Pokémon world in relation to the real world

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The designs of nine of the major Pokémon regionsKanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar, and Paldea—are strikingly similar in geography and demographics to regions in the real world, and they are sometimes even officially stated to be based on certain locations. The first four regions are based on smaller regions in Japan, Unova and Alola are based on parts of the United States, Kalos is based on France, Galar is based on the United Kingdom, and Paldea is based on the Iberian Peninsula, consisting in the countries of Spain, Portugal and Andorra. It is said the inspiration for Orre is Phoenix, Arizona.

The map of Japan showing the four main series Japanese Pokémon regions and their sub regions.
The map of North America showing the two main series North American Pokémon regions.
The map of Europe showing the three main series European Pokémon regions. and their sub regions

In the core series games


The Kantō region of Japan (関東地方, Kantō-chihō, meaning "Region East to the Barrier", referring to the east of the Hakone checkpoint) is not only identical in name to Kanto in the Pokémon world, but is also very similar geographically; however, the western part of the game map corresponds to eastern Chūbu (中部地方, Chūbu-chihō, meaning "Central region", also called 中部日本, Chūbu-nihon, that means "Central Japan").

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture Notes
Pallet Town 下田市 Shimoda City 静岡県 Shizuoka Pallet Town is based on Satoshi Tajiri's hometown Machida City during his boyhood.
Route 1 伊豆半島 Izu Peninsula 静岡県 Shizuoka A peninsula that connects Shimoda City to Mishima City.
Viridian City 三島市 or 箱根町 Mishima City or Hakone Town 静岡県 or 神奈川県 Shizuoka or Kanagawa
Viridian Forest 奥秩父山塊 Okuchichibu Mountains 埼玉県山梨県長野県 Yamanashi, Saitama, and Nagano
Route 2 秩父市 Chichibu City 埼玉県 Saitama Viridian Forest being inside Route 2 is a reference to its real world counterpart's name Okuchichibu - meaning "interior of Chichibu".
Pewter City 前橋市 Maebashi City 群馬県 Gunma Maebashi rests at the foot of Mount Akagi. It is the capital city of the Gunma Prefecture. The famous Iwajuku archaeological site and the Iwajuku Museum are located in the city of Midori.
Route 3 桐生市 - 足利市 Kiryū City - Ashikaga City 群馬県, 栃木県 Gunma, Tochigi
Mt. Moon 赤城山 Mount Akagi 群馬県 Gunma Mt. Akagi features a crater lake near the summit
Route 4 佐野市 - 栃木市 Sano City - Tochigi City 栃木県 Tochigi
Cerulean City 宇都宮市 Utsunomiya City 栃木県 Tochigi Utsunomiya City is the capital city of the Tochigi Prefecture.
Cerulean Cave 大谷資料館 Ōya History Museum - Subterranean Cave 栃木県 Tochigi Ōya History Museum used to be a quarry with a network of monumental underground chambers, and is located in Utsunomiya City. Could also be based on Ashio Copper Mine.
Routes 24 & 25 日光国立公園, 那須塩原市 Nikkō National Park and Nasushiobara City 栃木県 Tochigi
Sea Cottage 北茨城市 Kitaibaraki City 茨城県 Ibaraki It's known for Rokkakudō, a wooden retreat overlooking the sea along the Izura coast.
Route 9 水戸線 Mito Line 栃木県, 茨城県 Tochigi, Ibaraki Specifically, from Sakuragawa City to Ishioka City.
Rock Tunnel 筑波山 Mount Tsukuba 茨城県 Ibaraki A non-volcanic mountain renowned for its beautiful granite.
Route 6 京葉線 Keiyō Line 千葉県 Chiba
Vermilion City 横浜市, 横須賀市, 千葉市 A hybrid of Yokohama City, Yokosuka City and Chiba City 神奈川県, 千葉県 Kanagawa, Chiba Geographically, it is based on Chiba City (capital city of the Chiba Prefecture). However, Yokohama (capital city of the Kanagawa Prefecture) is the largest and most luxurious seaport of the three. Yokosuka has a United States Navy base, a possible inspiration for Vermilion Gym and Lt. Surge as an "American" soldier.

During the announcement for the 2023 Pokémon World Championships, The Pokémon Company used a trailer with footage of Vermilion City taken from the Generation I games before announcing that the event would be held in Yokohama.[1]

Diglett's Cave 加曽利貝塚 Kasori Shell Mound 千葉県 Chiba The largest known shell mound found in Japan which can be viewed in a tunnel.
Routes 11, 13, 14 & 15 外房線 Sotobō Line 千葉県 Chiba Route 11 is based on Midori-ku ward, Route 13 on Katsuura City, Route 14 on Kamogawa City (due to wind turbines), and Route 15 on Minamibōsō City.
Kanto Power Plant 東海発電所 Tōkai Nuclear Power Plant 茨城県 Ibaraki The first commercial nuclear power plant in Japan.
Lavender Town 牛久市 Ushiku City 茨城県 Ibaraki Geographically, it is closer to Kashima City. However, Ushiku City contains Ushiku Jyoen - a large scale graveyard that allows people to bury passed away pets. It also contains a small animal park, where people can feed various animals.
Pokémon Tower 牛久大仏 Ushiku Daibutsu 茨城県 Ibaraki The fifth tallest statue in the world, which is located near Ushiku Jyoen (a large scale graveyard). Could also be based on Kashima Shrine.
Route 8 京成東成田線 Keisei Higashi-Narita Line 千葉県 Chiba
Route 12 九十九里浜, 銚子市 Kujūkuri Beach, Chōshi 千葉県 Chiba Chōshi City has one of the largest fish catches in Japan.
Underground Path 東京メトロ東西線 Tokyo Metro Tozai Line 東京都, 千葉県 Tokyo, Chiba
Route 7 新宿御苑 or 代々木公園 Shinjuku Gyo-en or Yoyogi Park 東京都 Tokyo Shinjuku Gyo-en is the largest garden park in Shinjuku. Part of it and Yoyogi Park are in Shibuya, a ward located between Setagaya and Shinjuku wards.
Celadon City 東京都 (多摩ニュータウン and 世田谷区) Tokyo (Tama New Town and Setagaya special wards) 東京都 Tokyo Tama New Town is a large residential development and largest housing development in Japan. The Celadon Department Store and Celadon Game Corner may be a reference to Tama Center's Parthenon Avenue, which contains many retail and leisure complexes, such as Sanrio Puroland. Similarly, Setagaya has the largest population of Tokyo's special wards, which may be the inspiration for the Celadon Condominiums.
Route 5 さいたま市 Saitama City 埼玉県 Saitama
Saffron City 東京都 (新宿区 and 千代田区) Tokyo (Shinjuku and Chiyoda special ward) 東京都 Tokyo Shinjuku is a major commercial centre of Japan known for its business and nightlife. Chiyoda is a major economical powerhouse of Japan, housing the headquarters of 19 Fortune 500 companies that contribute roughly 10% of the combined revenue of all Japanese companies. The Silph Co. headquarters being located in Saffron City may reflect this. Chiyoda is also the political center of Japan: the Imperial Palace, Prime Minister's Official Residence, the National Diet and the Supreme Court are located here.
Magnet Train station 新宿駅 or 新大阪駅 Tokyo Station and Shin-Ōsaka Station 東京都 Tokyo The Tōkaidō Shinkansen bullet train line runs between Tokyo Station in Chiyoda special ward, Tokyo and Shin-Ōsaka Station in Yodogawa ward, Osaka.
Fuchsia City 館山市, 富津市, or 南房総市 Futtsu City, Tateyama City, or Minamibōsō City 千葉県 Chiba All three cities are located close to the Minami Bōsō Quasi-National Park. Tateyama City contains many historic buildings. The Minami Bōsō Ninja Village “Ninja no Sato” is located in Minamibōsō City, relating to Koga’s status as a ninja.
Kanto Safari Zone 富士箱根伊豆国立公園 (マザー牧場) Minami Bōsō Quasi-National Park (specifically Mother Farm) 千葉県 Chiba Mother Farm is an animal theme park located in the Futtsu part of Quasi-National Park. Established in 1962, it's famous for its sheep shows and guests can interreact with various domesticated animals.
Route 16 鎌倉市 - 平塚市 Kamakura City - Hiratsuka City 神奈川県 Kanagawa
Cycling Road 東京湾アクアライン Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line 神奈川県千葉県 Kanagawa and Chiba It connects Kawasaki City and Kisarazu City over Tokyo Bay. It was under construction when Pokémon Red and Green were released.
Seafoam Islands 江の島 Enoshima 神奈川県 Kanagawa A small offshore island. Home to the Iwaya Caves.
Water Routes 19, 20, & 21 相模湾 Sagami Bay 神奈川県 Kanagawa Many small islands are scattered around this bay.
Cinnabar Island 伊豆大島 Izu-Ōshima 東京都 Tokyo Oshima is famous for Mount Mihara, an active volcano.
Route 22 富士箱根伊豆国立公園 Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park 神奈川県, 静岡県, 山梨県 and 東京都 Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Yamanashi and Tokyo
Indigo Plateau 埼玉県, 安中市 or 秩父多摩甲斐国立公園 Northwestern Saitama, Annaka City or Chichibu Tama Kai National Park 群馬県, 長野県, 山梨県 and 東京都 Saitama, Gunma, Nagano, Yamanashi and Tokyo Due to the confusing nature of the Kanto's map between Gen 1/3 and Gen 2/4, it's hard to pinpoint the exact location. It's also possible the national park is the basis for Route 23 and Victory Road.
Route 28 山梨県 Yamanashi Prefecture 山梨県 Yamanashi Mt. Fuji is located here. Could possibly also based on Fujinomiya City.
Route 26 富士市 - 静岡市 Fuji City - Shizuoka City 静岡県 Shizuoka
Route 27 駿河湾 Suruga Bay 静岡県 Shizuoka Both Shiraito Falls and Otodome Falls, the real world Tohjo Falls, are located close to the bay. Two waterfalls separated by a mere 600 feet, located southwest of Mount Fuji.

Sevii Islands

The Sevii Islands are based on two archipelagos off the coast of Tokyo: the Izu Islands (伊豆諸島, Izu-shoto, meaning "Izu Archipelago") and the Bonin Islands (小笠原諸島, Ogasawara-shoto, meaning "Ogasawara Archipelago"), both archipelagos are administered by the Tokyo Metropolis (under Japanese law, the prefecture of Tokyo is designated as a to (都), translated as metropolis)

Pokémon world Specific location Subprefecture Notes
One Island 新島神津島式根島利島 Niijima, Kōzushima, Shikinejima and To-shima 大島支庁 Oshima
Kindle Road 新島 Niijima
Treasure Beach 神津島 Kozushima
Mt. Ember 利島宮塚山 Mt. Miyatsuka, Toshima Island
Two Island 三宅島御蔵島 Miyakejima and Mikurajima 三宅支庁 Miyake
Three Island 八丈島八丈小島 Hachijōjima and Hachijōkojima 八丈支庁 Hachijō
Berry Forest 八丈小島 Hachijōkojima
Three Isle Port 底土港 Sokodo Port
Four Island 青ヶ島 Aogashima 八丈支庁 Hachijō
Icefall Cave 丸山, 青ヶ島 Maruyama, Aogashima 八丈支庁 Hachijō
Five Island 聟島列島 Mukojima Islands 小笠原支庁 Ogasawara All are uninhabited.
Water Labyrinth 西之島 Nishinoshima
Resort Gorgeous 中ノ島 Nakanoshima
Lost Cave 笹魚島 Sasauojima
Memorial Pillar 媒島 Nakoudojima
Six Island 父島列島 Chichijima Islands 小笠原支庁 Ogasawara The small islands to the north of Chichijima include Anijima (兄島) and Otōtojima (弟島), among others.
Dotted Hole 父島 Chichijima
Green Path 兄島 Anijima
Outcast Island 弟島 Otōtojima
Seven Island 母島 Hahajima 小笠原支庁 Ogasawara
Tanoby Ruins 母島列島 Hahajima Islands 小笠原支庁 Ogasawara The small islands to the south of Hahajima include Anejima (姉島) and Imōtojima (妹島), among others.
Navel Rock 鳥島 Torishima 八丈支庁 Hachijō Known as the habitat of albatross.
Birth Island 南鳥島 Minami Torishima 小笠原支庁 Ogasawara The easternmost island belonging to Japan. It's also triangular in shape.


In Japan, the Kantō region is often contrasted with the Kansai region (関西地方, Kansai-chihō, meaning "Region West to the Tollgate", referring to the regions west to the Osaka Tollgate), also known as Kinki region (近畿地方, Kinki-chihō, meaning "Region Near the Capital", referring to the cities of Nara and Kyoto, Japan former capital cities), which like Johto is to the west. However, Johto is geographically more similar to the Kansai region and the western Chūbu region combined, as well as a small part of eastern Shikoku region (四国地方 Shikoku-chihō, meaning "Region of the Four Provinces", referring to the four historical provinces that made up the island).

