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セレブ Celeb
Glitterati Billy and O'Nare.png
Billy (left) and O'Nare (right)
Age Unknown
Gender Male (Billy)
Female (O'Nare)
Eye color Blue (Billy)
Brown (O'Nare)
Hair color Golden brown (Billy)
White, golden brown (O'Nare)
Hometown Unknown
Region Kitakami
Relatives Each other (husband and wife)
Trainer class Glitterati
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet

The Glitterati (Japanese: セレブ Celeb) are a pair of characters introduced in The Teal Mask in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. They are a wealthy husband and wife couple, Billy (Japanese: ビリオ Billio) and O'Nare (Japanese: ネア Naire), and they own and run the real estate firm Paldea Realty, with O'Nare as the company's president.

O'Nare is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Glitterati.

In the core series games

Billy and O'Nare can be found in various locations across Paldea and Kitakami. If the player can find them, they will either battle O'Nare in a Trainer battle with a high payout, or be rewarded with various valuable items.


Annotated map for the locations of each Glitterati encounter in Paldea and Kitakami.
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# Location Reward
1 Overlooking the rice paddies on the west side of Kitakami Road. First battle
2 At Fury Falls, in North Province (Area Two).   15 Big Pearls
3 On the border between South Province (Area One) and South Province (Area Five), northwest of Grasswither Shrine.   15 Nuggets
4 On the south edge of the orchard at Apple Hills. Second battle
5 On the southwesternmost island on Casseroya Lake.   10 Pearl Strings
6 Northern Glaseado Mountain, Northeast of Montenevera, west of the river mouth that flows into the North Paldean Sea.   10 Big Nuggets
7 North of South Province (Area Three), on the southern edge of the Great Crater of Paldea. Third battle
  25 Big Nuggets
  Gitterati Case
Oh No! emote


O'Nare keeps her Pokémon in Luxury Balls.

First and second battles

Third battle


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  • If the player uses the Amulet Coin or Happy Hour in all three battles against O'Nare, the total amount of money they can earn from the Glitterati is  1,074,784.
    • If the player uses both in all three battles, the total amount of money is  1,214,568.
  • Billy and O'Nare's models are based on those of Black Belt and Model respectively, but with a different color scheme and heads.


Language Name Origin
Japanese セレブ Celeb From celeb (short for celebrity)
English Glitterati From glitterati (wealthy, famous people; celebrities)
German VIP From VIP
Spanish Celebridad From celebridad (celebrity)
French Influenceuse From influenceuse (influencer)
Italian Celebrità From celebrità (celebrity)
Korean 셀럽 Selleob From celeb (short for celebrity)
Chinese (Mandarin) 名流 Míngliú From 名流 míngliú / mìhnglàuh (prominent figure)
Chinese (Cantonese) 名流 Mìhnglàuh

Billy / O'Nare

Language Name Origin
Japanese ビリオ Billio
ネア Naire
From billionaire
English Billy
From billionaire
German Billy
From billionaire
Spanish Ricardo
From rico / rica (rich)
French Milio
From millionnaire (millionaire)
Italian Nab
From nababbi (humorous term for very rich people)
Korean 빌리오 Billio
나리아 Naria
From billionaire
Chinese (Mandarin) 毅萬 / 毅万 Yìwàn
馥好 Fùhǎo
From 億萬富豪 / 亿万富豪 yìwàn-fùháo (billionaire)
Chinese (Cantonese) 毅萬 Ngaihmaahn
馥好 Fūkhóu
Same as Mandarin names

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