Mochi Mayhem

Mochi Mayhem (Japanese: キビキビパニック Kibi-Kibi Panic) is the epilogue of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It was present in the game since the release of The Indigo Disk, but was initially inaccessible. It was officially announced on December 20, 2023[1] and made available on January 11, 2024 via an indefinite event distribution. It is only accessible after the player has participated in the Academy Ace Tournament at least once and completed the plot of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero by catching Terapagos, though the Mystery Gift may be claimed at any time.

The opening title card of Mochi Mayhem

It begins when the player interacts with the decoration on the desk of Peachy's in Mossui Town in Kitakami with the Mythical Pecha Berry in their Bag.


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After interacting with a decoration at Peachy's, the player receives a phone call from Arven, asking if he can visit the player at their house at Cabo Poco. During the conversation, the decoration disappears from behind the player's back. Upon returning home, the player meets Arven, along with Nemona and Penny, who had overheard his phone call and insisted on coming along. The player's Mom gives the player a letter from Kieran, informing them that he's taking a break from Blueberry Academy and is currently residing at his home in Mossui Town. The letter also includes tickets for the player and their friends, who are all feeling happy about the idea of getting to visit Kitakami, so they depart there immediately.

In Mossui Town, Nemona, having learned that Kieran used to be the Champion of Blueberry Academy, is quick to challenge him to a battle, and defeats him soundly before the player even has a chance to come see their match. Just then, Carmine shows up, performing a weird dance and repeating the word "mochi" over and over. Kieran explains that she's been acting like this ever since he sent his letter to the player. He suspects that his sister's odd behavior might have something to do with a curse that's rumored to be going around, but the group encourages him to stay positive. The group retreats to the Community Center for the night, but while they search for a hidden TV remote, Nemona suddenly disappears. When the player and Kieran go look for her, they find more villagers acting in the same strange way as Carmine. Spotting Nemona, they follow her to Kitakami Hall, where they witness Kieran's grandfather Yukito falling victim to the strange behavior as well after eating some suspicious mochi offered by his already-possessed wife, Hideko.

After defeating Yukito and Hideko, the player receives a phone call from Arven and Penny, who have been holding out at Peachy's. When the player and Kieran return to Mossui Town, they spot a strange Pokémon, who also possesses Arven and Penny by firing pieces of mochi directly into their mouths. The player and Kieran avoid the mochi and face their possessed friends in a Multi Battle. Afterwards, they pursue the mysterious Pokémon to Loyalty Plaza, where they also find Nemona, who has also been possessed. With a horde of possessed villagers approaching them, Kieran holds them off while the player battles Nemona. Once she has been defeated, the player challenges the mysterious Pokémon, identified as the Mythical Pokémon Pecharunt, defeating and catching it. This releases everyone from Pecharunt's control, with only vague memories of what they did while possessed. After spending some more peaceful time in Kitakami, the player and their friends return to Paldea, while Kieran and Carmine return to Blueberry Academy.

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Returning characters

Carmine, Kieran, and their grandparents, Yukito and Hideko, whose names are revealed, return in the DLC, along with Nemona, Arven, and Penny.


New Pokémon

The Mythical Pokémon Pecharunt makes its debut in Mochi Mayhem.


Malignant Chain, the signature move of Pecharunt, is introduced in Mochi Mayhem.


Pecharunt also debuts its signature Ability, Poison Puppeteer.


The Key Item Mythical Pecha Berry debuts in Mochi Mayhem as the item required to start the epilogue.

League Club Room

Clearing the story unlocks Carmine and Kieran appearing in the League Club Room sometimes. The players also unlock the ability to invite Nemona, Arven, and Penny to the League Club Room.


Multi Battles with Kieran

Kieran works as the player's Multi Battle partner on three separate occasions.

Shige and Aya

After leaving the Community Center to look for Nemona, the player and Kieran will engage with two villagers in a Multi Battle.

Yukito and Hideko

After following Nemona as she heads towards Kitakami Hall, the player and Kieran are stopped by Kieran and Carmine's grandparents Yukito and Hideko. Hideko offers Binding Mochi to Yukito, who eats it and becomes possessed, and the two of them engage the player and Kieran in a Multi Battle.

