Kantonian Gym (Trainer class)

Kantonian Gym
ジムオブカントー Gym of Kanto
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In-battle models from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
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Introduced in Generation VII
Appears in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Gender Both
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Notable members Charlie Charma, Farley, Darley, Shirataki, Ryuki (Leader) (anime)
Anime debut Drawn with the Wind!
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Kantonian Gym (Japanese: ジムオブカントー Gym of Kanto) is a type of Pokémon Trainer introduced in Generation VII. They are Trainers exclusively found in the Kantonian Gym in Malie City, a replica of actual Pokémon Gyms from the Kanto region. The female members have the appearance of Beauties and act as the Gym Trainers. The male member has the appearance of a Black Belt and acts as the Gym Leader.



In-battle models from
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
VS models from
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
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Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Trainer list

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In the anime

The Trainers of the Kantonian Gym in the anime
Ryuki, the Kantonian Gym Leader in the anime

At the end of Drawn with the Wind!, Charlie Charma, who had been the tour guide for Ash and his classmates during their visit to Malie City, revealed he was a Trainer at the Kantonian Gym, and invited them to visit after resting for the night. In Aiming for the Top Floor!, Charlie led Ash and his classmates to the Gym, where they met Farley, Darley, and Shirataki, who were collectively shocked to learn from Ash that not all Kanto Gyms were like the ninja-style obstacle course they had set up.

At the top of the Gym tower, Kiawe and Ash fought the Leader of the Kantonian Gym, Ryuki. While Kiawe and Marowak were unsuccessful, Ash was able to defeat Ryuki's Zweilous and Druddigon in a Double Battle with Rowlet and Meltan. In the end, Ash was rewarded with a novelty Badge with Ryuki's face on it.


  • Excluding the Leader, the Kantonian Gym Trainers all walk up to the player upon spotting them, a reference to how Trainers would walk up to the player to battle them prior to Generation VII. The Kantonian Gym Trainers refer to this walking style as the "Gym Walk".

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 關都之道館的 Gwāandōu-jī Dougún-dīk
Mandarin 關都之道館的 Guāndū-zhī Dàoguǎn-de *
关都之道馆 Guāndū-zhī Dàoguǎn *
  French Arène de Kanto
  German Kanto-Arenakämpfer ()
Kanto-Arenakämpferin ()
  Italian Palestra di Kanto
  Korean 체육관오브관동 Cheyukgwan of Gwandong
  Spanish Gimnasio de Kanto

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