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アカギ Akagi
Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Cyrus.png
Art from Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Age 27[1]
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Hometown Sunyshore City
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Parents, grandfather
Trainer class Galactic BossDPPt
Team GalacticUSUM
Team Galactic BossBDSP
Generation IV, VII, VIII
Games Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Masters EX
Member of Team Galactic
Team Rainbow Rocket
Rank Boss (Team Galactic)
Game animation debut The New World
English voice actor Michael Sorich (Generations)
Armen Taylor[2] (Masters EX)
Japanese voice actor Kenjirō Tsuda (Generations)
Shunsuke Takeuchi (Masters EX)
Anime debut Losing Its Lustrous!
English voice actor Sean Schemmel
Japanese voice actor Kenta Miyake

Cyrus (Japanese: アカギ Akagi) is the boss of Team Galactic. He aims to create a world without spirit for himself. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer classes Galactic BossDPPt/Team Galactic BossBDSP (Japanese: ギンガだんボス Team Galactic Boss) and Team Galactic (Japanese: ギンガだん Team Galactic).

In the core series games

As the boss of Team Galactic, Cyrus is the nihilistic main antagonist of the Sinnoh games, with the ultimate goal of summoning Dialga and/or Palkia in order to destroy the universe so that he may start it again as its god. Born and raised in Sunyshore City, he was known to be a good, albeit asocial, student, and so preferred the company of machines over humans and Pokémon. Despite being such a good student, however, he did not live up to his parents' expectations, and so felt rejected. Sometime after this, he decided emotions were the source of all strife in the world, and that only the elimination of emotions, along with spirit, could be the end of fighting in the world, which lead to his plan and actions during the storyline in Sinnoh. His grandfather, who lives on Route 228 in Pokémon Platinum, regrets not taking him in during his time of need. It is also notable that Cyrus is very persistent in order to reach his dream. After being defeated one final time by the player, he ominously hints that he will someday make his ultimate goal into a reality. In the Distortion World in Platinum, it is questionable what happened to him, as he simply walks away, deeper into the world, and is not encountered on the player's return visit.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the player first meets him in Mount Coronet, but he does not battle, nor give his name. Later on, the two men guarding Lake Valor will mention his name in passing, though Cyrus himself is not identified until he introduces himself after the player defeats a Team Galactic Grunt and investigates the ruins in Celestic Town. After his defeat at the Spear Pillar, Cyrus claims he will have revenge and disappears. His assets and duties are left to Saturn. In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Cyrus can be encountered at the Battle Tower during the post-game.

In Platinum, Cyrus's role is expanded a bit, as he is first met at Lake Verity near the start of the game. He is also met in front of the statue in Eterna City. Unlike before, he is first battled in the ruins of Celestic Town. After summoning both Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar, he is taken by Giratina to the Distortion World, where he eventually battles the player one last time. After the player battles Giratina, Cyrus stays in the Distortion World, still vowing to create a world without spirit.

An alternate universe version of Cyrus appears as a member of Team Rainbow Rocket in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. He is one of the second pair of bosses the player must face, along with Lysandre. Like the other bosses, this Cyrus was summoned from a world where his plans succeeded. However, as he explains to the player, he was engulfed by a mysterious shadow during his moment of victory and transported to the game's world. At first, he appears confused about his location, asking the player if he has reached the new world. No matter what the player's response is, he senses that the player possesses a strong spirit and concludes that he has not reached his desired world. The Rotom Pokédex catches his attention, and he interacts with it, leading him to realize that even the Pokédex has a spirit in the game's world. Resolving to remove the human spirit from the world he is in and bring it to a perfect state, Cyrus challenges the player, using DialgaUS/PalkiaUM as part of his team. After losing, he realizes upon Rotom's suggestion that the source of the player's strength is their friendship with all Pokémon, and promises that he will not do anything to the game's world, deciding instead to return to the perfect world that he created. Cyrus gives the player the Galactic Key, which allows them to undo one of the locks on Giovanni's headquarters. He is later returned to his original world by Colress off-screen.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

First battle

Second battle

Pokémon Platinum

First battle

Second battle

Third battle

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Cyrus's Pokémon are kept in Master Balls. His final Pokémon differs between the two versions.

Pokémon Ultra Sun

Pokémon Ultra Moon

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

First battle

Second battle

Battle Tower
Master Class Double Battles (Rank 9)

In each team, Mars uses the first and second Pokémon on the list, and Cyrus uses the third and fourth.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Cyrus (Masters)

Cyrus forms a sync pair with Palkia and Darkrai in Pokémon Masters EX. Cyrus became a playable sync pair on August 17, 2020.