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture Notes
Mt. Silver 富士山 Mount Fuji 静岡県 and 山梨県 Shizuoka and Yamanashi The encounter with Red at Mt. Silver may be a reference to Kuninotokotachi. Waiting atop Mt. Silver as the series’ highest-level Trainer opponent, Red was the player character with humble beginnings from the first Pokémon games; Kuninotokotachi is said to be the first Japanese deity, born of something resembling a reed following the creation of heaven and earth, who resides atop Mt. Fuji.
New Bark Town 浜松市 Hamamatsu City 静岡県 Shizuoka Could also be based on Shizuoka City (capital city of the Shizuoka Prefecture), due to wind turbines added to New Bark Town in HGSS. At the same time construction was completed on a small wind-farm in Shizuoka City.
Route 29 岡崎平野 Okazaki Plain 愛知県 Aichi
Cherrygrove City 半田市 and 南知多町 Handa City and Minamichita Town 愛知県 Aichi Both residences are located in Chita Peninsula, which is famous for flower cultivation. Could possibly be based on Nagoya City, the capital city of the Aichi Prefecture.
Route 31 濃尾平野 Nōbi Plain 愛知県 Aichi
Violet City 奈良市 Nara City 奈良県 Nara Home to many historic buildings and monuments, Nara is where Japan was founded as a state. It was the capital of Japan from 710 CE to 794 CE as the seat of the Emperor before the capital was moved to Kyoto. Currently is the capital city of the Nara Prefecture.
Sprout Tower 興福寺 or 法隆寺 Kōfuku-ji or Hōryū-ji 奈良県 Nara A five-story pagoda, Kōfuku-ji is the second-largest pagoda in Japan, located on northeast of Nara City. Hōryū-ji is the oldest wooden building in the world.
Ruins of Alph 明日香村 Asuka Village 奈良県 Nara There are many archaeological sites in Nara such as Ishibutai Kofun (石舞台古墳) and Takamatsuzuka Tomb (高松塚古墳).
Route 32 松阪市, 伊勢志摩 Matsusaka City and Ise-Shima 三重県 Mie Ise-Shima is famous for fresh seafood and pearl cultivation.
Union Cave 青の洞窟(がまの口) Blue Grotto (Gama-no-kuchi) 三重県 Mie The Blue Grotto of Kumano is a small sea cave in Tategasaki, the largest columnar rock formation in Nigishima Bay.
Route 33 熊野市 Kumano City 三重県 Mie
Azalea Town みなべ町 Minabe Village 和歌山県 Wakayama Minabe is famous for its high-quality Japanese apricots, known as ubame, and high-quality charcoal, known as Binchōtan.
Slowpoke Well 熊野本宮大社 Kumano Hongū Taisha 和歌山県 Wakayama A Shinto Shrine that was originally located on a sandbank by Kumano River. It was relocated to the mountain after being partially destroyed in the flood. The sandbank now contains the largest torii shrine gate in the world.
Ilex Forest 熊野古道 Kumano Kodō 和歌山県 Wakayama The Kumano Kodō is a series of ancient pilgrimage routes spread across the old-growth forest that connects various sacred shrines that have been sites for centuries of ascetic worship of natural phenomenon and natural wonders.
Route 34 有田市 - 和歌山市 Arida City - Wakayama City 和歌山県 Wakayama
Goldenrod City 大阪市 Ōsaka City 大阪府 Ōsaka Ōsaka is the largest and most populous city in the Kansai region, serving as a major hub and financial center in the country. It is also the capital city of the Urban Prefecture of Osaka. Osaka Prefecture is one of Japan's two "urban prefectures" using the designation fu (府) rather than the standard ken for prefectures, along with Kyoto Prefecture.
Goldenrod Radio Tower 通天閣 Tsūtenkaku 大阪府 Ōsaka Tsūtenkaku is one of the most popular landmarks in Osaka.
Goldenrod Tunnel 梅田, 心斎橋, and 難波 地下街 Umeda, Shinsaibashi, and Namba Underground Shopping Malls 大阪府 Ōsaka Osaka’s districts of Umeda, Shinsaibashi, and Namba are famous for their large network of underground shopping malls and tunnels known as chikagai. Examples include DIAMOR Osaka Umeda (42,977 m²), CRYSTA NAGAHORI Minamisenba Shinsaibashi (81,765 m²), and Namba Walk (37,881 m²), respectively, which have approximately 100 retail stores each.
Route 35 服部緑地 Hattori Ryokuchi Park 大阪府 Ōsaka A green space in Northern Osaka. Located close to the Expo Commemoration Park.
National Park 明治の森箕面国定公園 or 万博記念公園 Meiji no Mori Minoo Quasi-National Park or Expo Commemoration Park 大阪府 Ōsaka In the Expo Park, there is a famous monument called the Tower of the Sun.
Pokéathlon Dome 京セラドーム大阪 Kyocera Dome Osaka 大阪府 Ōsaka A baseball stadium located in Osaka.
Route 36 木津川市 or 京田辺市 Kizugawa City or Kyōtanabe City 京都府 Kyōto
Route 37 枚方市 or 伏見区 Hirakata City - Fushimi-ku 大阪府 - 京都府 Ōsaka - Kyōto
Ecruteak City 京都市 Kyōto City 京都府 Kyōto Having served as the seat of the imperial court for eleven centuries, Kyōto is considered to be the cultural capital of Japan. It is the capital city of the prefecture of the same name. The towers that inspired the Burned Tower and the Bell Tower are both located in Kyōto. Kyoto Prefecture is one of Japan's two "urban prefectures" using the designation fu (府) rather than the standard ken for prefectures, along with Osaka Prefecture.
Burned Tower 西寺 Sai-ji 京都府 Kyōto The temple was burnt down in 1233 and to this day hasn't been rebuilt.
Bell Tower 金閣 and 東寺 Kinkaku-ji and Tō-ji 京都府 Kyōto Kinkaku-ji was set on fire by a monk in 1950 (金閣寺放火事件). The wall is covered with gold leaf. Atop the Kinkaku temple sits a golden statue of a rooster or phoenix (Ho-Oh). Tō-ji was build alongside Sai-ji and, unlike the later temple, it still stands to this day.
Olivine City 神戸市 Kōbe City 兵庫県 Hyōgo Kōbe is the major port city in the Kansai region. The city is also well known for wagyū, or Kobe beef. Is the capital city of the Hyogo Prefecture.
Route 38 & 39 六甲山 Mount Rokkō 兵庫県 Hyōgo Home to Rokkosan Pasture - a public pasture farm.
Olivine Lighthouse 神戸ポートタワー & 和田岬 Kobe Port Tower & Cape Wada 兵庫県 Hyōgo
Water Route 40 明石海峡 Akashi Strait 兵庫県 Hyōgo
Whirl Islands 淡路島 Awajishima 兵庫県 Hyōgo The Naruto Strait between Awajishima and Shikoku is famous for the Naruto whirlpools. Soul Silver describes Lugia splitting one island into the Whirl Islands to end a war; Awajishima was the epicenter of the Great Hanshin earthquake, with a portion of the island's damaged fault zone preserved to this day.
Water Route 41 鳴門海峡 Naruto Strait 徳島県 Tokushima
Cianwood City 鳴門市 or 鳴門市 Naruto City or Tokushima City 徳島県 Tokushima Naruto is where Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. began. Tokushima is the capital city of the prefecture of same name.
Route 42 大津市 - 草津市 Ōtsu City - Kusata City 滋賀県 Shiga
Mt. Mortar 比叡山 Mount Hiei 滋賀県 Shiga “Marathon Monks” would undergo exhaustive exercises on Mount Hiei. Kiyo trains in isolation deep within Mt. Mortar.
Route 44 彦根市 - 東近江市 & 鈴鹿山脈 Hikone City - Higashiōmi City & Suzuka Mountains 滋賀県 Shiga
Mahogany Town 甲賀市 Kōka City 滋賀県 Shiga Kōka is where the famous Kōga ninja were born and educated (Kōga-ryū, 甲賀流).
Route 43 近江八幡市 Ōmihachiman City 滋賀県 Shiga
Lake of Rage 琵琶湖 Lake Biwa 滋賀県 Shiga Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan.
Ice Path 伊吹山 and 両白山地 Ibuki Mountains and Ryōhaku Mountains 岐阜県 and 滋賀県 Gifu and Shiga Mount Ibuki is an easy-to-climb mountain that is famous for receiving the world's heaviest recorded snowfall. The interiors could be based on Narusawa Ice Cave, but geographically it's too far away from both mountains.
Blackthorn City 白川郷, 高山市 Shirakawa-go (near Takayama City) 岐阜県 Gifu Shiragawa-go is a world heritage site in Shiragawa Village , which is located near Shō River. Geographically it is placed closer to Gifu City, near Nagara River.
Dragon's Den 伊吹山 Mount Ibuki 岐阜県 Gifu Geographically, it seems to be two different mountains merged together - Ibuki and and Kinka. Mount Kinka is a symbol of Gifu City, known for Gifu Castle. Could also be based on Shōhō-ji and its Gifu Great Buddha Statue, located near said mountain.
Route 45 天竜川, near 水窪ダム Tenryū River, near Misakubo Dam 長野県 and 静岡県 Nagano and Shizuoka
Dark Cave 美濃三河高原 Mino Mikawa Plateau 長野県, 岐阜県 and 愛知県 Nagano, Gifu and Aichi
Cliff Edge Gate 那賀町 Naka Town 徳島県 Tokushima
Routes 47 & 48 三好市 Miyoshi City 徳島県 Tokushima Specifically based on Oboke Gorge and Yoshino River.
Embedded Tower 剣山 Mount Tsurugi 徳島県 Tokushima An important site of Shugendō worship, a sect of mixture of Shintoism and Buddhism. On the top of the mountain, there is a small shrine called ‘Tsurugi Jinja’. There is also a theory that Yamatai, an ancient country that is argued to have settled in Kyūshū, was also located there.
Johto Safari Zone 丸亀市 Marugame City 香川県 Kagawa NEW REOMA WORLD amusement park is based here, which contains an animal park.
Frontier Access 姫路市 Himeji City 兵庫県 Hyōgo
Battle Frontier 姫路セントラルパーク Himeji Central Park 兵庫県 Hyōgo Himeji Castle is located exactly on the Battle Castle position.
Sinjoh Ruins 立山 Mount Tate 富山県 Toyama One of the Three Holy Mountains of Japan. Due to the heavy snowfalls, this mountain is famous for Yuki-no-Otani (Snow Walls), which can reach up to 20m. Inferred from the location of the callout display on the map. (Assuming that Ice Path is the Hida Mountains and Blackthorn City is Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture).


Hoenn is based on the southernmost parts of Japan—Kyūshū region (九州地方, Kyūshū-chihō, meaning "Region of the Nine Provinces", referring to the nine historical provinces that made up the island, currently the region is divided in seven prefectures) and surrounding islands (including the Okinawa island), with its main island flipped counter-clockwise ninety degrees with the smaller islands pushed close together and circulating around its southern side.

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture Notes
Littleroot Town 伊万里市 or 佐世保市 Imari City or Sasebo City 佐賀県 or 長崎県 Nagasaki or Saga
Route 101 佐世保線 Sasebo Line 佐賀県 or 長崎県 Nagasaki or Saga A railway line that connects Sasebo City to Saga City.
Oldale Town 佐賀市 Saga City 佐賀県 Saga Capital city of the prefecture of same name.
Route 102 唐津線 Karatsu Line 佐賀県 Saga A railway line that connects Saga City to Karatsu City.
Route 103 雲仙市, near 有明海 Unzen City, near Ariake Sea 佐賀県 Nagasaki
Trackless Forest 吉野ヶ里遺跡 Yoshinogari site 佐賀県 Saga
Petalburg City 唐津市 Karatsu City 佐賀県 Saga
Route 104 東松浦半島 Higashimatsūra Peninsula 佐賀県 Saga
Petalburg Woods 古窯の森公園 Koyohinomori Park 佐賀県 Saga
Rustboro City 福岡市 and 北九州市 Fukuoka City and Kitakyushu City 福岡県 Fukuoka Fukuoka is the sixth largest city in Japan and is famous for Kyushu University, a former Imperial University. Is also the capital city of the prefecture of same name. Kitakyushu's main industry is steelmaking. It is also home to Zenrin, a company specializing in navigation software.
Route 116 太宰府市 - 久留米市 Dazaifu City - Kurume City 福岡県 Fukuoka
Rusturf Tunnel 耳納山地 - 筑肥山地 Minō Mountains - Chikuhi Mountains 福岡県 - 熊本県 Fukuoka - Kumamoto
Water Routes 105 & 106 伊万里湾 - 五島列島 Imari Bay - Gotō Islands 長崎県 Nagasaki
Water Routes 107, 108 & 109 五島灘 Gotō-nada Sea 長崎県 Nagasaki
Dewford Town 対馬島 Tsushima Island 長崎県 Nagasaki
Island Cave 壱岐古墳群 Iki Kofungun 長崎県 Nagasaki A group of tumuli and historical site of Iki Island.
Abandoned Ship / Sea Mauville 端島 (長崎県) Hashima Island 長崎県 Nagasaki Hashima Island is known for being walled and for being used for the extraction of coal for cars.
Slateport City 長崎市 Nagasaki City 長崎県 Nagasaki The main industry is shipbuilding. Is the capital city of the prefecture of same name.
Route 110 熊本フェリー route & 島原鉄道線 Kumamoto Ferry route & Shimabara Railway Line 長崎県 Nagasaki
Mauville City 熊本市 Kumamoto City 熊本県 Kumamoto The city is undergoing a large-scale redevelopment. Is the capital city of the prefecture of same name.
New Mauville 熊本港 Port of Kumamoto 熊本県 Kumamoto
Fabled Cave 天草諸島 Amakusa Islands 熊本県 Kumamoto
Route 117 合志市 Kōshi City 熊本県 Kumamoto
Verdanturf Town 菊池市 Kikuchi City 熊本県 Kumamoto
Route 111 & Desert 豊後大野市 - 南阿蘇村 + 南阿蘇村外牧 Bungo-Ōno City - Minamiaso Village + Hokamaki 大分県 - 熊本県 Ōita - Kumamoto
Desert Ruins 長目塚古墳 Nagamezuka Tomb 熊本県 Kumamoto One of the Nakadori burial mounds, an important historical site to Kumamoto Prefecture.
Mirage Tower 阿蘇大御神御足跡石 Aso Omikami Footprint Stone 熊本県 Kumamoto A large holy stone that is believed to be prayed by Takeiwatatsu-no-Mikoto, the guardian deity of the Aso Shrine.
Gnarled Den 九重山 Mount Kujū 大分県 Ōita
Route 112 南阿蘇村河陽 Kawayo, Minamiaso Village 熊本県 Kumamoto
Jagged Pass & Fiery Path 熊本県道111号阿蘇吉田線 Kumamoto Prefectural Road 111 Aso Yoshida Line 熊本県 Kumamoto A mountaineering road that leads to Aso City and Minamiaso Village.
Mt. Chimney 阿蘇山 Mount Aso 熊本県 Kumamoto Mt. Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan.
Lavaridge Town 阿蘇町 and 竹田市 Aso Town and Taketa City 熊本県 and 大分県 Kumamoto and Ōita Aso and Taketa are home to Aso and Nagayu onsen, or hot springs.
Meteor Falls 羽門の滝 or 竜門の滝 (大分県) Udo Falls or Ryumon Falls 大分県 Ōita
Route 114 別府市 Beppu City 大分県 Ōita The rocky area near Meteor Falls is probably based on Mount Yufu, while the waterside near Fallarbor Town is based on Beppu Onsen.
Fallarbor Town 大分市 Ōita City 大分県 Ōita Capital city of the prefecture of same name.
Route 119 高千穂峡 Takachiho Gorge 宮崎県 Miyazaki
Fortree City 日向市 Hyūga City 宮崎県 Miyazaki Hyūga is famous for Nippō Kaigan Quasi-National Park, which contains Cape Hyūga and Myokokuji Garden. Could also be based on Kobayashi City, which literally means Small forest, and its appearance can be based on Sukimuland, an area with various bridges that overlook lush green landscapes and waterfalls. Kobayashi is famous for mountains, flower fields and parks.
Hoenn Safari Zone 宮崎市フェニックス自然動物園 Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo 宮崎県 Miyazaki
Scorched Slab 天岩戸神社 Amanoiwato Shrine 宮崎県 Miyazaki In Japanese mythology, Amano-Iwato is where Amaterasu hid from her brother Susanoo, who had gone on a rampage.
Ancient Tomb 高屋山上陵 Takaya Yamagami Mausoleum 鹿児島県 Kagoshima The tomb of the mythical Hoori-no-Mikoto, one of the ancestors of the Emperors of Japan.
Route 120 霧島 Kirishima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Route 121 霧島市 - 垂水市 Kirishima City - Tarumizu City 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Water Route 122 鹿児島湾 Kagoshima Bay 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Mt. Pyre 桜島 Sakurajima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Lilycove City 鹿屋市 Kanoya City 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Route 118 宇土市 - 八代市 Uto City - Yatsushiro City 熊本県 Kumamoto
Route 123 出水市 - 南さつま市 Izumi City - Minamisatsuma City 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Shoal Cave 馬毛島 Mageshima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Water Routes 124 & 125 + Nameless Cavern 吐噶喇列島 - 奄美大島 Tokara Islands - Amami Ōshima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima While geographically don't match, these islands are very similar to the reefs and smaller islands scattered around Mossdeep City. Kikaijima is possibly an inspiration for the villain team's hideout.
Mossdeep City 種子島 Tanegashima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima Only covers Nakatane and Minamitane towns, as the Nishinoomote City part is missing in Mossdeep City geography.
Mossdeep Space Center 種子島宇宙センター Tanegashima Space Center 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Sootopolis City 屋久島 Yakushima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima Its caldera appearance was possibly inspired by Kikai Cladera, a massive yet submerged caldera north of Yakushima, while the architecture of Sootopolis City is based on Santorini, Greece. In ORAS, a large tree was added, similar to Jōmon Sugi found on Yakushima.
Sky Pillar 口永良部島 Kuchinoerabu-jima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Water Routes 127 & 128 + Seafloor Cavern 伊平屋島, 具志川島, 伊江島, 伊是名島 & 慶良間諸島 Iheya Island, Gushikawa Island, Iejima, Izena Island & Kerama Islands 沖縄県 Okinawa While geographically don't match, these islands found on these routes are similar in shape to their real world counterparts.
Victory Road 山原 Yambaru 沖縄県 Okinawa The most natural region of Okinawa Island, with lot's of flowering plants growing in its hinterland, such as tiger's claw and red spider lily.
Ever Grande City 那覇市 Naha City 沖縄県 Okinawa Could possibly be based on Amami Oshima due to being more geographically closer to Kyushu, or Nago City in Okinawa due to the waterfalls.
Hoenn Pokémon League 首里城 Shuri Castle 沖縄県 Okinawa The appearance of the Pokémon League building in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire resembles Shuri Castle, the former official residence of the kings of the Ryukyu Kingdom, that was anexed by Japan in 1879. The Ryukyuan people inhabits the Kagoshima and Okinawa Prefectures.
Water Route 129 & Crescent Isle 渡名喜島 & 粟国島 Tonaki Island & Aguni Island 沖縄県 Okinawa
Mirage Island 八重干瀬 Yabiji 沖縄県 Okinawa Yabiji appears above the sea on March 3 by the lunisolar calendar.[2]
Pacifidlog Town 奄美群島 Amami Islands 鹿児島県 Kagoshima It is designed to be located between Amami Ōshima and Kikaijima. Could also be inspired by Ishigaki Island, located in the Yaeyama Islands, which contains rare blue corals.
Water Routes 131 & 132 宇治群島 & 草垣群島 Uji Islands & Kusagaki islets 鹿児島県 Kagoshima The reefs on these routes imitate the real life islands.
Water Routes 133 & 134 東シナ海 (久米島, 大東諸島 & 先島諸島) East China Sea (Kume Island, Daitō Islands & Sakishima Islands) 沖縄県 Okinawa The reefs on these routes imitate the real life Okinawan islands.
Pathless Plain 下甑島 Shimokoshiki-jima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Battle Tower & Battle Frontier 徳之島 Tokunoshima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Sealed Chamber 与那国島 Yonaguni 沖縄県 Okinawa Underneath the water's surface, natural rock formations were thought to be artificially created.
Southern Island 男女群島, 五島市 Danjo Islands, Gotō City 長崎県 Nagasaki Uninhabited islands located 70 km south-southwest of the Gotō Islands. It is administratively part of Gotō City.
Faraway Island Faraway Island may be based on the lush tropical rain forests of Guyana, which is where Mew was discovered according to the Pokémon Mansion journals.


Sinnoh has been said to be an island like Hoenn, rather than a peninsula. It is based on the northernmost major island of Japan, Hokkaido (北海道, Hokkaidō, literally "Northern Sea Circuit"), as well as parts of the Kuril Islands (Japanese: 千島列島 Chishima Rettō, meaning "Archipelago of Thousand Islands"; Russian: Кури́льские острова́, Kurilskiye ostrova, Kuril Islands). Kunashir Island (Japanese: 国後島 Kunashiri Tō; Russian: Кунаши́р, "Kunashír"), which is in dispute between Russia and Japan, is also included. The Battle Zone is based on Sakhalin (Japanese: 樺太 Karafuto; Russian: Сахали́н, "Sakhalín"), a Russian island whose southern part was controlled by Japan between 1905 and 1945.

Hisui is the historical name of Sinnoh known during its discovery and settlement. The name change could be a reference to the fact that Ezochi (蝦夷地, Ezochi, meaning "Land of the Ezo" or "Ezo-land", Ezo was the historical exonym that the Japanese used to the Ainu people, the original inhabitants of Hokkaido) was renamed Hokkaido and established as a prefecture after the Meiji Restoration. Therefore, the Hisui region is likely based on Hokkaido in the late Edo and early Meiji when large-scale development and modernization took place. The design of Hisui is heavily inspired by the physical geography of Hokkaido.


