サワロ Saguaro
Art from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Gender Male
Eye color Pink
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Paldea
Trainer class Instructor
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet

Saguaro (Japanese: サワロ Saguaro) is a character in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. He serves as the home economics teacher of Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV.

In the core series games

Saguaro’s classes focus on the mechanics of sandwiches and other aspects of picnics. Despite his domestic skills and the fact that many of his Pokémon are on the cuter side, he has a reputation among his students as being cool, stylish, and aloof, which he feels the need to uphold. This prevents him from openly engaging in some of his interests, such as his taste for sweets. He even eats spicy food instead despite not favoring it. During his friendship story, he will ask the player to retrieve him some Sweet Herba Mystica. Upon its delivery, he enjoys it so openly that a student notices, but this doesn’t shatter their admiration of him. This shows him that he can enjoy his interests without worrying.

Saguaro has a cameo in Dendra’s friendship story, where he gives her cooking tips. He also participates in the Academy Ace Tournament.

Academy Ace Tournament

Saguaro will Terastallize his Hatterene at the first opportunity.



Academy Ace Tournament
"I am pleased to be facing you in battle. Now, allow me to show you my skills."
  • Upon sending out his last Pokémon
"I will remain calm despite the circumstances. I must stand firm!"
"Let us do this…adorably. Hatterene, it is time to Terastallize."
"Though you are a student, I cannot go easy on you—especially seeing as you are a Champion."
  • Upon defeat
"Perhaps the secret to your strength is a balanced diet?"
"What can I say in the face of such strength? I should have expected no less from a Champion."

In the TCG

Special Illustration Rare Saguaro
Main article: Saguaro (Paldea Evolved 187)

Saguaro was introduced as a Supporter card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Scarlet & Violet Series (the Japanese Scarlet & Violet Era). It was first released in the Japanese Clay Burst expansion and the English Paldea Evolved expansion, with artwork by nagimiso. A Full Art version with artwork by the same artist, and a special illustration rare version of the card with artwork by Sanosuke Sakuma were released in the same sets. It lets players heal 50 damage from up to 2 of their Pokémon.


  • Saguaro having a team of all female Pokémon alludes to the fact that despite his appearance, he is fond of things that are not traditionally masculine.


Language Name Origin
Japanese サワロ Saguaro From saguaro
English, German, French Saguaro From his Japanese name
Italian Guaro Similar to his Japanese name
Spanish Hugo Similar to his Japanese name
Korean 사구아로 Saguaro Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 薩瓦羅 / 萨瓦罗 Sàwǎluó Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 薩瓦羅 Saatngáhlòh
Indonesian Saguro Similar to his Japanese name

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