Watt Trader

Watt Trader
ワットショップ Watt Shop
Watt Trader SwSh.png
A Watt Trader at the Meetup Spot
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Unknown*, Brown*
Hair color Orange*, Brown*
Hometown Unknown
Region Galar
Generation VIII
Games Sword and Shield

Watt Traders (Japanese: ワットショップ Watt Shop) are NPCs who sell items in exchange for Watts. Watt Traders are prominently found in the Wild Area, where they also offer other services including the Rotom Rally (Japanese: ロトムラリー Rotom Rally). One Watt Trader each can also be found on the Isle of Armor and in the Crown Tundra, whose services are limited to selling items.

In the core series games

Wild Area

In the Wild Area, Watt Traders have the appearance of League staff members. Watt Traders can be found in the following locations:

Each of these Watt Traders' stock follows a schedule that changes daily, and always consists of one type of Poké Ball, a Wishing Piece, and five distinct TRs.

Possible TRs
Wishing Piece
Possible Poké Balls

The first TR any Watt Trader offers always is between TR00 and TR49 (inclusive), and increases each day (where TR49 becomes TR00), if the game was saved the day before. Within that domain, each Watt Trader's first TR is seven more than the last one's, in the order shown above; e.g., if the Watt Trader at Meetup Spot offers TR00, the one at East Lake Axewell offers TR07, etc.

Any Watt Trader's stock solely depends on the first TR he offers, in the following way:

  • The second TR is 24 more than the first
  • The third TR is 42 more than the first
  • The fourth TR is 67 more than the first (or, if that would result in 100 or more, 100 less than that)
  • The fifth TR is 96 more than the first (or, if that would result in 100 or more, 100 less than that)
  • The offered type of Poké Ball generally is the first TR's number modulo 9, in the order Net Ball, Dive Ball, Nest Ball, Repeat Ball, Timer Ball, Luxury Ball, Dusk Ball, Heal Ball, Quick Ball (starting from 0); however, Repeat Ball is offered if the first TR is TR47, Quick Ball if it is TR48, and Heal Ball if it is TR49.

Unlike Poké Marts, purchasing 10 or more Poké Balls at once from a Watt Trader does not award bonus Premier Balls.

Rotom Rally

The Rotom Rally is a competition that requires the player to ride the Rotom Bike and reach the location of another Watt Trader in within a predefined amount of time. The destination can be any Watt Trader the player has previously visited. Each possible route comes with a suggested time that varies with the distance between two locations, ranging from as low as 30 seconds (the Hammerlocke Hills to the Giant's Cap or vice versa) to as high as 190 seconds (the Hammerlocke Hills to the Dappled Grove or vice versa). However, the displayed time for a route does not match the effective time limit available to the player, which always begins at 30 seconds.

During the Rotom Rally, when the player passes through a white balloon, the Rotom Bike receives a temporary speed boost. When passing through a red balloon other than the one that marks the finish line, the player receives a 15-second time bonus and the next set of balloons will appear on the path ahead. Contacting wild Pokémon does not trigger a battle but instead causes the bike to spin to a stop, costing the player speed. Pressing A, X, +, -, ZL, or ZR at any time will pause the bike and the timer, and prompt the player if they want to withdraw from the race. The race will also end automatically in failure if the player runs out of time, or enters the Wild Area Station, Motostoke, or Hammerlocke.

After successfully completing the Rotom Rally, a box will pop up showing the endpoints and a score, so that a screenshot can distinguish all the possible routes. This score is calculated as  , where P is 600 if the selected route uses one of the three northern endpoints (Bridge Field, Giant's Cap, or Hammerlocke Hills) along with one of the four southern endpoints (Meetup Spot, Dappled Grove, East Lake Axewell, or Giant's Seat), or else 500 if both endpoints are on the same side of the Motostoke River. The player will receive TM14 (Thunder Wave) for their first completed race, a Fast Ball for their eleventh completed race, and TM80 (Volt Switch) for the first time a race is completed with a score above 20,000 points (other than the first completed race overall). A sufficiently high score requires finishing the race with more than 33.33 seconds left for routes that involve crossing the river, or 40.00 seconds left for routes that don't.

At the end of any race, completed or otherwise, the player receives Watts: 3 W for every white balloon hit over the course of the race, 15 W for every red balloon hit, and if the race was completed, an extra 1 W for every 300 points of score.

Outfit color change

Watt Traders will offer to change the color of the Rotom Bike outfit free of charge. He will offer colors that match the type or types of the first Pokémon in the player's party, as well as Rotom colors.

