シンクロミ Synchromi
Scarlet Violet Synclaire.png
Screenshot from The Indigo Disk
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Teal
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Blueberry Academy
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet

Synclaire (Japanese: シンクロミ Synchromi) is a character introduced in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, and resides at Blueberry Academy. She is the researcher behind the Synchro Machine, and offers the player the ability to participate in her experiments with it.

In the core series games


Synclaire appears in the Central Plaza of the Terarium at Blueberry Academy. When talked to, she lets the player perform trials with the Synchro Machine, allowing them to see the world through the eyes of their lead party Pokémon. She compensates the player for testing the device, giving them three Rare Candies after the first trial and a copy of the Synchro Machine after the second trial. She rewards the player with 10 BP once all the trials are complete.


Synclaire is a tall woman with black hair and a dark complexion. She wears a white lab coat, with a pink undershirt and a blue tie, as well as blue trousers and thin golden glasses.


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Central Plaza
  • If talked to
"Ahhh, the euphoria of synchronization!"
"...Oh! Hello there. My name is Synclaire. I'm quite the outstanding researcher, you know!"
"Would you like to help me out by participating in an amazing experiment I'm working on?"
Yes: "That's the spirit! Let's head over to the test area, then!"
No: "No?! But you'd bear witness to the greatest discovery of the century!"
"You'll need to have a Pokémon out of its ball for this experiment. Just let me know once you're ready!"
  • If talked to again
"Are you ready to help me out with this amazing experiment?"
Yes: "That's the spirit! Let's get this started, then... Synchroooooo...nize!"
No: ""
"Your mind and feelings are now synchronized with those of your Pokémon! Now that you're all synced up, your Pokémon will move as directed by your thoughts! Let's start with a movement test. There's a tree in front of your Pokémon—try moving over there!"
  • Upon completion of the first trial
"Ahhh, yes! You're so in sync! I was able to get some very useful data form that session. Thank you so much! Here's a little something for your trouble."
"You really have a talent for this! Would you mind sticking around for just one more experiment? It'd be a bit more work than the last one, but I'll give you something REALLY nice afterward!"
  • If talked to after the first trial
"Are you in the mood to help me out with my amazing experiment?"
Yes: "OK then, here we go! Synchroooooo...nize!"
No: ""
"Your mind and feelings are synchronized with those of your Pokémon once again! Since this is your second time synchronizing, you should be able to do all sorts of things! So let's begin the battle test! Try taking on some of the other Pokémon in the area!"
  • Upon completion of the second trial
"Ahhh, yes! You've got the best synchronization I've ever seen! I'm sure someone with your talent could put this amazing invention to good use!"
"It's still a prototype, so its design may look a little...uninspiring. But you can use it to synchronize whenever you want! Try it out with lots of different Pokémon!"
  • If talked to after completing the third trial
"Thank you for being such a keen synchronizer! I'm putting the data you gathered to great use. Here, let me send you some BP for all your contributions to science!"
  • If talked to again
"Have you been using that Synchro Machine I gave you? You can sync with your Pokémon by pressing the machine's L and R Buttons at the same time!"


Sprites and models

The Indigo Disk


Language Name Origin
Japanese シンクロミ Synchromi From シンクロマシン Synchro Machine
English Synclaire From Synchro Machine
German Synchrona From Synchromaschine (Synchro Machine)
Spanish Cronia From Sincromisor (Synchro Machine)
French Cronie From Synchrotron (Synchro Machine)
Italian Sincronina From Sincronizzatore (Synchro Machine)
Korean 싱크로미 Synchromi From 싱크로머신 Synchro Machine
Chinese (Mandarin) 同步米 Tóngbùmǐ From 同步器 Tóngbùqì / Tùhngbouhhei (Synchro Machine)
Chinese (Cantonese) 同步米 Tùhngbouhmáih


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