Arven and Penny

Arven and Penny engage the player and Kieran in a Multi Battle after Pecharunt launches Binding Mochi into their mouths, causing them to fall under its influence.


After chasing Pecharunt to Loyalty Plaza, the player must engage in a battle with Nemona, who has fallen under its influence.

Nemona will Terastallize her first partner Pokémon at the first opportunity.

  If the player chose Sprigatito:

  If the player chose Fuecoco:

  If the player chose Quaxly:

Special encounters

The beginning of Pecharunt's battle

The player is required to battle Pecharunt after defeating Nemona whilst she is under its influence. It must be caught upon its defeat, and is coded to never be Shiny. It has set Timid Nature when caught.

The player is sent back to the Pokémon Center if they black out during this battle, and they can challenge Pecharunt again.

Pecharunt Lv.88
Nasty Plot
Dark Status
Poison Status
Malignant Chain
Poison Special
Shadow Ball
Ghost Special


Games Location Song name Composition Arrangement
 S  V  When activating the
Mochi Mayhem Epilogue
Mochi Mayhem Minako Adachi and Go Ichinose Go Ichinose
When talking with and battling
against characters under the
effect of Pecharunt
A Drone? A Pokémon? It's a Binding Mochi! Minako Adachi Minako Adachi
When the group discusses Carmine
under Pecharunt's control
A Village Curse...? Go Ichinose Go Ichinose
When battling Pecharunt Battle! (Pecharunt) Minako Adachi Hiromitsu Maeba


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Ogerpon's reaction to seeing Pecharunt
  • Mochi Mayhem is the only occasion in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in which the player has a Multi Battle against two separate opponents.
  • Although it is never shown to the player in-game, all of the Pokémon owned by Aya, Shige, Yukito, and Hideko are programmed to have Poison as their Tera Type, likely as a reference to the effects of Pecharunt's Binding Mochi.
  • In the Japanese version, the possessed shout out "Kibi kibi!" rather than "mochi", referring to kibi dango (millet dumpling) from the folktale of Momotarō.
  • If the player uses Ogerpon in the battle against Pecharunt, Ogerpon will react with anger, yelling out "GRAH! Pon PON!!!" at it, likely for what it did to Ogerpon and its companion in the past.
  • If the player uses a member of the Loyal Three (Okidogi, Munkidori, or Fezandipiti) in the battle against Pecharunt, Pecharunt will react with shock and anger, yelling out "Pechaaa! Chraaahhh!" at it, likely for its betrayal as Pecharunt's retainer.
    • Pecharunt will repeat this reaction every time a member of the Loyal Three is sent out for the first time by the player.
  • The day that Mochi Mayhem was made publicly accessible is the same day as the annual Japanese tradition of mochitsuki (Japanese: 餅つき).[2]
  • Mochi Mayhem is the only part of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero to be unlocked through a Mystery Gift item.
  • Mochi Mayhem shares a number of similarities to the dancing plague of 1518. They both:
    • Involve a mass outbreak of spontaneous, uncontrollable dancing.
    • Were started by a single woman, who was afflicted much earlier than anyone else.
    • Were caused by food poisoning (Binding Mochi in the case of Mochi Mayhem, and theorized to be ergot in the case of the dancing plague).
  • During the events of the DLC, the Pokémon Center attendant outside the Community Center remains unpossessed and has dialogue regarding the "curse".
  • Pecharunt's shadow can be seen moving in the background when the title card is shown.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 麻吉麻吉團團亂 Màhgāt-Màhgāt Tyùhntyùhnlyuhn
Mandarin 麻吉麻吉團團亂 Májí-Májí Tuántuánluàn
咭呗咭呗团团乱 Jībei-Jībei Tuántuánluàn
  French La Nuit des Kibi
  German Mo-Mo-Manie
  Italian Panico a Verdegiada
  Korean 수슈수슈 패닉 Susyu-Susyu Panic
  Spanish Mochisteria


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