Pokémon world Specific location Subprefecture / Raion Notes
Twinleaf Town From 室蘭市 to / or 登別市 to / or 白老町 Muroran City to / or Noboribetsu City to / or Shiraoi Town 胆振総合振興局 Iburi The model appears to be based on Muroran City, but based geographically speaking around Noboribetsu City to the western part of Shiraoi Town.
Route 201 室蘭本線 Muroran Main Line 胆振総合振興局 Iburi Around the Shiraoi Town section of the Muroran Main Line to be more specific.
Verity Lakefront 壮瞥町 Sōbetsu 胆振総合振興局 Iburi In Pokémon Platinum, snow sometimes falls here, as many trees are partly covered in a thin layer of ice, while the ground can sometimes be seen with patches of snow. Sōbetsu is home of the Showa Shinzan Yukigassen Tournament, a major Japanese snowball fight tournament.
Lake Verity 洞爺湖 Lake Tōya 胆振総合振興局 Iburi Lake Tōya is a caldera lake with an island located in Shikotsu-Tōya National Park. Volo's lines in Pokémon Legends: Arceus also suggest that Lake Verity was formed by volcano eruption.
Sandgem Town 苫小牧市 Tomakomai City 胆振総合振興局 Iburi
Route 219 苫小牧西港フェリーターミナル Tomakomainishiko Ferry Terminal 胆振総合振興局 Iburi
Water Route 220 苫小牧沖 Off Tomakomai 胆振総合振興局 Iburi
Route 221 日高町 Hidaka Town 日高振興局 Hidaka
Pal Park 新ひだか町 Shinhidaka Town 日高振興局 Hidaka
Route 202 千歳市 Chitose City 石狩振興局 Ishikari
Jubilife City 札幌市 Sapporo City 石狩振興局 Ishikari Sapporo is the capital and largest city of Hokkaido. The Jubilife TV building is a reference to the headquarters of Sapporo TV, the clock of the Pokétch Company can be partially based in the Sapporo Clock Tower, the oldest clock tower in Japan and built in American style.
Oreburgh City 夕張市 Yūbari City 空知総合振興局 Sorachi Used to be famous for coal mines and has a coal mining museum. In recent years, the city suffers from financial problems, due to the closure of the mines in 1980s.
Oreburgh Mine 夕張炭鉱 Yūbari Coal Mine 空知総合振興局 Sorachi In real life, the mine is not in working condition due to multiple gas explosion accidents in the past.
Oreburgh Mining Museum 夕張市石炭博物館 Yūbari Coal Mine Museum 空知総合振興局 Sorachi The museum documents the importance of coal mining to the local economy from the Meiji period to the Shōwa period.
Route 207 夕張岳 Mount Yūbari 空知総合振興局 Sorachi
Route 204 札沼線 Sasshō Line 石狩振興局 Ishikari
Floaroma Town 富良野市, 当別町, 当別町 Furano City, Tōbetsu Town or Hokuryū Town 上川総合振興局, 石狩振興局, 空知総合振興局 Kamikawa, Ishikari or Sorachi All of these towns are famous for flower production. However, Furano City is too close to the in-game's Cycling Road geographically.
Valley Windworks 苫前町 Tomamae Town 留萌振興局 Rumoi Tomamae is famous for its windmills in the countryside.
Route 205 北海道道4号旭川芦別線 Hokkaido Road No. 4 Asahikawa Ashibetsu Line 上川総合振興局, 空知総合振興局 Kamikawa, Sorachi
Eterna Forest 神居村 Kamui Village 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa A forested village located west of Asahikawa City.
Old Chateau 神居古潭 Kamui Kotan 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa An area in the forest, west of Asahikawa City. There is a folklore that an evil kamui was killed there.
Eterna City 旭川市 Asahikawa City 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa
Cycling Road 富良野線 Furano Line 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa
Route 211 石北本線 Sekihoku Main Line 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa
Mount Coronet 蝦夷山系, 日高山脈 or 大雪山 Ezo Mountain Chain, Hidaka Mountains or Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group 上川総合振興局, 日高振興局, 十勝総合振興局 Kamikawa, Hidaka, Tokachi The Ezo Mountain Chain consists of the Teshio Mountains (天塩山地), the Kitami Mountains (北見山地), the Ishikari Mountains (石狩山地), the Yubari Mountains (夕張山地), and the Hidaka Mountains (日高山脈).
Spear Pillar 旭岳 Asahi-dake 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa Asahi-dake is the tallest mountain peak in Hokkaido, the region which Sinnoh is based on. Its native Ainu name is Kamui-mintara, which means "the playground of the gods".
Hearthome City 帯広市 Obihiro City 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi Obihiro is considered a pleasant city for the Japanese, known for its festivals, shops, street restaurants and the horse track, from which the cheerful atmosphere of Hearthome and the contest hall take inspiration.
Route 208 清水町 or 新得町 Shizumu Town or Shintoku Town 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi The river on this route is based of Tokachi River.
Pokémon Mansion 真鍋庭園 Manabe Garden 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi Founded by the Manabe family in 1896, this botanical garden is known for rare conifer species.
Route 212 十勝川 & 六花の森 Tokachi River & Rokka Forest 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi
Route 209 幕別町 & 本別町 Makubetsu Town & Honbetsu Town 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi
Lost Tower 常紋トンネルの近くにある殉職者追悼碑 Line of Duty Death Memorial by Tsunemon Tunnel 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi The memorial is dedicated toward enslaved workers, who died building the Tsunemon Tunnel. The bodies of the forced labourers were buried inside said tunnel.
Solaceon Town 足寄町 Ashoro Town 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi One of Ashoro's main industries is farming.
Solaceon Ruins & Maniac Tunnel 阿寒富士 Akan Fuji 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi
Veilstone City 網走市, 斜里町 Abashiri City & Shari Town オホーツク総合振興局 Okhotsk Both are major port and fishing settlements in Eastern Hokkaido (Japanese: 道東).
Route 215 北海道道334号中藻興部興部線 Hokkaido Road No. 334 Nakamo Kobu Okoppe Line オホーツク総合振興局 Okhotsk
Route 210 サロマ湖, 能取湖, 網走湖 Lake Saroma, Lake Notoro, Lake Abashiri オホーツク総合振興局 Okhotsk Geographically, it should be around Hokkaido Roads No. 239 Kumaushi Otofuke Line & No. 333 Engaru Stop Line
Celestic Town 遠軽町 & 湧別町 Engaru Town & Yūbetsu Town オホーツク総合振興局 Okhotsk Both places are notable for archaeological sites, such as Shirataki Ruins and Shibunotsunai Pit-house Remains. Celestic Ruins could also be based on Tokoro Ruins, one of the important Hokkaidō Heritage sites, located in Kitami City (former Tokoro Town area). However, it is geographically a bit further away from matching up with Sinnoh map, unlike the former two towns.
Route 214 清里町, 弟子屈町 Kiyosato Town & Teshikaga Town オホーツク総合振興局, 釧路総合振興局 Okhotsk, Kushiro
Sendoff Spring 摩周湖 Lake Mashū 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro Lake Mashu, a crater lake, is known as a mysterious spot for the fog that covers its surface.
Turnback Cave カムイシュ島 Kamuishu Island 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro
Valor Lakefront 標茶町 Shibecha Town 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro
Lake Valor 屈斜路湖 and/or 阿寒湖 Lake Kussharo and/or Lake Akan 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro Lake Kussharo is the largest caldera lake with the largest lake island in Japan. Volo's alternative theory of lake formation in Pokémon Legends: Arceus could be inspired by a real-life Ainu legend that Lake Kussharo is formed by the landslide during the fight between a giant whitespotted char and the kamuy and hero Okikurmi. Lake Akan's southern shore is home to several hotels.
Pastoria City 釧路市 Kushiro City 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro Kushiro is the largest city in Eastern Hokkaido.
Route 213 厚岸町 Akkeshi Town 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro Akkeshi Town is a famous tourist attraction.
Great Marsh 釧路湿原 Kushiro Wetland 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro The Kushiro Wetland is the largest marsh in Japan.
Route 218 函館本線 Hakodate Main Line 石狩振興局 Ishikari
Canalave City 小樽市 Otaru City 後志総合振興局 Shiribeshi Otaru is a port city and has a canal
Route 216 下川町, ピヤシリ山 Shimokawa Town & Mount Piyashiri 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa There are many ski resorts in these areas.
Route 217 宗谷本線 Sōya Main Line 上川総合振興局, 宗谷総合振興局 Kamikawa, Sōya Somewhere around Toyotomi Town and Nayoro City.
Snowpoint City 稚内市, 浜頓別町 Wakkanai City & Hamatonbetsu Town 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya Two of the northernmost settlements in mainland Japan. Wakkanai is famous for its maritime trade with Russia, and Hokumon Jinja, a possible inspiration for Snowpoint Temple. Geographically, it is most likely Hamatonbetsu Town as the town is located immediately to the east of Lake Kutcharo (being the model for Lake Acuity) just as Snowpoint City is immediately to the east of Lake Acuity.
Snowpoint Temple 北門神社 Hokumon Jinja 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya A Shinto shrine located in the northern portion of the Wakkanai City.
Lake Acuity クッチャロ湖 Lake Kutcharo 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya Lake Kutcharo is not a caldera lake but a brackish lake formed by the Sea of Okhotsk. This is further hinted by Volo's lines in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The lake shares its etymology with the aforementioned Lake Kussharo, Ainu kut-caro ("marsh outlet").
Route 222 浜中町 Hamanaka Town 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro It's Ainu name "ota-noske" means "centre of the sandy beach".
Sunyshore City 根室市 Nemuro City 根室振興局 Nemuro
Vista Lighthouse 納沙布岬灯台 Nosappumisaki Lighthouse 根室振興局 Nemuro Nosappumisaki Lighthouse is located on Cape Nosappu, Japan's easternmost spot open to the public.
Iron Island 焼尻島 Yagishiri Island 留萌振興局 Rumoi
Water Route 223 歯舞群島 & 色丹 Habomai Islands & Shikotan 根室振興局 Nemuro The largest reef on this route resembles Shikotan.
Victory Road Головнин Golovnin Южно-Курильский Yuzhno-Kurilsky One of the location on Kunashir Island, which has been disputed between Japan and Russia since the end of WWII due to ambiguities in the Treaty of San Francisco. Though both countries claim it, the island is controlled by Russia.
Pokémon League Менделеева Mendeleyeva Южно-Курильский Yuzhno-Kurilsky The waterfall in front of the Pokémon League is probably based on the caldera lake in the central part of Kunashir Island.
Route 224 Тятя & Маяк Ловцова Tyatya & Cape Lovtsova Южно-Курильский Yuzhno-Kurilsky The easternmost cape of Kunashir Island.
Seabreak Path Курильские острова Kuril Islands Южно-Курильский, Курильский, Северо-Курильский Yuzhno-Kurilsky, Kurilsky, Severo-Kurilsky In real life, Kuril Islands are an archipelago, that forms a straight chain made of several smaller islands.
Flower Paradise Остров Атласова Atlasov Island Северо-Курильский Severo-Kurilsky Both are the northernmost islands of their respective zones: the Flower Paradise is the northernmost zone in Sinnoh, much like Atlasov, the northernmost island of the Kuril Islands.
Fight Area Невельск, Холмск Nevelsk or Kholmsk Невельский Nevelsky Nevelsk town thrived on maritime transportation under Japanese control. It now relies on salmon fishery. Kholmsk used to be a military post and is now one of the largest and important transport centre in Sakhalin.
Survival Area Анива Aniva Анивский Anivsky The town is located in a relatively warm area with fertile land suitable for agriculture.
Water Route 230 Залив Анива Aniva Bay Анивский, Корсаковский Anivsky, Korakovsky
Resort Area Новиково Novikovo Корсаковский Korakovsky The village shared its Japanese name and etymology with a scenic peninsula in Hokkaido.
Route 229 Бирюзовые озера и леса возле Новиково Turquoise lakes and forests near Novikovo Корсаковский Korakovsky A popular tourist destination, due to unusually blue coloured quarry lakes, a leftover of coal mining.
Route 228 Озеро Буссе Lake Busse Корсаковский Korakovsky
Route 227 Дачное, Южно-Сахалинск Dachnoe & Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Корсаковский, Южно-Сахалинск Korakovsky, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk The black rocks found Route 227 could be based of red soil near Dachnoe.
Stark Mountain Пик Чехова Pik Chekhova Южно-Сахалинск Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk This mountain near the Oblast capital Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (formerly Toyohara) is named after Anton Chekhov, who visited Sakhalin in 1890, in Russian. Unlike the game location, the real mountain is not a volcano.
Water Route 226 Залив Анива Aniva Bay Анивский, Корсаковский Anivsky, Korakovsky The island in the middle of this route could be based of Moneron Island, but it is located west of Sakhalin, not in Aniva Bay itself.
Fullmoon Island 礼文島 Rebun Island 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya Rebun Island is famous for its flowers and mountains, reflected in the geography of Fullmoon Island. Rebun Island was a cult site for the god Rep-un-kamuy, worshiped for offering food and guiding navigators. Rep-un-kamuy is described as being generous, similar to Cresselia's peaceful demeanor, and offering help, much like Cresselia does in the form of the Lunar Feather to the player.
Newmoon Island 利尻島 Rishiri Island 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya


Pokémon world Specific location Subprefecture Notes
Prelude Beach 石狩湾 Ishikari Bay Both Otaru and Sapporo developed from Japanese trading posts and early settlements around Ishikari Bay.
Jubilife Village 札幌市 Sapporo City 石狩振興局 Ishikari Many locations within Jubilife Village appear to be based on historical landmarks of Sapporo. Galaxy Hall is based on the Former Hokkaidō Government Office, an example of American Baroque Revival architecture in Japan. Floaro Main Street is based on the Odori street (now an urban park). Canala Bridge is based on Sosei Bridge, both featuring Giboshi on railings. The Farm and Pasture could correspond to the merged Yamana Village and Sapporo Village (now Higashi-ku or "east ward").
Aspiration Hill 羊ケ丘 Hitsujigaoka The bronze statue of Dr. William S. Clark, co-founder and President of the Sapporo Agricultural College (later the Hokkaido University), stands on the hill. The name "Aspiration" could be a reference to Dr. Clark's parting words to his Japanese students, "Boys, be ambitious!"
Horseshoe Plains 野幌森林 Nopporo Forest Now a Prefectural Natural Park.
Deertrack Heights 馬追丘陵 Maoi Hills Eniwa and Chitose, two satellite cities of Sapporo, are situated on the west slope of the Maoi Hills.
Sandgem Flats 勇払平野 Yūfutsu Plain 胆振総合振興局 Iburi Tomakomai City is located in the middle of the Yūfutsu Plain.
Obsidian Falls 千鳥ヶ滝 Chidori Falls 空知総合振興局 Sorachi The Yūbari River formed various cascades on the west boundary of the Yūbari City, collectively known as "Chidori".
Grueling Grove 栗山町 Kuriyama Town The town is named after the dense chestnut forest on the site.
Golden Lowlands and Gapejaw Bog 十勝平野 Tokachi Plain 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi Japan's second largest plain and major crop production area is shaped by the Tokachi River. The region also saw wetland restoration and indigenous cultural revival in recent years.
Scarlet Bog 鶴居村 Tsurui Village 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro The wetland national park spans the administrative areas of Kushiro City, Tsurui Village, and Shibecha Town. The location of Scaelet Bog in Crimson Mireland is comparable to that of Tsurui in the Kushiro wetland.
Cottonsedge Prairie 弟子屈町 Teshikaga Town The southern half of Teshikaga consists of the lower plains south of Lake Lake Kussharo and Lake Akan.
Droning Meadow 標茶町 Shibecha Town The pond where wild Turtwig is encountered may be based on Lake Shirarutoro or Lake Tо̄ro.
Sludge Mound and Ursa's Ring 阿寒町 Akan Town The former Yūbestu Coal Mine (雄別炭鉱) and the Kushiro City Zoo are located in Akan Town, now part of Kushiro City. Following the closure of the coal mine in 1970, forests were restored and sightings of Ussuri brown bear have become common in recent decades.
Solaceon Ruins, Bolderoll Slope, and Diamond Heath 阿寒岳 Akan Volcanic Complex The mountain in which the Solaceon Ruins are carved resembles Mount Akan-Fuji, and the ridges on its northwest resemble Mount Meakan. The peak to the east of the settlement could be based on Mount Oakan.
Diamond Settlement 阿寒湖アイヌコタン Lake Akan Ainu Kotan 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro It is the largest Ainu settlement in Hokkaido with 120 inhabitants. Most of the Kotan have been converted into tourist attractions and cultural facilities.
Cloudpool Ridge 釧北峠 Senpoku Pass This mountain pass through the watershed of the Kushiro River, the Tokachi River, and the Abashiri River is part of an Ainu road leading to seaside.
Shrouded Ruins 津別峠 Tsubetsu Pass Known for cloud view and dense mountain fog, this mountain pass is the site of an observation deck in a European-style castle that oversees Lake Kussharo.
Crossing Slope 中標津町 Nakashibetsu Town 根室振興局 Nemuro The player's encounter with the special Basculegion could be a reference to the predominant role of Shibetsu, Nemuro in salmon fishery.
Ginkgo Landing 標津町 Shibetsu Town
Bathers' Lagoon 風蓮湖 and 温根沼 Lake Fūren and Lake Onneto These two adjacent brackish lakes form a large lagoon in the Nemuro Bay. Lake Fūren is a Ramsar wetland.
Deadwood Haunt 根室半島 Nemuro Peninsula The wrecked ships in this area could be a reference to the maritime archeological sites of the Okhotsk culture.
Sand's Reach 納沙布岬 Cape Nosappu Cape Nosappu is more similar to a palm facing upwards than one spreading its five fingers.
Hideaway Bay 落石湾 Rakuseki Bay Rakuseki Bay refers to the water body between Cape Ochiishi and Hanamatsu, Nemuro.
Tombolo Walk ユルリ島 and モユルリ島 Yururi Island and Moyururi Island These two uninhabited islands off the coast of Nemuro Peninsula have been designated as nature reserve since the late 1970s.
Castaway Shore 羅臼町 Rausu Town Named after the main peak of the Shiretoko volcanoes, the town occupies the southeastern half of the peninsula.
Aipom Hill 根釧台地 Konsen Plateau The lattice windbreak on its windward side is a Hokkaidō Heritage site.
Tranquility Cove 野付湾 and 根室湾 Notsuke Bay and Nemuro Bay The dry forest along the Cobalt Coastlands could be inspired by Todowara, forests of withered Sakhalin firs on the Notsuke Peninsula.
Windbreak Stand 斜里岳道立自然公園 Sharidake Prefectural Natural Park This natural park is named after Mount Shari, whose montane forests form natural windbreaks.
Veilstone Cape 知床半島 Shiretoko Peninsula Shiretoko derives from Ainu sir-etok (land's end). The peninsula was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the natural category in 2005.
Lunker's Lair 知床岬 Cape Shiretoko オホーツク総合振興局 Okhotsk The northeastern-most portion of the Shiretoko Peninsula is under the administration of Shari.
Islespy Shore 斜里町 Shari Town The visitor center of the Shiretoko National Park belongs to Shari.
Wayward Wood 富良野岳 Mount Furano 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa Mt. Furano is a stratovolcano in the Tokachi Volcanic Group with rich floral diversity.
Ancient Quarry 十勝岳 Mount Tokachi Mt. Tokachi is known for its sulfur deposit and bogs, along with natural hot springs. Most sulfur quarries were destroyed by the 1962 eruption.
Temple of Sinnoh 旭岳 Mount Asahi The Greek architecture of the Temple of Sinnoh may be inspired by the Parthenon, which was critically damaged by an explosion in 1687.
Cloudcap Pass 層雲峡 Sōunkyō The ridges and valleys to the east and south of Mt. Asahi was named Sōunkyō (lit. "cloudcap gorges") in 1921.
Clamberclaw Cliffs 石狩岳 Mount Ishikari Mount Ishikari is the watershed of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan.
Whiteout Valley 音威子府村 Otoineppu 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa The village is a tourist attraction known for Mt. Otoi-Fuji (音威富士) and ski resorts.
Avalanche Slopes 中川町 Nakagawa Town The large amount of ammonites excavated in this village in the Meiji era earned it the nickname "Fossile Village".
Avalugg's Legacy 中頓別町 Nakatonbetsu Town 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya The large ice formation may be inspired by Mount Pinneshiri (ピンネシリ岳), whose contour line resembles a tortoise shell on maps. The underground caves in this area could be based on the Nakatonbetsu Limestone Cave (中頓別鍾乳洞), which is the northernmost Karst system of Japan and a nature park.
Pearl Settlement 浜頓別町 Hamatonbetsu Town The land was inhabited by an Ainu tribe named Nitat-nay (仁達内 Nitachinai), whose name means "wetland river". First seen in 1670, the name "Tonbetsu" derives from Ainu to-un-pet (river running out of a lake), referring to its location at the confluence of the Tonbetsu River and Lake Kutcharo.


