バラ Bara
XY Bryony.png
Artwork from X and Y
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Green
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Trainer class Team Flare
Generation VI
Games X and Y
Member of Team Flare
Rank Scientist
Anime series Pokémon the Series
Debut From A to Z!
English voice actor Emily Woo Zeller
Japanese voice actor Akane Fujita
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Debut X-actly What They Wanted

Bryony (Japanese: バラ Bara) is one of five Team Flare scientists in Pokémon X and Y.

In the core series games

Bryony is one of five Team Flare scientists that are the driving force behind the team, being distinguishable with her green hair. She is first seen with Celosia and one of the Team Flare Admins at the Poké Ball Factory, trying to coerce the company president into working for them. At the factory, the player and Calem or Serena will fight against Bryony and Celosia in a Multi Battle.

She is met again at Lysandre Labs, preparing for Team Flare's plan to use the ultimate weapon.


Pokémon X and Y

First battle (Multi Battle with Celosia)

Second battle


Bryony and Celosia at the Poké Ball Factory

Pokémon X and Y

Poké Ball Factory
  • First meeting
"Forget it. Quit wasting your time with this person."
  • Before battle
"Let's take him/her on two versus one. We must improve our chances of winning."
"There's another one?"
  • Being defeated
"Probability is just probability, after all... Absolutes do not exist."
  • After being defeated
"Oh my, oh my?"
Lysandre Labs
  • Before battle
"I've seen this kid somewhere before."
"I have no idea. But obviously he's/she's not in Team Flare. Let's get him/her, yeah?"
"Oh! What a brute! Look at poor Celosia!"
  • Being defeated
"Your ability flies in the face of all probability! Just what is the source of your power?"
  • After being defeated
"We've been using the electricity we stole from the Power Plant to get everything prepared for activating the ultimate weapon. But it's not like that's all we'll need to use it. Are you following me? We'll need energy absorbed from Pokémon to power the device! Yes! It's the stones on Route 10 that will steal that energy for us and power the ultimate weapon!"
  • If talked to again
"That's right. The stones on Route 10 normally put out energy, but when the ultimate weapon is activated, that reverses and they begin to absorb energy from Pokémon!"


Core series game assets

VS model from
X and Y
VS model in a Multi Battle with Celosia from
X and Y
Overworld model from
X and Y

In the anime

Bryony in the anime

In the past, Bryony, alongside Lysandre and the other Team Flare Scientists, would help those in need, until Lysandre became disillusioned with the human race and sought to restart the world.

Bryony debuted in From A to Z!, where Xerosic sent her to retrieve the Zygarde Core that had escaped from Lysandre Labs. She was later seen cornering the Core, but the Core managed to summon its nearby Cells, allowing it to transform into its 10% Forme and counterattack, forcing Bryony and her assistant Grunts to retreat. She was later seen informing Celosia of what had happened.

A younger Bryony in the anime (left)

In Meeting at Terminus Cave!, Bryony teamed up with Celosia to retrieve Squishy in Terminus Cave. After a prolonged struggle, during which Team Rocket interfered as well, Team Flare was forced to retreat, as they were unable to defeat Ash's Greninja and Squishy had fled. In the next episode, she, along with Celosia and several Grunts, monitored sensors to find Squishy. Bryony and Celosia also ordered two Grunts to watch Ash and his friends. Later, the sensors caught energy waves coming from Squishy and Z2 and managed to determine Squishy's location. They, however, were unable to make it in time and lost sight of Squishy, as it had stopped emitting energy waves. Bryony and Celosia then ordered the pursuit squad to withdraw, as they thought Squishy probably wouldn't return to Ash and his friends, and decided to narrow their search.

In A Towering Takeover!, during Team Flare's attack on Lumiose City, Bryony was guarding the Prism Tower with Aliana. In the following episode, she and Bryony battled against some of Clemont's Pokémon and Blaziken Mask's Blaziken, but both ended up getting defeated and were captured by Clembot, allowing Clemont and Clembot to enter the Prism Tower.


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Bisharp first appeared in From A to Z!, where it was used by Bryony whilst attempting to retrieve the Zygarde Core after it had escaped, but got defeated after the Core transformed to its 10% Form.

It reappeared in Meeting at Terminus Cave!, where Bisharp was used to battle Ash and his friends. It attacked Ash's Noibat with Iron Head, after it gained the upper hand against Celosia's Drapion, and managed to stun the group's Pokémon with Metal Sound. Bisharp was eventually defeated by Squishy again, after it transformed to its 10% Form.

