and Burnet met back up with Sun and Moon in Po Town. Kukui gave Sun one of the Mirage Berries that was left behind on the yacht so that Sun and Moon could feed it to Tapu Bulu.

In The Truth and Island Kahuna Hapu, Kukui, Molayne, Sophocles, Acerola, and Gladion fought off Celesteela and Guzzlord at Route 10 to prevent them from reaching Hokulani Observatory, which was being used as a shelter for those caught up in the Ultra Beasts' rampage. Gladion managed to easily defeat Celesteela, but was distracted when Lillie appeared and called out to him, allowing Guzzlord to attack. Gladion's Type: Null easily defeated Guzzlord and evolved into a Silvally in the process. To Kukui and the others' surprise, Gladion and Lillie revealed themselves to be brother and sister as well as the children of Aether Foundation President, Lusamine. Lillie explained that three months ago, she stole Nebby from Lusamine in order to prevent her from using its power to further her plans. When Lillie presented a Sun Flute she also took from Aether Paradise, Gladion decided that they should head to the altar.

In Finale!! The Battle Against the Other Dimension!, Kukui sent a video call to Moon, revealing that Burnet had learned of his identity as the Masked Royal, leading to them now participating together at the Battle Royal Dome as "Luran and Kommo".


Rockruff → Lycanroc
Main article: Professor Kukui's Lycanroc

Lycanroc is Professor Kukui's fourth known Pokémon. As a Rockruff, it was first used to battle Sun's Incineroar, Dollar, at the Iki Town festival tournament and lost. Sometime later, it evolved into a Midday Form Lycanroc.

Debut The Decision and the Tournament of Six

Munchlax → Snorlax
Snorlax is Professor Kukui's fifth known Pokémon. It was first used as a Munchlax to battle Sun's Incineroar, Dollar, at the Iki Town festival tournament. With its powerful moves and resistance to Fire-type attacks, Munchlax easily held the advantage over Dollar. By lining its hairballs around the battle field and setting them on fire, Dollar surrounded Munchlax in a field of flames, damaging it enough to knock it out. Later, it was revealed to have evolved into a Snorlax, where it was used to try and prevent a Celesteela and Guzzlord from reaching Hokulani Observatory, only to be defeated.

Snorlax's only known move is Rollout, and its Ability is Thick Fat.

Debut The Announcement and the Prize
Given away
Main article: Dollar (Adventures)

This Litten originally belonged to Professor Kukui. He was given to Sun, who nicknamed him Dollar.

Debut The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun
Main article: Moon's Rowlet

Rowlet originally belonged to Professor Kukui. He was first seen being used to test out moves alongside Popplio. He was given to Moon after seeing how he bonded with her.

Debut The Delivery of Rotom and the Girl
Popplio is Professor Kukui's first known Pokémon. It was first seen being used to test out moves alongside Rowlet. He later gave it away to Hau.
Debut The Delivery of Rotom and the Girl
Main article: Rotom Pokédex (Adventures)

Kukui requested that this Rotom be delivered to him in order to combine with Sun's Pokédex. Due to its weakness, Rotom was unable to be delivered electronically, so it had to be hand-delivered by Moon, whose pharmaceutical skills kept it healthy along the way. Once Rotom was delivered, Kukui attempted to try and get it to possess Sun's Pokédex, but Sun's mishandling of the Pokédex left it dirty, causing Rotom to run away in disgust. Later, it combined with Moon's Pokédex to become the Rotom Pokédex.

Debut The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun

Pokémon Horizon

Professor Kukui in Pokémon Horizon

Professor Kukui first appears in Journey to a New Horizon, where he introduces the Alola region to Akira. Later, he teaches him the concepts of a Trainer and helps Mana and Akira defeat a wild Drampa.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Professor Kukui in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Professor Kukui's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Rockruff   Silver Tempest   TG07/TG30 VMAX Climax   202/184
Other related cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Professor Kukui Su Sun & Moon   128/149 Collection Sun   059/060
Sun & Moon   148/149 Collection Sun   066/060
      Sun & Moon Starter Set   054/059
      Premium Trainer Box   004/018
      SM-P Promotional cards   096/SM-P
      GX Starter Decks   118/131
The Masked Royal Su Celestial Storm   139/168 SM-P Promotional cards   084/SM-P
      SM-P Promotional cards   085/SM-P


  • Professor Kukui is the only NPC in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon seen performing a Z-Move pose during battle. He performs the Normal-type pose during the Z-Move tutorial.
  • In the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version, Professor Kukui's Pikachu has a met date of May 10, 2016, which is the day the first information about the games was released past their initial announcement.
    • Professor Kukui's Trainer ID is 161118, which is the release date (2016-11-18) of Pokémon Sun and Moon in all markets except Europe.
  • Professor Kukui in Sun and Moon has an Incineroar in his Battle Tree team which has a Firium Z but does not have a Fire-type move, meaning this Z-Crystal has no possible use during that battle.
    • In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, this same Incineroar had Outrage replaced with Flare Blitz possibly because of this situation.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ククイ博士 Dr. Kukui From kukui (Hawaiian for the candlenut), the state tree of Hawaii
English, German, Italian Professor Kukui Same as Japanese name
Spanish Profesor Kukui Same as Japanese name
French Professeur Euphorbe From euphorbe (spurge) or Euphorbiaceae (family that contains the candlenut)
Korean 쿠쿠이박사 Dr. Kukui Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 庫庫伊博士 / 库库伊博士 Dr. Kùkùyī | Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 庫庫伊博士 Dr. Fufuyī
Brazilian Portuguese Professor Nogueira From nogueira-de-iguape (candlenut)
Czech Profesor Kukui From his English name
Finnish Professori Kukui From his English name
Hungarian Kukui Professzor From his English name
Polish Profesor Kukui From his English name
Russian Профессор Кекеи Professor Kekei*
Профессор Кукуи Professor Kukui*
Similar to his English name
Transcription of his English name
Turkish Profesör Kukui From his English name
Vietnamese Giáo sư Kukui Transcription of his Japanese name

Masked Royal

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 皇家蒙面人 Wòhnggā Mùhngmihnyàhn
Mandarin 皇家蒙面人 Huángjiā Méngmiànrén
  Danish Maskerede Royal
  Finnish Naamio-Royal
  French Royal Mask
  German Mask Royale
  Italian Mister Royale
  Korean 로열마스크 Royal Mask
  Polish Królewska Maska
  Brazilian Portuguese Real Mascarado
  Russian Королевская Маска Korolevskaya Maska
  Spanish Royale, el Enmascarado
  Swedish Maskerade Royal

Pro Wrestler

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 職業摔角手 Jīkyihp Sēutgoksáu
Mandarin 職業摔角手 / 职业摔角手 Zhíyè Shuāijiǎoshǒu
  French Catcheur
  German Profi-Wrestler
  Italian Wrestler
  Korean 프로레슬러 Pro Wrestler
  Spanish Luchador

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