In this game, Cyrus is from the alternate universe where his plan succeeded, which was introduced in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, as Cyrus has never heard of the Distortion World despite Cynthia saying that Cyrus was defeated there. Cyrus also said that he was about to use Dialga and Palkia to remake the world when he was interrupted by Hoopa's ring. The whereabouts of Cyrus from this game's continuity are currently unknown.

Sync Dex Trainer NDex Pokémon Type Weakness Role Base Potential Availability
#100   Cyrus #0484   Palkia
  ★★★★★☆EX Legendary Adventures
New World Dilemma
#100   Sygna Suit
#0491   Darkrai
  ★★★★★☆EX Poké Fair Sync Pair Scout



Official artwork from
Diamond and Pearl by Ken Sugimori[3]
Key art from Brilliant Diamond
and Shining Pearl
Raw artwork of the Weavile full art for Cosmic Eclipse by nagimiso
Concept art from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Sprites and models

Sprite from
Diamond and Pearl
Sprite from
High-poly model from
Ultra Sun and
Ultra Moon
VS sprite from
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
VS models from
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Sprite from the opening of
Overworld sprite from
Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Overworld model from
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Overworld model from
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Main article: Cyrus/Quotes

In the anime

Main series

Cyrus in the anime

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Cyrus is a rich businessman who made most of the buildings and libraries throughout Sinnoh. Using his businessman alter-ego, he frequented the Celestic Town Historical Research Center, becoming good friends with Cynthia and Professor Carolina, while he undertook research on Sinnoh mythology for his and Team Galactic's ultimate goal, to create a new world.

Cyrus debuted in Losing Its Lustrous! and Double Team Turnover!. He was presented as a businessman at the time, while Ash and his friends did not know that he was also the Team Galactic leader. Meanwhile, the remaining members of Team Galactic carried out a plan to steal the Lustrous Orb from the Celestic Research Center, after having already stolen the Adamant Orb from its Eterna City police escort.

Cyrus as a businessman in his debut

He discovered that Ash and Dawn saw Azelf and Mesprit, respectively, when the two recalled their encounters with them at Lake Verity and Lake Valor; this apparently intrigued him.

In Saving the World From Ruins!, Cyrus was seen in Team Galactic HQ alongside Saturn and Jupiter as well as Charon. They were coordinating Mars's mission on Iron Island and using a beam launched with the Spear Key to scan energy readings from the Spear Pillar. However, the scan only reached 60% after Ash and his friends intervened. Despite the setback, Cyrus did not appear to be discouraged as the information received affirmed that Spear Pillar was somewhere on Mt. Coronet.

Towards the end of Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!, Cyrus requested J's services in capturing the trio of Lake guardians. In The Needs of the Three!, he watched J's mission from Team Galactic's headquarters alongside Charon. Later, he supervised Charon's experiment to bring the captured lake guardians under their control with the Red Chain and revealed himself as Team Galactic's boss to Ash, Dawn, and Brock when they teleported into the laboratory. In The Battle Finale of Legend!, he took control of Dialga and Palkia at Spear Pillar, and stepped into a dimensional portal created by the two Legendary Pokémon. Cyrus stepped into the portal to establish his utopian world before the portal was destroyed by the freed Dialga and Palkia.

He appeared briefly in Memories are Made of Bliss! in Team Rocket's fantasy, along with all of the other members of Team Galactic.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Cyrus's memorial in Team Galactic HQ

Some time after the events of The Battle Finale of Legend!, Team Galactic escaped from police custody and reconstituted itself to try and rescue Cyrus from the other world by reopening the portal. In The Arceus Chronicles (Part 1), a memorial image of Cyrus was seen on display in Team Galactic HQ as the Commanders set their plan into motion. He appeared in flashbacks in the two following episodes. Ultimately, Team Galactic managed to briefly reopen the portal but failed to rescue Cyrus, and were placed back under arrest.


Cyrus is a master manipulator who comes across as affable and intelligent. Though he is noticeably tense, even when in his businessman alter-ego. He became increasingly irate and stubbornly determined to achieve his goal of establishing a new world. Fixated by details, he spent extensive time and resources to ensure his plan came to fruition. Team Galactic was ultimately an enabling factor of his grand vision, and he gathered skilled individuals like Charon and the Commanders to achieve it. His selfish ambitions and manipulative efforts were finally revealed to everyone as he stepped forward to claim control over the new world for only himself in The Battle Finale of Legend!.

Cyrus' legacy was present even long after his disappearance, where the remaining members of Team Galactic went to the last consequences looking for resources in order to bring him back.

The anime depiction of Cyrus largely omits the details of his past in the games (namely his growing up in an emotionally abusive household and that forming the basis of his desire to remake the entire world).


Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie
Main article: Lake guardians (anime)

The three Pokémon first appeared in their physical forms when J was tasked to capture them for Team Galactic. Using fragments of the Red Chain, Cyrus was able to gain control of the three of them and use them to call forth Dialga and Palkia on the Spear Pillar. They were later set free from their control by Ash's and his friends' Pokémon.

Debut The Needs of the Three!
Dialga, along with Palkia, was summoned by Cyrus on the Spear Pillar. They were under his control through the use of the Red Chain and were tasked by him to open a portal to another dimension, wanting a world of his own. After the Red Chain's destruction and Cyrus's exit, Dialga, as well as Palkia, begins to rampage, creating a danger for the entire region of Sinnoh. However, the two were calmed down and sent away with the help of Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie.

Dialga's only known move is Roar of Time.

Debut The Battle Finale of Legend!
Palkia, along with Dialga, was summoned by Cyrus on the Spear Pillar. They were under his control through the use of the Red Chain and were tasked by him to open a portal to another dimension, wanting a world of his own. After the Red Chain's destruction and Cyrus's exit, Palkia, as well as Dialga, begins to rampage, creating a danger for the entire region of Sinnoh. However, the two were calmed down and sent away with the help of Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie.

Palkia's only known move is Spacial Rend.

Debut The Battle Finale of Legend!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 三宅健太 Kenta Miyake
English Sean Schemmel
Czech Bedřich Šetena (DP096-DP097)
Svatopluk Schuller (DP111)
Zbyšek Pantůček (DP150-DP152)
Danish Torben Sekov
Finnish Petrus Kähkönen
European French Daniel Nicodème (DP096-DP097)
Jean-Marc Delhausse (DP111-DP152)
Hebrew גדי לוי Gadi Levy
Indonesian Frenddy J.H. Pangkey (DP150-DP152)
Italian Gianluca Iacono
Polish Mieczysław Morański (DP096-DP097)
Karol Wróblewski (DP111, DP150-DP152)
Portuguese Brazil Nestor Chiesse (DP096-DP097)
Cláudio Satiro (DP111)
Luiz Antônio Lobue (DP150-DP152)
Portugal Mário Santos
Spanish Latin America Dafnis Fernández (DP096, DP097)
Rolando de Castro (DP111-DP152)
Spain Gabriel Jiménez

Pokémon Generations

Cyrus appeared in The New World at the Spear Pillar, where he summoned Dialga and Palkia and took control of them using the Red Chain in order to make them create a new world. However, his plans were disrupted by Giratina, who freed Dialga and Palkia and dragged Cyrus into the Distortion World. After waking up, Cyrus realized that the Distortion World matched the world he sought. He then contacted a concerned Saturn, telling him to not go looking for him.


Dialga, along with Palkia, was summoned by Cyrus at the Spear Pillar and was put under his control with the Red Chain. Dialga then briefly faced Giratina in battle, but the Renegade Pokémon managed to destroy the Red Chain, freeing Dialga from Cyrus's control.

Dialga's only known move is Roar of Time.

Debut The New World
Palkia, along with Dialga, was summoned by Cyrus at the Spear Pillar and was put under his control with the Red Chain. Palkia then briefly faced Giratina in battle, but the Renegade Pokémon managed to destroy the Red Chain, freeing Palkia from Cyrus's control.

Palkia's only known move is Spacial Rend.

Debut The New World

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 津田健次郎 Kenjirō Tsuda
English Michael Sorich
European Spanish Carlos di Blasi


Cyrus briefly appeared as a silhouette in GOTCHA!.

Pokémon Evolutions

Cyrus briefly appeared in a flashback in The Rival, having summoned Dialga at the Spear Pillar alongside Mars and Jupiter. He watched as his Commanders battled Lucas and Barry.


Dialga was summoned by Cyrus at the Spear Pillar, at which point its powers were harnessed.

None of Dialga's moves are known.

Debut The Rival

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Cyrus in Pokémon Adventures


Diamond & Pearl arc

Cyrus debuts in A Big Stink Over Stunky as a silhouette walking down Route 207, where he receives a package. He is fully revealed after signing the receipt and goes to Mt. Coronet. When Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum pass through Mt. Coronet he coldly attacks them with his newly evolved Probopass and Magnezone, trapping them underneath a pile of rubble and leaves while stating that they were disturbing sacred ground.

Cyrus later appears at the Celestic ruins where Diamond and Pearl finally meet him in person. He came to the ruins to find information of the Legendary Pokémon Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit. He battles Cynthia's Garchomp and later, Diamond and Pearl, who had stolen the camera he used to take pictures of the paintings in the ruins. As they battle each other, Pearl has his Chatler destroy the camera that Cyrus was fighting for. With his camera destroyed and having the information he needed, Cyrus takes his leave and traps the two boys on top of a pillar of stone.

After Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn arrive from their successful mission to capture the Lake guardians, Cyrus begins the creation of the Red Chain.

After managing to make one Red Chain, Cyrus is attacked by the researcher of the Sinnoh myths and the Sinnoh region Champion, Cynthia. After a long battle, Cyrus manages to escape with Cynthia and her Garchomp far too exhausted to follow him. When he goes to check on the progress of the second Red Chain's creation, he finds that Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie have all been freed from their containers. Cyrus, realizing that recapturing them would be impossible and that he has to use his weaker, artificially created Red Chain, furiously flies off to the Spear Pillar.

He arrives at the Spear Pillar where he greeted by his Galactic Commanders who were worried about his injured state. Cyrus tells them to ignore it and stop any intruders from interrupting his ritual to summon the Legendary Dialga and Palkia. Cyrus manages to summon the two Dragon Pokémon and has them fight each other, causing time and space to distort in various ways. Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are eventually defeated by the Sinnoh Gym Leaders and they all ambush Cyrus while he has Dialga and Palkia fight each other. Despite his best efforts, Cyrus is unable to stop them from breaking the Red Chain he was using and unleashes his fury on them.

Later, when Diamond and Pearl go through with their assault on Dialga and Palkia, Cyrus attacks them while under the cover of a thick black haze. He reveals the reason for why he tried to make a new world; while Emotion, Knowledge, and Willpower make up a complete world, the world they live always has one that is lacking compared to the other two and as such, Cyrus aims to create a world without any of these aspects, a world that is perfect.

When Diamond uses his newly acquired Regigigas to stop Dialga and Palkia from causing any more space-time anomalies, Cyrus attacks the boy and knocks him off the giant Pokémon. Cyrus states that Diamond wouldn't be able to understand the reason why he does the things he does but the young boy replies with his own definition of Time and Space that he had learned on his journey with Pearl and Platinum. Cyrus at first ignores his words but quickly notices that Dialga and Palkia have stopped fighting with each other and quickly uses the Red Chain to get them fighting again. With only one Red Chain, Cyrus only has half control over the two dragons; Diamond and Pearl decide to take advantage of this and attack the two dragons with their teams.

Dialga and Palkia, now freed from their controlled status, use their powers to create a sphere of light that pulls Cyrus off the ground and into it. As he floats into the sphere of light, Cyrus looks at the Sinnoh Pokédex holders and realizes that they are a perfect combination of Knowledge (Platinum), Emotion (Diamond), and Willpower (Pearl) and that was the reason he was defeated. He is next seen lying unconscious on the ground where Cynthia decides to take him to the hospital before interrogating him. While he and the unconscious Gym Leaders he had defeated earlier are taken to get medical help an accident caused by Charon's machine caused a hole to appear in the sky where mysterious black tentacles grab Dialga, Palkia, and Cyrus into it.

Platinum arc

Later, Cyrus appears in the Distortion World, still alive after the battle on Spear Pillar. He is discovered by Diamond, who had been sent there after being hit by one of Giratina's attacks. After explaining how he ended up there, Diamond asks Cyrus if he knew if there was any way to defeat Giratina. He takes Diamond to an area where Giratina had kept Dialga and Palkia trapped after it dragged them into the Distortion World. Cyrus reveals that his defeat at the Spear Pillar helped him see the error of his ways and he now wants to support Diamond's wishes. Together, they use their Pokémon to break Dialga and Palkia from the mineral that had them captured, freeing them in the process. Afterward, they ride the dragons over to where Pearl is, surprising him due to him not expecting Cyrus to be helping them.

As the battle between the Legendary Pokémon continues getting more and more chaotic, everyone begins to gather together. Cyrus listens to everyone realize that even though humans and Pokémon make mistakes, they'll work together to try to fix it. This gives Cyrus a sense of gratitude in his heart, which causes Shaymin to fly into his arms and later join the battle.

After Charon is defeated, Cyrus and his Commanders emerge from the Distortion World unharmed. Charon tries to lie to Cyrus by claiming that he intended to gather the Legendary Pokémon for Team Galactic's sake. Cyrus reaches down to Charon, which Saturn and Mars think it means he's going to pinch him. However, Cyrus only takes his machine and praises Charon for his technological genius. The records reveal that he has been using it since the battle on the Spear Pillar, which angers Saturn into figuring out that he was attempting to use the machine to control Dialga and Palkia into opening a hole to the Distortion World, to which Charon denies.

