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Akari and Rei are assistants to Professor Laventon, who research Pokémon Ecology

Professors' aides are assistants or scientists that work alongside a region's Professors. These assistants often help the professors in either their research or performing small chores. They may specialize in many things from office work to field work, and work along side the professor's field of study. These characters often provide information or help the player in many ways as they progress through the game.

In the core series games

Many professors' aides are shown throughout the core series, first debuting in Generation I. In Generations I and II many of the professor's assistants appear throughout the game, providing the player with items and feed back on progress on their Pokédex on behalf of the professor. These assistants went without names and were simply just researchers who helped the professor. While these types of professors remained throughout the core series, starting in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, many assistants became notable characters that the player will interact with more frequently.


Professor Oak's aide travels all over Kanto, keeping tabs on how many Pokémon the player has caught, and giving out item rewards if the player has caught a sufficient amount of Pokémon. This aide usually appears on the second floor of gates or in small buildings. The rewards are usually Key Items. In addition to the stationed aide, many other aides work in Professor Oak's Laboratory, helping Professor Oak with day-to-day tasks. There is one aide who appears three times in the Kanto region.

In FireRed and LeafGreen, the aides are very similar to those in Generation I. They still keep tabs on how many Pokémon the player has caught and give out rewards if the player have caught a sufficient amount of Pokémon. In Generation III, there is a total of five items that can be obtained from the aides.


Location Amount of
Pokémon required
First floor of the gate
on Route 2RGBYFRLG
  10   HM05 (Flash)
Outside Diglett's Cave
on Route 2PE
Light Up
First floor of the Pokémon Center
on Route 10FRLG
  20   Everstone
Second floor of the gate
on Route 11
  30   ItemfinderRGBYFRLG
Judge functionPE
Second floor of the gate
on Route 16FRLGPE
  40   Amulet CoinFRLG
  30 x Ultra BallPE
Second floor of the gate
on Route 15
  50   Exp. AllRGBY
Exp. ShareFRLG
Assistant SetPE


There is only one aide helping out Professor Elm in the lab, and as a result of this, he and Elm are often very busy. The aide rarely goes out; when he does, it is for a very important reason. When the player enters the lab for the first time and obtains a Pokémon from Professor Elm, the aide will give the player a Potion before the player leaves. After Silver steals one of the Pokémon from the lab, he will also give the player five Poké Balls. After the player reaches Violet City and defeats Falkner, Professor Elm will send his aide off to the Violet City Pokémon Center, where he will give the player the Mystery Egg that the Professor received earlier from the player.

Professor Elm's aide also appears in HeartGold and SoulSilver; however, rather than being in the Pokémon Center to give the player the Egg after Elm has inspected it, he is inside the Poké Mart.


Given away
Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal
Normal Unknown
Held item:
Togepi/ Lv.5


The player's friendly rival, which is either Brendan or May depending on who the player chooses to play as, will help assist their father, Professor Birch, who studies Pokémon habitats, in field work. They will encounter the player numerous times throughout their journey. At the beginning of the game they serve as a tutorial for the DexNavORAS as well as being the player's first Trainer battle.


In Generation IV, Professor Rowan's aide will always be the alternate gender player character from the player. That is, if the player chose Lucas, Dawn will be the aide, and vice versa. The aide will live in Sandgem Town with their little sister, grandfather, and father—who also works as an assistant of Professor Rowan. The aide is already the Professor's assistant at the beginning of the game. The aide will also demonstrates to the player how to capture Pokémon by capturing a wild Bidoof, before giving the player five Poké Balls. On Route 207, the aide will give the player a Pokétch app Dowsing Machine, and the Vs. Seeker. In Veilstone City, the aide will have their Pokédex stolen by a Team Galactic Grunt, but gets it back with the help of the player, as well as Looker in Platinum. The aide can be seen at different stages of the game, usually following Professor Rowan around. At the end of the game, the aide can always be found outside Professor Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town, usually giving out pieces of advice. If the player speaks to the aide when their birthday on the Nintendo DS calendar matches the current date, the aide will ask if it is the player's birthday. In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the aide can be battled in Sandgem Town after the player has beaten the game.

In addition, the aforementioned aide's father will also appear in various parts of the game. He will first be seen in Route 206, giving the player an Exp. Share if 35 or more Pokémon have been registered as seen in the Pokédex. He will also appear on Route 218, upgrading the Pokédex and allowing the player to view gender and form differences.


In Black and White, Bianca becomes Professor Juniper's assistant after beating Alder for the first time. In Black 2 and White 2, she delivers the starter Pokémon to the player on the professor's behalf.


Dexio and Sina (bottom) as they appear in Pokémon Adventures

Dexio and Sina act as Professor Sycamore's two aides and play a pivotal role in the main plot. They are first met by the player in Route 4 describing the properties of the Fairy type, later appearing across Kalos at various points rallying out useful information, occasionally giving out Pokédex upgrades in the process. In the gate to Lumiose City, Dexio tells the player about friendship and gives the player TM27 (Return), while Sina leads you to Professor Sycamore's lab after entering the main city. During activity that involves Team Flare's nefarious schemes, the twosome appear to assist the player while disguised as the self-proclaimed defenders of Kalos beginning at the Kalos Power Plant. After the player has become Champion, the duo are seen together in the parade Professor Sycamore made for the player and their friends.


