Preschooler (Trainer class)

えんじ Kindergartner
Spr SM Preschooler M.pngSpr SM Preschooler F.png
In-battle models from Generation VII
Other names
Introduced in Generation V
Appears in Black, White, Black 2, and White 2
X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Gender Both
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Notable members Avery, Randall
Anime debut Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!
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Manga debut Special Delivery (Adventures)

A Preschooler (Japanese: えんじ Kindergartner) is a type of Trainer class introduced in Generation V. They are young children dressed in uniforms typical of Japanese kindergartens. They could be considered younger versions of the School Kid Trainer class. They are often found with at least one other Preschooler and near a Nursery Aide.

They usually use small Pokémon that are unevolved, and they tend to give out small sums of prize money when defeated.

A male Preschooler can team up with a Black Belt to form a Karate Family and challenge the player to a Double Battle, while a female Preschooler can team up with a female Office Worker to form a Dancing Family for the same purpose. In Generation VII, Twins are depicted as two female Preschoolers teaming up in a Double Battle.



Artwork from X and Y

Sprites and models

In the core series

Sprites from
Black and White
Sprites from
Black 2 and White 2
VS portraits from
Generation VI*
In-battle models from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
VS models from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Overworld sprites from
Generation V
Overworld models from
Generation VI
Overworld models from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Pokéstar Studios
Sprite as Haunted Kid from
the Ghost Eraser Series

In other games

Preschooler♀ model
from Masters EX
Preschooler♀ VS model
from Masters EX

Trainer list

Pokémon Black and White

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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon X and Y

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Pokémon Sun and Moon

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List of Battle Royal Dome Trainers/Preschooler
List of Battle Tree Trainers/Preschooler

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In the anime

A group of Kindergartners from the anime

In The Purr-fect Hero, Ash and his friends stopped by at a school to entertain the Preschoolers there, who were excited about meeting Pokémon Trainers. One boy, Timmy, was ridiculed by his classmates because the only Pokémon he wanted to meet is a Meowth. He later explained that a wild Meowth had saved him when he was attacked by a wild Beedrill once, but none of his classmates believed his story. Meanwhile, Jessie and James found out about the preschool and used it to their advantage in another scheme to steal Pikachu. Timmy believed that their Meowth was the Meowth that had saved him. However, their plans were foiled, and in the end, the real Meowth came to the rescue, with Timmy's peers no longer doubting him.

In A Bout With Sprout, Brock volunteered himself and his friends to assist Miss Priscilla with teaching the preschoolers at Earl's Pokémon Academy. One preschooler, Zackie, became determined to catch Ash's Pikachu. As a result, he stole one of Ash's Poké Balls and ended up chasing Pikachu into the surrounding forest. Zackie ended up catching a Bellsprout instead, but he grew to love his new Pokémon after it defeated Team Rocket during the students' field trip to the Sprout Tower.

A group of preschoolers appeared in Doin' What Comes Natu-rally, after Team Rocket's balloon crashed in the middle of the schoolyard. They cheered for McKenzie as he and his Natu, nicknamed "Naughty", faced off against Team Rocket and defeated the trio alongside Ash. Afterwards, at their teacher's request, the students enjoyed a fortune-telling performance from McKenzie.

In Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!, a group of Preschoolers befriended a Trubbish. Their kindergarten teacher Daniela was opposed to the idea of letting Trubbish stay at the school because of its smell, but the children wanted to keep it. In the end, the conflict was resolved when Trubbish saved everyone from potential danger, and Daniela realized that Trubbish will stop releasing bad odors when it becomes friendly towards a person. They reappeared in a flashback in Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!.

In Kindergarten Chaos!, Ash and his friends went with Penelope to the kindergarten class she taught at, and allowed the kids to play with their Pokémon. One of Penelope's students, a young boy named Randall, was shy and too afraid to interact with anyone, however. Froakie also wouldn't interact with the kids at first, but by the end of the episode, both Randall and Froakie overcame their issues and became great friends. Ash then promised Randall that when Randall was old enough to become a Trainer, they would have a battle.

In the manga

Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder

A Preschooler in Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder

A female Preschooler appeared in Justice Trainer Shin Appears!, where Togari stole her Cottonee. Shin arrived with his Tepig and defeated Togari, as well as returning Cottonee to the Preschooler in the process.


Cottonee is the Preschooler's only known Pokémon. Togari came by to steal it but he was stopped by Shin and his Tepig. Shin then returned Cottonee to its rightful owner.

None of Cottonee's moves are known.

Debut Justice Trainer Shin Appears!

Pokémon Adventures

A female Preschooler was one of the Trainers that received a Prop Case and tried on a Smiley-Face Mask on her Elgyem in Special Delivery.

In Unraveling Mysteries, a male Preschooler was seen marveling at a Patrat balloon that a Harlequin made.

In Sylveon Enchants, a female Preschooler was briefly seen at the Mini-game Corner with her Pancham.

In What Does Charmander Do When It Dozes, a male Preschooler was briefly seen playing in the streets of Lumiose City with his Litleo.

A male Preschooler appeared in Trevenant Pokes with his older brother, a Youngster, at the Tower of Mastery before deciding to go home.

In Shipwreck and "Oh, What Sharp Teeth You Have, Bruxish!", two Preschoolers were seen at the Aether House playing with a Yungoos.



This Elgyem was owned by a female Preschooler that watched the Pokémon Musical. After the musical ended, the Preschooler was given a Prop Case to use on Elgyem.

None of Elgyem's moves are known.

Debut Special Delivery
This Joltik was owned by a male Preschooler at Nimbasa City. It rode on its Trainer's head as he watched a Harlequin make a Patrat balloon.

None of Joltik's moves are known.

Debut Unraveling Mysteries
This Pancham was owned by a female Preschooler, walking with her at the Mini-game Corner, watching a Head It! minigame.

None of Pancham's moves are known.

Debut Sylveon Enchants
This Litleo was owned by a male Preschooler at Lumiose City. It was seen running with its Trainer in the Lumiose City streets.

None of Litleo's moves are known.

Debut What Does Charmander Do When It Dozes
This Yungoos seen with two Preschoolers at the Aether House, where it played with them.

None of Yungoos's moves are known.

Debut Shipwreck and "Oh, What Sharp Teeth You Have, Bruxish!"


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 幼稚園小朋友 Yaujihyùhn Síupàhngyáuh
Mandarin 幼稚園小朋友 / 幼儿园小朋友 Yòuzhìyuán Xiǎopéngyǒu
  French Petit ()
Petite ()
  German Vorschüler ()
Vorschülerin ()
  Italian Bimbo ()
Bimba ()
  Korean 보육원아 Boyug-won-a
  Spanish Preescolar

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