Cyrus speaks to his four Commanders once more and reveals that he is disbanding Team Galactic. He begins to leave and tells them to do whatever they wish, but an angry Jupiter tells him that without Team Galactic, she, Mars, and Saturn have nowhere else to go. Listening to her wishes, Cyrus takes Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter away with him and thanks Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum for their help.


On hand
Honchkrow is the first Pokémon seen in Cyrus's possession. He was first seen when Cyrus let him out of his Poké Ball just before he receives a package. Honchkrow was used again in the Celestic Ruins where he cleared fog in order for Cyrus to make his leave. He was used against Cynthia but was easily defeated by her Spiritomb. He was later used to protect the Red Chain from being destroyed by the Sinnoh Gym Leaders but was unsuccessful in stopping them in time. Later, he was used to prevent Diamond from stopping Dialga and Palkia's fighting. In the Platinum chapter, Honchkrow was used with Diamond's Kit to free Dialga and Palkia from Giratina's trap. He is level 63, has an Adamant nature, and his Characteristic is "a little quick tempered."

Honchkrow's known moves are Defog and Night Slash, and his Ability is Insomnia.

Debut Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone

Nosepass → Probopass
Probopass is the second Pokémon seen in Cyrus's possession. He was first seen in Mt. Coronet as a Nosepass where Cyrus used him to attack Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum for disturbing him with their noise, evolving him in the process. He was used again in the Celestic ruins to fight Cynthia's Garchomp and later Diamond and Pearl. At the Spear Pillar, he was used to protect the Red Chain from being destroyed by the Sinnoh Gym Leaders but was unsuccessful in stopping them in time.

Probopass's known moves are Rock Slide, Magnet Rise, Magnet Bomb, Gravity, and Earth Power, and his Ability is Magnet Pull.

Debut Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone

Magneton → Magnezone
Magnezone is the third Pokémon seen in Cyrus's possession along with Probopass. It was first seen in Mt. Coronet as a Magneton where Cyrus used it to attack Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum for disturbing him with their noise, evolving it in the process. It was used again in the Celestic ruins to fight Cynthia's Garchomp and later Diamond and Pearl. It was used to take Cyrus to the Spear Pillar after Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie were freed from their captivity. At the Spear Pillar, it was used to protect the Red Chain from being destroyed by the Sinnoh Gym Leaders but was unsuccessful in stopping them in time. In the Platinum chapter, it was used to take Cyrus and the Commanders away.

Magnezone's known moves are Mirror Shot, Magnet Bomb, and Charge Beam, and its Ability is Magnet Pull.

Debut Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone
Weavile was used against Cynthia at the Veilstone Galactic HQ where it defeated her Spiritomb by freezing it. It then fought her Milotic and despite its powerful moves, was defeated when Milotic used Brine on it, the saltwater doing extra damage due to its wounds. At the Spear Pillar, it was used to protect the Red Chain from being destroyed by the Sinnoh Gym Leaders but was unsuccessful in stopping them in time.

Weavile's known moves are Embargo and Strength, and its Ability is Pressure.

Debut Shunning Spiritomb
Gyarados was the last of Cyrus's known Pokémon. First used in the battle against Cynthia where it easily overpowered her Milotic and managed to survive her Garchomp's Draco Meteor. At the Spear Pillar, it was used to protect the Red Chain from being destroyed by the Sinnoh Gym Leaders but was unsuccessful in stopping them in time.

Gyarados's known moves are Dragon Dance and Giga Impact.

Debut Shunning Spiritomb
Main article: Pokémon of Myth (Adventures)

Dialga was first summoned by Cyrus on top of the Spear Pillar. It was used to fight with Palkia and create a disturbance in the Time-Space continuum which will allow Cyrus to create a new world free of emotions and war. Dialga was eventually stopped when Diamond's words reached it and later freed from Cyrus's control and defeated him. Dialga was later pulled into another dimension by a pair of mysterious black tentacles.

Debut Creeping Away from Cradily
Main article: Pokémon of Myth (Adventures)

Palkia was first summoned by Cyrus on top of the Spear Pillar. It was used to fight with Dialga and create a disturbance in the Time-Space continuum which will allow Cyrus to create a new world free of emotions and war. Palkia was eventually stopped when Diamond's words reached it and later freed from Cyrus's control and defeated him. Palkia was later pulled into another dimension by a pair of mysterious black tentacles.

Debut Creeping Away from Cradily

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

Cyrus in Diamond and Pearl Adventure

Cyrus is first seen watching a Contest being performed by Mitsumi in Hearthome City. He introduces himself as a friend of hers to Hareta and then leaves after asking Hareta to give her his regards on her performance.

