PS578 : Gyarados Changes
X & Y arc
PS580 : Flabébé Blooms
Pyroar Breathes
Kaenjishi, Breathe
Shogakukan mini-volume Ch. 24 in Vol. 4
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 24 in Vol. 7
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 579 in Vol. 59
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 31 in Vol. 4
Series Pokémon Adventures

Pyroar Breathes (Japanese: カエンジシ、息吹く Kaenjishi, Breathe) is the 579th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • X continues his battle with Lysandre.
  • During the battle, Xerneas turns back into its normal form.
  • Y, Trevor, Tierno, Shauna, and the Kalos Gym Leaders set off to Geosenge Town.
  • Y adds Rhyhorn to her team and names him Rhyrhy.
  • Despite Xerneas taking back most of its energy, Lysandre decides to continue activating the ultimate weapon.
  • Y and the others arrive in Geosenge Town as the ultimate weapon is being unearthed.
  • Y and the Gym Leaders use their bodies to try and keep the ultimate weapon's petals from blooming.
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PS578 : Gyarados Changes
X & Y arc
PS580 : Flabébé Blooms
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