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Chloe Cerise
サクラギ・コハル Koharu Sakuragi
Chloe JN.png
Chloe in Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Age 10[1]
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Maroon
Hometown Vermilion City
Region Kanto
Relatives Professor Cerise (father),
Talia (mother), Parker (younger
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Anime debut Enter Pikachu!
English voice actor Cherami Leigh
Japanese voice actor Kana Hanazawa

Chloe Cerise (Japanese: サクラギ・コハル Koharu Sakuragi[2]) was a major supporting character[3] who appeared in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. She lives in Vermilion City with her family and attends a school there as well. Chloe is also a childhood friend of Goh.

In the anime



Young Chloe

Chloe grew up in Vermilion City in the Kanto region with her parents, Professor Cerise and Talia, and younger brother, Parker. Sometime later, Chloe met Goh and became close friends. Chloe also came to know Chrysa and Ren, and a former student of her father, Laxton.

Chloe at the age of six

As revealed in There's a New Kid in Town!, Chloe's family received a Yamper as a gift from a friend of Professor Cerise in Galar region. Yamper instantly took a liking to Chloe, but she initially hated him, eventually telling him to go away. When she overheard her parents talking about Yamper's disappearance, she became regretful of her words and sneaked out to look for him. While searching, she was scared by a group of Venonat, but Yamper appeared and scared the Bug Pokémon away. From this point on, Yamper grew even more attached to Chloe, accepting food or battle commands only from her, and Chloe also grew to like Yamper.

As seen in Enter Pikachu!, when she was six, Chloe invited Goh to attend Professor Oak's Pokémon Summer Camp with her. During their visit in Pallet Town, Chloe and Goh encountered the Mythical Pokémon, Mew. The two chased after the unknown Pokémon, but it eventually got away in the aftermath of a baby Kangaskhan rescue. Professor Oak later told them the Pokémon they saw was most likely the Mythical Pokémon Mew.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Chloe and her family

In Legend? Go! Friends? Go!, a few years later, during the opening of the Cerise Laboratory, Chloe found Ash passed out after Yamper knocked him down with an Electric attack. However, she discreetly left him lying on the stairs. She later formally introduced herself to Ash when she handed over schoolwork to Goh.

In Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!, the students in Chloe's class participated in an exercise where they discussed their dreams for the future. Chloe became frustrated when her classmates immediately assumed she wanted to be a Pokémon Professor purely because her father is one. She received encouragement from Talia, who told Chloe that she was still young and had plenty of time to decide what she wanted to do with her life. Later, Chloe returned to the laboratory only to find it under attack by a wild Gengar. By commanding Yamper to battle for the first time, Chloe successfully drove Gengar out of the building.

In Dreams Are Made of These!, Chloe accompanied Goh and some children during a Pokémon Orienteering competition. During the event, Goh and Chloe talked about the former's future and his goal to capture all of the Pokémon in the world.

The Pidove Chloe took care of

In There's a New Kid in Town!, Chloe's family found an injured Pidove and let it recuperate at their house. Due to its attachment towards Chloe, Yamper became jealous of Pidove whenever Chloe gave it attention. Despite this, when Pidove was threatened by a wild Fearow, Yamper put his jealousy aside and teamed up with Chloe to battle and defeat the Beak Pokémon, forcing it to flee. Afterwards, Chloe and her family said farewell to Pidove after its Trainer came to the house to retrieve it.

In The Cuteness Quotient!, after receiving a call from Parker to help his friend Jinny, Chloe asked Ash and Goh to find out how Jinny could explore the beauty of her Feebas. To improve their skills, Jinny signed up for the Friendship Festival. While Ash and Goh trained the Pokémon, Chloe helped the girl on how to swim. Later, Chloe, Parker, Ash, and Goh traveled to Hoenn to watch Jinny participate in the competition.

