League Club Room

The League Club Room (Japanese: リーグ部 League Club) is an area located at Blueberry Academy, and is accessible once the player has beaten Carmine at the Central Plaza in the Terarium during the events of The Indigo Disk.

The Blueberry League Club in its default appearance.

Item Printer

Main article: Item Printer

Support Board

The Support Board (Japanese: 支援ボード Support Board) are a group of characters from various clubs across Blueberry Academy that can assist the player with various services, provided that the player contributes a handful of BP.

Art Club

Filbert of the Art Club

Filbert of the Art Club (Japanese: 美術部 Art Club) can remodel the Club Room to a series of various styles, provided they contribute BP. To further redecorate the room, the player must contribute 300 BP. The player can interact with a variety of additional props. The Gorgeous style is only available after the player has unlocked all the other styles.

In the Dark style, the girl in the painting titled Until the End of Time will occasionally blink at the player.

BP cost Styles
400 Fancy
400 Classic
400 Natural
600 Gorgeous


Normal Something fancy Something dark
Something classic
Something futuristic
Something natural
Something monochrome Something gorgeous

Baseball Club

Mitch of the Baseball Club
Main article: Throwing styles

Mitch of the Baseball Club (Japanese: 野球部 Baseball Club) can teach the player additional Poké Ball throwing styles in exchange for contributing BP. The player will be charged 10 BP in order to further change their throwing styles.

Music Club

Allegro of the Music Club

Allegro of the Music Club (Japanese: 音楽部 Music Club) can provide a smart speaker for the Club for 50 BP, which comes with the Academy Life album. He can then add additional albums to the Club's smart speaker, which changes the background music whilst the player is in the Club. The Special Songs album is only available after the player has unlocked all the other albums.

BP cost Album name Songs
No Cost Academy Life The Savanna Biome
The Coastal Biome
The Canyon Biome
The Polar Biome
100 Outdoor Adventure A Stroll through the South Province
A Stroll through the West Province
A Stroll through the East Province
A Stroll through the North Province
A Stroll through the Asado Desert
100 Town Tunes Cabo Poco
Los Platos
100 Famous Destinations Mesagoza
Asado Desert
Casseroya Lake
100 Kitakami The Land of Kitakami
Mossui Town
The Festival of Masks
250 Special Songs The Opening Act
'Ello, 'Ello, Hola! Ciao and Bonjour!
The Interview
Castelia City
Jubilife Village

Photography Club

Iso of the Photography Club

Iso of the Photography Club (Japanese: 写真部 Photography Club) can give the player upgrades to the Rotom Phone camera, as well as improvements to the view made by the player when the ZL button is held.

BP cost Camera effects
100 Pokédex
Focus Lines
100 Dreamy
Pikachu Party
Heaps of Hearts
100 Buzzy Buzz
Draco Meteor
Sizzly Slide
Iono Zone
150 Photo Touch-ups
200 Lock on upgrade


Terarium Club

Terry of the Terarium Club

Terry of the Terarium Club (Japanese: ドーム部 Dome Club) allows the player to increase the range of wild Pokémon in the Terarium to include various first partner Pokémon for 3,000 BP, one for each Biome. This also unlocks the first partner Pokémon's respective outbreaks.

Savanna Upgrade
Coastal Upgrade
Canyon Upgrade
Polar Upgrade


For detailed information on teams and Pokémon trades, see League Club Room/Trainers
For detailed information interactions between these Trainers, see League Club Room/Interactions

Special coaches

Every special coach that can be invited to the League Club Room

Special coaches (Japanese: 特別講師 guest lecturer) are characters from the Paldea region that can be invited to the League Club using the PC, costing the player 200 BP each time. Two special coaches can be in the Club Room at any one time, and will only leave provided over 3 hours have passed in the Nintendo Switch's internal clock, and that the player has left the Club Room during or after that time. Inviting another special coach when two are already present will cause the earlier one to leave.