A comparison of Unova to New York City and parts of eastern New Jersey

Unova has been said to be significantly distant from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Instead of being based on an area of Japan, Unova is based on New York City as well as parts of northeastern New Jersey and western Long Island. Both New York and New Jersey are part of the United States.

Pokémon world Specific location State (New York City borough/county) Notes
Nuvema Town Coney Island New York City (Brooklyn)
P2 Laboratory Governors Island New York City (Manhattan) While there were no laboratories when the games were created, in 2019 city officials proposed to build a climate change research facility here.
Accumula Town Marine Park New York City (Brooklyn)
Striaton City Canarsie New York City (Brooklyn) Striaton makes a multitude of references to the glaciers that formed Long Island, including its location compared to the central land.
Dreamyard Floyd Bennett Field New York City (Brooklyn) A historic place near Marine Park and part of Naval Air Station New York. Latios and Latias, who are available for capture in B2W2, could be a reference to airplanes.
Wellspring Cave McCarren Park New York City (Brooklyn) Know for McCarren Play Centre, which contains bathhouse and a pool.
Nacrene City Boerum Hill New York City (Brooklyn) Used to be mostly populated by working class ironworker families, until the late 1990s gentrification, which made it popular among upper-class individiuals. The decommissioned railway and a museum in Nacrene City could be a reference to New York Transit Museum found near Boerum Hill. Also, in Pokémon Adventures, the city is called "city of art" due to its avant-garde artists, a possible reference to Boerum Hill's own artists and their art galleries.
Pinwheel Forest Cadman Plaza park New York City (Brooklyn) A park near the Brooklyn Bridge.
Castelia City Lower Manhattan New York City (Manhattan) Lower Manhattan is the business centre of New York City, as well as the United States. The New York City Hall is located here, this building contains the Office of the Mayor of New York City (executive branch) and the chambers of the New York City Council (legislative branch). The New York County Courthouse (judicial branch) is also located here. The central park of Castelia are partially based in Battery Park, according to Satoshi Yamamoto, the Café Sonata was based in the CBGB music club.
Join Avenue Empire State Building or Times Square New York City (Manhattan)
Skyarrow Bridge Brooklyn Bridge New York City (Brooklyn and Manhattan) Also based on Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, Japan
Unova Route 4 World Trade Center site New York City (Manhattan) In all versions of the route, it is shown that the road is being built; in some versions, the route is shown in a desolate and reconstructed form.
Desert Resort Chelsea New York City (Manhattan)
Relic Passage Holland Tunnel New York City (Manhattan) and New Jersey (Hudson County)
Nimbasa City Midtown Manhattan New York City (Manhattan) Midtown Manhattan is the zone where the headquarters of the New York subway, the main skyscrapers of the city and several embassies. Nimbasa's entertainment atmosphere is based on Times Square, the main center of entertainment, food, sports, products etc, of New York.
Gear Station A hybrid of Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal New York City (Manhattan) Grand Central Station and Penn Station serve as the primary hubs for train lines in the New York City area and bear architectural similarities to Gear Station.
Big Stadium and Small Court West Side Stadium and Madison Square Garden New York City (Manhattan) West Side Stadium was a proposed Olympic stadium that was cancelled in 2005. Considering American football, soccer, and baseball games are held at Big Stadium, it may also draw inspiration from Polo Grounds.
Musical Theater Broadway New York City (Manhattan) Like Broadway, Pokémon Musical is often visited in the city where dances and choreography are done with their own stories just like a real musical.
Lostlorn Forest Hallett Nature Sanctuary New York City (Manhattan)
Driftveil City Union City New Jersey (Hudson County) Union City is known for its many mining companies. The Pokémon World Tournament stadium may reference the MetLife Stadium.
Driftveil Drawbridge George Washington Bridge New York City (Manhattan) and New Jersey (Fort Lee) Aesthetically, it was based of George Washington Bridge. However, geographically it is placed where the Lincoln Tunnel should be, which is not a bridge.
Clay Tunnel Interstate 95 New York City (Manhattan) and New Jersey (Fort Lee)
Chargestone Cave Edgewater Branch New Jersey (Fairview, New Jersey) Directly southeast of Teterboro, much like Chargestone Cave is southeast of Mistralton. Has tourmaline deposits (the name 'Chargestone' derives from the alternate reading of tourmaline in Japanese). Opened in 1894 (116 years before the release of Black and White) and closed in 1992 to railway traffic, but is still accessible on foot. The Hudson Project, an electrical cable connecting the Bergen Power Generating Station in Ridgefield, NJ to New York City's electrical grid through the Edgewater Tunnel was submitted in February 2009, started in May 2011 and completed by 2013.
Mistralton City Teterboro New Jersey (Bergen County) The Mistralton City Airport's real-life counterpart is the Teterboro Airport.
Mistralton Cave Laurel Hill Park New Jersey (Hudson County)
Celestial Tower Maple Grove Park Cemetery New Jersey (Bergen County)
Twist Mountain Hackensack Meadowlands Conservation and Wildlife Area New Jersey (Bergen County) For a long time, these wetlands where urbanized and environmentally abused, being a site of large landfills. Currently undergoing the restoration and conversation program.
Icirrus City Ridgefield or Ridgefield Park New Jersey (Bergen County) A town founded by Dutch settlers, recognizable by its small classical European style buildings (similar to the rural atmosphere of Icirrus).
Moor of Icirrus Overpeck County Park New Jersey (Bergen County) Known for Overpeck Creek. Could also possibly based on Teaneck Creek, which is located a bit further north.
Dragonspiral Tower Ridgefield Park New Jersey (Bergen County) Despite being nowhere close to New Jersey, it is possible it took inspirations from Washington Monument, as both locations are related to the founding history and war. There is a theory it is connected to Field Station: Dinosaurs, as both locations have a reptilian theme (dragons and dinosaurs). However, the New Jersey's theme park was opened in 2012, two years after the release of the original BW.
Tubeline Bridge Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Nyack (New York) and Tarrytown (New York) Based on the original incarnation of said bridge - Tappan Zee Bridge - before it got replaced with the current one in 2017. Also resembles the Forth Bridge, which is found in Scotland.
Shopping Mall Nine Palisades Center Mall West Nyack, New York (New York) Located on the opposite side of the bridge in real life. Could possibly based on Bridge Plaza in Tarrytown, which matches up with the position.
Challenger's Cave The Blockhouse New York City (Manhattan) A small fort built in the northern part of Central Park in 1814.
Opelucid City Harlem & Washington Heights New York City (Manhattan)
Pokémon League Hempstead House or New York Botanical Garden Nassau County (Long Island) or New York City (The Bronx) The cupolas of the Pokémon League are reminiscent of the domes of New York Botanical Garden's three main greenhouses. Its castle aesthetic is based of Hempstead House, while the desert environment is possibly a play on words of the real estate being located in Sands Point.
Village Bridge Robert F. Kennedy Bridge & Wards Island bridge New York City (Manhattan, Queens and The Bronx) It also resembles Ponte Vecchio bridge in Italy. The 200-year-old bridge referenced was constructed on Wards Island in 1807 to encourage settlement as well as transport goods from their new cotton mill to Manhattan, following a hurricane in 1788 that was strong enough to destroy the western parts of the Battery (the park at the southern tip of Manhattan). This wooden bridge was destroyed by the Hurricane of 1821, and the island was abandoned for several decades thereafter. The Robert F. Kennedy Bridge was constructed beginning in 1929, and was completed in 1936 - geographically, it connects to Randalls and Wards Islands less than 1 km north of where the Wards Island bridge would have been located.
Lacunosa Town Flushing New York City (Queens) Flushing is the fourth largest central business district in New York City, and has one of the most diverse range in demographics, which is reflected in its architecture. Could also be based on Astoria, a neighbourhood that has been home to the largest Greek-American community in the United States since 1960, due to Lacunosa's towering blue and white houses resembling Santorini in Greece.
Giant Chasm Kissena Park New York City (Queens) Located in Flushing. In Chippewa language, Kissena means "cold place", a possible inspiration for Kyurem being placed here.
Route 14 Broad Channel New York City (Queens)
Undella Town Howard Beach & The Hamptons Long Island (Queens) Geographically it fits in as Jamaica, Queens, however thematically it takes heavy inspiration from The Hamptons of Long Island, in that it is largely vacant for most of the year but fills up with vacationers and celebrities during the Summertime.
Undella Bay Jamaica Bay & Great South Bay New York City (Nassau County) Abyssal Ruins found here is based of Ancient Greek Pavlopetri Ruins, which sank into Mediterranean Sea due to the earthquake and tsunami 3000 years ago.
Abundant Shrine Highland Park New York City (Brooklyn)
Marvelous Bridge Queensboro Bridge New York City (Manhattan and Queens)
Black City Long Island City New York City (Queens) Long Island City, it houses multiple main headquarters of companies such as Eagle Electric, Wonton Foods, Amazon etc, in addition to having luxurious lofts, all this is reflected in the corporate and commercial atmosphere of Black City.
Black Tower Skyline Tower New York City (Queens) The tallest building in Queens and made entirely of blue glass.
White Forest Queensbridge Houses New York City (Queens) Geographically, it fits Queensbridge, a uniquely build public housing, that manages to harmonize urban buildings and natural trees together. However, it is possible that it takes elements from two of the largest parks in Queens: Alley Pond Park (White Treehollow resembles Queens Giant. The tallest and possibly oldest tulip poplar tree in New York and it has a hollow entrance) and Forest Park (a haven for native plants and wildlife in the midst of the city's sprawl).
Poké Transfer Lab Cornell Tech New York City (Manhattan)
Entralink Central Park New York City (Manhattan) The Entralink also draws inspiration from the Tokyo Imperial Palace.
Liberty Garden Liberty Island New York City (Manhattan exclave)
Unity Tower Headquarters of the United Nations New York City (international territory) Geographically placed somewhere, where Ellis Island should be.
Pokéstar Studios Lincoln Park New Jersey (Hudson County) Thematically, it is based of Hollywood in Los Angeles.
Anville Town Binghamton New York (Broome County) Anville Town is known for its roundhouse and turntable and is at the end of its rail line. Binghamton, New York was similarly at the end of a northern line and has both a roundhouse and turntable.
Aspertia City Elizabeth New Jersey (Union County)
Floccesy Town Newark New Jersey (Essex County)
Floccesy Ranch Branch Brook Park New Jersey (Essex County)
Cave of Being Weequahic Park New Jersey (Essex County) Known for its Weequahic Lake Trail.
Virbank City Jersey City New Jersey (Hudson County) Virbank Complex bears some resemblance to the oil refineries and tanker area located along the New Jersey Turnpike.
Lentimas Town Forest Hills New York City (Queens) Forest Hills is densely populated with red-brick buildings, similar to Lentimas Town's buildings. They also closely resemble those of Santa Fe, New Mexico's Pueblo Revival style buildings. There is a theory that it is based on three neighbourhoods with the largest communities of Mexicans in Brooklyn, but none of them match geographically.
Reversal Mountain Forest Park New York City (Queens) Besides it's status as a haven for wild life, Forest Park is also known for its Hiking Trails.
Strange House The Amityville Horror House Long Island (Suffolk County) Possibly took inspirations from Renwick Smallpox Hospital, but more likely is a reference to the Amityville Horror House, a famous home said to be haunted, which inspired numerous horror books and movies.
Humilau City Fire Island Long Island (Nassau County and Suffolk County) While map-wise it would fit in as part of Queens or eastern Nassau County, Humilau City strongly resembles the nautical backdrop of many Long Island villages. Specifically, its use of boardwalks is taken directly from many beach communities on Fire Island, such as Davis Park or Cherry Grove which consist almost entirely of boardwalks and stilted houses.
Seaside Cave Lawrence New York (Nassau County)
Marine Tube Ocean Parkway Long Island (Nassau County and Suffolk County) While the New York City area has no underwater tunnels akin to Marine Tube, the closest comparison both geographically and thematically is Ocean Parkway, a beachside highway which is known by locals for its beautiful views of wildlife and the ocean.


A comparison of Kalos to France

Kalos is based on the northern half of Metropolitan France and Alderney, one of the Channel Islands which are self-governing crown dependencies of the United Kingdom.

