Area Zero Underdepths

Area Zero Underdepths ゼロの大空洞
Great Zero Hollow
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Area Zero Underdepths.png
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Location: Under Area Zero
Region: Paldea
Generations: IX
Paldea Great Crater of Paldea Map.png
Location of Area Zero Underdepths in Paldea.
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The Area Zero Underdepths (Japanese: ゼロの大空洞 Great Zero Hollow) is an area located within the Great Crater of Paldea at the center of the Paldea region.


The Area Zero Underdepths is a large cavern, roughly 3,300 feet below the surface, located beneath Area Zero. It is only accessible via the elevator in the Zero Lab by using the Indigo Disk.

The Underdepths formed approximately two million years ago. It experienced numerous cave-ins in the past, likely due to erosion and tectonic activity, but has remained stable since the last major cave-in.

The Area Zero Underdepths consist of several large chambers connected by tunnels. It is filled with large Terastal crystals, similar to those found at the bottom of Area Zero. These crystals increase with depth until the deepest tunnel is made from solid crystal. Also near the bottom of the Underdepths is a subterranean lake. On an island in this lake is a large tree, seemingly covered in or made from crystal.

Several Pokémon species also inhabit the Underdepths along with Terapagos, primarily Rock- or Ground-type Pokémon.

Places of interest

Treasure cave

A secret cavern filled with different items that is blocked by crystals until the optional Stellar Tera Type Garchomp is defeated.

Terapagos's cave

The cavern where the Legendary Pokémon Terapagos slumbers in the form of a crystal. It is located at the very bottom of the Underdepths.



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All Pokémon that appear in this zone area considered wanderer encounters internally, and therefore always have the standard 1/4096 chance to be Shiny, ignoring any bonuses, and additionally ineligible for naturally generating Marks (except for the Jumbo and Mini marks).[1]

Special encounters

Mandatory Stellar Tera Pokémon

A variety of Stellar Tera Pokémon must be defeated in order to shrink the crystals blocking the way during the events of The Indigo Disk, allowing the player, Carmine, Kieran, and Briar to progress further into the Underdepths. None of them can be caught, and they are coded to never be Shiny.

Scarlet and Violet
Glimmora Lv.78
Rock Slide
Rock Physical
Power Gem
Rock Special
Acid Armor
Poison Status
Sludge Wave
Poison Special
Scarlet and Violet
Noivern Lv.78
Flying Status
Flying Status
Flying Special
Normal Special
Sandy Shocks Lv.79
Electric Special
Earth Power
Ground Special
Mirror Coat
Psychic Special
Psychic Status
Iron Thorns Lv.79
Wild Charge
Electric Physical
Pin Missile
Bug Physical
Ground Physical
Stealth Rock
Rock Status
Scarlet and Violet
Garganacl Lv.80
Hammer Arm
Fighting Physical
Heavy Slam
Steel Physical
Ground Physical
Stone Edge
Rock Physical

Optional Stellar Tera Pokémon

Stellar Tera Type Garchomp's location

A Garchomp can be encountered and subsequently defeated in order to shrink a crystal in the room prior to one that wraps downwards in a staircase. It cannot be caught, and is coded to never be Shiny.

Garchomp Lv.80
Dragon Claw
Dragon Physical
Ground Physical
Rock Status
Take Down
Normal Physical


Battling Stellar Form Terapagos

After Kieran has been defeated, he will attempt to Terastalize Terapagos, causing it to become uncontrollable. The player must battle it with no opportunity to change teams or heal from the end of the previous battle; losing this battle will revert the game back to before the player's battle against Kieran. It must be caught by the player upon its defeat, and is coded to never be Shiny. Additionally, this Terapagos is always coded to be male, despite it having a gender ratio of one male to one female.