Later, at Celestic Town, Cyrus, Jupiter, and Saturn arrive at the ruins after Hareta manages to throw a bomb they planted into a safe area. Here, Cyrus introduces himself to Hareta as the leader of Team Galactic and reveals that he is also searching for the Legendary Pokémon Dialga. After revealing his plans, Cyrus makes his leave while Hareta follows him and Mitsumi is left behind to battle Jupiter and Saturn.

After catching up to him, Cyrus offers to let Hareta join him in his operation; Hareta refuses and they begin battling. The two have an intense battle and eventually, Hareta is knocked off of the bridge they were fighting on and is sent into the water below. Cyrus begins to mull over his victory, but Hareta suddenly returns from the water and defeats his Weavile with a Torrent-powered Surf. Suddenly, Cyrus realizes that he is starting to enjoy their battle; in a fit of rage and confusion, Cyrus commands his Gyarados to use Giga Impact, destroying the bridge and sending Hareta into the water once again, this time unconscious. Cyrus then leaves while questioning how he lost control over himself in their battle.

Later, at Lake Valor, Cyrus arrives after Saturn is defeated by Hareta. Disappointed by his failure, Cyrus unceremoniously fires Saturn from Team Galactic and tells him to leave. Noticing that Hareta is still alive after previously defeating him, he is challenged to a battle by the boy and they begin battling. Cyrus almost defeats Hareta again, but he quickly loses his advantage once Hareta sets up a well-planned move. Before his Gyarados can be defeated by a Thunder fired from Hareta's Luxio, Saturn saves it with his Rhyperior's Lightningrod and begs for another chance. Suddenly, Hareta defeats Saturn with a Torrent powered-up Surf from his Piplup; Cyrus takes the unconscious Saturn away and states that their battle was a draw while forgiving Saturn for his loss.

Later, while Jupiter battles Mitsumi at Lake Acuity, Cyrus sends a phone call to Jupiter in which he requests that Mitsumi comes to him. It is eventually revealed that Cyrus had picked up Mitsumi when she was a child and raised her to be Team Galactic's greatest warrior. By holding her beloved Eevee hostage, Cyrus forces Mitsumi to once again fight for him and makes her battle Hareta. As they battle, Cyrus coldly tries to convince Mitsumi that she is alone in the world and that she only belongs in Team Galactic. Eventually, Hareta manages to break through to Mitsumi and convinces her to fight as a real Trainer instead of a member of Team Galactic.

After Mitsumi is defeated, Cyrus leads Hareta to the room where he holds the three Pokémon of spirit, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. Hareta manages to free them from their prison, but Cyrus managed to complete the item he was creating with the three Pokémon, the Red Chain. Cyrus assumes that Hareta hates him for his actions but is shocked to only find that he pities him instead. Cyrus gives Hareta a Master Ball and tells him to go to Mt. Coronet where they can have one last battle; he then leaves the self-destructing Galactic Building with Hareta still inside.

Later, at the Spear Pillar, after waiting for the return of Hareta, Cyrus assumes he had died in the explosion and goes on with his plan. With the Red Chain, Cyrus finally summons the Pokémon of Time, Dialga, and takes control of it. With Dialga's control over time, Cyrus easily defeats Hareta's Empoleon and he announces his plan to destroy everything to start the world anew. Cyrus commands Dialga to send the world back to its beginning, causing everything revert to the start of the universe. Hareta's Empoleon attempts to sacrifice itself to stop Cyrus, against Hareta's wishes, but is stopped by the lake guardians who save everyone and break the Red Chain, freeing Dialga from Cyrus's control.

With Dialga freed, Cyrus has been defeated, but suddenly, the other god Pokémon, Palkia, arrives. While Dialga and Palkia fight, Cyrus witnesses Hareta, Mitsumi, and the Gym Leaders attempt to try to stop them, only to fail. Cyrus states that while the imperfect world will end, nothing will remain to replace it. Mitsumi states that Hareta won't let that happen because he is fighting for all of them. Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter come to help them fight Dialga and Palkia; Cyrus then explains to them how to defeat the two dragons.

Hareta uses Cyrus's plan and manages to get Dialga to use Roar of Time, stopping it momentarily. With Dialga frozen briefly, Cyrus and the others command all of their Pokémon to attack Dialga simultaneously, stopping the fight between the two gods. After the events end, Cyrus disappears along with his commanders. Some time afterwards, Cyrus is captured by Charon, who takes over Team Galactic. When Kaisei accidentally breaks into Cyrus' prison cell in the Team Galactic HQ, he offers to free Cyrus, but Cyrus turns him down, saying that he is waiting to see what Charon plans to do with Team Galactic.

During the battle against Charon in the Team Galactic HQ, Mitsumi and the three Commanders free Cyrus, and they set out to the Distortion World to fight Charon. Cyrus and the others, seeing the battle against Giratina in the forest arrive to assist, and Cyrus is last seen fighting Giratina with the others.