Rotom Bike upgrade

Watt Traders will offer to improve the Rotom Bike by boosting its turbo-boost charge speed. They can improve the bike up to three times; they will charge 1,000W for the first upgrade, 3,000W for the second, and 5,000W for the third.

Isle of Armor

On the Isle of Armor, a Watt Trader is located in the Fields of Honor, right in front of the Master Dojo. This Watt Trader has the appearance of a Master Dojo Student, does not offer additional services, and has a fixed stock:

Fields of Honor trader's stock

Crown Tundra

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In the Crown Tundra, a Watt Trader is located at Snowslide Slope, near the Giant's Bed border. He has the appearance of a Hiker. His regular stock consists of three distinct Poké Ball variants, a Hyper Potion, a Wishing Piece, and a set of ten consecutive TRs (all offered at the same price as at Watt Traders at the Wild Area). In addition, this Watt Trader also offers "today's highlight", a special offer that changes daily, and can only be purchased once per day.

Possible TRs
Hyper Potion
Wishing Piece
Possible Poké Balls

Possible Highlight Items


Wild Area
  • If talked to for the first time
"Aha! I see you have a bike, young sir/madam! Well, there's a fantastic little game called the Rotom Rally that I would just love to see you participate in!"
  • After the first interaction, and if talked to during subsequent visits
"So, what would you like to do?"
Spend my Watts!
(See "Any area" section below)
The Rotom Rally!
"Where do you want to go?"
Never mind: "I understand, of course! The Rotom Rally will always be waiting for you, so come back whenever you feel like it!"
  • After the player selects a destination
"Push for the finish line while snagging the big balloons!"
  • After the player completes the rally
"You've crossed the finish line! Congratulations! Feel free to try again anytime!"
  • After the player runs out of time
"Ah, too bad... You've run out of time! But I trust you'll be back again for another try!"
  • If the player withdraws from the rally
"Oh, you want to withdraw? Of course! I hope you come back for another attempt!"
A makeover!
"You want to change the color of your outfit, eh? Then why not make it so that the color matches your <lead party Pokémon> there? Would you like to use one of these colors to match your <lead party Pokémon>?"
"Jolly good. Jolly good indeed! You've picked a wonderful color!"
Improve my bike!
"If you let me give your bike some extra power, I can make it charge up the turbo boost faster! It'll cost you 1,000 W, though. Is that OK?"
"If you let me give your bike more power, I can help the turbo boost charge up even faster! It'll cost you 3,000 W, though. Is that OK?"
"If you let me give your bike even more power, I can increase its turbo-boost charge speed to the maximum! It'll cost you 5,000 W, though. Is that OK?"
Yes: "All right, your bike has extra power! Since your turbo boost charges faster now, why not have another go at the Rotom Rally?"
"Please come back anytime!"
Fields of Honor
  • If talked to
"Wotcher! I'm your Watt Trader! You want to get something?"
(See "Any area" section below)
  • After the player leaves the shop menu
"Do come again!"
Snowslide Slope
  • If talked to
"Hello there! I'm your Watt Trader! Along with my regular inventory, I highlight new and hard-to-come-by items for sale every day. You ought to check what I've got daily! Anyway, with that said, can I interest you in anything today?"
"Hello there! I'm your Watt Trader! Can I interest you in anything today?"
"Anything else I can show you?"
Regular inventory: (See "Any area" section below)
Today's highlight: "Today's highlight is..."
"a set of <item>! Get 'em while supplies last! Just <number> W!"
Deal!: "You've got a keen eye! Thanks for your business!"
No, thanks: "Looking forward to your next visit!"
No thanks: "Looking forward to your next visit!"
Any area
  • In the shop menu
  • If the player is purchasing an item other than a TR
"And how many <item>s?"
"That's <number> <item>..."
  • If the player is purchasing a TR
"And how many copies did you want of TR<number>, for the move <move>?"
"Just 1 of TR<number> <move>?" / "So, <number> of TR<number> <move>?"
  • Regardless of choice
"It'll be <number> W, all right?"
Yes: "Here you are!"

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 瓦特商店
  French Boutique Watts
  German Watt-Händler
  Italian Negozio Watt
  Korean 와트숍
  Spanish Canje de vatios

Rotom Rally

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 洛托姆越野赛
  French Moti-Rallye
  German Rotom-Rallye
  Italian Rotorally
  Korean 로토무 랠리
  Spanish Rotocrono

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