Lumiose City

Lumiose City ミアレシティ
Miare City
"The City of Light"
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Lumiose City in {{{variable2}}}.
Map description
A dazzling metropolis of art and artifice, located in the very heart of the Kalos region.
Lumiose City Gym - Kalos Gym #5
specialist Gym
Voltage Badge
Voltage Badge
Lumiose City Gym - Kalos Gym #5
specialist Gym
Voltage Badge
Voltage Badge
Lumiose City Gym - Kalos Gym #5
specialist Gym
Voltage Badge
Voltage Badge
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Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Route 14
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Lumiose City
Route 16
Route 4 and Route 5
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Location of Lumiose City in Kalos.

Lumiose City (Japanese: ミアレシティ Miare City) is a large city nestled in the north-central part of the Kalos region. It is a prominent central hub of the region and is the most populous city in the Pokémon world.

Tourism is a major industry of the city due to its famous landmarks, such as the Prism Tower, which serves as the city's symbol, and the Lumiose Museum. A wide variety of shops, cafés, and restaurants are spread throughout the entire city and are popular with both tourists and locals alike.

The outer portion of the city is lined by tall office buildings and wide brick and cobblestone boulevards, while the avenues of the inner portion are lined by smaller Parisian-style buildings. The wide roadways throughout the city afford safe and easy passage for both automobile and Gogoat traffic. A large canal also runs diagonally through the city.

Lumiose City has five gates connecting it to outside routes. In the southeast is the Route 4 Gate, in the southwest the Route 5 Gate, in the northwest the Route 13 Gate, in the north the Route 14 Gate, and in the northeast the Route 16 Gate.


The City of Light (Japanese: 光の都 The city of light.)


Map of Lumiose City

Many small shops and cafés line the many streets and avenues of Lumiose City. This is a brief guide to the city's layout and where all of its establishments are located.

The city is shaped like a spoked wheel. The outside "wheel" is split into North and South Boulevards, while the spokes are divided among several avenues and plazas. The boulevards and avenues are lined with the city's many establishments, while the plazas are primarily open gathering spaces, with an occasional establishment or two on the outskirts. The center hub is devoted to a wide, open area with Prism Tower at its center.

The boulevards are laid out as follows, moving along the street in a clockwise direction:

South Boulevard

Outer Inner
To dead-end alley*
Restaurant Le Nah
Route 4 Gate To Vert Plaza
Building Café Introversion
Sycamore Pokémon Lab To Vernal Avenue
PR Video Studio Pokémon Center
Route 5 Gate To Bleu Plaza
Coiffure Clips
Café Soleil
Building Shutterbug Café
To Estival Avenue

North Boulevard

Outer Inner
Route 13 Gate To Magenta Plaza
To dead-end alley
Building Café Triste
Galette Stand To Autumnal Avenue
Building To dead-end alley
Route 14 Gate To Rouge Plaza
Pokémon Center
Lumiose Museum
Hotel Richissime To Hibernal Avenue
Building Café Ultimo
Café Action
Route 16 Gate To Jaune Plaza
Battle Institute
Café Bataille
Lumiose Station
To dead-end alley
To unnamed street


All of the avenues and plazas are connected by a continuous ring near the hub, but occasionally there will also be an alleyway connecting two of the spokes farther out from the hub. A group of randomly battleable Trainers also lurk around this inner part of the city.

The city's spokes are laid out in the order given below, moving through them in a clockwise direction starting from the first spoke connected to South Boulevard. The left and right sides referred to below presume the player is facing away from the hub.

Vernal Avenue

Left Right
Stone Emporium
Boutique Couture Herboriste
Café Classe Friseur Furfrou
Café Woof

Estival Avenue

Left Right
Loto-ID Center Café Rouleau
Lumiose Press Café Gallant

Autumnal Avenue

Left Right
Café Pokémon-Amie Poké Ball Boutique
Restaurant Le Yeah
Juice Shoppe

Hibernal Avenue

Left Right
Restaurant Le Wow Café Kizuna


Vert Plaza

  • Café Cyclone

Bleu Plaza

No notable locations

Magenta Plaza

Lysandre Café lies on the street between Magenta Plaza and Autumnal Avenue.

Rouge Plaza

Jaune Plaza

Centrico Plaza

Centrico Plaza is located in the center of Lumiose City.