Pokémon world Specific location Administrative region Notes
Vaniville Town Moulins Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Moulins had various old terraced houses, in Vaniville, the houses of the town are all terraced.
Aquacorde Town Nevers Bourgogne-Franche-Comté The great bridge is probably based on a bridge on the river Loire in Nevers. The central square of Aquacorde is based in the Place de la République (Republic square), a square surrounded by various french-style row houses and with two separated gardens, like the square of Aquacorde.
Santalune City Fontainebleau Île-de-France The fountain on the central plaza might be based on the fontaine de Diane.
Santalune Forest Forest of Fontainebleau Île-de-France It is the most touristic forest in France.
Détourner Way Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours Île-de-France The Rhyhorn race track is based in this circuit, shared for the cities of Nevers and Magny Cours. The route itself is based in the observation zones of the circuit.
Parterre Way Seine-et-Marne and the gardens of the region Île-de-France The aspect of the route is modeled after the impressive Parterre gardens of the Palace of Fontainebleau, located in Fontainebleau in Seine-et-Marne. The region of Marne is famous for its palaces with parterres, also, the route can be based in the gardens of the palace of Vaux-le-Vicomte, where the parterre are in the sides of the garden, like the route 4.
Lumiose City Paris[3] Île-de-France The largest city in Kalos. The streets of Lumiose are based on the Place de l'Étoile (square of the star and current Place Charles de Gaulle), in which there is the Arc de Triomphe. The modern buildings that surround the city may be a reference to the buildings of La Défense, the most important business district in France.
Prism Tower Eiffel Tower Paris Both are lattice towers. The Eiffel Tower is the most emblematic monument in all of France and a symbol of modernity in Paris. The prism tower reflects this by being a modern building made of glass.
Lumiose Museum UNESCO Headquarters Paris Building shape roughly matches for the conference room, and the campus contains more than 500 works from various famous artists (including Picasso) that have been added over the years. The inside may also be based on The Louvre.
Versant Road Sèvres Île-de-France A commune on the outskirts of Paris that houses a Skate Park, in addition, the commune is in an elevated area of the Seine, similar to the mountainous aspect of the route.
Camphrier Town Blois Centre-Val de Loire During the Renaissance, Blois was the official residence of the King of France.
Shabboneau Castle Château of Blois Centre-Val de Loire Used to be the residence for the Counts of Blois and some French Kings.
Rivière Walk Loire Valley and its surroundings Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire Nicknamed the Garden of France, it is a region known for its vineyards and vegetable crops, as well as its châteaus and castles.
Palais Lane Avenue de Paris Île-de-France A route located in the city of Versailles, decorated with trees and parterres that are the main road to the Palace of Versailles.
Parfum Palace Palace of Versailles Île-de-France The king who ordered the construction of the palace and who is mentioned several times, is a reference to Louis XIV of France. The second floor and hallway of the Parfum Palace is based in the Galerie des Glaces.
Battle Chateau Château de Chenonceau Centre-Val de Loire Nicknamed the castle of the ladies, in reference to the noble women who financed its reconstruction and for the parties they held. This is referenced in the fact that Diantha is the top trainer in the chateau. The façade of the Battle Chateau reminiscent of the high-ceilinged, round towers of Chambord.
Connecting Cave Lac de Grand-Lieu Pays de la Loire
Muraille Coast La Pointe du Chay, Nouvelle-Aquitaine An elevated maritime and rocky areaa, cloistered in the mountains and composed of prehistoric deposits and rocks.
Spikes Passage Périgord Nouvelle-Aquitaine A mountainous and elevated area in south-central France. In real life, it is a fertile area.
Ambrette Town La Rochelle Nouvelle-Aquitaine An aquarium lies in La Rochelle. The city is famous in France for the geologic deposits from the Jurassic, that constitute great part of the coast of the city.
Glittering Cave Lascaux Cave Nouvelle-Aquitaine Lascaux is a network of caves famous for prehistoric parietal wall paintings. Junichi Masuda said in an interview that they relied on the Catacombs of Paris.[citation needed]
Cyllage City Saint-Nazaire Pays de la Loire Saint-Nazaire has a major harbour and a long tradition of fishing and shipbuilding. Could possibly be also based on Saint-Brevin-les-Pins.
Menhir Trail and Geosenge Town Carnac and the Carnac stones[3] Brittany Notable for its standing stones. In the games, the ultimate weapon turned various Pokémon into stones, possibly referencing a legend which stated that the Carnac stones were pagan soldiers who were turned into stone by Pope Cornelius, or Roman soldiers turned into stone by the magician Merlin.
Reflection Cave Armorican Massif Brittany The massif is composed of metamorphic and magmatic rocks that were metamorphosed and/or deformed during the Hercynian or Variscan orogeny and the earlier Cadomian orogeny. The competent old rocks of the Armorican Massif have been eroded to a plateaulike peneplain. The concept could also be based on the legends of the Britons called Miroirs aux fées (fairies mirrors). Fairy mirrors are usually caves with bright quartz veins or lakes where they are said to live fairies and like to see themselves in them like a mirror.
Shalour City Saint-Malo Brittany In the anime, the city has a walled aspect; Saint-Malo is known for its fortresses and for being walled.
Tower of Mastery Mont Saint-Michel Normandy A island-city in the coast, the summit of the island is crowned with a gothic abbey since the early Middle Ages. This match with the tower of mastery being a solemn site related with the megaevolution and the statue of Lucario, in reference to the statue of the angel Gabriel in the summit.
Azure Bay The English Channel
Sea Spirit's Den Channel Islands Bailiwick of Guernsey Specifically based on Alderney, one of the Channel Islands which are self-governing crown dependencies of the United Kingdom.
Fourrage Road Parc naturel régional des Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin and the Pays d'Auge region Normandy A natural reserve in the Cotentin peninsula in the north of France. The Pays d'Auge is a farmer region in Normandy, famous for its cheese, dairy, apples and cider production in France, this is reflexed in the Baa de Mer ranch of Kalos and the tall grass of the route.
Coumarine City Le Havre Normandy The city has a monorail and several trams, in addition, like the game, the coastal part is a large tourist area and the north is residential.
Lumiose Badlands Pays de Bray Normandy A fertile area near Paris, thanks to the clay soil.
Kalos Power Plant Saint-Laurent Nuclear Power Plant Centre-Val de Loire Saint-Laurent is located close to Paris and is surrounded by sunflowers (in reference to Kalos Power Plant's solar power). Could also be based on Crucey Solar Park, an actual Solar Power Plant, which is also close to Paris, although it lacks any buildings that the former has.
Laverre Nature Trail Hortillonnages d'Amiens Hauts-de-France From vulgar Latin Hortellus that means little garden, are a series of swamps in the east of Amiens, built in the Gallo-Roman era of France and used as agricultural fields and are now an ecological and landscape park.
Laverre City Calais and Amiens Hauts-de-France Geographically, it is closer to be based of Calais - a major port city with old part of town being surrounded by canals. Thematically, it is most likely based of Amiens, as it won awards for rich wooded heritage and being one of the greenest French cities.
Laverre Gym Hôtel de ville de Calais or Belfry of Amiens Calais, Hauts-de-France Both belfries are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as part of a set of Belfries of Belgium and France. The gym's clock is based on the imposing bell towers in their respective cities.
Mélancolie Path Canal de l'Ourcq Île-de-France The Canal de l'Ourcq was built to provide drinking water to Paris and is currently used as a recreational area for fishing and boating. This is reflected in the fishing club on the route and the fact that the river ends artificially.
Lost Hotel Abbey of St. Jean des Vignes Hauts-de-France An old abbey in Soissons near Paris, which was destroyed during the French revolution and only the facade is left standing.
Frost Cavern Ardennes Grand Est Ardennes is a zone that had a rocky landscape and various hills with forests and rough terrain, is located in the frontier with Belgium and Luxembourg, this match with the Frost Cavern located in the north of Kalos, like the Ardennes are near Belgium in the north.
Dendemille Town Charleville-Mézières Grand Est Charleville's region is known for its windmills.
Terminus Cave Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park Grand Est
Anistar City Strasbourg Grand Est The sundial may be a reference to Strasbourg astronomical clock.
Couriway Town Molsheim Grand Est Molsheim is located close to several waterfalls, such as Nideck Waterfall, Casscade de la Serva and Cascade de l'Andlau. Couriway train station also somewhat resembles Molsheim station.
Grande Vallée Way Lac de Lispach The Vosgues in Grand Est A boggy lake and forestal region in the mountains near the Alps.
Snowbelle City Besançon Bourgogne-Franche-Comté The nearby Jura Mountains are known for cold temperatures and sometimes nicknamed "Little Siberia".
Pokémon Village Parc naturel régional du Haut-Jura Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Winding Woods and Dernière Way Plateau des Mille Étangs Bourgogne-Franche-Comté A extensiveforest and mountainous landscape in the west of France.
Victory Road Mont Beuvray Burgundy Mont Beuvray is generally identified as ancient Bibracte, a fortified settlement. Used to be capital of the Aedui and one of the most important hillforts in Gaul. Nowadays, it is an archaeological park at the centre of a protected forest.
Pokémon League building Château de Chambord Centre-Val de Loire Should be located somewhere in Burgundy, but the place itself resembles Château de Chambord more, the largest château in the Loire Valley. It was built to serve as a hunting lodge for Francis I and ended up being one the most influential architectures, inspiring the design of several European castles.
Kiloude City Lyon Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Lyon is located in the south, connected via train to Paris like Lumiose and has an open air zoo and a plateau.
Battle Maison Hôtel de Ville de Lyon Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes The place is located south of the aforementioned plateau.


A comparison of Alola to Hawaii

Alola is based on Hawaii,[4] one of the states that is a part of the United States.

Pokémon world Specific location Island Notes
Melemele Island Oʻahu Houses the state capital and the former monarchy of Hawaii. Its designated island color is yellow (melemele in Hawaiian) and its designated island flower is the ʻilima.
Hau'oli City Honolulu Oʻahu The state capital of Hawaii.
Hau'oli City Beachfront Waikīkī Oʻahu Waikiki and its beaches are a notable tourist destination in Hawaii.
Hau'oli City Shopping District Ala Moana Center Oʻahu Ala Moana Center is the largest shopping mall in Hawaiʻi.
Hau'oli City Marina Ala Wai Harbor Oʻahu The largest small boat and yacht harbor in Hawaii.
Hau'oli Outskirts Hawaiʻi Kai Oʻahu One of the largest residential areas in O'ahu.
Trainer's School University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Oʻahu Largest college in Hawaiʻi.
Iki Town Wahiawā Oʻahu
Berry fields Dole Plantation Oʻahu The largest currently operating pineapple plantation in the state.
Hau'oli Cemetery Nanakuli Homestead Cemetery Oʻahu
Mahalo Trail ʻAiea Loop Trail Oʻahu
Verdant Cavern Kaneana Cave (Makua Cave) Oʻahu
Melemele Meadow Kualoa Ranch Oʻahu Could also be based on National Wildlife Refuge, which is dedicated to preserving and restoring populations of endangered honeycreepers, but it doesn't match geographically.
Ten Carat Hill Diamond Head (Lēʻahi) Oʻahu Necrozma's appearance here in Pokémon Sun and Moon references the historical belief by western sailors that the calcite crystals near the mountain were diamonds.
Seaward Cave Mermaid Cave Oʻahu
Kala'e Bay Hanauma Bay Oʻahu A popular tourist attraction on Oʻahu, the bay is a nature sanctuary is well known for its efforts for preserving native marine life.
Ruins of Conflict Puʻu o Mahuka Heiau Oʻahu The largest heiau on Oahu. It contains a luakini, a sacrificial altar meant to bring success during times of war.
Melemele Sea Kaiwi Channel Oʻahu An ocean channel that separates Oahu from Molokaʻi.
Big Wave Beach Haleʻiwa Beach Park and Haleʻiwa Aliʻi Beach Park Oʻahu
Sandy Cave Bianco Cave Oʻahu
Akala Island Maui Its designated island color is pink (ʻākala in Hawaiian).
Heahea City Kahului Maui
Brooklet Hill Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary Maui
Pikachu Valley ʻIao Valley Maui
Heahea Beach Kahului Beach Maui
Paniola Town Makawao Maui A community on Maui known to be dominated by agriculture and ranch lands.
Paniola Ranch Haleakala Ranch Maui Largest ranch on Maui.
Royal Avenue The Shops at Wailea Maui Mall with more than 70 shops, restaurants & art galleries, with regular evening entertainment.
Diglett's Tunnel Olowalu Tunnel Maui A long road tunnel that connects Lahaina to Wailuku. Located on Honoapi'ilani Highway. It could also be based on Olowalu Shaft, which is located close to Olowalu Tunnel.
Konikoni City Lāhainā Maui Lahaina is one of numerous locations of Hawaii where Chinese immigrants immigrated to work on local sugar cane plantations. Lahaina houses the only two Chinese Society Halls that exist and are maintained in Hawaii.
Hano Grand Resort Grand Wailea Resort Maui The most prominent hotel in the Wailea area.
Hano Beach Makena Beach Maui
Wela Volcano Park Haleakalā National Park Maui The tallest volcano on Maui and is currently inactive. Terrain is closer to Kīlauea.
Dividing Peak Tunnel Hana Highway Maui Hana Lava Tube is located around this stretch.
Lush Jungle Hana Forest Reserve Maui It is the largest tropical forest on the island of Maui.
Memorial Hill Olowalu Petroglyphs Maui
Ruins of Life Piʻilanihale Heiau Maui The largest heiau in the State of Hawaii.
Ula'ula Island Hawaii Island The largest island in the archipelago. Its designated island color is red (ʻulaʻula in Hawaiian).
Malie City Hilo Hawaii Island Largest settlement on Hawaii Island. Noted locally for its particularly rainy climate.
Malie Garden Liliuokalani Park and Gardens Hawaii Island Designed like an Edo-style Japanese garden, having numerous structures such as pagodas, torii (traditional Japanese gate), and a Japanese teahouse.
Mount Hokulani Mauna Loa & Mauna Kea Hawaii Island Mauna Kea is the second highest peak in the world when measured from its base below sea level. Currently a dormant volcano. Mauna Loa is a the largest subaerial volcano in the world and it is still active.
Hokulani Observatory Mauna Loa Observatory & Mauna Kea Observatories Hawaii Island A number of observatories located on the summits of Mauna Loa & Mauna Kea due to its ideal conditions for atmospheric & astronomy research.
Blush Mountain Kīlauea Hawaii Island A currently active volcano. A power plant in the Puna district of Hawaii used the geothermal vents from Kilauea to generate electricity until the 2018 eruptions caused its temporary shutdown.
Geothermal Power Plant Puna Geothermal Venture Hawaii Island A geothermal energy power plant that was shut down shortly after the start of the May 2018 lower Puna eruption, and resumed power generation in November 2020.
Secluded ShoreSM/Ula'ula BeachUSUM Ahalanui Park - Isaac Hale Beach Park Hawaii Island Both are black sand beaches. Ahalanui Park was destroyed by lava due to 2018 Volcanic Eruption of Kīlauea.
Tapu Village - Aether House Kau Hawaii Island Kau district is known for South Point (Ka Lae) and Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE).
Tapu Village Heiau Ruins Hawaii Island The most closest locations would be Kalalea Heiau and Kohaikalani Heiau. Tapu Village could be based on Kalapana, a former inhabited town that was destroyed by a Kīlauea lava flow in 1986, believed to be caused by Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. However, it is located in the far east Puna district, thus not matching up geographically.
Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site) Pahala Hawaii Island There used to be sugar cane mills in Pahala, but they were all closed by the late 90s.
Haina Desert Kaʻū Desert Hawaii Island Although not a true desert, the sulfur dioxide from Kīlauea's sulfuric lava plumes creates enough acid rain that plant growth is severely inhibited.
Lake of the Sunne/Lake of the Moone Lake Waiau Hawaii Island The largest lake in Hawaii, located on Mauna Kea
Ula'ula Meadow Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park Hawaii Island The most notable of many locations in Hawaii where people who broke Kapu could escape to. Such sites are difficult to enter and heavily protected, but once entered, a Kahuna on site could bless the individual, pardoning their crime. Many native plants, including red plumeria grow near the location.
Po Town Hawi Hawaii Island Hawi is a town in Kohala mountain, in the northwest part Hawaii Island. It once was a busy commercial centre during the operation of the Kohala Sugar plantation. However, just like with other sugar mills, it was closed down.
Mount Lanakila Mauna Loa & Mauna Kea Hawaii Island Mauna Loa is the largest shield volcano on earth; it is currently active. Mauna Loa is one of two locations to annually have snow in Hawaii, the other being Mauna Kea.
Route 14 Ocean View Hawaii Island
Routes 15 & 16 Captain Cook & Miloliʻi beaches. Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe & Johnston Atoll islands. Hawaii Island The small islets on Route 15 resemble the real life islands, only smaller, tighter and closer to Hawaii Island, the real life basis for Ula'ula Island.
Ruins of Abundance Puʻukoholā Heiau Hawaii Island The largest heiau on Hawaii Island, and the last heiau ever built.
Poni Island Kauaʻi Its designated island color is purple (poni in Hawaiian).
Seafolk Village Waimea Kauaʻi The site where the first western contact to the Hawaiian islands were made by James Cook
Poni Wilds Waimea Canyon State Park Kauaʻi A large canyon carved by the abundant rainfall from Mount Wai'ale'ale, it is nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
Poni Beach Polihale State Park Kauaʻi
Poni Breaker Coast Kawailoa Bay, Haula Bay & Nawiliwili Bay Kauaʻi Could also be based on Po'ipū, which is famous for the geological blowhole known locally as Spouting Horn.
Ancient Poni Path Kalaheo & Koloa Kauaʻi Koloa is known for Old Koloa Town, which preserves Koloa history and traditions.
Vast Poni Canyon Kawaikini & Alakaʻi Wilderness Preserve Kauaʻi Kawaikini is the tallest peak of the mountain. It is hard to reach due to high annual rains and steep wet cliffs. Also not helped by the fact that on west side of it Alakaʻi Wilderness Preserve is located. Its miles of dense, swampy forest limits the access to the summit.
Altar of the Sunne/Altar of the Moone Mount Waiʻaleʻale Kauaʻi Mount Wai'ale'ale is the main volcano of Kauaʻi and is currently extinct.
Poni Grove Wailua River State Park Kauaʻi An area of Kauaʻi containing several important heiau. Malae is the largest heiau on Kaua'i.
Poni Plains Kawaihau Kauaʻi
Poni Coast Paliku Beach, Papa'a Bay Beach & Moloa'a Beach Kauaʻi
Poni Meadow Fern Grotto Kauaʻi
Resolution Cave Maniniholo Dry Cave Kauaʻi It was believed to once house a malicious spirit deep in the cave.
Poni Gauntlet Kīlauea Town & Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge Kauaʻi
Battle Tree Princeville Resort Kauaʻi
Ruins of Hope Poli'ahu Heiau Kauaʻi Poliʻahu is the most important heiau in Kaua'i lore.
Exeggutor Island Niʻihau & Kahoʻolawe Geographically located as Niʻihau to Kauaʻi, though the lack of human inhabitants is similar to Kahoʻolawe. Both require boats and special permission to travel to.
Aether Paradise Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument consists of all the islands located northwest of Niʻihau in the Hawaiian archipelago. It is a U.S. National Monument and nature preserve dedicated to preserving and protecting numerous Hawaiʻi endemic endangered species.
Poké Pelago Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Small, uninhabited islands and atolls northwest of the main eight Hawaiian islands. Many native endemic Hawaiian organisms inhabit these islands.


A comparison of Galar to the United Kingdom

Galar is based on the United Kingdom,[5] with the region focusing heavily on the island of Great Britain, flipped upside-down as if being viewed from the north. The main region itself is based mostly on England and Wales, while the Crown Tundra is based on Scotland. The Isle of Armor is based on the Isle of Man, which is a self-governing crown dependency of the United Kingdom.[6][7]

