Kitakami Hall

Kitakami Hall キタカミセンター
Kitakami Center
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Southeast Kitakami
Region: Kitakami
Generations: IX
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Location of Kitakami Hall in Kitakami.
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Located east of Mossui Town, Kitakami Hall (Japanese: キタカミセンター Kitakami Center) is where locals of Kitakami hold the traditional Festival of Masks. Various food stalls are set up during this festival.[1] The Mossened Boulder can also be found here, a fragment of the Fallen Horn, one of the Six Wonders of Kitakami.


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As part of a school trip to Kitakami, the player groups up with Kieran to visit all three signboards detailing events in the history of Kitakami. The second such signboard is located within Kitakami Hall, off to the left side of the building that holds three of the ogre's masks.

The ogre possessed four mysterious, glimmering masks.
It is said that depending on the mask the ogre donned, the powers of its cudgel would change.
When wearing the teal mask, it could bring life back into withered greenery around it.
When wearing the crimson mask, it could turn a candle's flame into a raging inferno.
When wearing the blue mask, it could stop the very flow of a river.
When wearing the ashen gray mask, it could easily break the hardest stone in two.
Before the Loyal Three fell, they wrested away three of the ogre's masks, greatly weakening it.

After the player finishes reading the signboard, Kieran expresses his fascination with the ogre, impressed by its strength, and that it wasn't bothered when it was shunned by the villagers. He bemoans that his sister has always done everything for him, and wants to get stronger, like the ogre. The player and Kieran then take a photo together in front of the signboard as they had been instructed. Afterwards, Kieran invites the player to come see the Dreaded Den through a path leading out of Kitakami Hall.

Later, the player returns to participate in the Festival of Masks with Kieran and Carmine. As the player enters into Kitakami Hall, someone cheerfully approaches the festival from the direction of the Dreaded Den, their face obscured by a mask. Carmine uses the player's Roto-Stick to take a photo of the three of them together. Afterwards, she explains that the Festival of Masks is held to honor the Loyal Three, the Pokémon who protected Kitakami from the evil ogre, and that most people at the festival wear masks of the Loyal Three.

Kieran leads the player over to a food stall, and purchases two candy apples, giving one to the player. Afterwards, he points out the Ogre Oustin' stall and runs over to it. After speaking with Kieran again, the player is required to play a game of Ogre Oustin' on easy, and Carmine challenges the player to see if they can beat her score of 6,390. After the completion of the game the player will be awarded an Exp. Charm. Carmine encourages Kieran to defeat the player in another game of Ogre Oustin', but he declines, leaving Carmine enraged. Kieran apologizes for her behavior and invites the player to wander around and explore the rest of the festival.

Suddenly, the player catches sight of the mysterious stranger from earlier observing the festival, just as they run back in the direction of the Dread Den. The player pursues them, and meets up with them near the staircase leading out of Kitakami Hall. The player walks up to the mysterious child and crouches down to briefly speak with them, before Carmine approaches to complain about Kieran's lack of skill at Ogre Oustin'. This seems to alert the child, who begins to run off up the staircase. After chasing after the child again, their masks falls off, rolling down the steps. The player picks it up and offers it back, but the strange child hesitates for a moment before running away.

Suddenly, Carmine and the player both realize the strange child must actually be the ogre from the stories they've been told. Kieran approaches to ask about what's going on, but Carmine lies, worried that he would feel bad if he knew he wasn't there when her and the player met the ogre. After speaking to Kieran again at the entrance of Kitakami Hall, he leads the player back to the Community Center for the night.

The player returns to Kitakami Hall again after the Loyal Three are resurrected after the battle with Kieran at Loyalty Plaza, in an attempt to track them down. After arriving with Carmine, the caretaker is pleased to inform the player that the Loyal Three had just been there minutes earlier to retrieve the three masks stored there. They happily handed the masks over as well as gave them a platter of plate of special Kitakami Mochi. After learning that the Loyal Three went towards Oni Mountain, the player and Carmine make a plan to help Ogerpon, with the player instructed to head to the Dreaded Den and Carmine going to her grandfather with the Crystal Cluster to help fix up the Teal Mask.

After the events of the story, the caretaker thanks the player for helping clear Ogerpon's name and revealing the truth about the Loyal Three. In the interest of restoring an important source of tourism, the caretaker has started up the "We Love Loyalty Plaza" drive to raise  1,000,000 to repair the shrine, and encourages the player to ask their parents and teachers to contribute.

The player may donate  10,000 or  100,000 at a time, receiving one Pretty Feather as a gift per every  10,000 donated. After the donation goal is reached, the Loyal Three Monument is repaired, and the player is rewarded with the Hurray! emote and Flashy Festival Jinbei.

Places of interest

Ogre Oustin' stall

Main article: Ogre Oustin'

Ogre Oustin' is a mini-game that can be played at Kitakami Hall. The game involves popping balloons and gathering Berries from them to fill up tables reserved for them while defending the Berries from gluttonous wild Pokémon. The game comes in three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Shaved Ice Stand

Main article: Shaved Ice Stand

Ice Cream Stand

Main article: Ice Cream Stand

Candy Fruit Stand

Main article: Candy Fruit Stand

Fried Noodle Stand

Name Cost Image Meal Power Description
Kitakami Fried Noodles  900   Catching Power: Poison (2)
Item Drop Power: Dragon (1)
Humungo Power: Fighting (1)
The Maillard reaction that occurs when browning the sauce leads to an absolutely irresistible aroma and flavor.


During the Festival of Masks, in the northeast corner of the road filled with stalls, a local child will give the player the Shhh! emote after speaking with them.



The player is gifted with a Shiny Munchlax if they clear Ogre Oustin' on Hard difficulty.

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
1 Only one
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


Muramasa battles the player once the seven other members of the Kitakami Ogre Clan have been defeated. His Pokémon are kept in Ultra Balls.

Mochi Mayhem

Kieran will join the battle as a Multi Battle partner.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 北上中心 Bākséuhng Jūngsām
Mandarin 北上中心 Běishàng Zhōngxīn
  French Septemplion
  German Kitakami-Kulturzentrum
  Italian Centro Nordivia
  Korean 북신센터 Buksin Center
  Spanish Centro cultural de Noroteo


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