In Restore and Renew!, Chloe went with Ash and Goh to the Pewter Museum of Science to work on a research project for school. Despite her initial reluctance, Chloe became motivated to join the search for fossils at the museum after a passionate lecture from the museum's curator.

In Crowning the Chow Crusher!, Chloe attends a Pokémon Grand Eating Contest with Chrysa and her father to watch Ash and Goh, who were participating. Although she was reluctant to come at first, Chloe ends up becoming perception and enthusiastic about the competition as it progresses. When Chloe watches Goh's Skwovet evolve into Greedent, she finally joins the crowd in celebrating Goh's victory.

In To Train, or Not to Train!, Chloe was attending school alongside Goh when she noticed Yamper barking outside. Chloe went out to investigate to find Yamper was helping to hide an Eevee from two people. Thinking they were bad people, Chloe helped Yamper protect Eevee, only to encounter Team Rocket who had captured the Pokémon belonging to her classmates. Chloe commanded Yamper to attack and with help from Eevee was able to defeat Pelipper. Later, Chloe learnt the people after Eevee were lab assistants at a Research Center regarding Eevee and her evolutions. They were taking Eevee back with them when the Evolution Pokémon indicated that she wanted to stay with Chloe. Goh gave Chloe one of his Poké Balls which she used to catch Eevee. Later, her dad gave her a pink Rotom Phone.

Chloe riding Rapidash

In The Tale of You and Glimwood Tangle!, Chloe travels to Galar to meet a [[form|]] Ponyta and Rapidash, after reading a book about them, with Ash and Goh accompanying her. However, upon arriving at Glimwood Tangle, Chloe gets separated from her friends, but encounters a Galarian Ponyta and follows the Unique Horn Pokémon. After catching up to Ponyta, Chloe sees that a Galarian Rapidash is injured and decided to tend to it. Chloe remembers that in the book she read before has information about a rainbow flower that might heal Rapidash, and goes to get its nectar with Eevee and Ponyta joining her. After getting the flower nectar, Chloe gives it to Rapidash, but it wasn’t enough to heal the Unique Horn Pokémon, until Eevee and Ponyta use Heal Pulse together to help it recover. Chloe and Eevee were given a ride to Ballonlea by the two Unique Horn Pokémon, then reunites with Ash and Goh.

In Memories of a Warming Kindness!, Chloe stays at Chrysa's place for a sleepover. While at Chrysa's place, Chloe finds a picture of her with a Trainer and a Psyduck with a scruff around its neck. After hearing how those two helped Chrysa become a researcher, Chloe believes that she has a crush on him, and goes to Ash and Goh for help in reuniting them, after finding out that they meet the Trainer and his Psyduck. However, Chloe becomes annoyed when she finds out that Chrysa only wanted to see the Trainer’s Psyduck again.

In On Land, In the Sea, and to the Future!, Chloe travels to Hoenn to meet Kiley, a friend of Chrysa, when she decided to learn about Vaporeon, one of Eevee's many evolved forms. At Kiley's suggestion, Chloe decided to participate alongside Eevee in the Kids Marine Athletics Race. During competition preparation time, Chloe talks a lot with Kiley about her goals and Eevee’s. The next day, during the competition, Chloe and Eevee find that Goh's Dewgong is being attacked by a wild Huntail. While trying to escape from Huntail, they take shelter in a cave, but the entrances ends up collapsing. Eventually, they were saved by Ash and Kiley. After everything is resolved, Kiley hands Chloe a Water Stone for her to use on her Eevee if she decides to become a Vaporeon.

Chloe and her Eevee

In Errand Endurance!, Chloe and Goh get into an argument about whether Eevee or Grookey was better. Through Ash suggested, they decided to have Eevee and Grookey deliver supplements to the Cerise Laboratory. During the errand, Chloe, Goh, and Ash watched Eevee and Grookey secretly, while helping them out along the way. Eventually, Chloe and Goh were relieved that their partners made it back to the Laboratory safely.