Places of interest

Lumiose City from above

Prism Tower

Main article: Lumiose Gym

Prism Tower is a large tower located in Centrico Plaza in the middle of Lumiose City. It houses the Lumiose City Gym. Prism Tower is based on the real-world Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It is also a playable stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

North Boulevard

Main article: North Boulevard

Located on North Boulevard is the Galette Stand, Lumiose Museum, Hotel Richissime, the Battle Institute, Lumiose Station, and the Looker Bureau.

South Boulevard

Main article: South Boulevard

This is the first part of Lumiose City that the player can explore in Pokémon X and Y, along with Vernal Avenue. The other parts are blocked until the player has defeated Team Flare at the Kalos Power Plant and watched Clemont relight the Lumiose Gym. Located on this street is the PR Video Studio, Professor Sycamore's Pokémon research lab, and Coiffure Clips.

Autumnal Avenue

Main article: Autumnal Avenue

Located on Autumnal Avenue is the Poké Ball Boutique and the Juice Shoppe.

Estival Avenue

Main article: Estival Avenue
A pre-release screenshot of Estival Avenue

Located on Estival Avenue is the Loto-ID Center and the Lumiose Press building.

Vernal Avenue

Main article: Vernal Avenue

Located on Vernal Avenue is Friseur Furfrou, Herboriste, the Stone Emporium, and Boutique Couture.


Main article: Lumiose City restaurants

Lumiose City has four restaurants located on South Boulevard (Restaurant Le Nah), Autumnal Avenue (Restaurant Le Yeah), Hibernal Avenue (Restaurant Le Wow), and near Rogue Plaza (Sushi High Roller). At each restaurant, the player can pay to be served a meal where the server will battle the player before each course. After finishing a meal, the player will receive a reward: a number of some valuable item, depending on which restaurant the player is in and how well they did.

Lysandre Café

A red café located near Magenta Plaza. It grants the player access to Lysandre Labs, one of Team Flare's hideouts in the Kalos region. Despite the small size, it serves as an important location in both the main plot line and the after story sideline plot with Xerosic.

Lumi Cab

Main article: Lumi Cab

Lumi Cab is a taxi service that lets the player travel between many stops around Lumiose City for a fee; destinations that are farther away cost more. If the player has enough style, the fare will be half price. If the player does not have enough money to pay for the ride, the driver will challenge them to a battle.

Gogoat Shuttle

Artwork of Calem riding the Gogoat Shuttle

Signposts located all around the Boulevards, where the player can ride a Gogoat that will take them to South Boulevard East or South Boulevard West if the player is riding at South Boulevard; or North Boulevard East or North Boulevard West if the player is riding at North Boulevard. The fare is flat at  200.


Within Lumiose City, the player has a degree of style which can be raised by doing things around the city. If the player has a high style, prices may be lower, more items and services may be offered, and certain establishments may be accessible that were not before.

Increasing style

When the player first speaks to Alexa in the Lumiose Press building on Estival Avenue, they will gain 5 points of style.

Location Event +Style
Gogoat Shuttle Ride a Gogoat 1
Lumi Cab Take a cab 1
Looker Bureau Finish Looker chapters 1-5 5
Looker Bureau Finish final Looker chapter 20
South Boulevard
Coiffure Clips Get any haircut or coloring 2
PR Video Studio Create a PR Video* 1
Restaurant Le Nah Buy a meal 2
North Boulevard
Battle Institute Test a team 3
Galette Stand Buy a Lumiose Galette 1
Hotel Richissime Complete a perfect job 3
Lumiose Museum Enter museum without audio guide 1<90
Enter museum and buy the audio guide 2<90
Lumiose Station Take the train 1*
Location Event +Style
Autumnal Avenue
Juice Shoppe Create a Berry Juice* 2
Buy* a Berry Juice 2
Poké Ball Boutique Buy something* 2
Restaurant Le Yeah Buy a meal 3
Estival Avenue
Loto-ID Center Win a prize 1
Hibernal Avenue
Restaurant Le Wow Buy a meal 4
Rouge Plaza
Sushi High Roller Buy a meal 5
Vernal Avenue
Boutique Couture Buy something 3
Friseur Furfrou Have a Furfrou styled 2
Herboriste Buy something* 1
Stone Emporium Buy a Fire, Leaf, or Water Stone* 2

