Loyal Three

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Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti at the Loyalty Plaza

The Loyal Three[1][2] (Japanese: ともっこさま Dear Companions),[3] also described as the Heroes of Kitakami[4] (Japanese: キタカミの里の英雄たち Heroes of the Land of Kitakami),[5] is a Legendary trio of Pokémon consisting of Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti. They reside in the land of Kitakami and were considered heroes by its people.

The three members are all male, and they share a primary type, Poison; a category, "Retainer Pokémon"; and an Ability, Toxic Chain.

After their true, greedy nature is revealed, Carmine sarcastically refers to them as the Lousy Three or the "Loyal" Three.


The Loyal Three shrine at the Loyalty Plaza

The Pokémon that formed the Loyal Three were once below-average Pokémon: Okidogi was small and weak, Munkidori was clumsy and dim-witted, and Fezandipiti had short, dull feathers. The Toxic Chains wrapped around their bodies granted them the strength, cleverness, and beauty that they respectively wished for. How the chains were found or created, remains a mystery.

In Kitakami, a man and an ogre were becoming famous for their four exquisite masks, to the point they were being talked about in other regions. Hearing about them, this group of three Pokémon, along with a fourth individual, made their way to Kitakami to take the masks for themselves, infiltrating the cave where they resided. In the ogre's absence, after a struggle, the trio managed to leave with just three: The Wellspring Mask, the Hearthflame Mask, and the Cornerstone Mask, with the man only holding onto the remaining Teal Mask.

Later, the ogre returned to its cave and found it in ruins, with only the Teal Mask left behind and no traces of its friend or the other masks. Donning the remaining Teal Mask with its cudgel in hand, the ogre set out to the nearby village in search of its friend, only to find the trio gloating over their plunder. Enraged, the ogre defeated the trio, much to the fear of the villagers observing the battle. Already being afraid of the ogre due to its appearance, the villagers believed that the trio were actually defending them from the ogre. As the wounded ogre left the village, alone and in sorrow, the villagers named the trio the Loyal Three, and put their bodies to rest. The Loyal Three's remains were buried near the village, and a monument dedicated to honor their "sacrifice" was erected on top. The surrounding area would be known as Loyal Three Park, later renamed to Loyalty Plaza.

Only the village mask maker, who had gifted the ogre and the man with the masks, understood what had transpired between the Loyal Three and the ogre. However, the other villagers dismissed him as a heretic for attempting to explain the truth. To protect his family from suffering the village's wrath as he did, he kept the truth hidden from everyone, and passed the truth down to his descendants as a family secret. From that point on, the Loyal Three were unjustly revered as heroes by the people of Kitakami for generations.

According to local Kitakami beliefs, worshiping the Loyal Three would grant various benefits such as kindness, success, and good fortune.

Similar movesets

 Poison  Fighting 
 Poison  Psychic 
 Poison  Fairy 
1 Bite Scratch Double Kick
Low Kick Confusion Peck
Bulk Up Fake Out Poison Gas
- Flatter Disarming Voice
8 Howl Helping Hand Quick Attack
16 Poison Fang Psybeam Attract
24 Force Palm Clear Smog Wing Attack
32 Counter Poison Jab Cross Poison
40 Poison Jab Psychic Tail Slap
48 Brutal Swing Sludge Wave Beat Up
56 Crunch Nasty Plot Swagger
64 Superpower Future Sight Roost
72 Giga Impact Parting Shot Moonblast
Moves in bold get STAB. Moves in italics do no damage.

Base stat comparison

Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total 555 555 555

In the games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Prior to the release of update 2.0.1, the Loyal Three could be seen on a poster in Medali, teasing the future expansion.

The Loyal Three formally appear in The Teal Mask. They are somehow suddenly resurrected after their grave was punched by Kieran and emerge from their burial ground, and they proceed to Mossui Town, where they are fed by the villagers and given back Ogerpon's masks that they had stolen, which the villagers had kept in Kitakami Hall. Afterwards, the three head to the Dreaded Den to fight Ogerpon again, but are stopped by the player, causing them to flee. Wanting to help Ogerpon retrieve her masks back, the player forms a group called the "Mask Retrieval Squad" with Carmine and Kieran — the latter two being descendants of the mask maker who provided Ogerpon with her masks.

Presumably due to the food they were fed earlier, the Loyal Three assumed titanic forms, requiring the player and Carmine to team up to take each one down together. Eventually, they were beaten and forced out of their titanic forms, causing them to leave behind their stolen masks.

In the post-story, the player can optionally rematch and catch the individual members at the same areas they were fought at before.


Games Location Song name Composition Arrangement
 S  V  When recounting their story on
signposts around Kitakami
Story of the Loyal Three* Unknown Unknown
When the Loyal Three are
resurrected from their monument
The Monument Reacts* Unknown Unknown
When the Loyal Three
are initially interacted with
The Loyal Three* Unknown Unknown
Battling the Loyal Three Battle! (Loyal Three)* Unknown Unknown
Song names marked with an asterisk are unofficial, as they have not received a soundtrack release.


In-game sprite of the unknown figure from the Loyal Three story
  • The Loyal Three and Ogerpon appear to reference the Japanese folktale of Momotarō, albeit with the roles of the heroes and the villains reversed. The tale of Momotarō relates the titular Momotarō, a boy born from inside a peach, who traveled alongside a talking dog, monkey, and pheasant to fight a band of oni (a Japanese folkloric creature commonly equated to ogres in translations).
  • The names of the trio's members all reference different expressions that are associated with happiness: Okidogi being taken from "okeydokey", Munkidori being taken from "hunky-dory", and Fezandipiti being taken from "serendipity".
  • The group's shared base HP stat of 88 can be read in Japanese as goroawase for やばい yabai, which can mean several different things like "terrible" and "dangerous", referencing their true nature as greedy, vicious thieves.
    • Conversely, 88 can also be read as goroawase for ぱちぱち pachipachi, the sound of clapping. This could reference their misinterpreted role as heroes in their story, as well as the positive connotations of their names.
  • All moves learned by the Loyal Three via leveling up are learned at levels which are multiples of 8 (excluding level 1).
    • 8 is considered a lucky number in many Asian cultures, including Japanese. This aligns with the trio's naming convention and role.
  • During the scene showcasing Ogerpon's true story as told by Kieran and Carmine's grandfather, when the Loyal Three are about to steal Ogerpon's masks, an unknown figure resembling a peach (pictured) can be barely seen right above Okidogi.
    • The figure's shape bears a resemblance to the tip of the Toxic Chains the Loyal Three have on their body.
    • The figure’s shape also resembles an object at the Peachy's store in Mossui Town.

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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶伴 Bóubuhn
Mandarin 寶伴 / 宝伴 Bǎobàn
  French Adoramis
  German Gefährten
  Italian Beniamici
  Korean 세벗님 Sebeonnim
  Spanish Compatrones


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