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A Midsummer Night's Light!
JN075   EP1160
クレセリア 真夏の夜の光
Cresselia - A Midsummer Night's Light
First broadcast
Japan July 30, 2021
United States January 21, 2022
English themes
Opening Journey to Your Heart
Japanese themes
Opening 1・2・3
Ending バツグンタイプ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 土屋理敬 Michihiro Tsuchiya
Storyboard 髙木啓明 Hiroaki Takagi
Assistant director 髙木啓明 Hiroaki Takagi
Animation directors 齋藤香 Kaori Saitō
元廣和恵 Kazue Motohiro
倉員千晶 Chiaki Kurakazu
小山知洋 Tomohiro Koyama
Additional credits

A Midsummer Night's Light! (Japanese: クレセリア 真夏の夜の光 Cresselia - A Midsummer Night's Light) is the 75th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, and the 1,160th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on July 30, 2021, in Canada on December 11, 2021, in the United Kingdom on January 14, 2022, and in the United States on January 21, 2022.

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Ash and Goh are in Sinnoh, where entire towns are being plagued by nightmares. Chloe and Dawn are there, too—and they’ve stumbled upon an injured Cresselia. Dawn treats its wounds, then teaches Chloe a bit about Contests. Meanwhile, Ash and Goh confirm that Darkrai is causing the nightmares. When they all meet up, Chloe and Dawn theorize that Darkrai and Cresselia aren’t really enemies—and they’re right! After a confrontation with Team Rocket’s elite Matori Matrix, Cresselia heals Darkrai’s wounds, and Darkrai blows away the clouds so Cresselia can use Moonlight on itself. Both Pokémon return home, so it’s time for our heroes to have some summer fun!


Continuing from the end of the previous episode, Dawn and Chloe find an injured Cresselia, which Dawn is able to recognize, thanks to her previous visit to Fullmoon Island. Cresselia is wary of them at first, but Eevee and Chloe manage to convince her they mean no harm. Dawn then uses medical herbs from her bag to treat Cresselia's injuries, wondering if they were caused by Darkrai and explaining to Chloe the relationship between the two Pokémon. Chloe admires Dawn's use of herbal medicine, which Dawn credits to a former traveling companion of hers, who was training to become a Pokémon Doctor. She also mentions another friend of hers, whom she refers to as a "Pokémon fanatic", who would constantly talk about Pokémon. Chloe mentions that she has the same kind of friend as well. Elsewhere, Ash suddenly sneezes.

As Dawn and Chloe set up a camp in the woods for the night, Dawn asks Chloe if she came to Sinnoh to see a Pokémon Contest. Chloe explains that she only decided to go see one after seeing a TV interview with a woman named Johanna. When Dawn reveals that Johanna is her mother, Chloe is left amazed that Dawn's mother is a legendary Pokémon Coordinator. Dawn tells Chloe that she started her journey to become just like her mother, and asks what Chloe's parents are like. Chloe mentions that her mother is an illustrator, while her father is a Pokémon Professor. However, she doesn't like people assuming that she'll become a Professor just because her father is one. Fortunately, meeting Eevee, who seems uncertain about what she wants to evolve into, taught her not to rush things and take her time. Just like how Eevee likes mimicking other Pokémon's moves, Chloe herself has decided to try out different sorts of new things too. Dawn, in turn, explains that her Piplup once decided that he didn't want to evolve. At first, she had been unsure about this, but she eventually came to respect Piplup's choice. She tells Chloe that coming to a sudden realization of what you want to do after a long consideration is how great dreams are born, and Chloe agrees.

Suddenly, Dawn suggests that Chloe should try entering a Contest too to try out new things. Although Chloe is uncertain about the idea, Dawn decides to give her a demonstration, donning her Contest costume and sending out Piplup with a Ball Capsule and a Seal to create a flashy entrance. Piplup then uses Whirlpool to appeal, impressing Chloe and making Eevee very excited. Seeing how eager Eevee is to try out appealing as well, Chloe decides to give it a try too. Eevee uses Copycat to copy Piplup's Whirlpool, but despite the promising start, the pillar of water ends crashing down onto Chloe, leaving her soaking wet.