After Lillie had escaped Aether Paradise with Nebby, Professor Kukui took her in as an aide and let her stay at the loft in the Pokémon Research Lab. Lillie helps Professor Kukui with a series of chores, such as cleaning and fixing up his lab coat. During this time, this has allowed Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet to conduct research on Cosmog. She helps provide information on locations such as Pokémon Centers and items like the player's new Rotom Pokédex at the start of the game. Throughout the story, Lillie helps provides the player with items and sometimes a full healing of their party. By the end of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Lillie leaves Alola to help care for her sick mother, leaving her position as an assistant to Kukui (however, he says she's always welcome back at the lab). In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Lillie remains in Alola, continuing to help Professor Kukui at the Pokémon Research Lab, where she asks the player if she provide battle help at the Battle Tree.

Dexio and Sina also appear in Alola, researching Zygarde's presence in the region on Sycamore's behalf. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, they give the player a Zygarde Cube to gather Zygarde Cells and Cores in order to make their own Zygarde. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the player instead obtains the Zygarde Cube after becoming Champion and battling Dexio in the Aether Foundation Lab on Route 16. In all four games, Dexio will also give the player a Key Stone after defeating him in battle at Ancient Poni PathSM or Poni PlainsUSUM after becoming Champion.


After the player becomes Champion and defeats Sordward and Shielbert, Sonia will appoint Hop as her assistant. In The Isle of Armor, after the player has evolved Kubfu, Hop shows up at the Master Dojo to do some research on the Isle of Armor. Mustard tells the player that Urshifu hates the taste of Max Soup, so in order for it to unlock its Gigantamax potential, a special ingredient is needed to make it drink the Max Soup. He doesn't reveal what this ingredient is, though, and lets the player and Hop figure it out on their own. After failing to find a proper ingredient out of Lilligant and Applin nectars, Hop figures that the ingredient must be honey. He and the player travel to Honeycalm Island, where the player gets thrusted into a Max Raid Battle against a Dynamax Vespiquen. After defeating it, the player will obtain a comb of Max Honey, which is the missing ingredient.


In Pokémon Legends: Arceus the player and their friend, Rei or Akari (whoever isn't chosen as the player), are assistants to Professor Laventon. As part of the Galaxy Expedition Team's Survey Corp, they are asked to research Hisui's vast ecosystem and Pokémon, helping to create the region's very first Pokédex through a series of research tasks. After the player has fallen from the Space-time rift, Professor Laventon will lead them to the Galaxy Team once they have shown their skill in being able to catch Pokémon. Rei or Akari were appointed as assistants to Laventon before the events of the game and show up occasionally throughout the story, telling the player about Pokémon battles, space-time distortions and helpful items they may use such as evolution stones. After quelling a Noble Pokémon, both the player and their friend will group up with Professor Laventon at the Wallflower in Jubilife Village, discussing the progress they have made, and the player's background and memory.

In the anime

Main series

Professor Rowan's assistants

Professors' aides, or assistants, have been prominent in the anime as well. The first ones seen were Professor Ivy's assistants Hope, Faith, and Charity. After the events of Poké Ball Peril, Brock decided to stay behind and become Ivy's assistant as well. However, in A Tent Situation, it was revealed that Brock stopped working for her under unknown circumstances.

In A Rivalry Revival, Tracey Sketchit asked Professor Oak if he could be his laboratory assistant. He agreed and has been working at the lab ever since. His job duties range from feeding the Pokémon to sweeping up around the lab.

Professor Birch has an assistant by the name of Joshua. He will often look after his laboratory when ever Birch studies outdoors.

In Destiny Deoxys, Professor Lund works with an assistant named Yuko at his laboratory in LaRousse City.

Professor Rowan has multiple assistants at his lab, the most prominent one being Yuzo. He acted as a counselor during the Pokémon Summer Academy along with the other assistants.

Like the other Pokémon Professors, Professor Juniper also has her own set of assistants.

Professor Sycamore works with two assistants, Sophie and Cosette. The protagonist of the Mega Evolution Specials, Alain, is a former assistant of the Professor. He cut ties with him after allying with Lysandre, believing that he can protect the Professor's reputation. After the Team Flare crisis, Alain became Sycamore's assistant again.

Professor Cerise has two assistants, Chrysa and Ren. From Legend? Go! Friends? Go! to This Could be the Start of Something Big!, Ash and Goh served as his research fellows, before they left the laboratory and their role was taken over by Chloe.

Pokémon Origins

Professor Oak's aides first appeared in File 1: Red. One also appeared in File 4: Charizard.

Pokémon Evolutions

The Eclipse focuses on Lillie.

Professor Oak's aides appeared in The Discovery.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Blue's sister Daisy Oak served as Professor Oak's assistant starting from the Yellow arc. Crystal took over as Professor Oak's assistant at the end of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.

Professor Elm has two assistants. The first, Youngster Joey, met Gold at the start of his journey. The second delivered an Egg to Gold.

Professor Rowan has two assistants. The first is Platinum's father Mr. Berlitz, who accompanied Rowan to the Canalave City academic conference. The other is Roseanne, who looked after Rowan's research lab when he was away.

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