Later, when Charon escapes to Stark Mountain hoping to capture Heatran, Agent Looker stops him, claiming that Cyrus has disbanded Team Galactic.


On hand
Cyrus sent out Weavile to battle Hareta. Hareta uses Piplup to battle it. Even though Weavile had the upper hand, it was hereby defeated after a surprise attack from Piplup.

Weavile's known moves are Night Slash, Ice Beam, and Hyper Beam.

Debut Team Galactic's Conspiracy, Revealed!!
Gyarados was sent out after his Weavile suffered tons of damage from Piplup's surprise attack. Gyarados used Giga Impact to send them away, thus ending the battle. Later, during Hareta's rematch after Saturn's loss, Cyrus had his Gyarados battle Hareta and his Piplup despite the former feeling weak due to Toxicroak's poisoning that happened earlier. The battle was declared as a draw when Cyrus and the others retreated after witnessing Piplup's giant wave.

Gyarados's known moves are Giga Impact, Dragon Dance, and Bite.

Debut Team Galactic's Conspiracy, Revealed!!
Cyrus successfully controlled Dialga after he gained control of the Red Chain. Dialga was a very powerful Pokémon that was able to use time as an advantage in its battle. However, when Hareta tried to snap Dialga out of Cyrus's control, it was able to flee from Cyrus.

Dialga's known moves are Roar of Time, Ancient Power, and Dragon Claw.

Debut The Advent of the Legendary Pokémon!!
In order to force Mitsumi into rejoining Team Galactic, Cyrus kidnaps her favorite Eevee, locks him in a cage and holds him hostage, threatening to kill Eevee if she refuses. To save Eevee's life, Mitsumi caves in to the blackmail and rejoins Team Galactic. Later on, Cyrus forces Mitsumi to battle Hareta with the mission to defeat him. To make sure Mitsumi cooperates, he would torture Eevee every time she disobeyed him. After Hareta defeats Mitsumi, Jun and his Dragonite take Eevee away from Cyrus and return him to his trainer.

None of Eevee's moves are known.

Debut Clash!! Hareta vs. Mitsumi!

In the TCG


Artwork from the cards:

Under the night sky of Veilstone City


This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Cyrus or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Cyrus's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Dialga     Platinum   7/127 Galactic's Conquest   065/096
Palkia     Platinum   12/127 Galactic's Conquest   032/096
Weavile     Platinum   17/127 Galactic's Conquest   061/096
Gyarados     Platinum   30/127 Galactic's Conquest   028/096
Crobat     Platinum   47/127 Galactic's Conquest   041/096
Houndoom     Platinum   50/127 Galactic's Conquest   019/096
Honchkrow     Platinum   77/127 Galactic's Conquest   059/096
Dialga   LV.X   Platinum   122/127 Galactic's Conquest   066/096
Palkia   LV.X   Platinum   125/127 Galactic's Conquest   033/096
Darkrai     Rising Rivals   3/111 DPt-P Promotional cards   005/DPt-P
Electrode     Rising Rivals   39/111 DPt-P Promotional cards   010/DPt-P
Absol     Supreme Victors   1/147 Beat of the Frontier   064/100
Arcanine     Supreme Victors   15/147 Charizard Half Deck   003/016
Camerupt     Supreme Victors   19/147 Charizard Half Deck   004/016
Charizard     Supreme Victors   20/147 Charizard Half Deck   001/016
Crawdaunt     Supreme Victors   23/147 Charizard Half Deck   007/016
Sableye     Supreme Victors   41/147 Charizard Half Deck   006/016
Chatot     Supreme Victors   54/147 Beat of the Frontier   082/100
Manectric     Supreme Victors   66/147 Charizard Half Deck   005/016
Raticate     Supreme Victors   78/147 Charizard Half Deck   008/016
Absol   LV.X   Supreme Victors   141/147 Beat of the Frontier   065/100
Charizard   LV.X   Supreme Victors   143/147 Charizard Half Deck   002/016
DP Black Star Promos   DP45      
Zapdos     Arceus   12/99 Advent of Arceus   033/090
Pretend Boss Pikachu Team Galactic         SM-P Promotional cards   194/SM-P
Sneasel   Ultra Prism   73/156 Ultra Sun   027/066
      GX Ultra Shiny   065/150
Honchkrow   Ultra Prism   73/156 Ultra Sun   026/066
      GX Starter Decks   068/131
Weavile   Cosmic Eclipse   238/236 Dream League   051/049
Other related cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Cyrus's Conspiracy Su Platinum   105/127 Galactic's Conquest   089/096
      DPt-P Promotional cards   007/DPt-P
Cyrus's Initiative Su Supreme Victors   137/147 Beat of the Frontier   090/100
      Charizard Half Deck   015/016
Cyrus   Su Ultra Prism   120/156 Ultra Sun   059/066
      Tag All Stars   144/173
Boss's Orders Cyrus Su Brilliant Stars   132/172 Star Birth   097/100
      Lucario VSTAR Starter Set   020/021
      Darkrai VSTAR Starter Set   020/020
      Start Deck 100 CoroCoro Comic Version   024/024