When first invited, the special coach will initially enter through the Club Room doors and introduce themselves. After initially interacting with them, they can be rematched once per visit, after which they can also gift the player an item. After their third visit, they will offer to trade the player a specific Pokémon in return for any of the player's Pokémon, with the newly traded Pokémon having a Partner Ribbon, conferred with a title relative to the original trainer's name, such as Rika's Wooper. The only restrictions on the offered Pokémon is that it must have been caught by the player, cannot be Shiny, and cannot be a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon. These gifts may be tracked as Special Memories by interacting with the PC, alongside allowing the player to see the date that a special coach first visited and how many times they have appeared at the Club Room.

Special coaches can have unique interactions with other characters if they happen to be in the club room at the same time, including both the BB League Elite Four as well as other special coaches.

In the Academy Ace Tournament, any Trainer who has been invited as a special coach will use their updated teams.

Trainer Unlock condition First battle reward Traded Pokémon Interacts with
  Katy Default 3 Sweet Herba Mystica   Combee Brassius, Kofu, Ryme, Grusha, Saguaro, and Miriam
  Brassius Default Surrendering Sunflora Case   Sunflora Katy, Iono, Kofu, Grusha, Raifort, and Hassel
  Iono Default Iono Zone Case   Magnemite Brassius, Larry, Tulip, Grusha, Clavell, and Salvatore
  Kofu Default 3 Spicy Herba Mystica   Veluza Katy, Brassius, Larry, Tulip, Jacq, and Saguaro
  Larry Default 3 Salty Herba Mystica   Dudunsparce Iono, Kofu, Ryme, Rika, Poppy, Hassel, and Geeta
  Ryme Default Ghost Sneakers   Greavard Katy, Larry, Grusha, Raifort, Tyme, and Geeta
  Tulip Default Starf Berry   Flittle Iono, Kofu, Rika, Dendra, Miriam, and Geeta
  Grusha Default 5 Carbos   Cetoddle Katy, Brassius, Iono, Ryme, Rika, and Poppy
  Rika Complete 5 trades Ability Patch   Wooper Larry, Tulip, Grusha, Poppy, Salvatore, Hassel, and Geeta
  Poppy Complete 5 trades 10 Rare Candies   Tinkatuff Larry, Grusha, Rika, Hassel, Amarys, Lacey, and Geeta
  Clavell Complete 3 trades Clive Wig   Pawmo Iono, Jacq, Raifort, Tyme, Dendra, and Penny
  Jacq Complete 3 trades Hexagonal Glasses (Mottled)   Gulpin Kofu, Clavell, Raifort, Tyme, Salvatore, and Miriam
  Raifort Complete 3 trades
Form a bond
Comet Shard   Gimmighoul Brassius, Ryme, Clavell, Jacq, Tyme, and Saguaro
  Tyme Complete 3 trades
Form a bond
3 Bitter Herba Mystica   Rockruff Ryme, Clavell, Jacq, Raifort, Miriam, and Penny
  Salvatore Complete 3 trades
Form a bond
PP Up   Meowth Iono, Rika, Jacq, Dendra, Miriam, and Arven
  Dendra Complete 3 trades
Form a bond
5 Protein   Meditite Tulip, Clavell, Salvatore, Saguaro, Miriam, and Nemona
  Hassel Complete 3 trades
Form a bond
Moved to Tears emote   Arctibax Brassius, Larry, Rika, Poppy, Geeta, Nemona, and Drayton
  Saguaro Complete 3 trades
Form a bond
3 Sour Herba Mystica   Hattrem Katy, Kofu, Raifort, Dendra, Miriam, and Arven
  Miriam Complete 3 trades
Form a bond
Aye-Aye Cap'n emote   Mareanie Katy, Tulip, Jacq, Tyme, Salvatore, Dendra, and Saguaro
  Geeta Complete 8 trades Elite Gloves   Glimmet Larry, Ryme, Tulip, Hassel, Nemona, Penny, Drayton, Rika, and Poppy
  Nemona Complete Mochi Mayhem Focus Sash   Tauros Dendra, Hassel, Geeta, Arven, Penny, Lacey, Carmine, and Kieran
  Arven Complete Mochi Mayhem Sandwich Cases   Skwovet Salvatore, Saguaro, Nemona, Penny, Crispin, Carmine, and Kieran
  Penny Complete Mochi Mayhem 20 Smiling Vee Picks   Eevee Clavell, Tyme, Geeta, Nemona, Arven, Lacey, Carmine, and Kieran