Pokémon world Specific location County/Shire Country Notes
Postwick Keswick[7]
Cumbria England One of the most popular tourist sites in the Lake District, located close to Bowness-on-Windermere on the shores of Lake Windermere.
Route 1 New Road/Lake Road Cumbria England The main link road between Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere.
Wedgehurst Bowness-on-Windermere[7] Cumbria England Located on the shores of Lake Windermere, it is one of the most popular tourist sites in the Lake District.
Route 2 Near and Far Sawrey Cumbria England Two villages that act as one tourist attraction because of Hill Top Farm, the home of The Tale of Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter.
Slumbering Weald Grizedale Forest Cumbria England A forest area located within the Lake District. It is famous for its magic- and poetry-themed statues. The altar dedicated to Zacian and Zamazenta is similar to the Forest Fugue sculpture.
Wild Area Lake District National Park[7]/Peak District National Park Cumbria/Derbyshire England Two of the most popular national parks in England. The Lake District, the inspiration for the southern section of the Wild Area, is known for its mountains and inland lakes, whilst the Peak District, the inspiration for the northern section of the Wild Area, is known for its peaks and rolling hills.
Motostoke Manchester[7] Greater Manchester England The third-largest city in the United Kingdom, known for its industrial and railway past. The many structures were inspired from the Castlefield area.
Motostoke Stadium Manchester Town Hall Greater Manchester England A Victorian Neo-Gothic building situated within the city.
Route 3 Astley Green Colliery Greater Manchester England A former coal mine that is now a museum.
Galar Mine North York Moors National Park
Standedge Tunnels
North Yorkshire
Greater Manchester/West Yorkshire
England Geographically, it seems to be closer to be based of North York Moors, but aesthetically it looks similar to Standedge Tunnels, a trans-Pennine route for both rail and canal.
Route 4 Yorkshire Wolds East Riding of Yorkshire/North Yorkshire England Low-lying hills that are situated east from the city of York.
Turffield York North Yorkshire England Aesthetically, it was heavily inspired by Amesbury,[7] a town located nearby the prehistoric Stonehenge. The fact that Turffield is situated within the standing stones was also inspired by Avebury. Geographically, it is closer to be based on York with the village aesthetic being a reference to York Green Belt, an environmental and planning policy that regulates the rural space. The hill figure is a reference to the Kilburn White Horse, located in Kilburn, a village near York.
Route 5 Ribblehead Viaduct North Yorkshire England A scenic railway viaduct that carries the Settle-Carlisle Railway over the River Ribble.
Hulbury Liverpool Merseyside England A major seaport that is known for the Albert Dock and Liver Building. It is also the birthplace of The Beatles. The houses built on a slope may have been inspired by St Ives, Cornwall.
Galar Mine No. 2 Forest of Bowland North Yorkshire England From a geographical standpoint, it seems to be based on caves found in Forest of Bowland, such as Hell Hole, Whitewell Cave and Whitewell Pot. It is also located between Manchester and Liverpool, albeit much norther. It could've been inspired by Mersey Tunnels, major tunnels that cross under the River Mersey, but then it misses the mark of being located between real life Motostoke and Hulbury.
Motostoke Outskirts Runcorn Railway Bridge Cheshire England A railway bridge that crosses the River Mersey between Runcorn and Widnes. It is parallel to the Silver Jubilee Bridge.
Hammerlocke Birmingham West Midlands England The second-largest city in the United Kingdom. It is known for its vast canal network, which gives it the nickname the Venice of the North.
Hammerlocke Stadium Warwick Castle Warwickshire England A medieval castle with over a thousand years of history.
Energy Plant Chamberlain Clock tower (Body) and BT Tower (summit) West Midlands England Both are the tallest buildings in Birmingham and constitute heritage of the city.
Route 6 Cat and Fiddle Road Cheshire/Derbyshire England A scenic and dangerous road in the United Kingdom that passes over the Peak District between Macclesfield and Buxton. The route is named after a pub located at its summit. The desert theme may also be based on Dungeness, which is known to be the only desert in the United Kingdom.
Stow-on-Side Buxton/Matlock Bath Derbyshire England A spa town that is described as "The Gateway to the Peak District National Park". It is home to Poole's Cavern and is also known for its spring water. Its name, as well as its potteries, may have been a reference to Stoke-on-Trent. Matlock Bath is another town described as the gateway of the Peak District, the town is famous for its thermal lake (the same that surround the Gym), and the parade street, a main street filled with shops and entertainment places, just like the shops of Stow-on-Side.
Glimwood Tangle Sherwood Forest[7] Nottinghamshire England A well-known forest in the East Midlands that is said to be the home to the famous folklore character, Robin Hood.
Ballonlea Nottingham or Stratford-Upon-Avon Nottinghamshire or Warwickshire England Nottingham fits due to being surrounded by Sherwood Forest in the north, much like Ballonlea is surrounded by Glimwood Tangle. Stratford-Upon-Avon is a heavy aesthetical inspiration, due to Tudor architecture and being a birthplace of William Shakespeare, who wrote many plays including the one about fairies — A Midsummer Night's Dream. Another possible inspiration is a more geographically correct Lavenham, a village famous for its legends about witches and was used for filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1.
Route 7 Severn Tunnel Gloucestershire/Monmouthshire England/Wales A railway tunnel that goes under the Severn Estuary.
Route 8 Shropshire Shropshire England Known for The Ironbridge Gorge area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was formed by glacial overflow during last ice age. Wroxeter Roman City may have inspired the ruins on Route 8. Not only do the ruins resemble Roman architecture. Additionally the Pokémon Falinks, which takes inspiration from the Roman legion, can only be found here (apart from the wild area).
Circhester Bath[7] Somerset England A Roman spa city famous for its Georgian style buildings, geothermal hot springs, and the rows of houses such as the Circus and Royal Crescent.
Route 9 Cardigan Bay Dyfed/Gwynedd Wales A large inlet in the Irish Sea that makes up most of Wales' coastline.
Spikemuth Rhyl Clwyd Wales Rhyl is ranked as one of the UK's worst seaside resorts. While having plenty of unused stores, there are many similarities you could pull with Spikemuth.
Route 9 Tunnel Conwy Tunnel Clwyd Wales An underwater road tunnel that goes under the River Conwy.
Route 10 Eryri and Chiltern Hills Clwyd/Gwynedd/Hertfordshire Wales A mountain range in Wales and National Park, with its highest mountain being Yr Wyddfa. Chiltern is a hill escarpment in the north of London.
Wyndon London[7] Greater London England The largest city and the capital of the United Kingdom. Home to Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, the London Eye, and Piccadilly Circus.
Rose of the Rondelands Palace of Westminster/Big Ben Greater London England While not a hotel, it is a popular tourist destination due to its neo-Gothic looking clock tower, which inspired the Rose of the Rondelands' own clock tower. The hotel facility may be inspired by the London County Hall, a former government building now used by two hotels. It is located on the other side of the River Thames, facing the Palace of Westminster.
Wyndon Stadium Wembley Stadium Greater London England The largest and most important stadium in the British Isles.
Rose Tower/Battle Tower ArcelorMittal Orbit/The Shard Greater London England The ArcelorMittal Orbit was built for the 2012 Olympic Games and is now a slide attraction. The Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom.

Isle of Armor

The Isle of Man is a crown dependency of the United Kingdom in the middle of the Irish Sea. It is one of the six Celtic Nations along with Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany. The island has its unique language (known as Manx Gaelic) and culture, with myths and legends that derive from Celtic mythology. It is also world-famous for its Manx Grand Prix.

Pokémon world Specific location Parish Sheading Notes
Loop Lagoon Ramsey Bay Ramsey Ayre A bay that was designated as a UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) biosphere reserve.
Workout Sea Smeale Beach Andreas Ayre A coastal area that is designated as a dark-sky preserve.
Master Dojo Jurby airfield Jurby Michael Land formerly used by RAF Jurby as training ground. Following the closure of the station in 1973, the area has been used for air shows, gliding, and private aviation. The station complex is converted into an industrial park and houses several tourist attractions, including the Jurby Transport Museum and the Isle of Man Motor Museum.
Soothing Wetlands Sulby Glen and Ballaugh Curraghs Lezayre and Ballaugh Ayre and Michael The largest water reservoir on the Isle of Man is located in the Sulby valley. The Curraghs is a Ramsar wetland on the northwest of the island.
Challenge Beach Douglas Douglas Borough Council Middle The capital of the Isle of Man, which is home to many railways such as the Douglas Bay Horse Tram, the Isle of Man Railway, and the Snaefell Mountain Railway. It is the only ferry port on the island that connects to the mainland and Ireland.
Tower of Waters Tower of Refuge Douglas Borough Council Middle A shelter to wrecked mariners build on St Mary's Isle (also known as Conister Rock) in the Douglas Bay in 1832, it becomes the landmark of Douglas. Visit to the tower is restricted due to the fragility of the Conister Rock, which is a tidal reef that reamins partially submerged expect for spring tides.
Challenge Road Peel German Glenfaba A seaside town that is home to the replica of the Odin's Raven Longboat in the House of Manannan Museum; and Peel Castle. Its location up on the highest mountain of the Isle of Armor may also be a reference to Snaefell, the highest mountain on the Isle of Man.
Tower of Darkness Peel Castle German Glenfaba Peel Castle is a Viking castle built on the remnants of earlier Celtic monasteries with a notableround tower in the ruins of the Cathedral of St. German. The site is believed to be one of the possible locations of Avalon in the Arthurian legends, which may inspire the plot of Isle of Armor and the special role of the Tower of Darkness towards the endgame. Peel castle is said to be haunted by a Black Dog called Moddey Dhoo in Manx Gaelic. The presence of wandering Zorua and Zoroark in the Isle of Armor on cloudy days could be a reference to this folklore.
Forest of Focus Fairy Bridge Santon and Malew Middle and Rushen A famous parish boundary bridge where fairies named Mooinjer veggey (Manx Gaelic for 'little people') are said to dwell. People would say "Hello Fairies" when they cross and often leave wishes and notes beside the tree for good luck. Benevolent fairies are said to only appear in front of those they wish to see, and reward them with cure or blessing. The Lilligant that appears before the player character and Hop may be partly inspired by the story of fairies.
Training Lowlands Castletown and Glen Rushen Malew and Rushen Rushen Castletown was the former capital of the Isle of Man before 1869. The Isle of Man Airport is located in the suburb of the town. The hinterlands of Training Lowlands may be based on the Rushen Valley, which is a popular destination for hiking and camping.
Honeycalm Island Calf of Man Rushen Rushen A small islet located off the south coast.
Honeycalm Sea Calf Sound A body of water with various islets, which separate the Calf of Man.
Stepping-Stone Sea and Insular Sea Irish Sea Water bodies surrounding the Isle of Man was known for hazardous navigation before the age of steamboats. In modern days, the waters become ideal for viewing birds, sea mammals (particularly common seals and grey seals), and Basking sharks. The widespread presence of Galarian Slowpoke ashore and Sharpedo at sea around the Isle of Armor echoes with the real-life ecology of the Isle of Man.

Crown Tundra

Pokémon world Specific location County/Shire Country Notes
Crown Tundra Scottish Highlands Scotland A vast mountain range in the northern parts of Scotland, home to the famous Loch Ness and Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the island of Great Britain.
Slippery Slope Dinnet Aberdeenshire Scotland Known to be the 'gateway to the Highlands' as well as the Cairngorms National Park. It used to have a railway station which still stands today, despite not being in use anymore.
Max Lair Burn O'Vat Aberdeenshire Scotland Located near Dinnet, this giant bowl shaped pothole was formed via erosion from melted glacial ice. It can be entered though a narrow opening and is often filled with water, presenting an impression of a hidden den. Local legend states a notorious outlaw hid here once, long ago.
Freezington Ballater Aberdeenshire Scotland Ballater is a small town, famous for its connection with the royal family, as it has certified shops for the nobility, which supply the royal family when they are on vacation in the area. The town also has a train station. All this is related to the adoration of the inhabitants towards Calyrex.
Frostpoint Field Lomond Hills Fife Scotland This location features rocky terrain, despite being called a field, and so might be an invocation of this regional park. Rounded hills and mounds here called 'paps' are volcanic in origin and breast shaped, and can be found amongst ruins dating back to the Iron Age.
Path to the Peak Ben Nevis and Schiehallion Grampian Mountains/Breadalbane Scotland The tallest mountain in Scotland and tallest of the British Isles. Schiehallion is a mountain that its close to the geographic center of Scotland and has suffered from erosion by mountaineers, this is reflected in the mountain's location in the tundra and the path to the Crown Shrine.
Crown Shrine Edinburgh Castle[7] Edinburgh Scotland An immense medieval castle that was home to kings of Scotland in the past, which is referred to by Calyrex being once worshiped in the Crown Shrine.
Frigid Sea Firth of Clyde Scotland The largest island in the Frigid Sea may be based on the Isle of Arran.
Three-Point Pass Callanish Stones Outer Hebrides Scotland A ring of standing stones near the coast of Scotland, according to legend, a being of light known as the shining one, appears on the summer solstice, this in reference to the Dragapult and the Electivire of the game.
Roaring-Sea Caves Fingal's Cave Staffa, Inner Hebrides Scotland A coastal cave famous for its basalt columns and the resonant acoustics inside.
Old Cemetery Crosbie Castle and the Fullarton estate Troon, South Ayrshire Scotland
Giant's Bed Croft Moraig Stone Circle Perth and Kinross Scotland A stone circle that is a protected monument. The rocks of the Giant's bed had the same layout of the Croft stones.
Ballimere Lake and Dyna Tree Hill Loch Lomond Stirlingshire/Dunbartonshire Scotland The largest Loch in Scotland. The name literally means Lake of the Elms, which may be the inspiration for the Dynamax Tree resembling an elm.


A comparison of Paldea to the Iberian Peninsula

Paldea is based on the Iberian Peninsula — which comprises Spain, Portugal, and Andorra — and its shared culture and fauna. It draws inspiration primarily from the culture of Spain, as can be seen in its gastronomy, musical influences, Pokémon nomenclature, as well as the sporadic use of the Spanish language by the locals of Paldea; however, specific references to Portugal, its architecture and language can also be found, mainly on western locations of Paldea.

