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Guidance counselors are non-player characters introduced in The Indigo Disk in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. They are affiliated with Blueberry Academy. They promote Pokémon battling among members of the academy and offer prizes for defeating Trainers.

In the core series games

Guidance counselors are found at rest areas across the Terarium, with one stationed in each of the four biomes:

  • Canyon Rest Area in the Canyon Biome, with 14 total Trainers to defeat
  • Coastal Rest Area in the Coastal Biome, with 16 total Trainers to defeat
  • Polar Rest Area in the Polar Biome, with 16 total Trainers to defeat
  • Savanna Rest Area 2 in the Savanna Biome, with 14 total Trainers to defeat

They incentivize the player with BP, in addition to bonus TM prizes, in exchange for defeating Trainers found throughout the Terarium. Each guidance counselor offers three levels of rewards, which require a certain number of Trainers in the biome they are stationed at to be battled.


Milestone reward
Trainers defeated BP earned Canyon Biome Coastal Biome Polar Biome Savanna Biome
5 100 BP   TM219 (Skitter Smack)   TM206 (Petal Blizzard)   TM222 (Breaking Swipe)   TM221 (Throat Chop)
10 200 BP   TM210 (Supercell Slam)   TM214 (Sludge Wave)   TM209 (Muddy Water)   TM204 (Double-Edge)
All 500 BP   TM220 (Meteor Beam)   TM215 (Scorching Sands)   TM212 (Triple Axel)   TM218 (Expanding Force)

After all 60 Trainers in the Terarium have been defeated, the last guidance counselor the player reports to will reward them with 5 Ability Patches.


  • Aloud, upon being approached
"Been having Pokémon battles?"
  • When talked to for the first time
"Hey there, exchange student! Your friendly neighborhood guidance counselor here! Hope it doesn't feel too invasive for me to ask... Are you keeping up with your Pokémon battles? Here at Blueberry Academy, we try to get the students excited to battle each other. Which means I'll give you BP for battling the students here—the more battles, the more BP!"
  • If talked to again
"So, why don't you try to defeat <number> students here in the <biome>? So far, you've defeated <number> students here in the <biome>!"
  • If a milestone was not reached
"Come see me again once you've defeated <number> students, OK?"
  • Upon reaching a milestone
"Wow, great job! Look at you, being all proactive about finding other students to battle! Here's some BP for you—a reward for all that hard work!"
"And here's a little bonus from me!"
  • If the player has not battled all Trainers in a biome
"If you go and get yourself even more wins, I'll have another reward waiting here for you!"
  • After the player defeats all Trainers in a biome
"Wait, don't tell me... Did you...? Yep, looks like you went ahead and defeated every student in the <biome>! Well, I think you've earned yourself a nice reward!"
"Oh, and...another extra-special bonus for you!"
"There are guidance counselors like myself in the other biomes, y'know! You should go find them!"
  • After the player defeats every Trainer in the Terarium
"You've defeated every student in every biome! That deserves an extra-EXTRA-special bonus!"
"I hope you continue to experience the joy of Pokémon battling for years to come!"

In other languages

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