Harrison (Johto)

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ハヅキ Hazuki
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Littleroot Town
Region Hoenn
Relatives Grandfather
Trainer class Trainer
Anime debut Pop Goes The Sneasel
English voice actor Wayne Grayson
Japanese voice actor Katsumi Toriumi

Harrison (Japanese: ハヅキ Hazuki) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is a Pokémon Trainer from Littleroot Town and a rival of Ash.


Harrison debuted in Pop Goes The Sneasel, where he met Ash and his friends at the summit of the Ho-Oh Shrine. He overheard the shrine guard ask Ash if he would help ward off what was preventing them from getting Ho-Oh's sacred flame. Immediately Harrison offered to help too. Later hearing that it was a Sneasel that was attacking those who approached the Sacred Flame, he had started to make plans on catching it. Once at the top of the stairs, Harrison instructed Ash to try to get the flame while he and Misty distracted Machop and Machoke. However he underestimated Sneasel's strength and he was forced to come up with another plan.

Using Houndoom and Phanpy, Harrison and Ash took on Machop and Machoke together; their goal being to take them both out before they would get to Sneasel. Both of their Pokémon were able to hurl Machop and Machoke down the stairs leaving Sneasel by itself. After Team Rocket's brief interruption, Harrison used his Blaziken to take down Sneasel and he was able to capture it. At the end of the day, Harrison told Ash that he would meet up with him again at the Silver Conference.

After many cameos during the qualifying rounds of the Silver Conference and wishing Ash luck in his battle with Gary in The Ties That Bind, Harrison appeared in Can't Beat the Heat!, where he and Ash began their Full Battle. It continued in Playing with Fire! and Johto Photo Finish. In the latter episode, Harrison defeated Ash, but went on to lose to Jon Dickson.

It was Harrison who convinced Ash to go to the Hoenn region. He told Ash about Professor Birch and all the Pokémon that Ash had probably never seen before. Harrison appears to have a strong personal connection with Professor Birch, whom he speaks of fondly, noting his words of wisdom was the main motivation for his travels to Johto onwards.

Following the Silver Conference, Harrison went to Kanto to collect the region's Gym Badges and compete in its League Conference.


Harrison fulfills a supportive and mentoring role throughout his appearances, similar to Brock. He has also been shown to be quite independent, with no mention of any previous companions. In addition, he is quick-witted and confident, as seen in Tie One On, where he sends out his Miltank to stop Ash and Jackson from fighting. This quality is also seen in his battle style, as seen with his Blaziken's speed and prowess against Ash's Charizard when it recovers from a Seismic Toss by aiming a Flamethrower at the ground.

Despite his team of strong and eclectic Pokémon, he does not brag about his skills and capacity as a Trainer. Instead, he prefers to encourage others to do their best. His battle strategy is built on speed and reflex, such as Kecleon's camouflage and Sneasel.

Harrison has a streak of determination, as seen with his battle, and later victory, against Ash, as well as his eagerness to capture Sneasel. Harrison remains humble throughout his appearances, and is unfazed by his loss in the semifinals. He demands a lot from his Pokémon, although he gives them time to rest and recover, such as when he left his Blaziken out of the battle against Jon Dickson. Though this move ultimately contributed to him losing, he wasn't too upset about this. His compassion towards his Pokémon may be linked to his personal connection to Professor Birch, as explained in Johto Photo Finish, where Birch told him that in order to know Pokémon, one needed to see them through their own eyes, and hold them in their own hands.


In rotation

This is a listing of Harrison's known Pokémon:

Main article: Harrison's Houndoom

Houndoom was Harrison's first revealed Pokémon, and appears to be one of his main Pokémon alongside Blaziken, often seen walking beside its Trainer.

Debut Pop Goes The Sneasel
Voice actors
Japanese Kōichi Sakaguchi
English Kōichi Sakaguchi
Torchic → Combusken → Blaziken
Main article: Harrison's Blaziken

Blaziken is Harrison's first partner Pokémon, having received it as a Torchic from Professor Birch when he started his journey.

Debut Pop Goes The Sneasel
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Darren Dunstan
Main article: Harrison's Sneasel

Sneasel first appeared as a wild Pokémon who, with a Machop and Machoke, was blocking people from accessing Ho-Oh's flame. It was later caught by Harrison.

Debut Pop Goes The Sneasel
Voice actors
Japanese Chigusa Ikeda
English Jimmy Zoppi
Miltank was used to calm down an argument between Jackson's Meganium and Azumarill and Ash's Squirtle and Bulbasaur. It was never seen participating in a battle.

Miltank's only known move is Heal Bell.

Debut Tie One On!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Megumi Hayashibara
Kecleon was the first Pokémon Harrison sent out during his battle with Ash. It battled Ash's Pikachu. Using its color-changing abilities and speed, Kecleon was able to hide almost perfectly, and fire some attacks at Pikachu from the tall grass, until Pikachu himself hid into the grass. Kecleon used its tongue to cut the grass, but Pikachu managed to grab Kecleon's long tongue and finish the Color Swap Pokémon with a Thunderbolt.

Kecleon's known moves are Lick and Psybeam, and its Ability is Color Change.

Debut Can't Beat the Heat!
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa
Hypno was sent out to face off against Ash's Totodile. Totodile's Scary Face had no effect on the Psychic type, and after a stunning Hypnosis, Hypno was able to defeat the Big Jaw Pokémon with a Psychic attack. Ash next sent out Snorlax, which was asleep. Harrison took advantage of the situation and had Hypno use Dream Eater on the Sleeping Pokémon. This, however, angered Snorlax, causing it to wake up and defeat the Hypnosis Pokémon with a single Hyper Beam.

Hypno's known moves are Hypnosis, Psychic, and Dream Eater.

Debut Playing with Fire!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Eric Stuart
Steelix was the fourth Pokémon Harrison used in his battle with Ash. It was sent out against Ash's Noctowl. After taking a hit from Noctowl's Confusion, Steelix used Sandstorm to blind the Owl Pokémon, and then hit it with Dig and Iron Tail in quick succession, knocking it out. Next Ash chose to use his Snorlax, which was quickly trapped by the Iron Snake Pokémon's Bind. However, Snorlax managed to escape Bind by using Ice Punch and served the finishing blow on Steelix with a Hyper Beam.

Steelix's known moves are Sandstorm, Dig, Iron Tail, Bind*, and Crunch.

Debut Playing with Fire!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka


Badges obtained

Hoenn Badges

This listing is of the Badges Harrison has obtained in the Hoenn region:

Johto Badges

This listing is of the Badges Harrison has obtained in the Johto region:

Pokémon League

Harrison has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 鳥海勝美 Katsumi Toriumi
English Wayne Grayson
Danish Christian Damsgaard
Finnish Bruno Lähteenmäki
European French Bruno Mullenaerts
Hebrew מירון אהרונוביץ Meron Aharonovich
Italian Diego Sabre
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Dariusz Błażejewski
Brazilian Portuguese Wendel Bezerra (EP265)
Thiago Longo (EP270-EP272)
Spanish Latin America Noé Velásquez
Spain Juan Sainz Maza


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハヅキ Hazuki A common Japanese surname.
English, German, French Harrison Similar to Hazuki.
Korean 한웅 Han-ung Can be taken to mean "the reliable man".
Chinese (Mandarin) 葉越 Yèyuè Sounds like 葉月 Yèyuè, which can be derived from Hazuki.
Russian Гаррисон Garrison Transliteration of his English name.

Harrison's Pokémon
In rotation:

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