In the battle against Stellar Form Terapagos, it has four times the usual amount of health (with a large health bar across the top of the screen in a similar fashion to Titan Pokémon and Starmobiles, which identifies it as Terapagos, the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero), and unlimited PP for all of its moves, but its Teraform Zero ability does not function. Similar to a Tera Raid Battle, it can put up a shield to become immune to many status moves and reduce the damage it takes from attacking moves, and the player will be unable to Terastallize their Pokémon until they charge the Tera Orb by hitting with a certain number of damaging moves, but only two attacks are required to charge it, instead of the three from standard Tera Raid Battles. Unlike Tera Raid Battles, there is no time limit and no cheering, and the player can switch Pokémon and use items from the Bag.

Terapagos will put up three shields over the course of the battle: one at the beginning, and the others immediately after the previous shield is broken. Each shield covers 27% of Terapagos's health bar, and if any attack deals enough damage to break the shield, all further damage from that attack (including from multi-strike moves) is prevented, similar to Pokémon Sword and Shield's Max Raid Battles. When a new shield is put up, Terapagos is cured of any status condition, all stat modifiers to any Pokémon are erased (but other field effects such as weather and Light Screen remain in place), and if any of the player's Pokémon have been Terastallized, they lose that status. The Tera Orb must be recharged before the player can Terastallize a Pokémon again.

  • In the first phase of the battle, Terapagos is Normal type, and Carmine participates as a partner using her Sinistcha. If Sinistcha faints, the player must continue the remainder of the phase alone. If Sinistcha has not yet fainted when the shield breaks, Terapagos will use Zen Headbutt at that time, and Sinistcha will automatically faint as a result, regardless of any effects that would prevent the move from being used, or would reduce the amount of damage dealt.
  • In the second phase, Terapagos changes to a Psychic type, and the player must face it alone.
  • In the third phase, Terapagos changes to a Water type, and Kieran joins as a partner using his remaining five Pokémon. Terapagos will remain Water type after the final shield is broken.

Terapagos Lv.85
Tera Starstorm
Stellar Special
Zen Headbutt
Psychic Physical
Earth Power
Ground Special
Water Pulse
Water Special


When Kieran is controlling Terapagos, it possesses twice the usual amount of HP and has a large HP bar at the top of the screen that identifies it as Terapagos, the Indigo Disk.


Games Location Song name (Japanese) Song name (English Translation) Composition Arrangement
 S  V  When in the Underdepths ゼロの大空洞 Area Zero Underdepths Toby Fox Hitomi Sato
During a wild
Pokémon battle
戦闘!エリアゼロのポケモン Battle! (Pokémon in Area Zero) Toby Fox Go Ichinose
When Terapagos awakens from its gem 蘇ったテラパゴス Terapagos Comes Back to Life Toby Fox
Rei Murayama
Go Ichinose
Hiromitsu Maeba
When battling Kieran's
Terapagos in the Underdepths
戦闘!テラパゴス Battle! (Terapagos) Rei Murayama
Go Ichinose
Go Ichinose
When Briar prompts Kieran
to Terastalize Terapagos
秘宝の条件 Conditions of the Hidden Treasure Toby Fox Hiromitsu Maeba
When Kieran attempts to
recall Terapagos to its Poké Ball
テラパゴスの暴走 Terapagos's Rampage Toby Fox
Rei Murayama
Go Ichinose
Hiromitsu Maeba
When battling Stellar Form Terapagos 戦闘!ゼロの秘宝 テラパゴス Battle! (Terapagos - The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero) Rei Murayama
Toby Fox
Go Ichinose
Go Ichinose
Upon Terapagos being captured テラパゴスを捕まえた! Caught the Terapagos! Toby Fox Hiromitsu Maeba


  • Terapagos knows Zen Headbutt, despite it being a wild Pokémon and only able to learn the move via TM.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 零之大空洞 Lìhng jī Daaihhūngduhng
Mandarin 零之大空洞 Líng zhī Dàkōngdòng
  French Abîme Zéro
  German Höhlensystem Null
  Italian Grande Abisso Zero
  Korean 제로의 대공동 Zero-ui Daegongdong
  Spanish Caverna Abisal Cero

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