Style benefits

Location Benefit Req Style
Lumi Cab 50% discount on fares 140
Restaurant Le Nah 10% meal discount 25
Restaurant Le Yeah 10% meal discount 90
Restaurant Le Wow 10% meal discount 190
Sushi High Roller Access 90
10% meal discount 255
PR Video Studio New video effects* 25
New video effects* 90
Café Introversion Mr. Bonding will give Hatching Power if the player has all other O-Powers 190
Stone Emporium Mega Stone is discounted to  500,000 10
Mega Stone is discounted to  300,000 25
Mega Stone is discounted to  150,000 50
Mega Stone is discounted to  100,000 90
Mega Stone is discounted to  70,000 140
Mega Stone is discounted to  50,000 190
Mega Stone is discounted to  10,000 255
Coiffure Clips New styles
  • Male: Medium Perm
  • Female*: Ponytail, Pigtails
Friseur Furfrou New trims: La Reine, Kabuki, Pharaoh 10
New trims: Debutante, Matron, Dandy 50
Boutique Couture Access 25
Lumiose Museum Free audio guide 90
Galette Stand 20% discount on galettes 50
Café Triste The Waitress will heal the player's team 90
Café Action! A Madame will appear* and will add two new events for PR Videos 255
Juice Shoppe Purchasable juices expand* to two choices, <Color> Juices can be bought 25
Purchasable juices expand* to three choices, Rare Soda can be bought 90
Ultra Rare Soda can be bought 255

In addition to the above benefits, some NPCs will change their dialogue as the player's style increases, and several new NPCs will appear in various places (mostly cafés) around the city as well. At 25 points of style, more people will appear in Café Pokémon-Amie (on Autumnal Avenue), Café Action! (on North Boulevard), Café Introversion (on South Boulevard), and Cafés Classe and Woof (on Vernal Avenue). At 50 points of style, more people will appear in Café Bataille (on North Boulevard), Shutterbug Café (on South Boulevard), and Boutique Couture (on Vernal Avenue). Finally, at 90 points of style, more people will appear in Café Gallant (on Estival Avenue) and, on North Boulevard, in the westernmost building, Café Triste, and Lumiose Station.


Pokémon X and Y

The population of Lumiose City is 416. Its population surpasses the populations of all other major cities in the series by a very high margin, being higher than both Wyndon and Nimbasa, second and third respectively, combined.


Poké Mart

North/South/Magenta - Left cashier
  Poké Ball
  Great Ball
  Ultra Ball3 Badges
  Super Potion
  Hyper Potion2 Badges
  Max Potion4 Badges
  Full Restore5 Badges
  Revive2 Badges
  Paralyze Heal
  Burn Heal
  Ice Heal
  Full Heal3 Badges
  Escape Rope
  Super Repel2 Badges
  Max Repel3 Badges
South Boulevard - Right cashier
  TM78 (Bulldoze)
  TM76 (Struggle Bug)
  TM75 (Swords Dance)
  TM11 (Sunny Day)
  TM18 (Rain Dance)
North Boulevard - Right cashier
  Heal Ball
  Net Ball
  Nest Ball

Poké Miles

In the Pokémon Center on South Boulevard, a butler will exchange items for the player's Poké Miles.

South Boulevard Pokémon Center - Butler
  Berry Juice
  Moomoo Milk
  Full Heal
  Max Repel
  Hyper Potion
  Ultra Ball
  Max Potion
  Full Restore
  Max Revive
  Rare Candy
  PP Up

Poké Ball Boutique

Autumnal Avenue
  Quick Ball
  Dive Ball
  Timer Ball
  Premier Ball
  Heal Ball
  Net Ball
  Nest Ball
  Dusk Ball
  Repeat Ball
  Luxury Ball


Vernal Avenue
  Heal Powder
  Energy Powder
  Energy Root
  Revival Herb

Stone Emporium

Vernal Avenue
  Fire Stone
  Water Stone
  Leaf Stone


Magenta Plaza

Pokémon Center

Item Location Games
  Looker Ticket Next to the nurse's desk (post-game)  X  Y 

Jaune Plaza

Trevor's House

Item Location Games
  Revive From a female Scientist if the player has a Pokémon that knows Eerie Impulse  X  Y 


Item Location Games
  Destiny Knot From Beauty Aimee after defeating her (repeatable)  X  Y 
  Elixir From Beauty Anais after defeating her (repeatable)  X  Y 
  Nugget From Beauty Cassandra after defeating her (repeatable)  X  Y 

Lysandre Café

Item Location Games
  King's Rock From Lysandre after defeating Clemont  X  Y 


Item Location Games
  Honor of Kalos From Professor Sycamore during the parade after entering the Hall of Fame  X  Y 


After entering the Hall of Fame, Diantha will appear in Café Soleil and offer to trade a Ralts holding Gardevoirite for one of the player's Pokémon. The Ralts will have perfect Special Attack and Speed IVs.

