Flabébé Blooms
Flabebe, Bloom
Chapter X & Y
Collected in Vol. 59
Round number 580
Location Geosenge Town
Previous Round Pyroar Breathes
Next Round Rhyhorn Charges

Flabébé Blooms (Japanese: フラベベ、咲く Flabebe, Bloom) is the 580th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Y and the Gym Leaders continue to try and keep the ultimate weapon from blooming.
  • Bryony attacks the Gym Leaders to stop them from interfering with the ultimate weapon.
  • Olympia tells Trevor, Tierno, and Shauna to head to the ultimate weapon's control room.
  • As they travel, Trevor's group meets with Clemont again.
  • Trevor's group passes by the cell of AZ, who was befriended by Emma.
  • AZ tells the group the story about how he fired the ultimate weapon after using it to revive his deceased Floette.
  • After freeing AZ, Trevor's group arrives at the control room, where they find X defeated.
  • Trevor confronts Lysandre and attempts to remove the ultimate weapon's control room.
  • Tierno and Shauna assist Trevor, but the ultimate weapon fires on Kalos despite them successfully removing the key.
  • Xerneas tells AZ that despite the ultimate weapon firing, there is a human that it wishes to join forces with.
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