Pokémon world Specific location Administrative division Country Notes
Cabo Poco Algeciras/Gibraltar Andalusia/Gibraltar Spain/United Kingdom The player's house is based on the province of Cadiz, probably in Algeciras as is the southern tip of Iberia. Geographically, Nemona's house is in a similar position to the British territory of Gibraltar. The Rock of Gibraltar may be the hill with the Great Ball south of Nemona's House.
Poco Path Province of Cádiz Andalusia Spain In the Spanish version, this path is known as Sendero de Cahíz, a reference to the city of Cádiz.
Inlet Grotto Caves of Nerja/La Caleta Andalusia Spain A system of grottoes and caves in the south of Spain. In the Spanish version, it is called Gruta Caleta in reference to La Caleta, a popular beach located also in the city of Cádiz.
Los Platos Ciudad Real Castilla–La Mancha Spain A small city near the center of Spain, being a commuter town for people who study and work in Toledo and Madrid. Also, the name of the town in french is Plato Real.
Mesagoza Madrid/Toledo/Barcelona/Zaragoza/Lisbon Community of Madrid/Castile–La Mancha/Catalonia/Aragón/Lisbon Region Spain/Portugal Geographically, it matches Toledo and Madrid - the former and current capitals of Spain. The gate bridges resemble the Puente de Alcántara over the Tagus river, which passes through both Toledo and Lisbon. The city walls are reminiscent of the Aljafería Palace in Zaragoza, referenced in the English name. Heavy inspiration is also drawn from Barcelona's Park Güell and its Trencadís mosaics. The central plaza is based on Plaza Mayor in Madrid and possibly Praça do Comércio with its yellow coloring and open layout, as well as the streets of Chiado. The rose of winds in the plaza might be based on the one in Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona, while the one by the south stairway resembles the one in Lisbon. The cobbled streets and buildings to the north resemble Toledo's old town, while the southeastern quadrant is reminiscent of Lisbon's colorful architecture and street layouts [1][2]. The roof walkways might also be a reference to Rua do Carmo.
Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV Barcelona/Segovia/Salamanca/Coimbra Catalonia/Castile and León/Central Region Spain/Portugal This location is based on several buildings. Its external architecture is inspired by the unfinished Sagrada Família church and the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona. Its panopticon layout is based on the Carcél Modelo de Barcelona, while the arched bridges resemble the Aqueduct of Segovia. The Entrance Hall seems to be inspired by the Biblioteca Joanina, famous for housing bats that protect its books from insects. Similarly, Noibat can be found here at night. The stairway leading to the Academy might be inspired by the Escadas Monumentais, a long stairway leading to the University of Coimbra. The age of the Naranja/Uva Academy is a reference to the University of Salamanca being the oldest in Iberia, with the University of Coimbra being the second oldest - at over eight and seven centuries respectively.
Paldea League stadium Santiago Bernabéu Stadium/Estádio da Luz Madrid/Lisbon Spain/Portugal
South Paldean Sea Atlantic Ocean/Strait of Gibraltar/Alboran Sea Exclusive Economic Zones of Spain/United Kingdom/Portugal Spain/United Kingdom/Portugal The Atlantic Ocean and the Alboran Sea, the westernmost portion of the Mediterranean Sea, are the two bodies of water directly south of Iberia, connected through the Strait of Gibraltar.
Secluded Beach Costa del Sol Andalusia Spain In real life, it is a very popular holiday area in the south of Spain and recognizable for its holiday villas. This is the only beach in all of Paldea.
South Province (Area Five) Murcia/Doñana National Park Region of Murcia/Andalusia Spain This area appears to be based on the wetlands and lagoons around Murcia, as well as the beaches of Costa Cálida. The lagoons of Campotéjar, in particular, used to be a wastewater treatment plant, which could have inspired the Paldean Wooper's typing. Doñana constitutes the only tropical wetland in continental Europe, being a migration stop for flamingos and various warm climate animals, this explains why the dominant Pokémon in the area is Flamigo.
South Province (Area Three) Tabernas Desert Andalusia Spain A semi-arid desert with the characteristic landscapes of badlands, famous for being the recording location of several Western movies.
Artazon Cartagena Region of Murcia Spain Geographically, it matches Murcia and especially Cartagena, where a similar hedge maze can be found. The windmill resembles the ones from La Mancha, popularized by Don Quixote, such as those in Consuegra. Similar windmills can also be found on costal Murcia. Its Spanish name, Pueblo Altamía, references the Cave of Altamira, though the real location of the cave is in Cantabria.
Levincia Valencia Valencian Community Spain A Mediterranean coastal city, famous for the City of Arts and Sciences, a complex of museums and institutions with a futuristic appearance. The overall design of Levnicia also takes inspiration from other locations in the Valencian Community. The skyscrapers in Levincia resemble the coastal skyline of Benidorm, which is the pioneer city of modernist architecture in Spain and precedes the Cuatro Torres of Madrid. Its colorful houses might be a reference to the ones of Villajoyosa.
East Province (Area Three) Monegros Desert Aragon Spain Considered one of the most unique landscapes in Europe, even compared to Eurasian steppes. It is a place famous for its mining, its mountains and its festivals.
East Province (Area Two) Ademuz Valencian Community Spain Ademuz is part of a mountainous region filled with excavation sites, which may have likely served as the Area's primary inspiration.
East Paldean Sea Mallorca/Menorca/Ibiza/Formentera Balearic Islands Spain The islands to the east likely represent the Balearic Islands.
Zapapico Cuenca/Setenil de las Bodegas Castile–La Mancha/Andalusia Spain Zapapico being surrounded and built upon large plateaus is similar to Cuenca. Cuenca was also originally built as a defensive city during the medieval period, and the player obtains the armour necessary to evolve Charcadet in this town. Setenil de las Bodegas is a small town built near the mountains and is famous for its historical and architectural ensemble, which includes terraced houses built on rocky walls and with white stone facades.
Tagtree Thicket Bosque de Oma Basque Country Spain Also known as the "painted forest" or “Bosque Animado”.
Glaseado Mountain Aneto Aragon Spain The Aneto is the tallest mountain in the Pyrenees range. In the Spanish version, Glaseado is called Sierra Napada, which may reference the Sierra Nevada, a long mountainous chain in the south of Spain. Both the Aneto and the Sierra Nevada have snow-covered peaks.
Fury Falls Salto de la Novia Valencian Community Spain A waterfall about which the legends tell, that when the couples were going to get married, the brides had to jump the river at this point to show that their love for the couple was true, and if they succeeded, the marriage would be happy. But once, one of them didn't make it, and she was caught along with her boyfriend, who jumped to rescue her in a river eddy, where they both died. All this can be reflected in the presence of the Pokémon Chi-Yu.
Montenevera Ezcaray/Trasmoz and Zugarramurdi Euskadi/Navarre Spain La Rioja is famed for its many mountain ranges and valleys, which dot Montenevera and its surrounding area. Not only are the buildings in Montenevera a similar style to those found in Ezcaray, but Ezcaray’s largest tourist attraction is its ski resort. Trasmoz is known as the only excommunicated of Spain because the town was one of the few that protected the victims of witchcraft. Zugarramurdi It was one of the towns most famous for the witch trials in the Basque area and is currently famous for its caves where rallies were held and for its celebrations based on witches.
North Province (Area One) Cantabrian Mountains/Picos de Europa Cantabria/Asturias Spain The looming, spire-like peaks of the Picos are well represented with the spires in this area. It also coincides with the far northern regions of Spain and has a similar feel overall. In particular, the spire-like shape can be best seen in examples such as The Naranjo de Bulnes/Picu Urriellu, one of the most famous locations in all of Spain for mountain climbers.
North Province (Area Two) Cantabrian Mountains/Cantabrian mixed forests Cantabria/Asturias Spain The distinctive look of these mixed tree forests is a pretty close match to this area and its location and casts a similar image of thin, tall stands of trees. The bamboo and the overall Chinese aesthetic may also be a reference to Northern Spain having large bamboo farms https://bambubatu.com/seeking-bamboo-in-spain-venture-in-valencia/ which focus on the Chinese Phyllostachys edulis. It may also be a reference to the native grass, Arundo donax which bears great resemblance to bamboo and grows to quite a size - both benefit more from the relatively wetter climate of the north.
North Province (Area Three) Santander/Gozón Cantabria/Asturias Spain It coincides geographically with the regions of Cantabria and Asturias. The Faro de Lastres is a green lighthouse that can be found here, matching the color of the North Province lighthouse in Paldea.
North Paldean Sea Enclaves in Northern Spain/Atlantic Islands of Galicia/Andorra Navarre/Basque Country/Castille and León/Galicia/Andorra Spain/Andorra The eastern islands might be a reference to the many enclaves within the autonomous communities of Navarre, the Basque Country and Castille and León, as well as Llívia. The largest island also has a similar shape to the microstate of Andorra. The western islands could be a reference to the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.
Ruchbah Squad's Base Marismas de Santoña Cantabria Spain A series of marshes and swamps in Cantabria.
Casseroya Lake Sanabria Lake Castile and León Spain The largest freshwater lake in the Iberian peninsula, the lake is an important source of seafood for the nearby towns, that explains the name of the lake and the population of Tatsugiri's in the lake.
Colonnade Hollow Ciudad Encantada Castilla–La Mancha Spain A park and ecological zone, famous for its strangely shaped rock formations and which has been featured in several movies. The rock formation of Paldea may be based on the formation known as "El convento".
Socarrat Trail Monte Aloia Natural Park Galicia Spain The oldest Natural Park in Galicia, popular for its hiking trails, with similar landscapes and vegetation, as can be seen here. It might also be inspired by the Fragas do Eume, a closer geographic match.
Medali Valladolid/Mérida Castile and León/Extremadura Spain It is based on Valladolid, matching its location and architecture, and Mérida, with its Roman theatre and white and yellow buildings.
Cascarrafa Almendra Dam, Salamanca/Porto Covo Castile and León/Alentejo Spain/Portugal The location of this city and its towering walls seem to be a reference to the Almendra Dam in Salamanca. Its blue and white houses seem to be inspired by Portuguese southern towns, such as Porto Covo. The floor patterns are inspired by the traditional Portuguese pavement style. The oasis theme might also be a reference to the Alqueva Dam, which provides water to the drier southern Alentejo.
Asado Desert Cresmina Dune Lisbon Region Portugal The most extensive coastal sand dune system in Portugal, where a cliff can be seen to the North. The circle of rocks where the Quaking Earth Titan is found might have been inspired by the Almendres Cromlech, the largest existing group of structured menhirs in the Iberian Peninsula.
Porto Marinada Costa Nova do Prado/Nazaré Central Region Portugal The main inspiration is the coastal town of Costa Nova, as seen in its typical striped houses and the market's facade. The layout of the town also matches Nazaré, with the lighthouse on a cliff and a beach to the north. Ponta do Sol in Madeira Island is also similar. The lighthouse might be inspired by the Lighthouse of Praia da Barra. The market's interior resembles the Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon.
West Paldean Sea Azores/Berlengas Azores/Central Region Portugal The larger archipelago might represent the Azores, being similar in scale and located at the same latitude. The smaller one matches the location of the Berlengas, off the coast of Peniche.
Segin Squad's Base Manteigas Central Region Portugal The location matches the Zêzere Glacial Valley, the most representative of its kind in Serra da Estrela.
West Province (Area One) Serra da Arrábida/Serra de Aire/Consuegra Lisbon Region/Central Region/Castille-La Mancha Portugal/Spain This area appears to be a mix of Serra da Arrábida with its coastal mountains and low vegetation and Serra de Aire with its traditional windmills next to modern wind farms. The windmills might also be inspired by such as those in Consuegra.
Alfornada Cavern Benagil Cave Algarve Portugal One of the main landmarks of Algarve. It is also likely inspired by the Moinhos Velhos Cave ("Old Windmills Cave") in Serra de Aire, referencing its proximity to the windmills of West Province (Area One).
Alfornada Sagres/Seville Algarve/Andalusia Portugal/Spain The city's theme is inspired by the Moorish influence in southern Iberia. Its location matches the Sagres Point, with many Algarve references such as its architecture, historical chimneys, decorative dishes on walls and the square panels of Algarve Shopping. There's also an Armillary Sphere, possibly related to the Sagres school or the one in Albufeira. The ovens are based on Seville's ceramic ovens.
South Province (Area Six) Sagres Point/Praia da Marinha/Roman Ruins of Milreu Algarve Portugal This area's semi-arid plateau reflects that of the Sagres Point. The path leading to Alfornada is inspired by the cliffs, arches and caves of the western Algarve coast. The ruins match the Roman ruins of Milreu, near Faro.
South Province (Area Two) Province of Cáceres/Badajoz/Alentejo Extremadura/Alentejo Spain/Portugal These adjacent regions are characterized by hilly landscapes of dry grass and olive groves.
Cortondo Eurociudad Badajoz-Elvas-Campo Maior/Redondo Extremadura/Alentejo Spain/Portugal The Japanese and English names seem to reference Redondo, while the town itself could be based on EuroBEC, a union of the cities of Badajoz, the largest in this region, Elvas, with its prominent yellow walls and surrounding olive groves, and Campo Maior, with its "Festas do Povo" paper decorations resembling the ones under the Gym arena. The large tree holding it might be a reference to Plátano do Rossio, the largest treetop in Iberia, in the center of Portalegre.
Great Crater of Paldea Sierra de Guadarrama Community of Madrid/Castile and León Spain The Sierra de Guadarrama is the highest mountain system in central Spain. Since ancient times, it has been called "The Seven Peaks of the Dragon", which could be the inspiration for the Paradox Pokémon.
Area Zero Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park Aragon Spain The landscapes of Ordesa Valley are reminiscent of Area Zero, with its waterfalls and steep cliffs reaching above the clouds.


The land of Kitakami is inspired by the northeastern region of Japan, the Tōhoku region (東北地方 Tōhoku Chihō, meaning "North East"); particularly Iwate, Akita, and Aomori, the three northernmost prefectures on Honshū. Much like the real-world location, the land of Kitakami itself is well known for its countryside atmosphere as well as its mountains and rice paddles.

The name "Kitakami" may be derived from the real-world river, mountain rage, or city in Iwate. Despite this, the terrain of the explorable areas of Kitakami in The Teal Mask is more similar to that of Towada-Hachimantai National Park and neighbouring areas on the borders of the three prefectures.

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture Notes
Mossui Town 盛岡市 Morioka 岩手県 Iwate Morioka is the capital and largest city of Iwate Prefecture. It is located at the confluence of the Kitakami River and its two tributaries, the Nakatsu and the Shizukuishi. It is usually considered the gateway to the Hachimantai mountain range that crosses the border of Iwate and Akita.

Real-world locations mentioned

Mewtwo overlooking a "faraway city" at the end of Mewtwo Returns
Chinese noodles

Real-world people and cultures mentioned

Other references to the real world

In the side series games

Comparison of Orre in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness to Arizona and northwestern Mexico, rotated 90 degrees clockwise


Orre is based on Phoenix, Arizona, United States.[12] Many areas in Orre bear similarities to other locations in Arizona and northern Mexico as well, though it's not confirmed if these are intentional references.

Pokémon world Specific location State Notes
Phenac City Phoenix Arizona Both cities were founded when a man brought water to the city and have similar names.
Pyrite Town Aguila/Wickenburg/Sonoyta Arizona/Sonora Likely inspired by local smuggling routes and former mining towns such as Aguila and Wickenburg, or Sonoyta, Sonora, commonly used to illegally cross the border.
Agate Village Flagstaff Arizona Agate Village is a mountainous, forested town, much like Flagstaff, which is located in the mountains north of Phoenix and has some prominent alpine forests due to its higher elevation.
Gateon Port Lake Havasu City/San Felipe Arizona/Baja California Lake Havasu City and Gateon Port are towns located beside large bodies of water near Phoenix and Phenac, and are home to lighthouses and unusual bridges. Could also be based on San Felipe, Baja California, another coastal port town with square docks, which matches Gateon Port's location geographically, assuming Orre in Pokémon XD is equivalent to the area around the Gulf of California rotated 90 degrees clockwise (seen in the picture to the right).
Mt. Battle San Francisco volcanic field Arizona An area of dormant volcanoes in Arizona, located near Flagstaff. May be specifically based on Humphreys Peak, the highest peak of the range, or any of the nearby cinder cones in the area.
Outskirt Stand Black Canyon City, Arizona Arizona A small town north of Phoenix that was once a popular stop along the railway from Phoenix to Prescott. The home of two of its first inhabitants still stands, as a historical site, that bear a passing resemblance to the rubble behind the traincar.
Citadark Isle Isla Ángel de la Guarda/Isla San Luis Baja California Isla San Luis could be the primary inspiration for the design of the island, including the large volcanic center. Isla Ángel de la Guarda is home to unique species of snake and mouse, as well as a diverse range of other animal life, which may have inspired the amount of Shadow Pokémon encountered on the island.

In the spin-off games

Comparison of Fiore to Okayama and Hyōgo Prefectures, and Shōdo Island
The map of Japan showing the speculative locations of the spin-off Japanese Pokémon regions.
The map of the Americas showing the speculative locations of the spin-off and side series American Pokémon regions.

Pokémon Ranger series


Fiore appears to be based on Okayama and Hyōgo Prefectures, as well as Shōdo Island in Kagawa Prefecture, in Japan.

Pokémon world Specific location Notes
Ringtown Kurashiki Okayama Prefecture Both have a nearby river on the west, forests on the opposite side, and are close to the coast. Unlike Kurashiki, however, Ringtown doesn't have a port and the river doesn't traverse the settlement.
Summerland Fukuda Port, Shōdoshima, Shōdo Island Kagawa Prefecture In-game, a tourist references how the S.S. Fiore ferries to Summerland. Similarly, there is a ferry route connecting Fukuda to Himeji. A resort in Summerland is also referenced, and present in Fukuda.
Fall City Himeji Hyōgo Prefecture A port city lying east from Kurashiki. Similarly to Fall City, it has water streams running through.
Wintown Mimasaka Okayama Prefecture
Fiore Temple Himeji Castle Hyōgo Prefecture The best known of the Japanese castles
Olive Jungle Shōdo Island Kagawa Prefecture A popular tourist destination, this island saw the first successful olive cultivation in Japan, hence its nickname Olive Island.
Lyra Forest Forest areas neighboring Asakuchi Okayama Prefecture
Sekra Range Mount Hyōno/Hiruzen Okayama Prefecture
Kisara Plain Yoshiokakawakita Park, possibly also other parks. Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture
Kalakka Desert (Unused) Tottori Sand Dunes Tottori Prefecture Vast desert dunes in the north of Kurashiki and Okayama that make up the only desert badland in Japan.


Comparison of Almia to Oshima and northern Honshu

Almia appears to be based on Oshima and Hiyama Subprefectures within the Oshima Peninsula in Hokkaido and the very northern part of Honshu in Japan.

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture (subprefecture) Notes
Chicole Village 松前町 Matsumae 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima)
Vientown 江差町 Esashi 北海道檜山振興局 Hokkaido (Hiyama)
Vien Forest 函館山 Mount Hakodate 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) Mount Hakodate attracts tourists for its view of Hakodate.
Pueltown 函館市 Hakodate 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) Hakodate and Pueltown are both port cities.
Altru Park 五稜郭公園 Goryōkaku Park 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) The Goryōkaku Tower overlooks Goryōkaku Park.
Altru Building
Altru Tower
五稜郭タワー Goryōkaku Tower 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) The observation tower, which overlooks Goryōkaku Park, was rebuilt from 2004 to 2006.
Boyleland むつ市 Mutsu 青森県 Aomori
Boyleland Volcano 恐山 Mount Osore 青森県 Aomori
Shiver Camp ニセコ町 Niseko 北海道後志総合振興局 Hokkaido (Shiribeshi) Niseko is home to multiple ski resorts.
Haruba Village 青森市 Aomori 青森県 Aomori The Port of Aomori operates ferries to Hakodate.
Capture Arena 渡島大島 Ōshima 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) The uninhabited island is also a nature preserve.


Comparison of Oblivia to the Oki Islands

Oblivia may be based on the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture.

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture Notes
Dolce Island Kamijima Island 神島 Shimane Prefecture 島根県
Renbow Island Chiburijima 知夫里島 Shimane Prefecture 島根県
Cocona Village Chibu Village 知夫村 Shimane Prefecture 島根県
Mitonga Island Nakanoshima 中ノ島 Shimane Prefecture 島根県
Faldera Island Matsushima Island 松島 Shimane Prefecture 島根県
Sophian Island Dōgojima 島後 Shimane Prefecture 島根県 It is the largest island of the Oki archipelago and the one that contains the capital of the islands.
Aqua Resort Okinoshima City 隠岐の島町 Shimane Prefecture 島根県 Both are the largest and most populated cities of their islands. Both are port cities.
Mt. Sorbet Mt. Daimanji 大満寺山 Shimane Prefecture 島根県 Both are the tallest mountains in the islands.
Tilikule Island Takeshima 竹島 Shimane Prefecture 島根県

New Pokémon Snap


Lental may be based on the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador. The Galápagos Islands have a notable variety of endemic species and have been historically important to ecological research, due to the different island's distinct environment and wildlife, most famously in the Second voyage of HMS Beagle. Lental's islands seem to exaggerate this distinctiveness, presenting several very distinct environments in just a small selection of islands.

Pokémon world Specific location Notes
Florio Island Floreana Island Name sounds evocatively similar, and it's shape is not unlike the real island.
Belusylva Island Isabela Island A similar case of being reminiscent of the real island's shape and name.
Maricopia Islands Santa Cruz Island (Galápagos) This bay has a preserved beach, notable for its abundance of aquatic life.
Voluca Island Santiago Island Similar to what appears in the map art for Voluca, this island contains two overlapping volcanoes.
Durice Island San Cristóbal Island Contains the freshwater lake El Junco. It is made up of several extinct volcanoes.
Aurus Island Española Island One of the smaller islands, the most southerly, and is thought one of the oldest geographically.

Pokkén Tournament


Comparison of Iriomote Island to the Ferrum region

Ferrum may be based on Iriomote Island, the largest of the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It seems to have had some of its islands brought closer into the mainland, and also submerged and merged parts of the geography. Alternatively, it may also be derived from Sardinia as some of the landscape and architecture have similar features.

Pokémon world Specific location Notes
Old Ferrum Town Nuxis
Techne City Cagliari
Tellur Town Dolianova
Ferrum Stadium Pineta di Musei
Selen Island San Pietro Island
Neos City Teulada
Haunted House Villaggio Minerario Asproni An old mining village outside the city of Iglesias, now an open-air museum.
Thalia Beach Cavoli Island

In the TCG

The TCG is home to a few specific regions, which are more loosely based than the game regions seem to be, opting instead to provide an overall impression of a real world region. Nonetheless, their motifs and inspirations still seem somewhat coherent to real world geography, and like the games, use artistic licence to produce art for the sets that provides an overall story to the visuals.

Puzzle Continent

A map of the continent - showing the landscape from the bottom penninsula, pointing north

The e-card sets, such as Aquapolis and Skyridge are constituted of four Japanese sets which included promotional material revealing the Puzzle Continent as their setting. Judging by the overall appearance and several other factors, such as geographical features and certain relics and motifs, the continent could be said to be an amalgamated South America, which has either been condensed and rearranged, or not represented to scale on the map. Much of the continent seems to be centred around the Andean States, as the map points north from what looks to be a small peninsula, potentially based on the Tierra del Fuego. Material released on the topic does claim that the map is a work of imagination on the part of its creator.

