Mom (Hoenn)

Mom (Japanese: おかあさん mother) is the mother of Brendan or May and the wife of Norman. In Generation III, the player's mother helps the player move in, and instructs them to set the time on the clock upstairs and to make sure that everything is on their desk. When the player comes back downstairs, she will say that the player's father is on TV; however, the player just missed him.

When the player defeats Norman, she will give an Amulet Coin as a reward.

In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, after the player has entered the Hall of Fame, a news report will be on TV. It will announce that a Pokémon is roaming the Hoenn region, which will be either LatiasS or LatiosR. In Emerald, it will not distinguish which of the eon duo is the roaming Pokémon, due to static interference. Instead, the player's mother will ask if the news report was either about a red creature (Latias) or a blue creature (Latios). The one chosen will then roam Hoenn. In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Latias/Latios is encountered early in the game and no longer roams. Instead, after completing the Delta Episode, she gives the player a LatiasiteOR or LatiositeAS.


Overworld sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald


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Items given

Item Location Games
  Running Shoes Given to the player before leaving on the journey  R  S  E 
  Amulet Coin Given to the player after defeating Norman  R  S  E  OR  AS 
  Latiasite Given to the player after completing the Delta Episode  OR 
  Latiosite Given to the player after completing the Delta Episode  AS 

In the anime

Caroline, mother of May
Main article: Caroline

In the Pokémon anime, Caroline, May's mother, serves as her counterpart. She was introduced in There's no Place Like Hoenn and is married to Norman.

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