In Nightfall? Nightmares!, Chloe decided to travel to Sinnoh with Eevee, after a planned vacation with her family got canceled. During the trip, Chloe and Eevee decided to check out a Pokémon Contest in Eterna City. Along the way, Chloe and Eevee camped at a forest for the night where they meet a girl named Dawn and her partner Piplup, who they quickly befriended. Also, after hearing that she was going to the same destination as she was, Chloe decided to accompany Dawn to Eterna City. Later, Chloe and Dawn worked together to fight off an enraged Rhydon that had been sleep-deprived due to Darkrai's nightmares, before coming across an injured Cresselia.

Chloe and Soleil

In the next episode, Chloe helped Dawn take care of Cresselia until she recovered. Also, Chloe was shown by Dawn on how to perform in a Pokémon Contest. After getting attacked by Team Rocket and getting saved by Darkrai, Chloe met up with Ash and Goh, surprised that Ash and Dawn know each other. Together, they fought off Matori and the Matori Matrix, and were aided by Darkrai. Once Team Rocket had been defeated, Chloe and the others played on a beach before going to see Dawn's Contest.

In Night and Day, You are the Ones!, Chloe accompanied Ash and Goh to the Johto region, where they visited the Eclipse Castle. Whilst there, Chloe ran into Soleil, who was her doppelgänger, and her Espeon and Umbreon. They changed clothes, only for Chloe to get kidnapped by Ilunas, who mistook her for Soleil. After being found by Ash and Goh, Chloe battled Ilunas alongside Soleil and defeated him.

In Breaking the Ice!, Chloe was walking to school with Goh and Ash, who joined her for a presentation for their school. Here, she saw a girl named Regina playing with her Glaceon nicknamed Mirche. Regina was an early new student at school and Chloe wanted to befriend her, but discovered that Regina's Glaceon tended to freeze everything that could be a threat to its Trainer. However, after solving everything for Regina and her Glaceon, Chloe and her friends worked together to make an ice playground for her classmates to play in.

Chloe and Alternate World Chloe

In The Gates of Warp!, Chloe accompanied Ash and Goh to Sinnoh to help Dawn find her Piplup. At the Canalave Library, she met Cynthia for the first time. Due to Alternate World Team Rocket's interference, she and Ash reached to the alternate Canalave City, where she met a person looking exactly like Ash. In the next episode, she accompanied Ash, Goh, and Dawn to Mount Coronet, to try to stop the fight between Dialga and Palkia and met her alternate self. Due to the reversion of time, Chloe and her friends were reverted back to toddlers, but soon returned to their original forms after the ending of the fight. Chloe then bid farewell to other Chloe and returned back to their world.

In Suffering the Flings and Arrows!, Chloe decided to go to the Celadon Gym with her Eevee to attend the Pokémon Flower Arrangement, only for Goh and Ash to join as well. There, she met the Gym Leader Erika and her Leafeon. During the class, she decorated her Eevee the same way Leafeon was.

In Out of Their Elements!, Chloe accompanied Ash and Goh to a Pokémon Circus performance, where she met Harmony and Billy. She witnessed the evolution of their respective Eevee's into Jolteon and Flareon. Later, Chloe and Eevee participated in the Pokémon Circus performance, after which Harmony and Billy gave her a Fire Stone and Thunder Stone, respectively.

Chloe's gifts from each Eevee family Trainer she's met

In Reuniting for the First Time!, Chloe headed to Lilycove City to meet a Sylveon, only to be scouted by Lisia to appear in a Pokémon Contest Spectacular. After some encouragement from Serena and her Sylveon, Chloe and Eevee entered into a Normal Rank Pokémon Contest Spectacular, where Eevee used a combination of Copycat, Sylveon's Fairy Wind, and Tackle, and was well received. Chloe then bid farewell to Serena, but not before meeting up with Goh and Ash, surprised that Ash and Serena know each other.