Pokémon world Specific location Notes
The Town on No Map (TCG) Buenos Aires Argentina Aside from the coastline being similar for both, the Art Deco clock tower and surrounding buildings, seen in some concept art as well as on many cards such as Growlithe (Aquapolis 80) and both Umbreon (Aquapolis 41) and Umbreon (Aquapolis H29) resemble the Torre Monumental clock tower in Buenos Aires. The red double-decker bus seen in that last card could also allude to the cities use of such buses, and the numerous canals could be a reference to Tigre, Buenos Aires, just outside the main city, or the Puerto Madero waterfront area. The power plant, which seems to be relatively close to the town's port might be an allusion to the Dr. Carlos Givogri power plant, found likewise inside the Port of Buenos Aires. Furthermore, the lighthouse from the set somewhat resembles the one on top of The Yacht Club Argentino, in Puerto Madero, but might also be loosely based on Palacio Barolo.
Undersea Ruins (Aquapolis 138) Tulum Mexico The ruins are the only truly coastal Pre-Columbian ruins, and similarly to the location on the Puzzle Continent, situated on a peninsula, namely the Yucatán peninsula, which is at the top end of the real world continent. Therefore, the strongest candidate for inspiration of a real place for these ruins is probably this site; however, due to the ancient Greek style of architecture and unmatching geographical location, it could also be a nod towards theories of Atlantis being located near South America.
Giant Tree Flaaffy (Aquapolis 47) Los Alerces National Park Argentina This park could be one of a number of possible inspirations. It is known for its enormous Fitzroya trees, one of which, known as Alerzal Milenario, is 57 metres (187 ft) tall, 2.2 metres (7.2 ft) in diameter, and 2,600 years old. The park is also close to the border of Chile, and the La union region, where other such massive specimens live such as El Gran Abuelo, which has an 11 m (36 ft) wide tree trunk.
Apricorn Forest (Aquapolis 118) Bosque Andino Patagónico Argentina This forest full of Apricorns might be an allusion to the patagonian andean forests, based on its geography. These forests are very dominated by tree growth, and include many fruiting trees, particularly berries such as the Berberis microphylla, Aristotelia chilensis Gevuina and many more.
Crop Circles Exeggcute (Aquapolis 77) Moray (Inca ruin) Peru Whilst not strictly speaking a crop circle, the Incan ruins of Moray does closely resemble the shape shown on the cards. The concentric circles were used for farming purposes, as terraced crops would be irrigated and lower crops would be out of the sunlight. Alternatively, it could be based on geoglyphs found in after deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest which are circular.
Geoglyph Ho-Oh (Skyridge 149) Nazca Lines Peru These geoglyphs are the most obvious reference to a real location, and indicate this area of the continent takes inspiration from Peru. The particular reference to Ho-Oh and appearance of the geoglyph is actually a very close match to a particular formation, known as 'The Condor'.
Split Earth Pineco (Skyridge 85) Colca Canyon Peru An enormous canyon in Peru, this incredibly deep formation brings to mind a tremendous split in the earth. It is 43 miles long, and is up to 2000 m (6600 ft) deep at it's deepest points. The massive crack in the earth featured in this set is located at the bottom and travels down a huge canyon, which might have been an expression of the vastness of this real world canyon.
Underground Lake (Skyridge 141) Sima Pumacocha Peru Underneath the great split, there is said to be an underground lake where fossil Pokémon still live. Not long before the set released, this cave, not too far from the Colca Canyon, was thought to be the world's deepest, at places reaching 638 m (2093 ft) deep. It contains an underground stream and many Ammonites were found in its various tunnels.
Crater Village Meowth (Skyridge 78) Huacachina Peru A very convincing inspiration for the crater village in the set - based around an oasis in an area close to the Nazca lines. Even the simple buildings with a white square appearance are reminiscent of the real village, and the sand dune around the real location mirrors that crater of the set's village.
Stone Circle Kadabra (Skyridge 69) Sillustani Peru One of the few stone circles found in South America, these jagged rocks in a circle match well with the rectangular shaped menhir on the card art. This shape was significant in determining their pre-Incan origins, as the Qulla people used rectangular edges whilst Inca tended not to. The stone circles were actually the foundations of a tower-like tomb called a chullpa.
Cave Art Ditto (Skyridge 51) Toquepala Caves Peru These small caves resemble quite closely the art on the card art, even down to the caves in the card art showing the cave paintings close by the entrance; the real life caves are only around 5 m (16 ft) deep.
Geysers Machoke (Skyridge 38) Puyehue-Cordón Caulle Chile This area is an active volcanic area, that features many geyser-like Fumeroles and several boiling hot springs, which experienced an eruption in 2012 (long after the set was released). In particular, a landscape that looks particularly similar to this one appears in the card Staryu (Skyridge 103). These geysers might instead be based on El Tatio, which are more correctly actual Geysers, but this doesn't relate much to their apparent geographical location on the map.
Caldera Lake Diglett (Skyridge 50) Todos los Santos Lake Chile A similar landscape to the card art, this lake is the result of the nearby volcanic activity from nearby Osorno and Calbuco, similarly to which the set's promotional material claims the water landscapes from this set are all derived from volcanic activity.
Waterfall Magikarp (Skyridge 75) Petrohué Waterfalls Chile This waterfall is part of a rapid river, claimed by promotional material to be volcanic in origin. If so, then this waterfall and rapids may be a depiction of the Petrohué river and waterfall. The river originates from the Todos los Santos Lake - and both are volcanic in nature, and this may match up to how the caldera lake might flow into the waterfall in the card art. The river contains andesite, a volcanic rock, and like the river in the card art, has a fast flow - torrents can become quite dangerous in the rainy season.
Mysterious Mountain Torres del Paine National Park Chile Three striking granite peaks jut out, known as Torres d'Agostini, Torres Central and Torres Monzino. These closely resemble the mountains used in the set - though the set is not always consistent in how they are depicted. The promotional art tends to emphasise the spire-like formation that seems to match the Torres del Paine. In addition, the several lakes, shown on the map below the peaks, is probably a reference to the similarly located lakes in the park, such as Grey Lake, Lake Pehoé, Nordenskjöld Lake, and Sarmiento Lake. These lakes are glacial, some with small Icebergs floating in them - which further matches the promotional art.
Ancient Ruins (Skyridge 119) Machu Picchu Peru The temple shown in the art for Moltres (Skyridge H20) has a stone dial shaped layout that is remincient of the Intihuatana, Urubamba, a sacred stone that may have been by the Inca as an Astronomic clock, calendar or sundial. An enigmatic site, it is associated with the Incan god of the sun, Inti which may be the inspiration for the veneration the temple has for the legendary birds.
Mystery Zone (Skyridge 137) Diquís Spheres Costa Rica The 'Finca 6' site hosts these mysterious Petrospheres and has a layout closely matching the art for this card - even the sunken spheres are present. The spheres themselves, Miracle Sphere α (Skyridge 129), Miracle Sphere β (Skyridge 130) and Miracle Sphere γ (Skyridge 131) have their Japanese attack text reference Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos respectively, further pointing to these Pokémon's significance in this region.


The Delta Species based sets surrounding areas might be based in South East Asia, perhaps specifically the Philippines, as some of the motifs, backgrounds and aesthetics seem to indicate this as an inspiration. Whilst certain regions can be seen as likely allusions to real places, trying to identify specific locations is less clear cut.

Pokémon world Specific location Notes
Holon Lake Holon T'boli, South Cotabato Similar geography; mountains surrounding a deep lake, and the card Latias δ (EX Holon Phantoms 11) even seems to show a fairly close match for the lake's shoreline and general appearance. The real lake inspires myths and legends that include a submerged advanced ancient civilisation and a great serpent beneath the depths, which might go some way to explain the Holon research tower and Gyarados ☆ δ (EX Holon Phantoms 102).
Crystal Guardians Palawan Philippines Might be based on the general region of the island Palawan, the Philippine's biggest habitat of mangroves, which are featured in cards such as Gulpin (EX Crystal Guardians 33) along with sandy beaches with lush forested islets such as those found on Crystal Beach (EX Crystal Guardians 75).
Dragon Frontiers Luzon Philippines With its sky island seen on cards such as Typhlosion δ (EX Dragon Frontiers 12), may be inspired by the effect the sea of clouds has on Mount Pulag in the mountainous region of Benguet, making the peak appear to be floating above the sky. The desert scenery in the set featured on cards such as Mareep δ (EX Dragon Frontiers 54) might be evocative of the desert areas of La Paz Sand Dunes, found in the region of Laoag, meaning Dragon Frontiers could be located generally on the island of Luzon.

Real-world locations mentioned

  • In the TCG Secret Mission (Gym Heroes 118) card, the map in the background shows German occupied Poland during World War II: Warsaw is located right above Raichu's right ear, Białystok and Brest-Litowsk behind Lt. Surge, and the Silesian Border between Andreashütte and Festenberg right below Raichu's binoculars. The rivers Weichsel, Narew and Bug are also depicted.
  • In the TCG Lucky Stadium (Neo Destiny 100) card, there is a promotional New York City print with a Pichu and a Pikachu flying on a Charizard in New York City, with the Empire State Building visible in the background.

In the anime


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While the above locations are meant to correspond to the different regions around the real-life world, great liberties were taken with the design of their landscapes. Some of the designers have admitted to drawing inspiration from real-world locations outside their stated real-world counterparts, especially with locations depicted in Pokémon movies.

Pokémon world Inspiration Notes
  Porta Vista Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico
  Neon Town Las Vegas Nevada, United States
  Hollywood Hollywood, Los Angeles California, United States
  Pummelo Island Oban Argyll and Bute, Scotland Both are resort towns in an island, the houses of Pummelo had the same English architecture of Oban. The Pummelo Stadium is modeled after the McCaig's Tower, a folly colosseum in a hill of the city.
  Big Town Boston Massachusetts, United States
  Whitestone Ostuni Apulia, Italy The white façade of Whitestone's buildings is reminiscent of the medieval town of Ostuni. Domed buildings in the background draw inspiration from Byzantine architecture, and flat-roofed structures mirror those of the city's real-world counterpart.
  Devon Corporation Toronto City Hall Ontario, Canada In the anime, the Devon Corporation largely resembles the Toronto City Hall, the seats of the Toronto Municipal Government.
  Sootopolis City Santorini Greece Like its name suggests, Sootopolis City was created in the wake of a volcanic eruption (per Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald). Similarly, Santorini, Greece, was formed as a result of the Minoan eruption, which left a large caldera that filled with water and became the current bay in the center of the island of Santorini (Thera). Both cities boast landscapes dotted with vivid blue domed roofs.
  Solaceon Ruins Ziggurat of Ur Dhi Qar Governorate, Iraq
  Area 28 Area 51 Nevada, United States
  Odyssey Village Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France
  Kalos Canyon Grand Canyon Arizona, United States
  Fleurrh City showcase theater Metz and the Pompidou Grand Est, France The modernist and undulating design of the theater could be based on that of the Centre Pompidou-Metz, which also operates as a theater and show room.
  Anistar Gym Fusion between the Observatory of Strasbourg and the Strasbourg Mosque Strasbourg, France
  Gloire City Menthon-Saint-Bernard Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France A coastal city located on Lake Annecy, famous for its medieval Château perched above on a 660-foot-tall rock.
  Eclipse Castle Hikone Castle Shiga Prefecture, Japan
  Mega Island Grand Bé and Petit Bé Brittany, France The first island is located on the outskirts of Saint-Malo but not as far out to sea as in the anime, Petit Bé houses a fort from the year 1667, which may inspire the structures of the Mega Island.
  Tetsuron Town Hamilton Ontario, Canada Like Tetsuron Town which is an industrial town that sells industrial and contruction products, industrial plants in Hamilton also produces parts like for automotive, construction, infrastructure, agriculture, appliance, manufacturing and pipe and tube industries.

In the movies

Movie Pokémon world Inspiration Notes
Movie 5   Alto Mare Venice Italy Venice's canals were likely an inspiration for the canals of Alto Mare.
Movie 6   Forina Wulingyuan Hunan, China Wulingyuan is famed for its karst formation of quartzite sandstone pillars. Along with its ravines and gorges, the site also features a lush forest, several caves, natural bridges, and waterfalls.
Movie 7   LaRousse City Vancouver British Columbia, Canada Vancouver is the city with the best quality of life in Canada and like the movie, it is a very ecological city with many scientific facilities.
Movie 8   Cameran Palace Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria, Germany
Movie 9   Samiya Atlantis
Movie 10   Alamos Town Barcelona Catalonia, Spain The Space-Time Towers are based on the uncompleted church of Sagrada Familia.
Movie 11   Ten'i Village Geiranger Sunnmøre, Norway A village that was nearly destroyed by a glacier. It is based on a town in Norway, which is threatened by the possibility of the mountain Åkerneset eroding into the fjord, causing a landslide-induced tsunami.
Movie 12   Michina Town Meteora Thessaly, Greece Its landscape, which is filled with towering rock formations, resembles Meteora. Also, the architecture of the temples resembles that of ancient Greek temples.
Movie 13   Crown City Amsterdam The Netherlands Its modern buildings are based on the many new buildings in parts of Amsterdam, and the Pokémon Baccer stadium is based on the Arena, the city's local football stadium.
Movie 14   Eindoak Town Gourdon, Tourrettes-sur-Loup and Mont Saint-Michel France
Movie 15   Roshan City Shinjuku, Shinagawa, and Tennouzu Isle Tokyo, Japan The Roshan tower is inspired by the Tokyo Skytree.
Movie 16   New Tork City New York City New York, United States A giant sprawling city with many skyscrapers, a large park in the middle of the city resembling Central Park, and a similar name. New Tork City as seen from above also resembles New York City's shape.
Movie 17   Avignon Town Avignon and Quebec City France and Canada A city in the south of France. The castle of Avignon Town, however, is based on the Château Frontenac, a large hotel that overlooks Quebec City much like Avignon Town's castle overlooks the town.
Movie 17   Orsay City Toronto Ontario, Canada A city in southern Ontario famous for its port and city skylines. Like Toronto, Orsay City has a large port as well. The large mall in the city is based on the Toronto Eaton Centre, a large mall in the center of city.
Movie 17   Diamond Domain Naica crystal cave Chihuahua, Mexico Colossal cave of several white crystals of Selenite in Chihuahua, and many of them are the largest in the whole world.
Movie 17   Allearth Forest Niagara Falls Canada and United States Like several elements of the movie based in Canada, the design of the waterfalls is quite similar to the Niagara Falls which are recognizable as vertical falls and two large walls of water.
Movie 18   Dahara City Dubai and Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Dubai is located within the Arabian Desert and houses some of the world's tallest skyscrapers. The highest skyscraper is based on the Burj Khalifa.
Movie 19   Azoth Kingdom Carcassonne Occitanie, France Occitanie is an ancient city famous for being the meeting point between the Mediterranean and the towns of the Massif Central (the inspiration for the Nebel Plateau). It is also recognizable by its enormous walls of the citadel.
Movie 19   Nebel Plateau Massif Central and Chaîne des Puys France This area is similar to the Auvergne volcanoes in the Massif Central, which is a highland region containing large mountain ranges and vast plateaus full of greenery and rich biodiversity.
Movie 21   Fula City San Francisco and Los Angeles California, United States

Real-world locations mentioned

  • In the Swedish dub of the movie, Ash says that they come from Norway, a reference to the Norse Vikings who lived from the 8th to the 11th century.
  • In the Danish dub of the movie, Ash tells Brock that the Vikings are mostly on trips in Sweden, again referring to the Norse Vikings, but may also refer to Vikingarna, a Swedish dansband.
  • In the Finnish dub of the movie, Ash quips that Vikings still live in the Sipoo archipelago, referring to the fact that Sipoo was at the time mostly inhabited by Swedish-speaking Finns (another reference to Norse Vikings).
  • At the end of Mewtwo Returns, Mewtwo is shown overlooking a "faraway city" that greatly resembles New York City. Buildings similar to the Chrysler Building and the MetLife Building are visible in the distance.
  • In Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias, Misty makes a direct reference to the Earth, saying, "The Earth is so pretty." However, she may be referring to the landscape rather than the literal planet.
  • In Can't Beat the Heat, Ash's Charizard uses Seismic Toss. Normally, a cloudy globe can be seen, but this time the Pacific Ocean and Australia are prominent. This also happens in Volcanic Panic and the introduction to Mewtwo Strikes Back.
  • In the English dub of The Scheme Team, Jessie talks about Antarctica, the place where their next assignment is located.
  • In Pasta La Vista!, an ad in May's food guidebook mentions "Chinese noodles".
  • A map of the Pokémon world seen in The Bloom Is On Axew! centered on Unova features several landmasses resembling Europe and Scandinavia, with some of them either being rotated or flipped.
  • In the Hindi dub of Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!, while Ash's Oshawott was perfecting Aqua Jet, Cilan states "जाना था जापान पर पहुंच गए चाइना" (lit. Jānā thā Japan, par pahunch gaye China), which refers to the real-world countries of Japan and China. The phrase itself can be interpreted roughly as "The aim and the result were different".
  • In Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"!, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe were seen on a movie poster.
  • In the Hindi dub of Mega Revelations! , Meowth says "हम सब जानते हैं कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी तक" (lit. Ham sab jānte hain, Kashmīr se Kanyākumāri tak). This is a common Indian saying, roughly translating to "Our knowledge is supreme", which refers to the Indian subcontinent's northernmost region, Kashmir, and its southernmost city, Kanyakumari.
  • Starting with the sixteenth movie, each Pokémon movie features a recurring globe texture in the intro used to represent the Pokémon world (as opposed to simply featuring randomly-shaped, nondescript landmasses below the clouds): the globe texture features altered landmasses such as one resembling Africa but featuring only the Sahara Desert and the southern half being missing, a large island to the northwest of the Sahara-like landmass, the Arabian Peninsula missing several large chunks, a landmass resembling Australia but rotated 90 degrees clockwise in the middle of a body of water resembling the Indian Ocean, and the northeastern portion of Russia being missing. However, other parts of the globe remain virtually unchanged, like those resembling most of Europe, the Indian subcontinent, Central and Southeast Asia, and Papua New Guinea.
  • In Mega Evolution Special IV, a holographic globe can be seen inside Lysandre Labs. The globe features continents similar to the real Earth, implying that the planet's continents may probably look very similar to that of the real Earth, and that all of the known regions in the Pokémon world may actually in fact be smaller parts of a much larger landmass.
  • In the planetarium special Celestial Debris, a map of the Pokémon world can be seen on a computer monitor. The map texture looks very similar to the one used to represent the planet in later Pokémon films, with three landmasses resembling North America, Europe, and eastern Russia all appearing upside down.

Real-world people and cultures mentioned

Other references to the real world

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Red, Green & Blue arc

In A Charizard...and a Champion, a reference to Greek people was added in the English versions by Chuang Yi and VIZ, where Blue says this: "As the Greek said, 'give me a long enough lever... and I can move the Earth'!" This quote is not present in the Japanese version.