PS565 : Fast-Thinking Froakie
X & Y arc
PS567 : Morphing Manectric
Overthrowing a Tyrunt
Chigoras, Break
Shogakukan mini-volume Ch. 13 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 13 in Vol. 4
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 566 in Vol. 57
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 18 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

Overthrowing a Tyrunt (Japanese: チゴラス、砕く Chigoras, Break) is the 566th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Clemont helps search for the Mega Stone in the tree, only to find the Team Flare Grunt watching them.
  • The Grunt is exposed, but has his Tyrunt chew the tree and knock it down to collapse onto Clemont.
  • Clemont is crushed by the tree and the Mega Stone is taken.
  • X and Trevor chase after the Grunt while Y, Tierno, and Shauna combat the Grunt's other Pokémon.
  • Clemont tells Y that her mother has been captured by Team Flare.
  • X and Trevor arrive at the Parfum Palace, where the Grunt also steals Kanga's Kangaskhanite.
  • X decides to keep Manectric and names it Élec.
  • Cassius overhears the commotion and decides to intervene.
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PS565 : Fast-Thinking Froakie
X & Y arc
PS567 : Morphing Manectric
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