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Gift Pokémon
10 One
10 One
10 One
Any Pokémon
5 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


Trainer Pokémon
Punk Guy Faust
メルド Merde
Reward:  600
  Haunter Lv.30
No item
Black Belt Killian
ウォング Wong
Reward:  600
  Machoke Lv.30
No item
Beauty Anais
カルーセル Carrousel
Reward:  680
  Seadra Lv.34
No item
Punk Girl Lillian
ミミ Mimi
Reward:  600
  Krokorok Lv.30
No item
Beauty Aimee
ドゥ Do
Reward:  680
  Fletchinder Lv.34
No item
Chef Kamaboko
ロコモコ Locomoco
Reward:  600
  Pidgeotto Lv.30
No item
Waitress Paget
ペッシュ Peche
Reward:  600
  Kirlia Lv.30
No item
Beauty Cassandra
トロワ Trois
Reward:  680
  Roselia Lv.34
No item
Owner Toro
スケゾウ Sukezō
Reward:  600
  Diggersby Lv.30
No item
Garçon Jacopo
ベリーニ Bellini
Reward:  600
  Gabite Lv.30
No item

Lysandre Café

Trainer Pokémon
After earning the Psychic Badge
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,840
  Scrafty Lv.46
No item
Team Flare Grunt
Reward:  1,840
  Liepard Lv.46
No item

Looker Bureau

Trainer Pokémon
During Chapter 4 of the Looker Bureau
Butler Chalmers
アカマロ Akamaro
Reward:  4,960
  Braviary Lv.62
No item

After completing all the Looker Bureau ChaptersTuThSa


In the spin-off-games

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

Main article: Prism Tower (stage)

Prism Tower, Lumiose City's prominent landmark, appears as a stage in the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U.

Pokémon Masters EX

Artwork depicting Lumiose City is seen in Looker and Professor Sycamore's mindscapes.

Looker & Croagunk
Emma & Crobat
Sycamore & Xerneas

In the anime

Main series

Pokémon the Series: XY

Lumiose City in the anime

Ash arrived at an airport in Lumiose City with Alexa in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! as his first destination in the Kalos region. Ash wanted to challenge the Gym there, but was denied access by Clembot for not having enough Badges. He then fell several feet, where he was saved by Clemont and Bonnie. This is also where Ash had his first Kalos battle, using Pikachu against Clemont's Bunnelby. However, the battle was interrupted by Team Rocket, who was trying to snatch Pikachu. The group was saved by a wild Froakie, who was injured in the process, and taken to Professor Sycamore's lab. Following the events of Professor Sycamore's Garchomp going out of control, in Lumiose City Pursuit!, Ash and his friends left Lumiose City in A Battle of Aerial Mobility!. Serena first arrived at Lumiose City at the end of the episode, where she chose Fennekin as her starter Pokémon at Professor Sycamore's lab in the next episode.

Ash and his friends along with Serena arrived again at Lumiose City in Grooming Furfrou!, where they went to a grooming salon owned by Sherman. In Clemont's Got a Secret!, the group went to the Lumiose Gym for Clemont to get the ownership of the Gym back from Clembot. Finally, in Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!, the group went back to Professor Sycamore's lab, where Clemont was given a Chespin, after which they left the city again.

In The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!, Clemont returned to Lumiose City on his own via helicopter to train for his upcoming Gym battle with Ash.

Ash, Serena, and Bonnie reunited with Clemont in Confronting the Darkness! for Ash's Gym battle against Clemont. However, the match was interrupted by Officer Jenny who arrested Clembot for the crimes committed by Dark Clembot and Belmondo, who were eventually found outside Lumiose Museum. Lumiose University, an electronics store, a high-end boutique, and a 3 star hotel were also featured in this episode. In The Moment of Lumiose Truth!, Ash eventually had his Gym battle against Clemont and his Bunnelby, Heliolisk, and Luxray, and won with his Pikachu, Hawlucha, and Goodra. This victory earned Ash the Voltage Badge, his fifth Kalos League Badge overall. Following the Gym battle, the group took a visit to Professor Sycamore again in Garchomp's Mega Bond!, after which they left the city.

