Yukito and Hideko

Yukito and Hideko
Yukinoshita and Hie
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Yukito and Hideko
Age Unknown
Gender Male (Yukito)
Female (Hideko)
Eye color Yellow (Yukito)
Gray (Hideko)
Hair color Dark and lighter gray inside (Yukito)
Light gray (Hideko)
Hometown Mossui Town
Region Kitakami
Relatives Each other (husband and wife)
Carmine (granddaughter)
Kieran (grandson)
Unnamed father (Yukito's)
Unnamed ancestor (Yukito's)
Trainer class Grandpa (Yukito)
Grandma (Hideko)
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet

Yukito (Japanese: ユキノシタ Yukinoshita) and Hideko (Japanese: ヒエ Hie), more commonly referred to simply as Grandpa (おじいさん Grandpa) and Grandma (おばあさん Grandma), are characters introduced in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. They live together in Kitakami with their grandchildren, Kieran and Carmine. They are the only characters with the Trainer classes Grandpa (Japanese: おじいさん Grandfather) and Grandma (Japanese: おばあさん Grandmother), respectively.

In the core series games

The Teal Mask

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Yukito and Hideko live in Mossui Town. Yukito descends from a long line of mask makers. He tells the player and Carmine the true story regarding Ogerpon and the Loyal Three, which was a secret passed down in his family. Later, he helps them repair Ogerpon's Teal Mask.

When first meeting the player, Hideko gives them the Teal Style Card, allowing them to access more styles and clothing options. She also provides the player with three varieties of jinbei after the main story of The Teal Mask has been completed.

Mochi Mayhem

Kieran and the player meet Yukito and Hideko at the entrance to Kitakami Hall while searching for Nemona. During the conversation, Hideko insists Yukito have some mochi that she's offering. Eating it, Yukito, like his wife, falls under Pecharunt's control and battles the two children alongside her. Once the player has caught Pecharunt, Yukito and Hideko, like everyone else controlled by Pecharunt, return to normal.


Mochi Mayhem

Under the influence of Pecharunt's Binding Mochi, Yukito and Hideko challenge Kieran and the player to a Multi Battle.


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Games Location Song name Composition Arrangement
 S  V  When battling Yukito
and Hideko
Mochi MOCHI!!!* Unknown Unknown
Song names marked with an asterisk are unofficial, as they have not received a soundtrack release.


  • Yukito and Hideko's names are only ever shown during their battle against Kieran and the player.



Language Name Origin
Japanese ユキノシタ Yukinoshita From 雪の下 yukinoshita (strawberry saxifrage) and 雪 yuki (snow)
English, German Yukito Similar to his Japanese name
Spanish Nevesio From nieve (snow)
French Aubin From albus (Latin for white)
Italian Nevesio From neve (snow)
Korean 범모 Beommo From 범의귀 beom-ui-gwi (strawberry saxifrage)
Chinese (Mandarin) 雪忠 Xuězhōng From 雪 xuě / syut (snow)
Chinese (Cantonese) 雪忠 Syutjūng


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 老爺爺 Lóuhyèhyé
Mandarin 老爺爺 / 老爷爷 Lǎoyéye
  French Grand-père
  German Großvater
  Italian Nonno
  Korean 할아버지 Harabeoji
  Spanish Abuelo


Language Name Origin
Japanese ヒエ Hie From 稗 hie (barnyard millet) and 冷え hie (coldness)
English, German Hideko Similar to her Japanese name
Spanish Heladia From helado (icy)
French Neva From neve (Italian for snow)
Italian Gelinda From gelare (to freeze)
Korean 선자 Seonja
Chinese (Mandarin) 黍子 Shǔzǐ From 黍子 shǔzi / syújí (proso millet)
Chinese (Cantonese) 黍子 Syújí


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 老奶奶 Lóuhnàaihnáai
Mandarin 老奶奶 Lǎonǎinai
  French Grand-mère
  German Großmutter
  Italian Nonna
  Korean 할머니 Halmeoni
  Spanish Abuela

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