Lysandre Labs

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Lysandre Labs フラダリラボ
Fuladari Labs
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Lysandre Café
Region: Kalos
Generations: VI
Kalos Lumiose City Map.png
Location of Lysandre Labs in Kalos.
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The Lysandre Labs (Japanese: フラダリラボ Fuladari Labs) is the moniker of the hideout located behind a china cabinet in Lysandre Café, which is located in Lumiose City's Magenta Plaza, serving as one of Team Flare's headquarters. It is also the location from which the ultimate weapon is activated.

A Hidden Floor can only be unlocked by entering a special password at the elevator; during the post-game Looker missions, Malva will unlock it for the player. The Hidden Floor can only be accessed from B1 and can only access B1 and B2. It also has the same layout as B1 except that all of the connected rooms are blocked off except for the middle room in the north.

Library room

If the player inspects the bookshelves in the library room, they will discover research material related to Kalos's history.

Red shelves
The king's name was AZ, and he was both the beginning and the end. He used technology unlike any seen during that era to unite Kalos for the first time
The king was proud of the technology he had used to bring Kalos prosperity, but he couldn't help but use it in a way that had never been intended... AZ, the man who was king, disappeared.
When AZ, the man who was king, vanished, he took the key to the ultimate weapon. That is the item required to activate the weapon.
Purple shelves
The King couldn't escape war with those who targeted a wealthy Kalos. The war grew so violent and ugly, the king was forced to send his own beloved Pokémon into battle.
AZ had a younger brother. It's said that he led a legion of greedy souls who wanted to seize the seize the Kalos region. His dark intention was to make it his own. But when he saw how Kalos had been ravaged by the war, he took the weapon his brother had created, and he buried the weapon deep underground.
The king's younger brother told his progeny the location of the ultimate weapon and died. That is something to be used by sophisticated powers, not by humans. Human beings must create a world where such a weapon is a necessary...
Blue shelves
Full of sorrow, AZ built the ultimate weapon. When he did this he left the following words. 'What's wrong with bringing something you love back into this world? Without my beloved Pokémon, no other Pokémon have any meaning!
The mountains will never know one another, but people can encounter other people. And people and Pokémon mix together.
Over the ages, people and Pokémon worked alongside one another and created many things. As a result of this, a leader appeared among the humans. That leader sought to produce even more goods. Increased production of goods created a gap between haves and have-nots.
Lysandre’s desk

Also in the room there is a desk where the player can find a report detailing Lysandre's past:

When I was young, I went on a journey around Kalos with my Pokemon. I reached out to help those suffering because they had nothing. At first, they were grateful, but eventually, they began to take my help for granted and demand more and more… Will fools like those people consume the Kalos region? This world is stable and secure. So the population of people and Pokemon continues to increase unabated. But there is a limit to the amount of money and energy the world is capable of producing. Either everything is lost, or only a handful are saved. This is something best not left to man… I must use a tool of higher power.


Item Location Games
  Revive ×4
  • B1, from the Masked Heroes in the room north of the second Team Flare Grunt (×3)
  • B1, in the room with the beds on the west side of the floor
 X  Y 
  TM12 (Taunt) B1, from the first Team Flare Grunt in the room with the beds on the west side of the floor  X  Y 
  Black Glasses B1, in the northeast, accessible via the green warp panel on the west side of the elevator  X  Y 
  Hyper Potion B1, in the area accessible via the green warp panel northwest of the Team Flare Grunt in the southeast corner of the floor  X  Y 
  Elevator Key B1, from Mable in the room on the east side of the floor, after defeating her  X  Y 
  Rare Candy B1, in the middle room on the north side of the floor, accessible via the green warp panel north of the location of the Black Glasses  X  Y 



Trainer Pokémon
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,840
  Swalot Lv.46
No item

Trainer Pokémon
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,720
  Swalot Lv.45
No item
  Liepard Lv.43
No item
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,760
  Liepard Lv.44
No item
  Mightyena Lv.44
No item
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,760
  Houndoom Lv.44
No item
  Toxicroak Lv.44
No item
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,800
  Manectric Lv.43
No item
  Scrafty Lv.45
No item

Trainer Pokémon
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,840
  Golbat Lv.46
No item
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,760
  Toxicroak Lv.44
No item
  Liepard Lv.44
No item
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,800
  Mightyena Lv.43
No item
  Toxicroak Lv.45
No item


