Asado Desert

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Asado Desert ロースト砂漠
Roast Desert
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description:
Location: West Province
Region: Paldea
Generations: IX
Location of Asado Desert in Paldea.
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The Asado Desert (Japanese: ロースト砂漠 Roast Desert) is a large desert in the Paldea region, stretching a portion of the region's West Province. It contains the city of Cascarrafa.


The Asado Desert connects to West Province (Area Two) on the west and Cascarrafa on the east.

The Quaking Earth Titan, Great TuskS/Iron TreadsV, one of the Titan Pokémon of the Paldea region, can be found here.

Places of Interest



Random Encounters (Level 20-26)
Pokémon Biome Rarity Time Games
Phanpy Desert Uncommon Any S/V
Donphan Desert Uncommon Any S/V
Donphan Grass Common Any S/V
Cacnea Desert Common Any S/V
Hippopotas Desert Common Any S/V
Sandile Desert Common Any S/V
Falinks Ruins Common Any S/V
Stonjourner Desert Uncommon Any S
Stonjourner Desert Rare Any S/V
Capsakid Desert Common Any S/V
Bramblin Desert Common Any S/V
Chansey Grass Very Rare Any S/V
Murkrow Grass Common Evening, Night S/V
Dunsparce Grass Very Rare Any S/V
Pawmo Grass Rare Any S/V
Toedscool Grass Very Rare Any S/V
Rufflet Desert Common Any S/V
Larvesta Desert Rare Any S/V
Silicobra Desert Common Any S/V
Rellor Desert Common Any S/V
Flittle Desert Common Any S/V
Orthworm Desert Uncommon Any S/V
Psyduck River Common Any S/V
Magikarp River Uncommon Any S/V
Marill River Common Any S/V
Basculin (Red Stripe) River Common Any S/V
Basculin (Blue Stripe) River Common Any S/V
Chewtle River Rare Any S/V
Drednaw River Rare Any S/V
Arrokuda River Common Any S/V
Dreepy River Rare Any S/V
Tadbulb River Common Any S/V
Makuhita Rocky Common Any S/V
Skiddo Rocky Common Any S/V
Yungoos Rocky Uncommon Any S/V
Gumshoos Rocky Common Any S/V
Lokix Rocky Common Any S/V
Nacli Rocky Common Any S/V
Charcadet Rocky Very Rare Any S/V
Chansey Flower Very Rare Any S/V
Combee Flower Common Any S/V
Flabébé (Red Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Flabébé (Yellow Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Flabébé (Orange Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Flabébé (Blue Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Flabébé (White Flower) Flower Very Rare Any S/V
Floette (Red Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Floette (Yellow Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Floette (Orange Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Floette (Blue Flower) Flower Common Any S/V
Floette (White Flower) Flower Very Rare Any S/V
Gastly Ruins Uncommon Any S/V
Bronzor Ruins Common Any S/V
Tinkatuff Ruins Uncommon Any S/V
  • Due to there being only one valid 'Flower' spawn point in this area, Pokémon that spawn exclusively in 'Flower' spawn points may be more difficult to find.
Pack Pokémon
Pokémon Pack Leader Chance Games
Gastly Gastly 100% S/V
Murkrow Murkrow 60% S/V
Phanpy Donphan 100% S/V
Combee Combee 90% S/V
Hippopotas Hippopotas 40% S/V
Basculin Basculin 70% S/V
Sandile Sandile 40% S/V
Rufflet Rufflet 100% S/V
Flabébé Flabébé 50% S/V
Floette Floette 40% S/V
Skiddo Skiddo 40% S/V
Yungoos Gumshoos 100% S/V
Chewtle Drednaw 100% S/V
Pawmi Pawmo 100% S/V
Fixed Encounters
Pokémon Level Game
Hippowdon* 40 S/V
Phanpy 25 S/V
Sandaconda* 36-40 S/V
Cacturne 35-36 S/V
Hippopotas 32-33 S/V
Espathra* 36-39 S/V
Donphan 35-37 S/V
Tinkatink* 20 S/V
Braviary 55-56 S/V
Cyclizar* 20 S/V
Gimmighoul* 20 S/V
Terastalized Encounters
Pokémon Level Tera Type Game
Sandygast* 30 Grass S/V
Cyclizar* 45 Flying S/V
  • An asterisk indicates that this Pokémon is unobtainable as a random encounter in this Area.
  • Asado Desert has 51 unique encounters (excluding Pack Pokémon and alternate forms of the same Pokémon).


Trainer Pokémon
Poké Maniac Gregorio
タツヒロ Tatsuhiro
Reward:  1,320
  Dratini Lv.22
No item
Musician Claudia
メイ Mei
Reward:  2,200
Spring Form
No item
  Wigglytuff Lv.22
No item
Scientist Renardo
タイシ Taishi
Reward:  2,116
  Grimer Lv.23
No item
Youngster Beltran
カンタ Kanta
Reward:  880
  Buizel Lv.20
No item
Elias the Black Belt
テツオ Tetsuo
Reward:  4,320
  Breloom Lv.26
No item
  Heracross Lv.27
  Focus Sash
Black Belt Fabio
コウセイ Kousei
Reward:  1,260
  Hawlucha Lv.21
No item
Ismael the Student
ケイ Kei
Reward:  1,196
  Clauncher Lv.23
No item
Belen the Student
ユウカ Yūka
Reward:  1,248
  Capsakid Lv.24
No item
Baile Style
No item
Luis the Student
ケイイチ Keiichi
Reward:  1,200
Red-Striped Form
No item
  Pawniard Lv.20
No item
Raquel the Student
フジコ Fujiko
Reward:  4,160
West Sea
No item
  Naclstack Lv.26
No item
  Seviper Lv.26
No item

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Name origin

Asado Desert is derived from asado (Spanish for roast).

Roast Desert is derived from roast.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese ロースト砂漠 Roast Sabaku From roast
English Asado Desert From asado (Spanish for roast)
German Brutzelwüste From brutzeln (to fry)
Spanish Desierto Rostiz From rostizar (to spitroast)
French Désert Rôtissable From rôtisserie and sable (sand)
Italian Deserto Alasar From asar (Spanish for "to roast")
Korean 로스트 사막 Roast Samak From roast
Chinese (Mandarin) 烘烘沙漠 Hōnghōng Shāmò From 烘烘 hōnghōng/hunghung (roasting hot)
Chinese (Cantonese) 烘烘沙漠 Hunghung Sāmohk

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