Terminus Cave

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Terminus Cave 終の洞窟
Terminus Cave
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Terminus Cave 1F Entrance XY.png
Map description: A coal mine that was closed a few years ago due to rumors of a monster living deep within it.
Location: Route 18
Region: Kalos
Generations: VI
Kalos Terminus Cave Map.png
Location of Terminus Cave in Kalos.
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Terminus Cave (Japanese: 終の洞窟 Terminus Cave) is a cave in eastern Kalos on Route 18.

Terminus Cave is the location of the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde in Pokémon X and Y. Although the player can enter the cave as soon as they reach Route 18, they are not allowed to enter Zygarde's chamber until after entering the Hall of Fame, due to an Ace Trainer who is blocking the way.


Small chamber one

This chamber is accessible via the entrance at the base of the elevated tracks on Route 18. Rock Smash is required to reach the entrance.

Item Location Games
  Normal Gem On the stalagmite at the back of the chamber (hidden, reappears occasionally)  X  Y 
  Dragon Scale In the middle of the chamber  X  Y 

Small chamber two

This chamber is accessible via the entrance at the end of the east branch of the elevated tracks on Route 18.

Item Location Games
  TM31 (Brick Break) In the back of the chamber  X  Y 

B1F (main)

Item Location Games
  Star Piece At the end of the narrow bridge, on the east branch of the first fork in the path (requires Rock Smash)  X  Y 
  Dusk Ball On the small rock just past and southwest of the two ledges on the west branch of the first fork in the path (hidden)  X  Y 
  Hyper Potion On the stalagmite northwest of the bridge that crosses the west branch of the first fork in the path (hidden)  X  Y 
  Escape Rope West of the two ledges south of the bridge that Hiker Aaron is walking on  X  Y 
  Heat Rock In the southwestern-most corner (requires Rock Smash)  X  Y 
  Moon Stone In the far north at the end of a narrow path on the east side of the cave, on the north wall (requires Rock Smash) (hidden)  X  Y 


Item Location Games
  Iron On a stalagmite on the west side of the cave, just west of the maze-like area north of the entrance from B1F (hidden)  X  Y 
  Dusk Stone In the far west, west from the maze-like area north of the entrance from B1F  X  Y 
  X Attack In the northwestern-most corner, past Black Belt Gunnar who is due north of the entrance from B1F  X  Y 
  Elixir In the far north, after sliding down the east slope northeast of Black Belt Gunnar who is due north of the entrance from B1F (requires Rock Smash)  X  Y 
  Full Heal In the far east, east of Black Belt Gunnar who is due north of the entrance from B1F  X  Y 
  TM30 (Shadow Ball) By the mine cart in the pit area in the middle of the cave (requires Rock Smash)  X  Y 
  Max Potion Southeast of TM30 (Shadow Ball) at the corner of the pit one tier above the mine cart (requires Rock Smash) (hidden)  X  Y 
  Dire Hit On the stalagmite behind Pokémon Ranger Lee, southeast of the pit area (hidden)  X  Y 
  Iron Plate East of the entrance from B1F, via the path around the pit in the middle of the cave  X  Y 

B1F (east)

Item Location Games
  Max Repel On the stalagmite in the northeast (hidden)  X  Y 
  Reaper Cloth Between the two ledges on the east side  X  Y 

Zygarde's chamber (1F)

Item Location Games
  Griseous Orb Down the northwest path of the chamber  X  Y 
  Lustrous Orb Down the southeast path of the chamber  X  Y 
  Adamant Orb Down the southwest path of the chamber  X  Y 
  Big Nugget Down the northeast path of the chamber, in the middle of the grassy area (hidden)  X  Y 

Rock Smash

Item Location Games
  Big Pearl Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 
  Ether Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 
  Hard Stone Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 
  Heart Scale Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 
  Max Ether Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 
  Max Revive Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 
  Pearl Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 
  Revive Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 
  Soft Sand Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 
  Star Piece Randomly found by smashing breakable rocks  X  Y 

Natural objects

Item Location Games
  Hard Stone Randomly found by using Hyper Voice or Rock Slide on a spiky rock during a battle  X  Y 
  Float Stone Randomly found by using Hyper Voice or Rock Slide on a spiky rock during a battle  X  Y 
  Damp Rock Found by using Muddy Water, Surf, or Water Spout on a thin rock during a battle  X  Y 


Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
45-46 20%
44-46 20%
45-46 20%
45-46 20%
44-46 40%
Horde Encounter
  Horde Encounter
23 35%
  Horde Encounter
24 5%
  Horde Encounter
24 5%
  Horde Encounter
23 60%
Rock Smash
  Rock Smash
44-46 95%
  Rock Smash
44, 46 5%
Drops from the ceiling
44-46 ~80%
44-46 ~20%
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Special encounters

A Zygarde appears here after entering the Hall of Fame. If defeated or run from, it respawns after entering the Hall of Fame again. It is coded to never be Shiny.