Bisharp's known moves are Iron Head, Metal Sound, and Stone Edge.

Debut From A to Z!
Voice actors
English Justin Anselmi
Liepard debuted in Meeting at Terminus Cave!, where it was sent out to pursue Squishy, alongside Celosia's Manectric. It was stopped in its tracks by Ash's Pikachu and Greninja. Together with Manectric, they managed to damage Greninja, but when Greninja transformed to its Ash-Greninja Form, it was easily overpowered and beaten back.

Liepard reappeared in Coming Apart at the Dreams!, during Team Flare's attack on Lumiose City. It was sent out to battle Clemont, Clembot, and Blaziken Mask's Pokémon, alongside Aliana's Druddigon, but was eventually defeated.

Liepard's known move are Shadow Claw and Dark Pulse.

Debut Meeting at Terminus Cave!
Voice actors
English Erica Schroeder

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 藤田茜 Akane Fujita
English Emily Woo Zeller
European French Helena Coppejans
Polish Anna Wodzyńska
Brazilian Portuguese Fernanda Crispim
Spanish Latin America Marisol Romero
Spain Tania Ugía

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Bryony in Pokémon Adventures

Bryony debuted in X-actly What They Wanted. She, Celosia, and Xerosic were first seen watching the destruction of Vaniville Town caused by the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal.

In The Aegislash Agenda, Bryony and Xerosic met with Mable and Aliana at the Team Flare Secret HQ. Bryony informed the pair that their repeated failures have led to Celosia taking over their duties.

In Gyarados Changes, Bryony and the other female scientists witnessed X trying to break into the Secret HQ. Noting Celosia's continued usage of her Aegislash caused her to start losing control of herself, Bryony knocked Celosia unconscious, took over her duties, and had Mable and Aliana return to their stations. She allowed X entry into the building, stating he'd regret his decision. Bryony then went outside waited for the ultimate weapon to be activated.

In Flabébé Blooms, Y and the Kalos Gym Leaders worked to prevent the ultimate weapon from blooming by keeping the petals in place by force. Bryony tried to prevent Trevor, Tierno, and Shauna from entering the Secret HQ via an incinerator chute, but they were saved by Clemont. Trevor's group made it to the ultimate weapon's control room, where they attempted to remove the device's key, but were unable to pull it out in time before it fired. Despite this, the combined efforts of X, his friends, and the Gym Leaders successfully weakened the ultimate weapon enough that it was unable to take any innocent lives. Bryony tried recapturing Xerneas, only to end up defeated when Xerneas joined Y's team instead. She was later helped by Aliana and Mable after Lysandre ordered a ceasefire between both sides.

In Charizard Transforms, the four female scientists each intercepted Y and her friends to prevent them from reaching the Pokémon Village. Bryony's opponent was Trevor, but the battle was interrupted when X used his Mega-Evolved Salamè to take out Bryony's Bisharp. Later, Bryony and Aliana teamed up to face both Trevor and Y, but the latter went ahead to help X at the Pokémon Village at Trevor's request. With the help of Y's Croaky, Trevor eventually managed to take down Bryony with a Water Shuriken-Fairy Wind combination attack.


Liepard is Bryony's first known Pokémon. It was first seen watching Xerneas and Yveltal's rampage from the outskirts of Vaniville Town.

None of Liepard's moves are known.

Debut X-actly What They Wanted
Bisharp is Bryony's second known Pokémon. She was used to try and stop the Kalos Gym Leaders from interfering with the ultimate weapon. Later, she was used to battle Trevor near the Pokémon Village and easily took out Trevor's Flabébé before being knocked out by X's Salamè. She was later used to fight Trevor again, but was defeated once more by a combination attack made by Trevor's Floette and Y's Croaky.

None of Bisharp's moves are known.

Debut Gyarados Changes


  • Bryony was designed by Rafal Gosieniecki.[1]


Language Name Origin
Japanese バラ Bara From 薔薇 bara (rose). Represents the B in the classification of solar flares (A, B, C, M, X).
English Bryony From bryony
German, Spanish Begonia From the genus Begonia
French Brasénie From brasénie (water-shield)
Italian Bromelia From the genus Bromelia
Korean 바라 Bara Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 芭菈 Bālā Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 芭拉 Bālāai


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