The girls then settle down to look after Cresselia. Dawn tells Chloe that Cresselia can use a move called Lunar Dance, which heals her allies' injuries. Chloe wishes she could see the beautiful move herself, as the girls rest their heads against Cresselia. Suddenly, they find themselves in the midst of a dark fog and start calling out for Eevee and Piplup. The mist clears to reveal a town filled with people, who all suddenly fall asleep and start suffering from nightmares. Their source is revealed when Darkrai appears next to them. Just as Chloe notices that Darkrai seems lonely, Cresselia appears next to them as well, using a Lunar Wing to dispel the nightmares and wake up the suffering townspeople. As Darkrai leaves and Cresselia looks after it, Dawn and Chloe suddenly wake up, realizing that they had been dreaming. They find out that they had both seen the same dream, and when they notice Cresselia having the same look in her eyes as she had had in the dream, they realize that they had just witnessed Cresselia's dream.

Elsewhere, Ash and Goh spot a sleeping Bonsly suffering from a nightmare and realize that Darkrai must be nearby. Just then, Darkrai indeed appears right next to them. Ash tells it to go back to Newmoon Island, but instead, it flies off, with Ash and Goh giving pursuit. Darkrai soon appears before Dawn, Chloe, and Cresselia, and is also spotted by Team Rocket from their balloon. Knowing that Giovanni wants Darkrai to be captured, they call Pelipper to the scene. Just as Dawn and Chloe realize that the look on Cresselia's eyes is asking them not to fight Darkrai, the Rocket Prize Master and the Rocket trio suddenly drop down in front of them. Jessie and James vend two Pokémon, a Dusknoir and a Lunatone, from the vending machine, and start battling Darkrai. While the Rockets battle the Mythical Pokémon, Dawn and Chloe take the opportunity to run away with Cresselia. However, their escape is cut short when they reach seashore and hear someone approaching. Fortunately for them, the ones who show up are Ash and Goh.

Ash, Dawn, and Chloe are all surprised to see each other, with Dawn and Chloe also being surprised to learn that they both know Ash. Goh urges everyone to settle down, and things are gone over on all sides. Ash explains that Dawn, along with Brock, was one of his friends when he was traveling around Sinnoh, and Chloe correctly guesses that the "Pokémon fanatic" Dawn mentioned earlier was actually Ash. Ash and Goh explain that they were investigating the nightmares that have been occuring, and are currently pursuing Darkrai. Dawn and Chloe tell Ash and Goh how Darkrai had appeared before Cresselia. The boys suspect that Cresselia had taken damage while battling Darkrai and escaped, but Dawn and Chloe do not think they're enemies, and the reason Darkrai had showed up before them was because it had suspected them to be the ones who had hurt Cresselia. Meanwhile, the Team Rocket trio is defeated by Darkrai, although they don't blast off all that far away.

Just then, the Matori Matrix airship appears above Ash and company, and Matori and a group of Team Rocket Grunts descend down to capture Cresselia, making the group realize that they had been the ones who had hurt her. A battle ensues between the group and the Grunts, with Darkrai suddenly joining in as well. With Darkrai's help, the Grunts' Pokémon are defeated, so Matori orders the airship's electroshockers to be fired. Darkrai tries to defend Cresselia, only to be severely hurt when the electricity is fired at full power. The group is trapped in a net as the Grunts move in to grab Darkrai. However, before they can do so, Cresselia floats over Darkrai and uses Lunar Dance, fully healing Darkrai in exchange for expending all of her own energy. With its strength restored, Darkrai uses Dark Pulse on the airship, forcing it to retreat, before using Dark Void to put all the Team Rocket members, including the unexpectedly appearing Rocket trio, and their Pokémon to sleep.

The group frees themselves from the net and gathers around Cresselia, who is lying on the ground and out of energy. After looking Cresselia in the eye, Darkrai fires a Dark Pulse into the sky, clearing away all the clouds and allowing Cresselia to use Moonlight to heal herself. The two Pokémon then fly off to return to their respective islands. Dawn now understands that Darkrai had come to look for the injured Cresselia. Chloe figures that since Darkrai causes nightmares wherever it goes without meaning to, and ends up being feared and hated as a result, Cresselia chooses to live on Fullmoon Island near Darkrai so that it won't feel lonely. Goh is impressed by how well Chloe can understand the emotions of Pokémon, and she smiles at Eevee upon realizing that Goh is right.

The next day, Professor Cerise calls Chloe and worriedly asks if she's okay. Chloe assures him that she's fine and asks him how the Egg he was taking care of is doing. Cerise tells her that it hatched just fine, and wasn't actually the only such Egg he had, with a group of energetic Piplup now running around the Cerise Laboratory. The call ends, and Chloe looks at Ash, Goh, and Dawn, who are playing in shallow water with their Pokémon. Chloe reminds them that they should head out now to get to the Contest, but Eevee is having too much fun playing to leave yet, so Dawn pulls Chloe to play with them in the water too.

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