Dragon Ground
Aura Break
Held item:
Zygarde Lv.70
Dark Physical
Ground Physical
Normal Status
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Special



Trainer Pokémon
Worker Narek
ジェローム Jerome
Reward:  3,072
  Graveler Lv.46
No item
  Graveler Lv.47
No item
  Golem Lv.48
No item
Hiker Aaron
ガクジ Gakuji
Reward:  2,800
  Rhydon Lv.50
No item
Hiker Bergin
ケイスケ Keisuke
Reward:  2,688
  Boldore Lv.48
No item
  Steelix Lv.48
No item
Worker Dimitri
マサヒコ Masahiko
Reward:  3,200
  Octillery Lv.50
No item
Accessed via B2F
Worker Yusif
ナガノリ Nakanori
Reward:  3,200
  Probopass Lv.50
No item


Trainer Pokémon
Battle Girl Andrea
チアキ Chiaki
Reward:  2,400
  Throh Lv.49
No item
  Conkeldurr Lv.50
No item
Black Belt Gunnar
アラシ Arashi
Reward:  2,400
  Toxicroak Lv.49
No item
  Sawk Lv.50
No item
Battle Girl Hailey
ランコ Ranko
Reward:  2,448
Requires Rock Smash
  Medicham Lv.48
No item
  Hawlucha Lv.51
No item
Black Belt Ricardo
タダシ Tadashi
Reward:  2,496
  Hariyama Lv.52
No item
Rangers Fern & Lee
マキ と ミキト Maki and Mikito
Reward:  8,160
  Nidoqueen Lv.51
No item
  Nidoking Lv.51
No item


Game 1F B1F B2F Zygarde's chamber

In the anime

Terminus Cave in the anime

Main series

Terminus Cave first appeared in From A to Z!, where several Team Flare Grunts led by Mable tried to capture Zygarde, but were quickly overpowered by the Legendary Pokémon.

Later in the same episode, Sawyer told Ash and his friends about the cave, and they decided to visit it on their way to Snowbelle City.

Ash and his friends arrived at Terminus Cave in Meeting at Terminus Cave!, where they had another encounter with Team Flare. During the confrontation, Squishy was separated from the group, although it was reunited with them in the next episode.

Terminus Cave in Pokémon Generations

Pokémon Generations

Terminus Cave appeared in The Adventure, where Red and his Pikachu were seen riding a mine cart through the cave while being chased by a wild Noivern. After a brief battle, Pikachu managed to defeat Noivern, allowing it and Red to safely reach the end of the cave, where they encountered a Complete Forme Zygarde.


  • In Alola, the layout of Resolution Cave's B1F is identical to Zygarde's chamber's layout in Terminus Cave. In addition, four orb-like items can be found in both caves, with one of them being a hidden Big Nugget. A possible translation for Terminus Cave's Japanese name is "End Cave", Resolution Cave's Japanese name.
  • The official Pokémon X and Y guidebook marks the rooms as going downwards (1F, B1F, B2F), but the postgame guide marks the same rooms as going upwards (1F, 2F, 3F).

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 終結洞窟 Jūnggit Duhngfāt
Mandarin 終結洞窟 / 终结洞窟 Zhōngjié Dòngkū
  Danish Terminus-grotten
  Dutch Terminus-grot
  Finnish Terminus-luola
  French Grotte Coda
  German Omega-Höhle
  Italian Grotta Climax
  Korean 끝의 동굴 Kkeut-ui Donggul
  Norwegian Terminusgrotten
  Polish Jaskinia Terminus
Portuguese   Brazil Caverna Terminus
Caverna de Terminus (XY094 blurb)
  Portugal Gruta Terminus
  Russian Пещера Терминус Peshchera Terminius
Spanish   Latin America Cueva Terminus
  Spain Cueva Desenlace
  Swedish Terminus-grottan
  Turkish Terminus Mağara

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