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Fast-Thinking Froakie
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Shogakukan mini-volume Ch. 12 in Vol. 2
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Shogakukan full volume Ch. 565 in Vol. 57
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 17 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

Fast-Thinking Froakie (Japanese: ケロマツ、消える Keromatsu, Disappear) is the 565th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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While the group continues to travel, Y gets in some practice with her Sky Trainer routines alongside Fletchy. A sudden change in wind direction sends her hurtling towards the ground, but the Froakie traveling with them uses a bed of its frubbles to cushion her fall. Trevor sends an update to Professor Sycamore, revealing that Y has decided to keep Froakie and nicknamed it Croaky. Before Y can strip out of her Sky Trainer uniform, Shauna pulls X out from the tent on top of Y's Rhyhorn and forces her to change out of sight. Trevor adds that he wishes to apologize for losing the Fennekin that he was also given, but he has no idea where to start looking. All of a sudden, Y bolts out of the tent screaming, claiming that something has run into the tent with her - which turns out to be an Electrike that has run away with her clothes. Croaky covers Y up as Shauna orders the boys to chase after Electrike.

At the Team Flare Secret HQ, Grace is thrown into a jail cell as a Team Flare Grunt and Chalmers discuss her recent escape, expressing frustration at her constant attempts while also acknowledging their network of operatives, who will track her down and make a complete escape impossible. As the Team Flare members leave Grace with five locks on her cell, the other imprisoned townspeople of Vaniville Town ask if she's alright, and if she managed to get any news from the outside world, which Grace sadly denies. Thinking back to the fateful day, Grace recalls returning from a Rhyhorn race only to find the town in chaos, before she was caught in an explosion. After coming to, she and the other townsfolk were locked up and only let out to work on a mysterious project. The townspeople all start to lose hope at Grace's constant recaptures, but she tries to encourage them, assuring that they'll all be able to go home one day.

Walking along the path, Clemont reads one of the magazines that Grant handed him, learning that Grace is a famous Rhyhorn Racer and her daughter is following in her footsteps. He is briefly distracted by the group of Y and her friends chasing after Electrike for her clothes. With a storm of its frubbles, Croaky blocks Electrike's escape and engages it in battle, using Double Team and a body double made of frubbles to avoid Electrike's Electric attacks, managing to retrieve Y's clothes. As Clemont catches up to the group, he recognizes Y from the magazine he was reading as the group wonder why Electrike tried to steal Y's clothes, only for Electrike to jump on Y and try to yank up her sky suit. X suggests that Electrike wants Y to use her sky suit to fly somewhere high and look for something, based on its actions of looking upwards, which Electrike confirms. Annoyed, Y tries to decline the request, only for Electrike to evolve into Manectric while perched on her head. Under pressure from the additional weight, Y hurriedly accedes to Manectric's request and prepares to change into her uniform again.

Seeing all this, Clemont introduces himself to the group, revealing that he's overheard their problem and volunteers the use of his Aipom Arm, only for the group of friends to believe he is untrustworthy and back off. However, X realizes that Clemont's Aipom Arm has a camera and sensor built in, which would make it more useful for searching. The group decides to trust Clemont seeing that X doesn't mind him. Clemont asks Manectric what it wants to look for, and X has Li'l Kanga take out her Mega Stone, suggesting that Manectric wants to look for one of its own. Using his technology, Clemont deploys his Aipom Arm to look for one in a nearby tree, eventually finding one in its branches. However, another Team Flare Grunt has also set his eyes on the stone with his Tyrunt.

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  • In the original Japanese version, Y is topless when Electrike steals her clothes, explaining why Croaky covered her chest with Frubbles. In the VIZ Media translation, Y is seen wearing a sleeveless undershirt instead of being topless, most likely for censorship reasons.

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PS564 : Corphish Pinches
X & Y arc
PS566 : Overthrowing a Tyrunt
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