Mochi (Japanese: もち Mochi) is a type of item introduced in Generation IX. They can be obtained from participating in Ogre Oustin'. They can be used to increase the base points of a Pokémon's stat.

A specific variant of Mochi was used to feed the Loyal Three shortly after their revival. It is heavily implied that this variant contained similar herbs to Herba Mystica, as it caused each of the three to transform into Titanic forms. This variant, however, is not actually shown on-screen.

List of Mochi

Name Boosted stat
  Health Mochi Adds 10 HP EVs to the target Pokémon per use.
  Muscle Mochi Adds 10 Attack EVs to the target Pokémon per use.
  Resist Mochi Adds 10 Defense EVs to the target Pokémon per use.
  Genius Mochi Adds 10 Special Attack EVs to the target Pokémon per use.
  Clever Mochi Adds 10 Special Defense EVs to the target Pokémon per use.
  Swift Mochi Adds 10 Speed EVs to the target Pokémon per use.
  Fresh-Start Mochi Resets all EVs to zero.

In the core series games


The first six mochi each provide ten effort values (EVs) in a particular stat, similar to vitamins. This consumes the mochi.

The seventh mochi, the Fresh-Start Mochi, resets all of a Pokémon's effort values in all stats.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 麻糬 Màhsyùh
Mandarin 麻糬 Máshǔ *
粘糕 Niángāo *
  French Mochi
  German Mochi
  Italian Mochi
  Korean Tteok
  Spanish Mochi

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