Full night view of Lumiose City from a cliff

As revealed in Seeing the Forest for the Trees!, Lumiose City would be the site of the Kalos League. The Lumiose Conference began in A League of His Own! and ended in Down to the Fiery Finish!, with Alain as the victor. As the closing ceremonies were underway, Team Flare, having secretly taken over the Prism Tower, took control of Z2 and forced it to transform into its 50% Forme. After doing so, it attacked the city with massive roots, causing serious damage to it, Prism Tower, and the stadium where the Lumiose Conference was taking place.

Lumiose City was put under siege by Team Flare, using the roots created by Zygarde, from A Towering Takeover! to Forming a More Perfect Union!. In Battling with a Clean Slate! and The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!, after the Team Flare crisis ended, Lumiose City began a process of rebuilding. In Till We Compete Again!, Ash and the gang returned to Lumiose City to bid farewell to Alain, Mairin, and Professor Sycamore before Ash and Serena left the Kalos region for Pallet Town and Hoenn, respectively. After both Ash and Serena departed through the Lumiose airport, Clemont and Bonnie returned to Prism Tower.

In XYS06, Cilan visited Lumiose City for a fishing tournament, where he met Clemont and Bonnie, asking the former to take him to Prism Tower. On the way, the trio also explored the Lumiose Subway system. After getting to see the tower, Cilan departed to go see the Tower of Mastery in Shalour City.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Lumiose City appeared briefly in A Festival Reunion! as Ash and Goh flew over it on their way to Shalour City.

In The Future is Now, Thanks to Strategy!, Ash and Goh traveled to Lumiose City for Ash next World Coronation Series battle against Elite Four member Drasna. In order to prepare him for it, they visited Clemont and Bonnie at the Lumiose Gym, where Ash's Sirfetch'd and Dracovish ended up learning Meteor Assault and Dragon Rush, respectively. The battle between Ash and Drasna took place the next day at the Lumiose Conference stadium. The tough battle eventually ended in Ash's victory, increasing his tournament ranking.


Prism Tower Lumiose Museum Lumiose Conference stadium Professor Sycamore's laboratory

Pokémon Generations

Lumiose City in Pokémon Generations

In The Beauty Eternal, many citizens in many areas of Lumiose City were going about their daily lives after the release of the Holo Caster. Café Soleil was also shown, with Lysandre discussing with Diantha about the concept of eternal beauty.

In The Investigation, Looker confronted and chased down Essentia through Lumiose City, before eventually cornering her in Lysandre Café and revealing her as Emma.

In The Redemption, a parade was held in Lumiose City to celebrate the new Kalos League Champion, Calem. During the parade, AZ appeared and challenged Calem to battle. He lost, but was still relieved of having freed from the part of him that had built the ultimate weapon 3000 years earlier. Hearing this, his long-lost Floette returned to him, causing him to break into tears.


Café Soleil Looker Bureau Lysandre Café Parade

Pokémon Evolutions

Lumiose City in Pokémon Evolutions

Lumiose City appeared in The Visionary, first in a brief flashback and later when Professor Sycamore was seen watching a Holo Caster broadcast about Lysandre at his laboratory.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Lumiose City in Pokémon Adventures

X & Y chapter

Lumiose City first appeared in They Have a Flare for a Li'l Kanga-Napping and Kangaskhan...Kangascan't, where Professor Sycamore showed Lysandre the footage of Xerneas and Yveltal's battle in Vaniville Town, sent to him by Trevor.

The city reappared in What Does Charmander Do When It Dozes, where X, Y, Tierno, Trevor, Shauna arrived in the city. Following Trevor's suggestion, the group decided to visit Professor Sycamore, delivering his lost Charmander back to him in the process. Seeing X's negative mood, Sycamore decided to cheer him up by challenging him to a battle. After the battle, Sycamore gave Charmander to X, and was also surprised to find out that X had come to accept the Chespin he had sent to him.

