Juice Shoppe

Juice Shoppe しるや
Juice House
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Location: Lumiose City
Region: Kalos
Generations: VI
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Location of Juice Shoppe in Kalos.
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The Juice Shoppe (Japanese: しるや Juice House) is a specialty shop in Lumiose City located on Autumnal Avenue that sells many kinds of Berry Juice. These juices can affect a Pokémon's effort values, friendship, or level.

A man on the left side of the counter will sell pre-made juices, with the selection changing each day, while a woman on the right will blend a fresh juice using two Berries from the player's Bag. The man and the woman can each be patronized once a day. Any juice bought or made must immediately be used on a Pokémon; it cannot be stored in the player's Bag.

The possible selection of pre-made juices depends on the player's stylishness in Lumiose City. Initially, only Colorful Shakes are offered for sale. At 25 points of style, the menu will expand to offer two drinks and may include the EV Juices; at 90 style, the menu will expand to three choices and may include Rare Soda; and at 255 style, Ultra Rare Soda may appear on the menu.


Name Effect Pre-made price Custom-made mix
Colorful Shake Increases friendship  100 per point of friendship Any two Berries of different colors,
except the specific combinations below
Purple Juice Increases HP EV and friendship  100 per EV Any two Berries of the same color
Red Juice Increases Attack EV and friendship
Yellow Juice Increases Defense EV and friendship
Blue Juice Increases Special Attack EV and friendship
Green Juice Increases Special Defense EV and friendship
Pink Juice Increases Speed EV and friendship
Rare Soda Increases level from 1-3  10,000 per level
Lansat Berry
Starf Berry
Ultra Rare Soda Increases level by 4-5  10,000 per level
Enigma Berry
Roseli Berry
Perilous Soup Resets EVs to 0 Cannot be bought
Kee Berry
Maranga Berry

Berry groups

Custom-made Colorful Shakes and EV Juices have different strengths depending on the Berries used to make them. When making these juices, Berries can be divided into six colors and three groups.

Color Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

Colorful Shake

Drinking a Colorful Shake increases a Pokémon's friendship. Pre-made Colorful Shakes may increase a Pokémon's friendship by anywhere from 10 to 100 points. As the player's style increases, stronger pre-made Colorful Shakes will become available.

Custom-made Colorful Shakes are made by mixing two Berries of different colors. Depending on which groups (shown above) the Berries used fall under, the resulting Colorful Shake will increase the drinker's friendship by the amounts shown below.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Group 1 12 16 24
Group 2 16 24 32
Group 3 24 32 32

EV Juices

Drinking an EV Juice increases a Pokémon's EVs and its friendship. A Pokémon's friendship is always increased by 4 points.

Pre-made EV Juices may add anywhere from 4 to 32 points to a Pokémon's EVs. They will only be available for sale if the player has at least 25 points of style in Lumiose City.

Custom-made EV Juices are made by mixing two Berries of the same color. This works slightly differently if both Berries used are the same than if they are different. For example, Leppa and Cheri Berries are both from Group 1, but a Red Juice produced by mixing two Cheri Berries will have a weaker effect than one produced by mixing a Leppa Berry and a Cheri Berry. The tables below describe the EV increase that will result from mixing any two given Berries of the same color to make an EV Juice.

If two of the same Berry are mixed...
Group 1 4
Group 2 8
Group 3 12
If two different Berries of the same color are mixed...
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Group 1 8 12 16
Group 2 12 16 32
Group 3 16 32 32

Rare Soda and Ultra Rare Soda

Drinking a Rare or Ultra Rare Soda will increase a Pokémon's level, possibly by multiple levels. A Pokémon that drinks one of these Sodas will not undergo Evolution or be given a chance to learn any moves it would have learned in the normal process of leveling up.

Pre-made Rare Sodas may increase the drinker's level by 1 to 3 levels, whereas pre-made Ultra Rare Sodas can increase the drinker's level by 4 or 5 levels. Rare Sodas are only available for sale if the player has at least 90 points of style in Lumiose City, whereas Ultra Rare Sodas require 255 points of style.

Custom-made Rare Sodas (made by blending a Lansat Berry and a Starf Berry) will always increase the drinker's level by 3 levels, whereas Ultra Rare Sodas (made from an Enigma Berry and a Roseli Berry) will always increase the drinker's level by 5.

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Le Nectar
  German Saftbar
  Italian Bacca Bar
  Korean 과즙 가게 Gwajeup Gage
  European Spanish La Zumoteca

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