Blueberry Academy

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Much like the special coaches, the members of the BB League Elite Four can be interacted within the Club Room without an invite. Three Blueberry students can be in the Club Room at any one time and will change daily, with Drayton being the only exception, as he is the only Blueberry student who shows up all the time. They can each be battled once per day in a Double Battle.

Although they can also be interacted with in the same manner as the special coaches, there is no way to track Special Memories with them. Students of Blueberry Academy can also have unique interactions amongst themselves, as well as with a variety of special coaches when they are in the Club Room at the same time.

Cyrano can be battled by unlocking and fulfilling The secret boss of Blueberry Academy! request. Unlike all the other Trainers, he does not have any special interactions and will trade a Shiny Blitzle after just the first battle.

Carmine and Kieran are slight exceptions, as they require the Mochi Mayhem epilogue to have been completed before they can appear in the Club Room.

Trainer Unlock condition First battle reward Traded Pokémon Interacts with
  Crispin Default 20 Fiery Picks   Magby Arven, Amarys, Lacey, Drayton, Carmine, and Kieran
  Amarys Default Finger Heart emote   Skarmory Poppy, Crispin, Lacey, Drayton, Carmine, and Kieran
  Lacey Default Blueberry Case (White)   Snubbull Poppy, Nemona, Penny, Crispin, Amarys, Drayton, Carmine, and Kieran
  Drayton Default Tracksuit (Black / Gold)   Duraludon Hassel, Geeta, Crispin, Amarys, Lacey, Carmine, and Kieran
  Carmine Complete Mochi Mayhem Joke Glasses (Sinistcha)   Poltchageist Nemona, Arven, Penny, Crispin, Amarys, Lacey, Drayton, and Kieran
  Kieran Complete Mochi Mayhem Blueberry Case (Black)   Applin Nemona, Arven, Penny, Crispin, Amarys, Lacey, Drayton, and Carmine
  Cyrano Complete 10 trades 3 Comet Shards   Blitzle  None


After receiving the first battle reward, the player will also receive one of these at random, upon winning subsequent rematches.

  Rare Candy ×2
  Exp. Candy XL ×3
  HP Up ×2
  Protein ×2
  Iron ×2
  Calcium ×2
  Zinc ×2
  Carbos ×2
  PP Up ×2
  PP Max ×1
  Pearl String ×1


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  • The Pawmo traded to the player by Director Clavell may be the same Pawmi from the opening of the game.
    • The same is also true for the Combat Breed Tauros traded to the player by Nemona, who confirms it is the same one from the opening of the game.
  • Internally, the Poltchageist traded to the player by Carmine is set as female, despite Poltchageist being a gender unknown species. It is still given to the player as a gender unknown Pokémon, however.
  • The futuristic version of the League Club Room has screens that reference Pokéstar Studios films, with one screen featuring the Mecha Tyranitar from the Big Monster Series, and another one featuring the Mysterious UFO from the Invaders Series. Cardboard copies of the helmets worn in both of these movie series can also be found hanging on a wall.
  • All the special coaches, except Clavell, Arven, and Penny, use one new Pokémon exclusive to the Terarium in their rematch teams, signifying their visit. Jacq and Nemona also use Pokémon exclusive to Kitakami.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 聯盟社 Lyùhnmàhng Séh
Mandarin 聯盟社 / 联盟社 Liánméng Shè
  French Club de la Ligue
  German Liga-AG
  Italian Club Lega
  Korean 리그부 League-bu
  Spanish Club de la Liga

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