  • The aka that appears in his Japanese name may refer to the color red, as a counterpart to Cynthia, whose Japanese name refers to shiro, white.
  • In the games:
  • Until Charon's introduction, Cyrus was the only one of the four major characters of Team Galactic that does not share a name with a planet. Charon's Japanese namesake, Pluto, is a dwarf planet, but was considered a planet between its 1930 discovery and 2006. Charon is the largest of Pluto's five moons. This makes Cyrus the only named Team Galactic member who is not directly named for a solar system object (though his English and German names are derived from one, and to a lesser extent the Chinese, Korean, and Russian names [the last of which resembled the constellation Sirius]).
  • Cyrus is the first leader of a villainous team to appear in the opening of a game.
  • Although there are only three red gems visible on each of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, Cyrus will recreate the Red Chain as many times as the player loses to him.
  • Cyrus is the first leader of a villainous team to have his age confirmed (27). Looker confirms his age in the Team Galactic Headquarters in Veilstone City in Platinum.
  • Silver and his counterparts own every single Pokémon Cyrus owns in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl versions: Weavile, Honchkrow, and Gyarados in Pokémon Adventures and Crobat in the games, as well as Weavile's pre-evolution, Sneasel.
  • In both the original Japanese version and English dub of the anime, Cyrus's voice actors have previously portrayed leaders of other villainous teams. Sean Schemmel played Team Aqua head Archie, and Kenta Miyake also voices Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket.
  • Cyrus is the first villainous team boss to use his own signature battle theme, as all the themes Giovanni uses up to Generation IV are shared with multiple other Trainers, and Archie and Maxie share a common battle theme with each other.
  • In Platinum, Cyrus's highest-leveled Pokémon flips from being Murkrow in his first battle and Honchkrow in his second to Weavile in his third battle. This is not the case in Diamond and Pearl.
  • Although Cyrus himself does not appear in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, he and his plans to create a new world were given an indirect mention via the post-game antagonist.


The majority of Cyrus's localized names refer to the Sun; this fits in with the Commanders' planetary naming scheme and may be a reference to how Cyrus would figuratively hold the Sun's position as the center of his new world. The Korean and Chinese names contain both a reference to red, like the Japanese one and to the Sun, like the localized Western ones.

His Russian name, aside from it referencing Cyrus, also was based on Sirius, which was the name of a star within the Canis Major constellation, fitting with the celestial naming scheme.

Language Name Origin
Japanese アカギ Akagi From 赤木 akagi (bishop wood) and 赤 aka (red)
English, Italian,
Cyrus From Cyrus (name of Persian origin associated with the sun)
German Zyrus From his English name
Spanish Helio From Helio (Helios, god of sun in Greek mythology)
French Hélio From Hélios (Helios)
Korean 태홍 Taehong From 태양 (太陽) taeyang (sun) and 홍 (紅) hong (red)
Chinese (Mandarin) 赤日 Chìrì From 赤日 chìrì / chikyaht (blazing sun)
Chinese (Cantonese) 赤日 Chikyaht
Indonesian Cyrus
Sairus (only used in the localization of the Cyrus ♢ card)
Same as his English name
Similar to his English name
Russian Сириус Sirius Similar to his English name; also from Sirius
Vietnamese Akagi Transcription of his Japanese name

Galactic BossDPPt/Team Galactic BossBDSP

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 銀河隊老大 Ngàhnhòh Déui Lóuhdaaih
Mandarin 銀河隊老大 / 银河队老大 Yínhé Duì Lǎodà
  French Boss Team GalaxieBDSP
Chef GalaxieDPPt
  German Galaktik-BossBDSP
  Italian Capo GalassiaBDSP
  Korean 갤럭시단 보스 Galaxy Dan Boss
  Brazilian Portuguese Chefe da Equipe Galáctica
  Spanish Jefe GalaxiaBDSP
Líder GalaxiaDPPt
  Vietnamese Ông chủ của Nhóm Ginga

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  1. Looker: "So, that was Cyrus, the boss of the Team Galactic. Quite the performance, no? Mesmerizing for one of only 27 years old."
  2. Armen Taylor on Twitter
  3. Cyrus's Conspiracy (Platinum 105)

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