Hidden Floor

Trainer Pokémon
Scientist Sonia
ポアンカレ Poincaré
Reward:  4,320
  Elgyem Lv.60
No item
  Klinklang Lv.60
No item
Scientist Ernst
クンマー Kummer
Reward:  4,248
  Weezing Lv.61
No item
  Heliolisk Lv.59
No item
Lumiose Gang Member Sedna
ゲンマ Gemma
Reward:  4,960
  Mandibuzz Lv.62
No item
Lumiose Gang Member Eris
エブル Ebur
Reward:  4,800
  Pangoro Lv.60
No item
  Bouffalant Lv.60
No item
Scientist Justus
ファラデー Faraday
Reward:  4,464
  Muk Lv.62
No item
Lumiose Gang Member Nix
マルモル Marmor
Reward:  4,880
  Druddigon Lv.59
No item
  Krookodile Lv.61
No item



Version B1 B2 B3

In the anime

Lysandre Labs in the anime

Lysandre Labs was first mentioned in Mega Evolution Special II, where Alain was revealed to have worked with Lysandre there. After settling affairs in the Hoenn region in Mega Evolution Special III, Alain and Lysandre returned to the labs, where Alain and Charizard continued to train. In Mega Evolution Special IV, Alain faced a series of ten Mega Evolution Trainers, including Malva, in a row at the labs, while Mairin's Chespin, Chespie, freed a Zygarde Core from Lysandre's scientists, an effort that resulted in it entering a coma. Mairin stayed at the laboratory for a time, watching over her comatose Pokémon. Since then, it appeared in several subsequent episodes in the main series as the base of operations for Lysandre, Xerosic, and Team Flare as a whole as they experimented on the Giant Rock, Z2, Mega Evolution energy, and their weapon.

The labs appeared again in Coming Apart at the Dreams! and the following two episodes, after Team Flare had started their attack on Lumiose City with the mind controlled Z2. Serena, Mairin, Professor Sycamore, and Team Rocket went to the lab in order to rescue Chespie. After successfully rescuing Chespie, the four made their way to the Giant Rock, which reacted to the energy Chespie had within it, causing it to absorb Chespie and mutate into the shape of a Zygarde 50% Forme. Lysandre Labs was then destroyed by the Giant Rock, which began traveling towards the Anistar City Sundial.

The labs were mentioned by Sawyer in The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!, and later appeared in Till We Compete Again!. He went to the ruins of the labs to assist Steven in studying the Giant Rock that resided there.

Unlike the games, where it is located underneath Lumiose City, Lysandre Labs is located at the northwest corner of Kalos.

Pokémon kept at Lysandre Labs

With Lysandre




In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

X & Y arc

Lysandre Labs was first mentioned by Professor Sycamore in Pangoro Poses a Problem as the company that developed the Holo Caster.

In Scizor Defends, following Team Flare's relocation to Pokémon Village, Malva asked why the team could not stay in Lysandre Labs, with Xerosic explaining that Sina and Dexio were keeping a watch on it.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning and/or featuring Lysandre Labs in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pokémon in Lysandre Labs
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Pyroar   Forbidden Light   19/131 Forbidden Light   016/094
Other related cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Lysandre Su Flashfire   90/106 Wild Blaze   077/080
Ancient Origins   78/98      
      Premium Champion Pack   125/131
      The Best of XY   150/171
Xerosic Su Phantom Forces   110/119 Phantom Gate   085/088
      Premium Champion Pack    
      The Best of XY    
Lysandre Labs St Forbidden Light   111/131 Forbidden Light   092/094


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 弗拉達利研究所 Fātlāaidaahtleih Yìhngausó *
弗拉達利實驗室 Fúlādálì Sahtyihmsāt *
Mandarin 弗拉達利研究所 / 弗拉达利研究所 Fúlādálì Yánjiùsuǒ / Fúlādálì Yánjiūsuǒ *
弗拉達利實驗室 Fúlādálì Shíyànshì *
  Danish Lysandrelaboratoriet
  Finnish Lysandre-laboratorio
  French Labos Lysandre
  German Labor von Flordelis
  Italian Laboratori Elisio
  Korean 플라드리 래버러토리 Fleur-de-lis Laboratory
  Norwegian Lysandrelaboratoriet
  Polish Laboratorium Lysandre'a
  Brazilian Portuguese Laboratórios Lysandre
  Spanish Laboratorios Lysson
  Swedish Lysandrelabben*

Boss: Lysandre (Masters)
Scientists: Xerosic
Notable members: ChalmersMalvaAlain*
Lower members: Team Flare GruntsTeam Flare Admins
Lumiose Press editor-in-chief*
Buildings: Lysandre LabsTeam Flare Secret HQ

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