エレク Élec
Poké Ball
X Elec.png
X's Manectric
Debuts in Charging After Elektrike
Caught in Overthrowing a Tyrunt
Caught at Parfum Palace
Evolves in Fast-Thinking Froakie
Gender Male
Ability Lightning Rod
Nature Naughty
Current location With X
HOME309.png HOME310.png
This Pokémon spent 2 rounds as Electrike.

Élec (Japanese: エレク Élec) is a Manectric that X owns in Pokémon Adventures and his fourth Pokémon overall. Prior to joining X, he was one of the many Pokémon used by Clemont to help power Prism Tower during blackouts. He is at level 48 and his Characteristic is that he is "mischievous."


Élec while living at the Prism Tower

Prior to the start of the X & Y chapter, Élec was an Electrike used by Clemont alongside other Electric-type Pokémon to power the Prism Tower during a blackout. Élec first appeared as an Electrike in Charging After Elektrike, watching X battle against the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief. Upon seeing X defeat the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief, he became impressed with X and began following the group when they left Lumiose City.

In Fast-Thinking Froakie, Electrike appears in front of the group and steals Y's clothes, forcing X and the others to give chase. Electrike is soon stopped by Croaky and forced to battle him. Due to Croaky's speed and jumping skills, he easily dodges Electrike's moves and manages to take back Y's clothes. Despite losing the battle Electrike continues to try and take Y's clothes. X deduces that he doesn't want her to change out of her flight suit in order to reach something high up, and Electrike agrees enthusiastically. Y begins to argue that she will not do it and Electrike evolves into Manectric, convincing Y to help out. X then figures out that he is looking for a Manectite and Clemont agrees to help look for it.

After Clemont puts the information into his sensor the group finds the Manectite on top of a tree. However, a Team Flare Grunt also found the stone and attempts to take it, knocking the tree down on Clemont and stealing the stone. X, Trevor, and Manectric give chase and eventually end up in the Parfum Palace. Upon arriving the Grunt's Tyrunt steals Li'l Kanga's Mega Stone as well. X turns to Manectric to reaffirm its desire for the Mega Stone and asks him if he would like to battle together with him, to which the Discharge Pokémon nods. With the confirmation X gives him the nickname Élec and jumps onto his back and charges towards the Team Flare Grunt.

Élec and X

Élec attacks with Wild Charge, but fails to do any real damage due to Tyrunt being a Dragon-type. Tyrunt then attacks with Earthquake, knocking Élec to the ground. Assuming the battle is over the Grunt begins to leave, only to be bitten by Élec, who survived the attack due to Trevor's Flabébé's Grassy Terrain halving the damage. While being dragged around Flabébé sneaks into the Grunt's pocket and reclaims the Mega Stones, allowing Élec to Mega Evolve. He then attacks with a powerful Electric attack and scares the Grunt away.

In PS571, Élec is used to defeat the Aegislash that Malva was using to control the Sky Trainers, attacking with a powerful Discharge.

Lightning Rod activated

In PS579, Élec was used in X's attempt to break into Team Flare's hideout in Geosenge Town. While sneaking in Élec used Wild Charge to defeat a Grunt's Noibat. Once inside Élec teamed up with Kanga and Garma to fight Lysandre's Mega Gyarados, Pyroar, and Mienfoo. Élec ends up fighting his Gyarados and took heavy damage due to Gyarados's Bite attack dealing more damage with its new Dark-type. Élec soon recovers though and retaliates with Wild Charge. Lysandre then questions why X hasn't Mega Evolved a Pokémon yet, only for a Mega Evolved Li'l Kanga to sneak up on Gyarados and attack, dealing a lot of damage. Lysandre then asks X if the sneak attack was worth it, and X reveals that he also choose to not Mega Evolve Élec due to his Lightning Rod Ability being used to drain Lysandre's machine's energy, allowing Xerneas to recover. Despite all this, X and his team end up defeated.

In PS584, Élec joins the rest of X's team (except for Salamè) in fighting against Essentia's four Hawlucha. Essentia soon flees on one of the Hawlucha, leaving the rest of the Hawlucha unable to stay in formation and get defeated.

In PS593, X had his final battle against Lysandre and his Zygarde. X used the power of five Key Stones to simultaneously Mega Evolve his five capable Pokémon at once. With their combined strength, Élec, Kanga, Li'l Kanga, Salamè, Garma, and Rute fought against Zygarde in order to defeat it. The combined might of X's team successfully forced Zygarde to split apart into its Cells, which led to Lysandre's defeat.

Personality and characteristics

Élec's Manectite

Élec is a very strong-willed Pokémon who always gives everything his best effort. He is also very stubborn at times and refuses to change his mind when he sets himself to a goal, as shown when he forced Y to follow him for help in retrieving a Mega Stone. He is very powerful and is often used by X for his strength and speed. As such, it has a strong relationship with X.


See also: Mega Evolution
As an Electrike As a Mega Manectric

Moves used

Using Wild Charge
Move First Used In
Wild Charge PS567*
Discharge PS571
Thunder PS593
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Language Name Origin
Japanese エレク Élec From Élecsprint, Manectric's French name
English, German Élec From Élecsprint, Manectric's French name
French Raibo From Livolt, Manectric's Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 艾雷克 Àiléikè Transliteration of its Japanese name. Contains 雷 léi (thunder), as a reference to 雷電獸 Léidiànshòu (Manectric)

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