In Helping the Hometown Hero!, Chloe joined Ash and Goh during a trip to Alola. During the visit, she talked with Lana regarding what form she was planning to evolve Sandy into, given that she herself was still unsure which of them to choose for her own Eevee. Lana opened Chloe's eyes to the possibility of not evolving her Eevee at all, which Chloe hadn't considered before.

Chloe as a research fellow

In Infinite Possibilities!, Chloe joined her father, along with the rest of her family, on a camping trip. Along the way, Chloe and her father stopped by in a forest where Professor Cerise had played as a child and met the forest caretaker Grover, who had watched after Cerise during his childhood visits to the forest. At the campsite, the family heard the sound of Clefairy in the distance and witnessed an evolution ritual where they all evolved into Clefable. Inspired by this, Chloe later told her father that she wants to learn more about Pokémon evolution.

In A Flood of Torrential Gains!, Chloe was revealed to have reunited with Dawn and traveled to Galar with her to watch Ash's match against Leon in the Masters Eight Tournament finals. In Partners in Time!, Chloe attended the awards ceremony, after Ash became the winner of the competition and became the new Monarch of the World Coronation Series.

In This Could be the Start of Something Big!, Chloe became a research fellow for her father following Ash and Goh's decision to leave Cerise Laboratory. She only goes during the weekends and still attends school.


Chloe and Eevee in the Lilycove City Contest Spectacular

Chloe is overly cautious and takes a realistic approach to life. She finds Goh's confidence and big ideas to be irritating, and often reminds her friend to mind his manners. She appears distant and indifferent to others, as seen when she tends to ignore Ash, although she would gradually open up and become more friendly towards him. Although reserved and aloof, Chloe does care about her friends and is very protective of them, as shown in The Cuteness Quotient!, when two girls made fun of Jinny, she became so angry that she wanted to fight them in person.

Chloe and her friends

Chloe's aloofness appears to stem from her own uncertainty of what goals she wants to pursue, and she is bothered by her classmates assuming she will follow her father's footsteps and become a Pokémon researcher, and that she must be a good battler. After a conversation with her mother and working together with Yamper to defeat an attacking Gengar, Chloe appears to grow closer to her Pokémon and become more certain of herself. As a child in There's a New Kid in Town!, Chloe used to be jealous of Yamper as a new household pet due to him getting more attention from her parents than her. When she led him to run away from home, she felt guilty and went out to find him at night. Eventually, she came to like him.

As time passed, Chloe became more and more involved with the Pokémon universe, to the point that she personally asked Goh and Ash for help with the school's work on the Fossil Pokémon or being late for school while paying attention to explaining her father about the Pokémon world in Getting More Than You Battled For!. Ever since she became a Trainer in To Train, or Not to Train!, Chloe opened herself up to new experiences as she becomes adventurous, cheerful, and relaxed.

Chloe has a great relationship with her Eevee, as she enjoys her company. Since meeting Dawn in Nightfall? Nightmares!, Chloe developed a close friendship with her. Chloe also looks up to Dawn for her kindness, passion, and skill as a Pokémon Coordinator. Similarly, Chloe admires Serena for both her wisdom and her skill as a Performer and Coordinator. Chloe quickly became good friends with Lana after meeting her, and was surprised that she had decided to not evolve her Eevee, Sandy.


This listing is of Chloe's only known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand


Traveling with

Rotom Phone


Main article: Professor Cerise's Yamper

Yamper is the pet of the Cerise household. Despite being Professor Cerise's Pokémon, he is typically seen with Chloe whenever she is home. According to Parker, Yamper won't accept any food unless it comes from Chloe, and he likes her the most despite her somewhat aloof attitude.