Meanwhile, Trevor had his broken Holo Caster fixed by Lysandre, although he felt himself extremely nervous around the man's presence, having recognized his figure from one of the pictures taken during Vaniville Town's destruction. Lysandre later sent his Pokémon to surround the children, but they were saved by the arrival of Diantha.

The group later visited the Prism Tower in order to ask Professor Sycamore about something they forgot before, not aware that the interview Professor Sycamore had gone to have at the tower was already over. Once there, the group found Alexa being attacked by the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief, who, having allied with Team Flare, was trying to silence Alexa to keep her from spilling out the truth about the destruction of Vaniville Town. X battled and defeated the editor-in-chief, allowing the group to escape the city. An Electrike from the tower had become interested in X, and subsequently started following them as they left Lumiose City.

The group returned to Lumiose City in PS593. Much to their shock, the people of Lumiose City seemed to be completely unaware of the recent events and treated them like scum. Despite this, they stopped AZ's seeming attempt to use the ultimate weapon again, leading to the weapon's key getting destroyed. AZ then revealed that he was merely testing them to see if they'd choose the same path as Team Flare. Having felt a change in AZ's heart, his long-lost Floette then returned to him. Professor Sycamore suggested a parade for the group to celebrate them saving the Kalos region, but they declined the offer. Three months later, Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor had all moved to Lumiose City, with Shauna becoming a Furfrou stylist, Tierno teaching the Lumiose Gang how to dance, and Trevor taking over Sina and Dexio's role as Sycamore's assistant, while the duo headed to the Alola region to study the sightings of Zygarde made there.

In PS595, Essentia seemed to resurface in Lumiose City while Trevor had an encounter with the Artificial Pokémon Magearna. It helped him stop Essentia, who turned out to be just a robot created by Xerosic.


Sycamore Pokémon Lab Café Introversion Lysandre Café Lumiose Press


Game South Boulevard North Boulevard Avenues/Plazas Centrico Plaza Alley


  • If the player enters Lumiose City and gets on their bicycle, the music does not change.
  • At the Magenta Plaza Pokémon Center, a young man mentions Team Plasma "making news a while back in the Unova region," while a young woman mentions Professor Oak's grandson having visited Kalos to study abroad. She also tells how he used to say "Bonjour" while meeting and "Smell ya later!" while leaving. The first quote refers to the way how Blue greets the player while visiting S.S. Anne in the original Generation I games and their remakes, while the latter one was used whenever he left the player's presence.
  • The architecture style of Lumiose City is very similar to its real counterpart. Paris itself consists mostly of buildings dating back up to several centuries and the outskirts (also called the Parisian suburbs) were recently urbanized, dating back to the 1960s.
  • Similarly to Paris, Lumiose City has roads connecting to all parts of Kalos. The only difference is that Paris' connections to all parts of France are used by railroads.
    • The layout of the city is also extremely similar to the area of Paris surrounding the Arc de Triomphe.
  • On the second floor of the Fighting Dojo's building, a Hex Maniac will appear, say "No, you're not the one," and float away. The purpose of this in-game event, if there is one, is not known yet.
    • In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the player can talk to a Hex Maniac on the first floor of Mt. Pyre's interior who says the exact same words. The relation between these two events is unknown.
  • The shape and colors of the plazas closely resemble the logo of the Battle Frontier in Generation IV.
  • Lumiose City is tied with Hammerlocke for having the most Pokémon Centers in a single city, with three.
  • In Jaune Plaza, there are two girls who are mimicking the sounds of Pokémon. In the Japanese version, one girl is mimicking the sound of Heatran while the other is complimenting her. However, this is mistranslated in the English version to imply that a Lava Dome Pokémon appears in Jaune Plaza.


Lumiose City save glitch

Map of Lumiose City by Nintendo indicating areas unsafe to load saves in
Main article: Lumiose City save glitch

At the time of release of Pokémon X and Y, many players reported being unable to move after loading a save within Lumiose City. According to, if the player saves the game in certain areas of Lumiose City, then ends the game, the controls will not respond when the saved game is reloaded. They provided a map indicating known areas where the glitch can occur, which includes the entire outer boulevards. On October 25, 2013, Nintendo released a patch for this glitch via the Nintendo eShop.

Fire Blast camera clipping glitch

When a Pokémon with a large hitbox (such as Rayquaza) uses Fire Blast in a battle in one of the back alleys of Lumiose City, when the camera pans backwards, it will clip through the building to the right side of the Pokémon, causing it to completely disappear momentarily.


