Lumi Cab

Lumi Cab (Japanese: ミアレタクシー Miare Taxi) is a taxi service with stops located all around Lumiose City, enabling the player to easily travel directly to many locations in the sprawling city. The base fare is PokémonDollar.png710, but it increases the further away from the destination the taxi starts. All of the destinations are internally assigned to a section of the city, and those destinations in the same section share the same cost, with those in the same section as the taxi starts in costing the cheapest.

Each time the player takes a cab, they will gain 1 point of style. At 140 points of style, the driver will start giving a 50% discount on the fare. If the player does not have enough money to pay for the ride, the driver will challenge them to a battle.


The possible destinations are shown below, with the section the destination belongs to noted after the location. Destinations on the Boulevards are split between East and West destinations in addition to North and South, while more internal destinations (mostly on Avenues) are only differentiated by North or South.

South Pokémon Center SE
PR Video Studio SE
Friseur Furfrou S
Coiffure Clips SW
Loto-ID Center S
North Pokémon Center NW
Hotel Richissime NE
Magenta Pokémon Center N
Gate to Route 4 SE
Gate to Route 5 SW
Gate to Route 13 NW
Gate to Route 14 NW
Gate to Route 16 NE
Lumiose Station NE
Pokémon Lab SE
Lumiose Press S
Vacant Storefront N
Lumiose Museum NW
Battle Institute NE
Prism Tower Cen
Boutique Couture S
Herboriste S
Stone Emporium S
Poké Ball Boutique N
Fine Dining
Restaurant Le Nah SE
Galette Stand NW
Juice Shoppe N
Restaurant Le Yeah N
Restaurant Le Wow N
Sushi High Roller N
Café Cyclone S
Café Introversion SE
Café Classe S
Café Woof S
Café Soleil SW
Shutterbug Café SW
Café Rouleau N
Café Gallant N
Café Triste NW
Lysandre Café N
Café Pokémon-Amie N
Café Ultimo NE
Café Kizuna N
Café Action! NE
Café Bataille NE

Destination cost

The table below describes the exact cost to reach a destination in a given section when taking a given taxi.

Cab location Section Destination cost
Galette Stand NW  710  1,000  4,000  2,000  1,500  3,500  3,000
Route 14 Gate
Route 16 Gate NE  1,000  710  2,500  4,000  2,000  3,500
Route 4 Gate SE  4,000  1,500  710  1,000  3,500  2,000
Route 5 Gate SW  1,500  4,200  1,000  710  3,500  2,000
South Blvd & Estival Ave
Estival Avenue N  1,500  2,000  4,000  3,500  710  1,000
Autumnal Avenue
Vernal Avenue S  3,500  2,000  1,500  2,000  1,000  710


Trainer Pokémon
Driver Cabot
ロッセーニ Rossellini
Reward:  3,520
  Krokorok Lv.55
No item
Driver Carter
モモジロウ Momojirō
Reward:  4,224
  Krookodile Lv.66
No item
Driver Clarence
ホルヘ Jorge
Reward:  2,112
  Sandile Lv.33
No item
Driver Cormick
ラッセ Lasse
Reward:  3,520
  Krokorok Lv.55
No item
Driver Coupe
アキーム Hakeem
Reward:  2,112
  Sandile Lv.33
No item
Driver Hackney
マキュス Macuse
Reward:  2,112
  Sandile Lv.33
No item
Driver Hansom
ユピテル Yupiter
Reward:  2,112
  Sandile Lv.33
No item
Driver Schaffer
カムロ Kamuro
Reward:  3,520
  Krokorok Lv.55
No item
Driver Wayne
ディディー Diddy
Reward:  3,520
  Krokorok Lv.55
No item
Driver Weaver
ゴンジー Gonzi
Reward:  3,520
  Krokorok Lv.55
No item
Driver Wheeler
カナル Kanaru
Reward:  2,112
  Sandile Lv.33
No item

In other languages

Language Title
  French Taxi Illumis
  German Illumina-Taxi
  Italian Taxi Luminopoli
  Korean 미르택시 Mireu Taxi
  Spanish Taxi Luminalia

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