Debut Legend? Go! Friends? Go!
Voice actors
Japanese Inuko Inuyama
English Tara Jayne Sands


Pidove is a Pokémon belonging to a Trainer. It got lost during a Pidove race and was chased by a Fearow, which led to it crashing into Chloe's window and injuring its wing. The Cerise family took it in and helped it recover. During its recovery, it developed a friendship with Chloe. It was eventually reunited with its Trainer through an online message posted by Professor Cerise.

None of Pidove's moves are known.

Debut There's a New Kid in Town!
Chloe encountered this Galarian Ponyta in Glimwood Tangle, where she found it trying to help an injured Galarian Rapidash. As Ponyta couldn't heal Rapidash alone, Chloe figured that they needed the find dew from a flower that had healing properties. With help from a trio of Impidimp, they were able to find the flower and heal Rapidash. Ponyta later gave Chloe's Eevee a lift of Ballonlea, before riding off with Rapidash.

Ponyta reappeared in a flashback in The Sweet Taste of Battle!, when Opal told Chloe that it and Rapidash were doing well.

Ponyta's only known move is Heal Pulse.

Debut The Tale of You and Glimwood Tangle!
Voice actors
Japanese Fumiko Takekuma
English Fumiko Takekuma


Chloe borrowed an Alcremie from Opal to take part in the All-Alcremie Decoration Challenge.

None of Alcremie's moves are known.

Debut The Sweet Taste of Battle!
Voice actors
English Ryan Bartley


Pokémon competitions

Chloe has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:


Chloe has competed in the following Pokémon Contests:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 花澤香菜 Kana Hanazawa
English Cherami Leigh
Arabic غدير بزي Ghadir Bazzi
Mandarin Chinese 徐瑀甄 Xú Yǔzhēn
Finnish Julia Nurmi
European French Lise Leclercq
Indonesian Jheni Rinjo
Italian Valentina Framarin
Korean 윤은서 Yoon Eunseo
Norwegian Sidney Louise Lange
Polish Julia Kunikowska
Portuguese Brazil Gabriela Medeiros
Portugal Carolina Fortuna
Spanish Latin America Sara Gómez
Melissa Hernández (young; JN001, JN029)
Spain Elena Jiménez



Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Artwork from
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Artwork from "After the story" [4] Artwork from "After the story" [5]

Staff Artwork

This is a collection of fan-art drawn by prolific staff members on the series.

Artwork for Valentine's Day
by Shūhei Yasuda

In the manga

Daisuki ♥ Pocket Monsters

Chloe appears in Daisuki ♥ Pocket Monsters. She is a friend of Mika's and is responsible for introducing her to the Pokémon world.



Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Chloe debuted in Legend? Check! Friends? Check!. She hoped to meet Goh at the unveiling of the Cerise Laboratory, but he did not show up. Instead, she encountered Ash, but his enthusiasm at seeing Yamper scared her off. Later, she watched as Professor Cerise asked Ash and Goh to become his research assistants.




Language Name Origin
Japanese コハル Koharu From 春 haru (spring) or 小春 koharu (Indian summer)
English, German, Spanish Chloe Similar to her Japanese name and from χλόη khlóē (Ancient Greek for young green shoot)
French Chloé Similar to her English name
Italian, Brazilian Portuguese Cloe Similar to her English name
Korean 하루 Haru From the partial transcription of her Japanese name and 하루 haru (day)
Chinese (Mandarin) 小春 Xiǎochūn From the Japanese name 小春 Koharu and 春 chūn (spring)


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  1. Chloe's character profile (in Japanese) mentions that she is 10 years old. Reconfirmed in JN119.
  2. Full name first mentioned in Infinite Possibilities!.
  3. Official materials do not list Chloe as a main character or lead protagonist, instead most commonly listing Ash and Goh as dual protagonists.[1][2][3] Other materials list only Ash as the main protagonist, or do not list a protagonist at all.
  4. https://twitter.com/anipoke_PR/status/1553621482680778752
  5. https://twitter.com/anipoke_PR/status/1591672205040943105

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