Lumiose City and Prism Tower are based on Paris and the Eiffel Tower respectively.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ミアレシティ Miare City From みあれ香 miare-kō (an incense used for rituals to welcome deities in the Kamo Shrine) and 御生れ miare (advent of a deity)
English Lumiose City From Paris's nickname La Ville-Lumière (The City of Light), grandiose, and possibly rose
German Illumina City From La Ville-Lumière and Illumination
Spanish Ciudad Luminalia From La Ville-Lumière and iluminación (illumination)
French Illumis From La Ville-Lumière, Paris, and illumination
Italian Luminopoli From La Ville-Lumière and illuminazione (illumination)
Dutch Illumis From its French name
Swedish Staden Lumiose From its English name
Norwegian Byen Lumiose From its English name
Danish Byen Lumiose From its English name
Finnish Lumiosen kaupunki From its English name
Korean 미르시티 Mireu City Possibly from myrrh or 미르 mireu (dragon)
Chinese (Mandarin) 密阿雷市 Mì'āléi Shì Transcription of its Japanese name. Contains 雷 léi (thunder).
Chinese (Cantonese) 密阿雷市 Maht'alèuih Síh Mandarin-based transcription of its Japanese name. Contains 雷 lèuih (thunder).
Hebrew העיר לומיאוס Ha'eer Lumiose From its English name
Polish Lumiose From its English name
Brazilian Portuguese Cidade de Lumiose
Cidade Lumiose*
From its English name
Russian Люмиос Сити Lyumios Siti From its English name
Hungarian Lumiose városa From its English name
Czech Město Lumiose From its English name
Croatian Grad Lumiose From its English name
Serbian Grad Lumiose From its English name
Slovenian Mesto Lumiose From its English name
Thai มิอาเร่ซิตี้ Miare City Transcription of its Japanese name
Arabic مدينة لوميوس Madinat Lumiose From its English name
Turkish Lumiose Şehri From its English name
Vietnamese Thành phố Miare Transcription of its Japanese name

Rouge Plaza

Language Name Origin
Japanese ルージュ広場 Rouge Hiroba From rouge (French for red)
English Rouge Plaza From its Japanese name
German, French Place Rouge From its Japanese name
Spanish Plaza Roja From roja (red)
Italian Piazza Rossa From rossa (red)
Korean 루주 광장 Rouge Gwangjang From its Japanese name

Jaune Plaza

Language Name Origin
Japanese ジョーヌ広場 Jaune Hiroba From jaune (French for yellow)
English Jaune Plaza From its Japanese name
German, French Place Jaune From its Japanese name
Spanish Plaza Amarilla From amarilla (yellow)
Italian Piazza Gialla From gialla (yellow)
Korean 존느 광장 Jaune Gwangjang From its Japanese name

Vert Plaza

Language Name Origin
Japanese ベール広場 Vert Hiroba From vert (French for green)
English Vert Plaza From its Japanese name
German, French Place Verte From its Japanese name
Italian Piazza Verde From verde (green)
Spanish Plaza Verde From verde (green)
Korean 베르 광장 Vert Gwangjang From its Japanese name

Bleu Plaza

Language Name Origin
Japanese ブルー広場 Bleu Hiroba From bleu (French for blue)
English Bleu Plaza From its Japanese name
German, French Place Cyan From cyan
Spanish Plaza Azul From azul (blue)
Italian Piazza Blu From blu (blue)
Korean 블르 광장 Bleu Gwangjang From its Japanese name

Magenta Plaza

Language Name Origin
Japanese ローズ広場 Rose Hiroba From rose (French for pink)
English Magenta Plaza From magenta
German, French Place Rose From its Japanese name
Spanish Plaza Rosa From rosa (pink)
Italian Piazza Rosa From rosa (pink)
Korean 로즈 광장 Rose Gwangjang From its Japanese name

Centrico Plaza

Language Name Origin
Japanese メディオプラザ Medio Plaza From medio- (Italian for middle)
English Centrico Plaza From -centrico (Italian for centric)
German Zentral-Plaza From zentral (central)
Spanish Plaza Central From central
French Place Centrale From centrale (central)
Italian Piazza Centrale From centrale (central)
Korean 메디오 플라자 Medio Plaza Same as Japanese name

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